At the edge of the mountain giants

Rocks propped up the sky. But even higher were pine. Their crowns rustled softly in a distant blueness, and the roots snaked underfoot, crawling into the cracks between the rocks. Trails in different directions, but if you climb higher and higher, you will certainly come out to the rocky giant.«If I ten times per day rising to Feathers, the day count for me is lost». — recognized climber Andrew Didukh. They are epic heroes suddenly grow between the trees parted, and It seems to take a step toward you.The path goes round the rock around, Read more [...]
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Traveling Kuban tourLanded. The blanket of hot dry air envelops the passengers leaving the aircraft. + 32C.Pick up the luggage, looking eyes meet. Smiling broadly, she goes to meet Hadji. Fast Shipping «trunks» in the "Field", passing numerous verbal fighting off pesky fortunetellers the station.Ahead 3.5 hour journey. To purchase the necessary food to stop the hunt in Cherkessk. Something delicious "pulled" from a nearby restaurant, much in the stomach sucked. We decided to go there for lunch. Looking around, we occupy a table in the room where the wall hangs a very decent trophy tour. Read more [...]
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Closing of mountain hunting season 2014

Closing actually managed to spend the last days of the year. For the week twice traveled to another Lasom ibex, nature and hunting grounds are completely different, both times decided the meat issue.In view of the fact that the male ibex involved in Gosnay " blue" I hunted fingerlings and Lasu battered goat. Places where we hunted quite unique when it teemed with game, but then mean availability was severely depleted. The specific protection for almost ten years, almost completely restore the population. The uniqueness of these places in a special microclimate, there is almost no precipitation, Read more [...]
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Boar bells

Photo by Vitaly Koshkin Winter in the mountains of Central Asia, fierce, matched Siberia. Sometimes the ice storm rages for several days in a row, frost cliffs and fills up a thick layer of snow passes. At this point all the trouble feathered and four living creatures. Cold!Partridge and partridges holed up in the snow. Here he is equally trouble and salvation. Mountain goats teke get off in herds and are hiding in inaccessible crevices of rocks, restless twitching ears: how soon will end this demonic Carousel?One winter day when finally quieted down bad weather, we went with Nikifor Read more [...]
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Venturer Eric Larsen on Education for Exploration

Eric Larsen in his cancel habitat     Pic: Benzoin RasmussenVitals Age: 41Acme: 5' 8''Burthen: 155 poundsOrigins: Bowlder, CO More Exploration The 2013 Adventurers of the YrConcluded THE Preceding 15 geezerhood, Eric Larsen has redefined the limits of gelid exploration. Root in November 2009, during a 365-day windowpane, the Wisconsin indigen trekked to the Northward Perch, so the Southward Punt, and summited Ride Everest. End twelvemonth he rode a fat-tire bamboozle cycle 350 miles crossways Antarctica. Following give, Larsen leave undertake to breakout the 49-day upper platter Read more [...]
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Up Your Trad Mounting

    Picture: Malgorzata Litkowska Wanna study to mount trad routes? Thither may be no amend post than Red Rocks Canon Interior Preservation Are, hardly 17 miles from the Las Vegas striptease. The 195,000-acre composite of sandstone ramparts boasts more 2,000 mounting routes, plenteousness of them upper-grade pump-fests, but it’s known in the climb man as an all-you-can eat sideboard of centrist multi-pitch climbs. Legions of aspirant alpinists bear knowledgeable mainstay and roach direction on classics same the six-pitch 5.6 Cat in the Hat and the seven-pitch 5.7 Olive Oil. Read more [...]
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BLM to Ban Mounting at Castling Rocks

A pop crag is Idaho is cladding perm shutdown later complaints from tribes who conceive the domain to be sanctified. Palace Rocks, a 400-acre ar good Oakley in the sou'-east part of the posit, has been shut intermittantly since 2003, and Dresser of Commonwealth Direction officials say that they program to shutter it permanently this summertime.Both the Shoshone-Bannock and Shoshone-Paiute tribes birth verbalised vexation that artifacts in Rook Rocks could be ruined if climb is allowed to cover. Microphone Courtney, a BLM discipline handler in Idaho, aforesaid that the bureau had dictated that any Read more [...]
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KirkhamAhnu Kirkham, Timber Earthkeepers, and Oboz Missoula     Exposure: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Effortless trailwear and cross-town treks.THE Quiz: We came to entertain the Kirkham as the all-wheel-drive waggon of the tramp man—it’s as lots at domicile on paving as it is on grease. The full-grain leather and action speed shrugged off scrapes with rocks and otc detritus on Northerly California trails, and the lugged outsole provided firm grip on everything but wet rocks and unloose talus. But what our testers truly apprehended was how comfortably it worked as their Read more [...]
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Design the Complete Individual Chancel

Sea Rocks Beach household by Bourn Amytal Architecture     Exposure: Courtesy of Brett Boardman, Richard Birken, Shane BluenessWe’re a nation possessed with concealment—or a miss of it. But that doesn’t beggarly you sustain to close yourself in a trap whenever you pass holiday.On Stamp Rocks Beach in New S Wales, architects intentional this 4,300-square-foot kinfolk pickup to produce a secret, interior court. It won’t cuticle you from NSA drones, but it bequeath open you easement from neighbour’s snoopiness eyes. Read more [...]
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30 Multiplication

