Rescue chain

It happens that the car refused to move when the wheels viscous mud, deep snow or ice. To help in this situation may be time to put on the wheel chains. came up reel chain wheel of a car, is not known. According to one version, in the early twentieth century in the Swiss Alps, a small group of fans went skiing in the mountains in a car and stuck in front of the pass.Like it or not, but during the First World War, the Russian army ambulances drivers drove with him in car kits made chains to the wheels. Now the chain wheel and make the standard in our country and abroad.Some motorists believe that Read more [...]
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ice Age

This year's winter has performed its mission by 146% without the help of a wizard Churov, leading many to believe even wrong, but no less apocalyptic interpretations of the Mayan calendarPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova Even Greenpeace activists on Time ceased to shout about global warming, wrapped in his coat of artificial fur. At the whereas in most European countries on TV screens city ​​streets moved realities disaster movie «Day after tomorrow», a Venetian gondoliers are not could waking up in the morning, go to work Read more [...]
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Rubicon for egoist

How many generations changed in the world, and the Jeep and today is proud that Wrangler is the last of the legendary workaholic traits of the war years. On one of the Kremlin Cup I I am sitting on podium and I watched the game: bleed supply, receptions, Forehand, left and right cross, a scattering of technical elements great athletes, applause at beautiful rally… AT at some point I He closed his eyes and just listen to the game began: exhale feed, strangled scream at reception, shoe vzvizgivanie spurt when receiving truncated ball hit Read more [...]
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How to survive the winter in the woods

Before the expedition you have to thoroughly map and descriptions to explore the way forward. It is necessary to remember different orientations, especially linear (rivers, roads, mountains). The loss of orientation - one of the main reasons for extreme situations, so it is necessary to take very seriously. Consider the daily transitions and convenient parking space. Emergency exits with route.If you get lost, you remember, the surest road — one for which came. In winter, if you do not snowing, you can return for his footsteps. Not not Read more [...]
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Newfound source

Very soon, at the source, who found and revived Hunter Cyril Karmal, reborn chapel. This spring, some paper and online media Smolensk wrote about this interesting case-event in the Roslavl area ... and I wrote after visited the holy place.Photo Shutter button About Home. A few years ago, border and Smolensk Bryansk regions Cyril walked with Karmal ruzhishkom in with their friends childhood in the woods the villages Sviridovka (only three people left), and Ryasniki (no lives) and I came across a large cross. From the land of Read more [...]
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Each has its own trail

We returned one day with my old friend - a local ranger - from the far forest hike. We do not hurriedly walked the forest road net, which was to take us to the village. We passed. Talked. Suddenly we saw how some unknown creature quickly mince on the road ahead of us. – See hedgehog! – Huntsman said, not noticing in the predawn at «urchin»... Muskrat's tail. Yes, it was a muskrat. As it turned out there? Near the good three miles no more or less decent stream or abandoned ponds. Around the pine forest. And the animal itself runs on a clean way, as if his way knows beforehand. Read more [...]
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Untouched Area suburbs

In the woods near the village you can stumble on the "patriarch of Russian forest" - the capercailliePhoto: Dmitry Belyaev 120 kilometers east of Moscow, lost among the fields and forests village Minino – Area of ​​almost untouched nature. You can reach it by train, before reaching the Shatura and then by bus to the village Osanovo, then you have to pass 2-3 kilometers through the pine forest.You can also use a more exotic (and free) way from the station to get to Osanova Krivandino on “cuckoo” — there goes w / e branch. On the Road is one wagon, climb Read more [...]
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At a sharp turn

It was in early November, when the first frost covered with ice puddles on the roads of ice and snow sprinkled lightlyPhoto: Alex Shkitin I am with my Gonchakov morning walk in the woods, trying to raise a rabbit is lying firmly. It is not possible for a long time, but finally I heard not far pomychku gambling, voice realized that rut started «by sighted», those. hare jumped out of maturation close to the dog. Ghosn was removed, I followed him and soon came to the forest winding road. Voice of the dog began to shift to one side, then turned to me.Standing on the side Read more [...]
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Rabbit for dinner

Photo Gennady Suchanino Our family wound up custom game invite relatives or friends. Once, when I got two geese in the game and invited her son and his family, friend, having learned about it, I was offended that he was not invited. Meat fresh game he likes to hunt and here he does not want to go.At night I fell was not the first snow. On its branches had gathered so many that walk under the trees, it was very unpleasant. In the morning it was freezing a little, then it was warm, and the snow falling from the branches, creating noise than cool distracted my attention and made to Read more [...]
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The benefits of road revolver

Opponents of civilian weapons in discussions with the opponents are very fond of Chekhov quote: "If at the beginning of the play on the wall hung the gun, then at the end it has to shoot." How many times has this quote from them heard, seen here, as their faces acquire expression of high mystery as if uttered a truth, which is final and not appealable. A Chekhov because these words only figuratively told by what technology he wrote his works. As for the personal weapons, in the drawer of his desk, he always kept a revolver army ground sample, and especially Read more [...]
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Not a good day

