Navigator provocateur

Photo by the author Day went wrong from the start. Issued hounds, despite the presence of traces of hare, fox nabrod hooked and went as quietly, twist-clip it. We see Kuma was late and off the field recently. All anything, but the fox in communicating these lands, under the dogs do not go, the chances of it to get a little. Gon happen – will have to either ignore it or «run» the dogs as land where the fox starts underneath «spin»… On the navigator try to detect the direction in which the dogs leave, because the vote can not be heard. The information Read more [...]
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Heavy snow and icy conditions in the United States

Since last Monday's storm in the United States captures more and more new areas. On the western and central states and snow moved to the north-east of the country. The number of victims of disaster has reached 16 people. The main causes of deaths are traffic accidents. Snowfall, accompanied by the formation of ice on the roads, almost paralyzed the movement of cars on main roads in the affected areas. The most difficult situation is in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Minnesota. Reason for the sharp decrease in temperature in the United States up to 12 degrees below zero was came from Read more [...]
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Europe has become a snowdrift

From all over Europe are now reports of heavy snowfalls. At the airports of Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna canceled hundreds of flights. Tens of thousands of passengers on the eve of nowhere and have not taken off and are still waiting in the terminals. Dusseldorf airport closed at all due to the fact that the runway could not be cleared drifts. Now covered many roads. There have been numerous accidents, there are casualties. In Austria alone, at least five dead. The same situation in Belgium, the Netherlands, in the Balkans.At least 19 people were killed as a result of heavy snow and a sharp drop Read more [...]
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Old roads. Continued research

Who went to shoot about old Birskiy tract. Morning frost. Gryazyuka froze. Excellent! But cold) It has been two and a half years, my face lit up on television channel YUTV and went for a walk on vebam living uzhu own life. Previously, well, in the town, at the moment on federal highways and local roads, in cafes people come and ask like, and it's you there in the tele-trash then? Nicho so! Now this Makar was identified in Kushnarenkovo. And here's how to celebrate, and pancake is always caught off guard. That would take a relaxed posture and haughty, in place of this is not clear what to say, what Read more [...]
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Pasture fenced pasture for livestock, which lies next to the living. and households. buildings sat. Wall, as a rule, ext. P. border to cattle had free access to the yards, but could not be located outside the damage P. crops and hayfields. By P. usually give more Sq., So the neighboring village. united them. The fence or poles fastened to the dug into the ground supporting pillars with flexible rods. Roads poles are not tied to the posts, so they can be removed and open the drive. Often on the road hours. Roads arranged light gates. Summer guard made sure they were closed. Fence annually renews Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the south of Europe. Video

On the coast, where in mid-March are usually already beginning to bloom tropical plants, and now blizzard blizzard. Vagaries of nature become a real disaster - under the weight of snow torn power lines, huge traffic jams on the roads are closed, many government offices and schools, 10-degree weather - at this time and in this region the phenomenon almost unheard of. It seems that this could not have imagined even a surrealist painter that came from these warm edges. In Barcelona, ​​nature has arranged this phantasmagoria. White flakes raining from the sky, still, the sidewalks were covered Read more [...]
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Eternal trouble?

    "Taghilsky working", June 8, 1937     "On our streets can not be ride not only on cars, but even with difficulty you can drive equestrian waggons. The city is not expresses itself off-road. Of letters from readers".     June 30 1948 year     "To date condition of the roads is not Tagil consistent with the development of multiple industries, and cultural and community enterprises. In the third, decisive, year postwar five-year lag, this sharp must be eliminated. In accordance with masterplan for the reconstruction Read more [...]
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In several regions of Kyrgyzstan went mudslides

In Kadamjai and Batken regions of Batken region of Kyrgyzstan due to the heavy rains came down mudflows. This is the agency «» referring to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan. In particu in areas Gayrat mud weight of about 60 meters filled ditches, and destroyed 125 meters of internal roads. Near the village of Ohn mudslide destroyed bridge, submerged about 10 meters of internal roads. The village was flooded Chukurkyshtak 5 houses. In two of these cracks. At this time, the local authorities are working to assess the damage. "In the village Read more [...]
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Sweden was hit by a snow storm. Video. Photo

Hydro-meteorologists made with storm warning in relation to the provinces Gotaland and Svealand. Snow storms can bring up to 30-40 inches of precipitation. In conjunction with North-East winds there is a threat to public infrastructure and population of the country. Under the weight of the snow collapsed the roof of a farmyard in the municipality of Vimmerby in the South, in the barn were 50 cows, because of the huge masses of snow on the roofs closed secondary schools. On the roads of the country drifts, accidents, traffic jams. Intermittently operates the rail. On one of the roads Read more [...]
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Central and Western Europe in the power of the snow cyclone

