Sentinel: Jellyfish-like Golem Flies

New York University researchers birth highly-developed a fast-flying automaton that emulates the full-body propulsions of a man-of-war, translating the incursive spineless's pulsating movements to a new liquid: air.Good octad centimeters in breadth, the golem weighs two grams, and sports foursome wings that pother to sustenance it airborne. The twist is intended for surveillance, search-and-rescue, and air timber estimate, and was presented at the Fluent Kinetics League in Washington on Sunday."No one’s e'er reinforced this, and as far as we live nature ne'er reinforced it either to Read more [...]
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Whether to negotiate a sinister valley?

Humanoid robots make us fear the supernatural, psychic mechanism is not fully understood. Maybe we remember that this is not a man, refusing to sympathize with the robot.Eight years ago, Carl Makdorman stayed late at the Osaka University and about in the morning received a fax from a colleague with an essay in Japanese, written in the late 1970s. Since Makdorman busy creating giperrealistichnyh androids reading was extremely curious. The author claimed that people are afraid of artificial creatures, too much like a man. This phenomenon is known as "sinister valley» (uncanny valley).Makdorman Read more [...]
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Scientists have developed a robot cheaters

Experts from the Georgia Institute of robots skillfully taught to cheat. As a basis for the development of its researchers took a model of behavior of birds and squirrels, which, it appears, are excellent liars. A team of scientists led by Professor Ronald Arkin first conducted biological research, during which examined how proteins are hiding acorns in caches. If another animal can see a cache, the protein begins to cheat and go to false caches to introduce other protein misleading and hide from them the true location of the stocks. The researchers also examined how birds "bluffing" Read more [...]
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Robots become better people

Came the first signs of the coming revolution. Within a few years the global economy will change beyond recognition. Baxter - a new generation of industrial robots. It is so easily adaptable and learns that he can just show up, what to do, just like a working man. Conventional industrial robots are very expensive in programming, unable to cope with even the slightest variations in the environment, and just so dangerous that they have to close in on people grills. Robot development of the American company Baxter Rethink Robotics is very different from its predecessors. It can be taught in Read more [...]
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Robots learn urchins satellites and asteroids

Researchers have developed a robotic platform designed for the study of planetary satellites and asteroids.Researchers at Stanford University in collaboration with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that the study of heavenly bodies like Phobos or Moon, the best cope spherical robots covered with thorns. Mission robotic hedgehogs will look simply: first budget carrier platform reset one or more robots on the surface of an asteroid or a satellite. Then the self-contained "hedgehogs" in diameter will be less than 60 to ride and jump Read more [...]
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Pentagon: robots will be able to kill people

The U.S. Army, which is armed with the most advanced fast military robots, said that every time the robot will kill people, the decision to open fire will be taken by another person.According to the Pentagon's plan to send Americans into battle fully automatic military machine, which would independently decide: whether to live or die, or a particular person. Numerous organizations for the protection of human rights and citizens fear that advances in robotics will lead to the fact that instead of a machine will be the main instrument of war. This will facilitate easy initiating the conflict Read more [...]
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NGO is to desist from fighting robots.

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch, with the support of Harvard Law School published a 50-page report about the dangers of using a fully autonomous (robotic) arms. As the author of the report, military robots will not be able to distinguish civilians from soldiers. The report, called "Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots" (literally "Losing humanity: The case against killer robots"), in particular, noted that the machines have no compassion and are not liable for damages. On the one hand, according to the report, the presence of military robots will Read more [...]
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Moon 44

Galactic Mining Corporation receives information about what their robots are stolen from the Moon-44, and sends it to the station Detective Stone for investigation. Stone has to act under the cover as one of the prisoners who were sent to the moon 44 to drive a special helicopter. But he does not know that the station commander, Major Lee instructed - in the event of an attack on the moon-44 donated by people to save robots. And when the detective hunts down the traitors, he has to fight on two fronts, trying to save the people and the robots of destruction.Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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How great is the risk of death in Rise of the Machines?