Plans after the day before yesterday was successful fishing hulk ... How to be? Stuck on catchability point or look for something new? If You go right to the point, and the fish will also bite, then a full container of fish is somehow not up to the search. Sudak such fish, but still a good size – poklёvok dozen successful and happy fishing. I catch, and did not want to drag once again anchored in iterating promising places ... Only here the weather forecast for tomorrow promised northwest wind at 6 m / s ...Morning call up – weather redrawn! Trees in the city are Read more [...]
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Pacer from Korea

It has long Korean cars do not seem to us to something exotic. And if once we implicitly comparing them with the Japanese or European, now often compare yesterday's tastemakers with production Country of morning freshness.Look for example, in last modification favorite Russians and cars from KIA HUINDAY. The originality of shape, trim lines, convenient and Solid interior, economical and reliable engines — what more should be simple Russian citizen, not burdened concerns as than hit neighbors cottage settlement ?!It so happens that the need to go Read more [...]
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The first in the USSR

"Dear - garden for the eyes: the tree, turf rampart, ditch; A lot of work, a lot of glory, Yeah sorry, no directions at times." - PA Vyazemskij Yes, with the roads, to be honest, that in the USSR, that the current Russian situation is not the best. Indeed, in Soviet times, after the war, there were very few roads and driveways, and even less. But the forest road that links villages and farmland, supported by rural workers. Now this is not – no collective farms or state farms and foresters do not need it, and they are almost gone. A hunting grounds users can only Read more [...]
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Golden autumn

The wheels knocked at the joints, wagon rolling from side to side, past the open door slowly drifted bushes, glades, that flashed home the last village.There were two: I shrouded with a backpack and a shotgun and a wife with a big basket, glad that I traded my hunting trip with her to pick mushrooms. Try to give up his wife and come back a hundredfold!The road went downhill, twice moved deep ravines on the flimsy bridges, fortified unthinkable backups, which ran along the bottom of streams.The road was narrow gauge and built it at the end of German prisoners after the war ...Aspen stretched, wrapped Read more [...]
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Hot «Chinese» in the cold North

Cars from China, especially in the segment of off-road vehicles, tougher competition with domestic "crooks". Low cost, good military, unpretentious, they are more likely to attract the attention of hunters and fishermen, hunted in godforsaken distant expanses and road builders. In the Russian market SUVs H3 (c this year called Hover H3 Great Wall H3) are in steady demand from lovers ride on and lanes off-road. Vortices ability we have seen in the prohvatit restyled Hover H3 New, in including New version of the H3 TURBO at Arkhangelsk province. Read more [...]
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Morning legashatnika

Photo by Kirill Karasev Suddenly, Firebolt wings and fly out of the grass poultry. We do not believe your eyes, but this snipe! Unfortunately distance such that it is not possible to shoot and we nervously watching as the five birds go in the opposite direction. The dog on edge and before I have time to recover, he rip off three more birds.So the alarm is set to 4 in the morning, things are almost assembled, there were 3 hours of sleep, and it should be used to the maximum. I wake up, can not sleep, I look at the clock 3.59 And Service gets its pleasant song.Quick Collection, a Read more [...]
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For a fox with hounds.

Fox is a complex beast, and we take it hard. But it happens that he comes across. I'll tell you one incident ...In order. We have chosen other Bones once again on the hunt. Places actively visited, thoroughfare. Gus knocks, the people too. Coming out of the car without having to collect guns find mate passion, or rather his Gonchakov. He has already released his vyzhletsa and he discovered us first try to be placed comfortably in the back seat of our car. This is understandable, because the work brought. Kostya, cursing, where is your master, trying to get him out of the car. Dogs rests on all Read more [...]
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Reflections pragmatics

Driving a car on the way to huntOf course, Toyota pickup far from any "Classmates" by Dodge or Ford, but Hilux - apparatus simple, reliable and honest, and that is what impresses most. I have liking for simple, solid and functional things, whether it's a sandwich or a machine. If this sandwich, the most important thing to him bread and a good piece of ham or bacon. Slice of tomato, pickles, a little parsley to be the place, but it – not basic.And in cars. the main thing – the car could move me from point A to point B. You do not need exorbitant terms of comfort, I can Read more [...]
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Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM What is the path to taiga? It's all! Sometimes it's an opportunity that gives destiny. AND from what can match the a sense of joy when, having windbreak, losing track of time, tired to limit, you suddenly see: the trail! FROM what joy to fall, throwing off his backpack, next to the her Wet moss, realizing that now certainly somewhere to come!Yadavno go to solitary hiking in northern taiga, tundra. Northern, Polar and Ural Mountains were populated by me. AT This time the plan was: go to Western Read more [...]
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Three December hunting

For me, hunting for moose hunting among the large stands. Each time, standing on the room or trying to come to a working dog on moose, I mentally prepare myself for a meeting with a miracle and every time, looking defeated the beast, waiting for the next certainly will be like on the size of the giants from my youth. Photo Nikolai Sorokin My first acquaintance with this animal was held in Penzhina Valley, where High floodplain terraces among the thickets chosenia, Siberian willow poplar in abundant dropped giant horns.Later, in poobvyknuv taiga, I saw Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).