When memory scratched

Hunters – very patient people. Waiting game or a beast, they have to be for a long time without moving, to endure discomfort for the sake of their prey. Fishermen have also come in the days when it comes to the waterfront and include all your patience. Such fishing are remembered for a long time. Of course, I was prepared for a meeting with midge dignity. I bought a set of smoking spirals, aerosol spray against mosquitoes and, without fail, a mosquito net.When moved Akhtuba flood for the first time after a long, and I want to stay in a place where water flows through the Read more [...]
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Roaches Pond in winter

Many believe that the ponds are biting only the first and last week of freeze-up. In fact, it happens rarely. Most ponds roach is active all winter, so gluhozime can and should catch roach in ponds. The smaller the pond, the more manifest in it the features of the winter behavior of roach, which I want to tell.main feature – a negative reaction to the bait. If summer skillful complementary feeding increases the catch several times in the winter in the same pond, any bait in the best case will not affect the bite, but it may significantly worsen. The second feature, which Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

During the last week, the weather in the capital region as a whole has been stable, with light frosts and little snowfall, which contributed to a reasonably good biting roach and perch on large reservoirs and rivers. However, by the weekend everything has changed dramatically — active cyclone brought gale-force wind, rain, warming, steep jumps in atmospheric pressure, even in some areas there was a winter storm. Of course, such an external environment in the worst way affected the fishing from the ice.In the cold winter water all biological processes in the body of fish Read more [...]
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Spring in Rybinsk

Romka and Shreds with a catch Second I am working with dinner. More day I called Pasha and boasted how good his bite. He ran from work and seduced his dacha. I slept badly, tossing and turning, and all four had jumped up, began to gather. In order not to wake the family, waiting for dawn on a bench near the house. But the birds sing, and I rushed to the river. I really wanted to catch ide.The spill did not go, and immediately wrapped in bottlenecks. He collected more bait and sit down in the dark. The first promising zavodinki were empty. In the bushes climb higher. The next retreat Read more [...]
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Roach in lemon sauce

Surely everyone knows that fish – it is the only natural source of phosphorus, which is so necessary for normal human activity. If you want to please your family or guests who came unexpectedly extremely tasty and at the same time very useful dish of roaches? Then this recipe is exactly what you need.Ingredients:1 kg of roach1 medium lemonA beam of green3-4 garlic teeth1-1.5 liters of hot waterSalt and pepper to tasteCooking method:Roach carefully cleaned of scale, gutting and take out the gills. Fish carcass is rinsed under running cold water. Then prisalivaem, pepper and chopped shpiguem Read more [...]
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Pate roach

Everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to figure something truly delicious and different for breakfast, especially if the time to cook a catastrophic hvataet.Otlichnym exit from this situation will be sandwiches or toast with fragrant and delicious pate roach, which can be cooked the day before .Ingredients:1 kg of fresh roach200 grams of carrotsA couple of bay leaves2 medium onions50 grams of vegetable oilSalt and pepper to tasteCooking method:Each fish cleaned from scales, remove the entrails, head and gills. Roach rinsed under running cold water. Then, pepper, fish prisalivaem  and Read more [...]
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One of the factors of «peaceful» fish

Reins two-inch still fit in plotvinoy «graze». A few years ago I tried to put forward a number of assumptions, guesswork, so to speak, to formulate hypotheses why at times manages to catch bait fish classical spinnings «peaceful co-existence». Due to numerous reports in the fishing periodicals and on the Internet, few people surprised accidental catching carp, bream, bream, roach or other «Peace» fish baits, spinner (often on a rotating) or jig equipment designed for Predator. Sometimes this «accident» It has a pronounced persistence, Read more [...]
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Sketches of the spring ice

One must live by the river. So that at any moment could throw a quick look, slip on white, sparkling snow surface and caught a glimpse of the far corner of his eye fixed point dark lonely fisherman on the opposite bank, a satisfied chuckle: «Not yet…»Not yet, it is too early, though, and March on the calendar. Not yet started the first spring biting roach, that already easily passes for three hundred grams. When to start? But when a lone figure will acquire satellites. On the opposite bank of the veterans go fishing all winter. Anyone who is now on duty - shestidesyatidvuhletny Read more [...]
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Two sides of the coin

 Two kilometers from the coast. On the ice - sand. Never before have I seen such a beautiful icy conditions. Transparent and smooth ice or snowflakes on the banks. But the coin always has two sides. In the Rybinsk reservoir November wind because bessnezhya and low water levels caused pretty sand on the ice. Well, that sand does not lay down evenly and individual barhanchikami. While serious problems it creates. But it is terrible even imagine how much spare blades for ice screws have to take on a fishing trip when the sand will hide under the snow.Information about biting Read more [...]
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Roach in the lake

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Unlike perch, roach Now look at the big open spaces problematic. So I prefer the lake, in the extreme case flow pond with a good oxygen regime. These ponds are not only flowing, but the bottom discharge of water through a retaining dam.In some small lakes in Tver and Novgorod regions roach grows to quite a decent size. But even if the fish is small, it is still such fishing is noteworthy if only because that small roach caught in a small pond, very tenacious and serves as an excellent live bait for fishing in other waters.Catching roach activity is now very Read more [...]
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Where to find the fish?