Scientists from the University of Cambridge are going to create a center that will assess the risk of the destruction of human civilization by robots. They rushed or too late?No, it's not likely to happen until December 21, 2012 - unless, of course, Apple will not release tomorrow some piece of metal called iGod.But in the future there is a chance, optimistically believes team led Hyuva Pryce (Huw Price) from Cambridge University (UK). A background she sees today. Mass development of autonomous military robots, while being only in the design stage, may well end up with an all-out war robotization Read more [...]
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Ahead moving in space

There is an assumption that humanity will survive, if divided into sections that will quickly colonize space separately. For example, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking agitating for the creation of spare ground to avoid risks to the planet1. With priority resettlement no effect, carried out in the same place, can not catch up with all of humanity. Alas, there is no technological prerequisites for accelerated settlement of mankind in space: we have a very vague idea of how to create spaceships, and probably will not be able to build them without the aid of artificial intelligence and robotic Read more [...]
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Hypothetical types of space weapons

Theoretically perhaps irradiation of the planet from orbit satellites with special gamma-rays (a sort of artificial gamma-ray burst), neutrons, or other hazardous radiation penetrating through the atmosphere or bomb explosions, leading to surface sterilization. Perhaps collapse of the planet of robots rain of meteorites. As space weapons can be used to overclock the spacecraft near light speed and its direction to the planet. Any success in building high-speed rockets and spaceships will create even more powerful weapon against planetary life, since any spaceship can disperse and return to the Read more [...]
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Miniaturization of robots — a way to nanotech weapons

As we said, nanotechnology will allow you to create a very effective weapon that can destroy all the people, even if they lack the ability to self-replicate. Cloud nanorobots may spread to some areas - or across the world, to find all the people on it, to get into the bloodstream and then synchronized to deliver the death blow. This pack of dangerous blind biological weapons, as against her are quarantines, and it is hard not to find nanotechnology means to an attack. And because there is no empty scatter copies, for 10 billion people with more than enough 100000000000 nanorobots. Further, if Read more [...]
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Army major combat robots that go out of control

XAlthough the U.S. military is definitely aimed to fully automate and replace people with robots, to achieve this, at least another ten years, and probably much more. As we have said, in theory, a kind of robot army can get incorrect order, and start attacking all life, becoming the reach of Undo. To become a real threat, it should be a global, distributed throughout the earth an army that has no competitors. The reliability of such an army depends on its information invulnerable to bad teams, that is a matter of security. Now we can not do it in theory. On the one hand, we must remember that Read more [...]
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Robot spray

The main problem of the use of military or terrorist use of biological weapons and chemical agents - is the difficulty of their anonymous effective spraying. This problem could be solved miniature robot the size of the bird (such as model aircraft). Many such robots would quickly and quietly, "pollinate" huge area. Currently, significant progress in the miniaturization of flying robotic drones, and their size reduced to the size of a dragonfly. A large number of robots the size of insects could fly for hundreds and thousands of kilometers and are uniformly distributed over a vast Read more [...]
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The problem of creating microscopic robots and nanotechnology

The word "nano" in the last few years have often justified. This term came to be called any colloidal solution. Therefore it is important to recall that at the heart of the concept of nanotechnology is the idea of the possibility of Feynman miniaturized technologies, ie technology operating matter at the atomic level, one aspect of which is the molecular production, that is "atomic" assembly of material objects by microscopic manipulators, called assemblers. Actually molecular assemblers do not yet exist. Nanoassembler, in theory, a microscopic robot the size of a living Read more [...]
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Uprising robots

There is a dangerous scenario in which the world apply domestic, military, and industrial robots, and then they are all amazing computer virus, which configures them to aggressive behavior against the man. All probably experienced at least once in your life with a situation where virus damage data on your computer. However, this script possible only during the "window of vulnerability" when there are already mechanisms that can operate in the outside world, but not yet sufficiently advanced artificial intelligence, which might or protect them from the virus itself or to perform the Read more [...]
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A vague sense of threat and chimeras subconscious

It is known that one can not use examples from literature and film to assess the risk of human extinction, as these examples significantly distorted the need to make an interesting story with a nice ending. Have no interest in writing about how in some lab suddenly there was an explosion and the whole earth was burned. Therefore the majority of fiction, dealing with the threat of the destruction of humanity, end with a happy ending. On the other hand, should not be discarded from the analysis of existing literature forecasts, because in any case they are present in the subconscious mind of the Read more [...]
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Robots and Empire

Well aware of the U.S. plans to impose superiority of its air force as an instrument of domination over the whole world. By 2020, they plan to have in its air fleet of 2500 military aircraft over a thousand bombers and F-22 and F-35 of the last generation. Even after 20 years, all of the military aircraft will be operated by robots. Military budgets always have the support of the vast majority of U.S. lawmakers. Almost no state in which the work would depend partly on the defense industry. On the global level and at a constant value, military expenses have doubled in the last 10 years, though Read more [...]
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