About damned roadways drivers should warn a special sign

Samarets Sergei Skoroumov sure: geopathic zones of the Earth directly affect the amount of terrible traffic accidents. It offers equipped deadly place has patented a special sign, saying that at times it will reduce the risk of death of pedestrians and drivers.- Sergey, at the end of last year you have patented Rospatent unusual road sign to warn road users of geopathic zone.- Accident on formal grounds of "driver lost steering" in the field occur every day. Traffic cops say, due to carelessness. Drivers blame bad roads. Scientists also give an explanation, "strange" accidents Read more [...]
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In China, the five-story building is on the highway

In connection with the construction of the highway, this 5-storey house was subject to demolition and resettlement, but one family refused to move dissatisfied offer of compensation. Government authorities are tired persuade them to move out of the road building Nuisance in Zhejiang and just paved road right around the building. Now stubborn couple forced to live in the middle of the highway. The reaction of the drivers of passing the first time on this road, we can only guess.Category: This is a crazy world Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Tagil tank raced on the track across the path of stunned motorists

On the outskirts of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region at high speed without any warning signs way before riding on the highway cars unexpectedly crossed the tank. According Tagil City, caterpillar machine of flying is not equipped with a traffic light intersection, and took the "just out of nowhere." Plowing the snow banks on the side of the tank sped down the road just a few meters from the car. Video filmed the incident, installed in this machine. Fortunately, the driver, apparently, just a minute to check out the combat vehicle on the road side and noticed the tank pulled. At Read more [...]
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Business on the blood: Secrets M4 highway Don

Highway M-4 "Don". One of the most expensive and dangerous to the lives of motorists routes. Around M-4 feed corrupt officials and their business-friendly road builders, skolachivaya state due to the quality of the road itself. Due to the low quality of many areas of "Don" here, as in war, kill hundreds of thousands of people.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Myths and legends of Buryatia

Whether the story, whether true story. Who will wave a hand, they say, nonsense! And someone had seen. Of sound mind and memory, as they say. In this land where Buddhism and shamanism are intertwined, the spirits are revered and worshiped gods, anything may happen. The real mystery of nature, or a joke? No one knows, but that's what people said ..."Ghost" against the traffic police postThis story took place in the mid 90's in the village of Bar Mukhorshibirskiy district. Police decided to put the local road traffic police post. Took the initiative as it were, in the home Read more [...]
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Heavy snow, cover Europe, led to traffic jams in many countries

In Europe, the snow covered several countries. In Romania, the military and rescue workers could hardly make their way to stranded motorists on highways. Buran has swept cars first long dig. Freezing the occupants to evacuate special items heating. Across the country, canceled classes in schools. Disrupted the movement of trains, and the airport in Bucharest canceled or delayed most flights. Without the help of heavy machinery can not do in Serbia. There's snow literally cut off from the outside world the inhabitants of several villages. In many of these residents remained without Read more [...]
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In northern China due to snowstorms announced top-level emergency

In north-east China's Liaoning Province, has been declared the highest "red" level of risk due to the snowstorms. In the provincial capital of Shenyang City closed the international airport.According to the media, also blocked motorways cities and over 20 major routes across the province.Snowstorms will not affect the high-speed railway Harbin - Dalian. Bad weather will be a test for this route, which is the world's first high-speed backbone, capable of operating at extremely low temperatures - down to -40 degrees Celsius.Note that in the south of China is also complicated Read more [...]
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Education system will collapse — and the whole country will collapse

In order to explain to us all, how will put into practice the notorious education reform and how it will be our bright future, officials took nearly 120 pages of fine print with tables and footnotes. A sort of "road map" that subtly entitled: "Changes in the social sphere, to improve the effectiveness of education and science." Increased efficiency - it is, of course, good and claims to be an overwhelmingly positive response. Who is opposed to efficiency, even when it comes to such zhizneformiruyuschey field? .. Confused, however, this title the word "efficiency": Read more [...]
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A giant hole formed at Abai Almaty

In Almaty, the road hole formed at the intersection of Abai Turkebaev, workers pumped 12 truckloads of concrete.It is learned that on Saturday night at the intersection of Prospect Street and Abai Turkebaev, formed a seemingly small hole into which a drive wheel failed. Later arrived at the scene to eliminate road noise, the workers were horrified when looked inside the hole - a huge area of emptiness, and the threatened collapse of the soil moist asphalt pavement. Place emergency immediately cordoned off and sent to the place alongside the police to divert traffic.More than 12 truckloads of Read more [...]
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In New Zealand, a sudden snow fall

Residents of the South Island, which is part of New Zealand, could not contain his surprise when their windows at the height of the summer went real snow. This unexpected gift islanders brought oceanic storm, accompanied by strong gusts of wind. Later joined by streams of snow showers.The storm was not lost on the South Island. On the west coast it was destroyed several buildings, and the central section of the bridge near the city of Harihara sank Whanganui River. Because of the snow, which lasted most of the night in the Otago region of motorists had to abandon their vehicles on the road, Read more [...]
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Dog rescued downed host machine

Bernie Otis came from Florida on Wednesday morning as usual for a walk with his dog named Borg breed katahula (Louisiana hunting dog). When a man with a dog crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing, they knocked at the speed of the car. Behind the wheel was a female driver, and after the incident she drove on without stopping. True later she still came back. Meanwhile, the dog Borg, seeing that his master fell and did not move, began to bark loudly and tried to drag the man off the road onto the shoulder.I heard a dog barking Rice Ortega, school bus driver, stopping near the intersection. Read more [...]
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Sun, as the Stargate

Fantastic hypothesis that we live on the edge of some kind of "road space" appeared almost 40 years ago. Its authors - our famous fiction writers Strugatsky brothers. It was stated in the story "Roadside Picnic". In the plot in trying to present himself as a "cosmic road" could "operate" on the basis of the ideas of the famous physicist Hawking, subject to a number of real observational data on the Earth and in space. It is also assumed that large objects "visible" only at the time of arrival or departure. The movement of these objects Read more [...]
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The road to the lost time

35-kilometer stretch of road between the towns Lonkimay (Lonquimay) and Angua (Anguil) once again drew the attention of local residents: a few drivers who have overcome this part of the highway, told of his strange sensations.First started talking about the mysterious way a decade ago, when the city Lonkimay appeared a man who could not figure out where it is. A driver with a confused look on his face stopped at a service station and asked the workers, what is the name the place where he came. SRT staff who are interested his condition, inquired what had happened on the road.The man told me that Read more [...]
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In Russia, a zoologist photographed Bigfoot near military training

Scientists studying a unique picture. Kemerovo Oksana zoologist Zhukov told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about the amazing forced marches "snow" man - to the north of Kuzbass. She saw Bigfoot much in ... Yurginsky area!And not in a Mountain Shoria, from 4 years go signal for the signal - from different places - on found huge bare footprints in the snow, similar to the human, but in a half - twice the normal male feet. Under Tashtagol recall came three times already, scientists from around the world - in the expedition - in search of the Yeti. And recently, even St. Petersburg, Read more [...]
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