Central and Western Europe in the power of the snow storm. In Britain, France and Germany, the number of accidents has increased several times, there are reports of victims. Limited movement in dozens of highways. Emergency services do not have time to answer all calls.January weather in late November. English and Scots say that this was not the case 20 years. For the last two days in some areas dropped to 40 inches of precipitation, and the thermometer dropped to minus eight degrees. Due to numerous accidents on the roads kilometer tube. Drivers urgently «change their tires» Read more [...]
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In Europe all efforts on clearing the snow drifts. Video

In Europe all efforts on clearing the snow drifts. Heavy rainfall and frost, who brought with them «Jenna» that became the cause of many kilometers of traffic jams. Dramatically increased the number of accidents. Intermittently works railway and airline connections. Source: Lead In Europe winter cameThe Europeans have already felt all the charm of an early and unusually severe winter. In the UK frosts and snowfalls seriously violated the rail and brought a lot of problems for motorists. So, in Scotland hundreds of hapless drivers whose cars were stuck in the snow, had to seek Read more [...]
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Snowfall paralyzed the movement in the Central regions of the U.S.

Il snowfall paralyzed on Saturday highways in several Central areas of the United States. During the last night in the States of South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota fell more than 50 cm of rainfall. Due to the fact that the snowfall continues, blocked many roads, both local and Federal levels. Snow removal equipment cannot cope with the huge amount of snow. In addition, the situation is complicated by accompanying snowfall strong wind gusts which reach speeds of 80 km/H. The local authority appealed to the people not to travel on roads by car, because of the wind on the open road sections Read more [...]
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Powerful snowfall paralyzed the U.S. (video)

Powerful snow hit the Eastern coast of the United States, more than a thousand flights were canceled at airports in Philadelphia, new York and Boston. Snow storms that led to the collapse and on the roads, in Washington even had to clear the road to the White House that there drove the motorcade of President Barack Obama. Only for the last day in new York fell about 30 centimeters of snow. Rain and frost had turned the roads in new York in the rink. Bad weather forced the mayor Michael Bloomberg to declare a state of emergency. From the harsh winters suffered even a symbol of new York — Read more [...]
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In Poland were under the water the fields and roads

Poland pour rain. Basically flooded the countryside in the South-West of the country. Here are several rivers overflowed the banks, many of the fields and roads were under water. Pumped her fire brigade. They build walls and fences, to somehow reduce the damage from the elements. Forecasters, meanwhile, assured that the rains will continue for some more days Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Columbia: geological fault length 2 km

on 1 July. Geological crack length in two kilometers was found in the municipality of Toledo. After heavy rains at the weekend and on Tuesday, the head of the administration of Toledo began the evacuation of the population, fearing a major disaster.Five settlements in the municipality of Toledo suffered from rains that caused landslides on the roads. The walls of several houses collapsed, formed cracks on roads and sidewalks. A total of 56 families from the villages of La Camacha, Hato Grande, Jordan, Campo Alegre and Santa Ana were evacuated, 28 people were injured, 13 of houses damaged, Read more [...]
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In South Africa snowfall caused traffic jams and accidents on the roads

26 EULAs because of heavy snowfall in the South African province of the Eastern Cape on the roads was formed by a giant tube. The streets are dozens of snow machines in the province has already committed several major accidents. Source: Lead   Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Fiji flood in the Western and Eastern region

on January 13, 2011. Continuous rains led to floods in most parts of the Western and Eastern regions. Powerful showers continue in Rakiraki, Tavua, Ba, Lautoka, Korovou and Naqali. The national road administration said that the people at the Rakiraki town still blocked on hyvee because it flooded and closed to traffic. Adjacent and intersecting roads flooded. City police Tavua informed that due to continuing rains crossroads Nadalai and Naseyani and lowlands in Yaladro has been flooded and is now impassable. Intersections in Ba, Toge, Namau, and roads Vutuni and Matani-tawa are also under water. The Read more [...]
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The snow storm has covered several States of the USA

on 10 December. Ice storms and freezing temperatures settled in several American States. Ice slick on the roads, and many people simply cannot get to work.

On the roads in Wisconsin, Kansas and Missouri — congestion. In Nashville in the accident killed a man. National weather service warns US that in the coming days will fall another 12 inches of snow.

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Europe has moved from summer to winter

on 8 October. The weather feels Europeans strength. For just one night temperature in Austria and Croatia fell from plus 30 to 0! Yesterday people were walking around in shorts and even bathed. But today the streets were covered with snow. On the roads — many accidents. From summer to winter for a few hours — not fiction, but the harsh reality. Such variability in the weather felt by the inhabitants of Austria. Yesterday there was about 30 degrees and this morning — slightly above zero.The sky is gray clouds, to replace the warm sun came cold, strong winds Read more [...]
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On the Balkans winter came suddenly

on October 22. In mountain areas for a few hours grew huge snowdrifts. The most snow fell in Croatia. Per day - monthly rate. Closed several roads. On other roads formed a huge tube. Utilities were not ready for an extreme situation. Although forecasters yesterday warned of an impending cyclone prior to that, he was a mess in Italy. Source: National TV-Belarus Read more [...]
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