Invasion of rats and mice in northern China

Invasion of mice and rats observed in early May in many parts of the Chinese Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia steppe land area affected by the invasion of rodents that eat and spoil the fodder grass, reached a total of about 5.8 million hectares, according to a Friday news «Xinhua». Reason for the rapid reproduction of mice and rats in the steppe regions, according to experts, served dry weather. Currently, 27 counties and khoshuns Autonomous Region infestation of rodents. «Catcher in the desert just horrendous: yellow-brown patches of open, bare soil, pitted with mouse and Read more [...]
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Australia evacuates islanders with Howe because of the invasion of rats

Residents of the small island of Lord Howe, 600 kilometers from Australia to be evacuated because of the invasion of rats on this piece of land in the Pacific Ocean. After their resettlement authorities intend to fully vymorit harmful rodents. Rats were on this island and neighboring islands in 1918. Over the past 80 years since the rats bred on the island of Lord Howe, with an area of ​​35 square kilometers, which destroyed most of the endemic fauna - birds, reptiles and even insects. Attempts to stop the proliferation of harmful rodents have been many times, but due to the damage Read more [...]
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The village of Azerbaijan suffered invasion by rodents

Photo: Frontline villages of Agdam region of Azerbaijan was invaded gray mice, which destroy crops, reports regional correspondent Visited. According to farmers, rodents multiply at an alarming rate, but the location of the site in a front area, in sight of the enemy greatly complicates the control of rodents, which for one night destroy 150-200 kg of tomatoes. Farmers reported that the Executive power of the district gave them pesticides against rodents, however, go on crops is dangerous, and therefore use of these preparations is not sufficiently possible. Source: Vesti.Az Read more [...]
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Due to climate changes in the Samara region are dying rodents

Gradual climate change, heat waves and drought in summer, dry and warm winters affect the functioning of all organisms in our region. In particular, over the last few years has significantly reduced the number of rodents that live in the national Park \"Samarskaya Luka\". — Due to the climate change community structure, population, — told the Chairman of the Samara regional socio-ecological Union Sergey Simak. - I am doing research rodents, but it is worth bearing in mind that weather changes are effective on all types of organisms. This long-term trend, Read more [...]
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Australian rat mass \»moving\» in the desert after the rains

on 7 April. Hardly rats will long linger in the wilderness. Long-haired rat-a\"native\" or Rattus Villosissimus (lat. the name of the local rodent - note. translator) usually inhabits the territory of the plateau Barkley in the Northern and Western parts of the pieces Queensland (North-East Australia, - note. translator). But now, for the first time in 25 years - and saw her in Alice springs (Northern Australia - note. translator).\"Some individuals reach 30 cm in length - worthy instance of rat exhibition\", - shares his opinion of the inspector livestock Chris Giles. \"They will run Read more [...]
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Wellness: Warning—Killer Microbes Future 20 Miles

Remote mag, Venerable 1995Don't omit:Our particular on-line assembly with epidemiologist James MillsWellness: Warning--Killer Microbes Succeeding 20 MilesIs hantavirus lurking in your pet neighbourhood?By Miles Harvey (with Lia Mehos)It seems alike one of those hell-bent jungle diseases that could ne'er occur to you. Commencement you run a temperature, meek flulike symptoms, nix more. So a worry hits comparable a rattler, with sickness followers rectify Read more [...]
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Azerbaijani villages were invaded by rodents

Photo: Frontline village of Agdam region of Azerbaijan suffered invasion of gray mice, which destroy crops, reports the regional correspondent Vesti.Az. According to farmers, rodents multiply at an alarming rate, but the location of the territory in the war zone, in the sight of the enemy greatly complicates the control of rodents, which in one night destroyed 150-200 kg of tomatoes. Farmers reported that the executive district gave them pesticides against rodents, but the yield on crops is dangerous, so use these drugs is not sufficiently successful. Source: Vesti.Az Read more [...]
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Climate changes in the Samara region killed rodents

The gradual change of climate, heat waves and droughts in summer, warmer winters with little snow and affect the livelihoods of all organisms in the region. In particular, over the past few years has significantly reduced the size of various rodents that live in the national park "Samara Bend." - Changes due to climate change community structure, population - told chairman of the Samara Regional Socio-Ecological Union Sergei Simak. - I am doing research rodents, but worth bearing in mind that the weather changes apply to any type of organism. This is a long-term Read more [...]
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Why Is Everybody Forever Pickin’ on Me?

Dispatches, July 1998Gnawer RightsWhy Is Everybody Forever Pickin' on Me?They're precious and furred, yet they get no deference. A consider the star-crossed affiance of the American sod poodle. Yes, it's now prescribed: prairie dogs birth suit the new interior fixation. Lauded by scientists as a "linchpin species" of prairie ecosystems, they are nonetheless hated by developers in Colorado, annihilated byfarmers in Kansas, and denounced for hosting Read more [...]
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Ordinary (red) fox

Distributed Common fox almost the entire territory of the country. The highest density was noted in the mixed forests of the island type and steppe. The same type of extensive forests and in it avoids continuous taiga small. Main regulator of distribution and abundance of the common red fox - the number of rodents. That's why she prefers willow thickets along the banks of rivers, woods, small birch and aspen forests, which are overgrown forest felling and burning, as well as grasslands. Welfare foxes also depends on the height and density of the snow cover. With the increase of the Read more [...]
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This is a predatory animal in our country wide area. In the east-west direction it extends from the southern regions of the Komi Republic to the Sea of Okhotsk. Observed fairly rapid expansion of the range to the west, the entire European part of columns populated in the last 70-80 years. Column habitat is very diverse - from the dark coniferous taiga to the birch and aspen peg in forest-steppe areas. Beyond the forest, settling in the reeds on the banks of lakes and rivers of the steppe and shrub meadows. The forests prefers valleys and streams, particularly in mountainous and semi, littered Read more [...]
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Dishes from mice and rats

I first thought about the edibility of rodents, when he heard of the existence of the London restaurant where some French couple allegedly regaled visitors delicious stewed rats. I was told that these people immigrated to England shortly after the end of World War II and brought with them a recipe that was born in Paris full of hardship during the German occupation. It was especially hard time with the meat, and the couple with traps to catch rats on lanes and cooked them with any with available vegetables and herbs, having developed as a result of its special recipe is definitely extravagant Read more [...]
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Marten (zheltodushka)

Marten, as it "replaces" the sable in the western half of the country, occupies the entire forest and forest-steppe zone it. Beyond the Urals range limit of this species reaches p. Obi just north of 62 °. sh. and goes to Vasyugan. As is clear from the name of the species, marten lives in the woods. Their dimensions are not important for this predator that lives in the depths of large arrays, and in small pins. Marten is a variety of forest habitats, a clear preference for mature and declining forest area with lots of hollow trees. In western Ukraine, it is often found in beech Read more [...]
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Hunters sometimes called little weasel ermine, and if have mean resemblance of these two animals, of course they are right. Weasel like ermine, has a long, slender, very flexible body, with a small head. Similar color and fur of these two species, except for the black tip of the tail in winter ermine, weasel occurs in only in exceptional cases. But, of course, known to zoologists are significant differences in the structure of the body, and the way of life that distinguish friend another of the smallest members of the family Mustelidae. Weasel inhabits the entire country with the exception Read more [...]
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