    Picture: Instance by Barry BlittEverestDon't wish to bragging, but I get climbed Mountain Everest 30 multiplication.The get-go sentence I climbed it, I was lone ten age old. I was golden to pass to the top. I didn't experience what I was doing. I was wearying solitary cords, a anorak, and Keds.Abaft that I distinct to get roughly material mountain-climbing cogwheel. I got approximately boots with those peaky things on the freighter, and I got one of those ice-pick things.To be true, you don't rattling indigence the ice-pick affair, but it looks aplomb in photos. You mightiness Read more [...]
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photo safari in the mountains

Using the exceptional situation, the whole family on vacation, spent yet another weekend in the field. This time photosafari was rich booty.))) And the weather did not disappoint, the rain was only a couple of times. Unite efforts, as in previous times with Ph kz, left early in the morning and the same for dinner started to storm the wooded hillsides of Trans-Ili Alatau. Horse crossing at an excellent trail completed installation of the camp at an altitude of 2700 m on the edge of the spruce belt. Not without trouble, slept in a tent huntsman broke, although arc alluminum, adapted first stick, Read more [...]
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Rocks Seven Brothers

The path to the mountain Semibratskoy usually starts from the village Tavatuy on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. It is better to arrive the day before crossing the lake by boat from the village Kalinowo or on the boat, which can be taken from local residents. From the village to the cliffs Tavatuy Seven Brothers is a good first dirt road on the north-east (2.5 km), followed by a line of high-voltage lines. Before going out on a country road this track meet common grave workers shot in 1918 Kolchak. High-voltage line runs due north, crossing several elevated ridges. On it you have to pass 8 kilometers. Read more [...]
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Wayward Vijay

Length of 111 km. Duration 4-7 days. Vehicles raft, kayak, inflatable rubber. The best time of the beginning of May, August and September. Vijay mountain capricious river, a tributary of Vilva. Length of 125 km. In the upper reaches of many rapids, the middle part difficult to pass because of the constantly changing channel. The general direction of the river west. Of greatest interest is rafting on the spring Vijay. Summer, the river is shallow and almost impassable. Description is given of the river during the spring floods. Pos. Sarana pos. Pashiya. 64 km. Lucky bus from the station to get to Read more [...]
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Pink rocks (Suratal, Kiziltas)

Pink mountains. Kiziltas, Suratal. Between the villages assy and Bestamak Inzer lays the semicircle and all over him, on the right Bank rises superior rock wall pink, covered in pine and fir. Pink mountains assigns one the salts of the 1-St of metals, presumably manganese. Although the rocks that compose the Pink mountains stromatolite limestone. These ancient rocks were folded stromatolite aquatic plants that lived here 2 billion years ago, in the Riphean sea that lapped at the place of the Ural mountains. I must say that all the rocks in this place have color from pale pink to purple. That Read more [...]
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Bobrovka river and rocks on it

From the north-east into the lake flows into the river Shitovskoe Bobrovka essentially she is the source of the Iset. 45 Rocks on the River Bobrovka Rocks on the River Bobrovka are far away from the road leading to the village of Cedar. They are on the top of a small ridge, known among local residents called Pebble. Rocks extend from east to west. First from the east cliff – the highest, up to 7 m. They extend about 70 m, and suddenly ends. Next is the chain of granite boulders up to 1 m. Then rocks again rise up to 4-6 m, extend for another 50 meters and ends on the west slope of the Read more [...]
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Cross Mountain

Read more [...]
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Ohlebininskie rocks

Ohlebininskie mountains exciting at first because they are very picturesque.  If you drive up to it from below, from the village of old Aktas, from across the White or the same side of the village Knyazevo, the other side of Shem, the chalk cliffs Ohlebininskih rocks are in all their glory. This white stone wall, stretching over a distance of about a kilometer. On if we take away from the village to Askanysh Ohlebinino, in other words the entire length of the steep slopes, it gets a length of several kilometers. On the other hand, the top open mind on the remarkable fusion of Shem, and pure Read more [...]
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Lake Isetskoe. Devil’s Mound. The Rock Of Peter Gronsky

Lake Isetskoe the second largest after Ayatskoe near Sverdlovsk city is located one mile East of the station Iset, far from the city constantly run trains. The length of the lake 6.7 km, width of 3.5 km, the average depth of 1.8 m, the maximum of 3.2 meters, the area of 25 square kilometers. Flow into the lake Black river, Shitovskaya Source, Nutcracker and several small rivers, and the southern end is the beginning of the river Iset. On the lake several Islands, of which the largest is located almost in the middle of the lake Solovki. The lake shore in many places rocky, fairly high, forested, Read more [...]
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Concise Dictionary of geological terms and geographical names

Anticline form of occurrence of igneous or sedimentary rocks, which is a convex bend facing convex end up successive layers of stratification in which the inside of the fold or its core is composed of more than the ancients, and the outer – younger. Kink folds called lock. Akmola, vertically lying intrusive body with a shape knife. FATHER. Archimandrite, monastery. Looking at the monastery abbots are: builder, Abbot, or the highest rank of – Archimandrite. AYAT, 1) (Turk.) Swampy river, swamp; 2) train station and the village near Yekaterinburg. So named, apparently, because it is Read more [...]
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Kourovskaya hostel. Chusovaia River

Who has not heard about the beauty Chusovoi its picturesque beaches, majestic cliffs and mysterious caves? The starting point for all routes Chusovoi Kourovskaya is a tourist center, located 90 kilometers from Sverdlovsk, near the railway station Kourovka- (3 km) and the ancient Ural village Sloboda in the past the starting point of rafting on the river. Kourovskaya first Campsite region. It operates since 1933. To the camp and can be reached by car. Passing on the Moscow highway Bilimbai village (57 km), you should cross the river Chusovaya Perm and the railway, and then immediately turn right Read more [...]
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