The February weather often throws from one extreme to the other — in the anomalous heat in severe frost, which for obvious reasons is accompanied by irregular amplitude of atmospheric pressure and ambient light, even under a thick ice cover. And yet there is a change in the content of dissolved oxygen in different parts of the reservoir or its depth, change the composition and the transparency of the water environment with the advent of melt water thaw, rise or fall in the level of operation of waterworks.Instability important for all living organisms factors can not influence Read more [...]
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Bottom tackles for roach

Catching roach bottom gear is particularly relevant during the flowering water when the fish is experiencing oxygen starvation, extends to a depth ofOn both small and large rivers and roach caught poludonkami Donkey simultaneously with other fish. However, where large shoals of roach walking around, you can catch this fish and purposefully. Catching roach bottom gear is particularly relevant during the flowering water when the fish is experiencing oxygen starvation, receding into the depths.Roach fattens weight depending on the capabilities of the reservoir. There are rivers and ponds in which Read more [...]
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In search of bream

Last spring, a wading feeder bream very pleased us, and we waited for them to look great. Impatience turned into what went on to start exploration in not the best of places. And they have chosen as the most rapidly thawed…On Zae we found no-one tried to catch someone in the muddy water, but did not suffer long. In Vishnevka floes piled up on the shore, and we chat with them in good faith cast feeders, too vain. We stopped in and found there Betki people 10 fishermen, and one even had a bream in the cage.In the morning I pulled in Betki. The people did not exist, but after Read more [...]
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Ice, roaches and other …

With better adaptability river fish catching on in beskleve Rivers has priority over other water bodies. In recent years, winters have different volatility, the weather throws from one extreme to another. By Therefore, the formation of ice on the reservoirs occurs different mechanisms: the formed a kind «pie» of thin ice layers, and and soaked frozen snow, the one starry night Zamosc water ringing solid monolith. And, going on any ice fisherman should have a good idea where it is now under can be one or the other fish, Read more [...]
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Trophies beginning of the season

Part 2.Harakter catching roach.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Depending on the size of the reservoir, on its flow-through and the depth, the behavior of roach can be very different, so every time we have to choose the optimal fishing techniques and tactics. Strongly influences the biting light, as thin ice, and the snow is still little or not at all. On the one hand, it turns out that in cloudy weather, the biting should be better, but on the other hand, the daylight hours are very short and the peak biting is in the middle of the day. To find active fish need to consider all factors and Read more [...]
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Christmas in Borok

Photo by Dmitry Merkulov Winter this year is unusual. The behavior of fish, of course, also. Volga reach of the Rybinsk reservoir pleased earlier this year by the presence of roaches and fish activity. In recent mild winters roach in January falls into the area of ​​Bork, individual lucky – in good quantity and quality. But to be so, in the spring, all caught – of the old-timers do not remember.Bite this winter in Borok and bream that much at all unusual. Do not give up and lures predators – pike, walleye, perch. Catches are not fabulous, but quite decent. Read more [...]
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Senezh (Virtual Tour)

One of the most popular fishing spots near Moscow considered Senezh lake in the northwest region.Convenient location, proximity to the capital and a good environment for a long time Lake won fame among anglers. And what is a fish! Roach, bream, pike, perch, carp, crucian carp, perch, eel… Here, even the crabs are found, indicating that the crystal clear water.In the reed beds of the bay, located in the northern part of the reservoir at the confluence of the sisters, always quiet and calm even in windy conditions. This often swim boat anglers. It is well caught tench, roach, bream and pride Read more [...]
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Spring course

With the warming of the water and the beginning of the batch ikrometa roach can not only take great bait, but do not give up the steamed grains of wheat and barley. Plotitsa several broad and roundish, especially large; pure silver, which is to back darker; the eye is red or reddish-brown, and plotitsa than more, the eyes become red; Upper and lower feathers dark reddish; a fairly large scale. FROM increasing growth plotitsa becomes wider and roundish; It has a small mouth. Biting her begins with very early spring, even when water is not hollow completely Read more [...]
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Thin February poklёvki

Photo by Alexander Tokarev Among the fishermen living the myth February gluhozime. He passed from season to season and due to the fact that little oxygen and water fish falls into hibernation. But because in March oxygen will be even smaller in order not less fish will bite better. More specifically, as will appear. In short, the output of February gluhozime largely a psychological cause.The thing is that, February, more than ever difficult to find active fish. It can be detected using sonar its congestion but for Read more [...]
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For roach and bream with bezmotylkoy

 Photo by the author Just as Volgograd spring fishermen go for roach below Astrakhan as stand shoulder to shoulder on the banks of the Volga during the course of the Caspian herring, same harvest happens on the last ice on Tsimlyansk reservoir. This reservoir is still the most of all the fish in the Russian Federation. But to go there in the spring – flour. Roads limp on a huge reservoir of wind can move the ice in one direction or another. Well, I, unlike many anglers do not need a lot of fish. In these reasons, I prefer all the same Karpovskiy reservoir, which is closer Read more [...]
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