Romania has been a sharp increase in seismic activity

Bucharest, December 03 (New Region Sergei Vulpe) - Romanian seismologists predict that by the end of the year in Romania may occur 7-magnitude earthquake, but the authorities have kept this information secret. As the "New Region" with reference to the Romanian Agency for Investigative Journalism Media, according to the Romanian seismologists, in 2009, there has been an abnormal seismic activity in the country. Every month in Romania usually occur 10 to 15 earthquakes ranging from 2 to 4 points Richter, but in April of this year, the number doubled and tripled in the coming months. As the seismic Read more [...]
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Circus! Romanians mistakenly sent Marines to Tahiti instead of Haiti

Great embarrassment over sending elite infantry battalion of the Ministry of Defense of Romania in Haiti. According to "New Region" citing Times.RO, a group of military and 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid were mistakenly sent not in Haiti, and in Tahiti, which caused the explosion of hysterical laughter on the island paradise of French Polynesia. Due to an unfortunate oversight military department Romania sent a battalion of infantry in an entirely different direction, though their destination was the island of Haiti, where it was necessary to pass the victims of the catastrophic earthquake of Read more [...]
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Floods in Romania

Torrential rains have caused severe flooding in Romania. Under water were 30 cities. One person was killed and another unaccounted for. Hardest-hit central and north-western regions of the country. Rivers burst their banks, flooded a huge area, destroyed roads and bridges. In the struggle against the elements involved more than 500 firefighters. Staff emergency help teams of volunteers. A similar picture is in Brazil. In the list of victims for the 41 name. Search and rescue operations do not stop for a minute. The fate of about 800 residents remains unknown. Around 50 thousand Read more [...]
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In Romania, the flood killed 20 people

About 300 had to be evacuated from flooded areas. Element caused serious damage to the economy. Destroyed hundreds of homes, damaged bridges, in many localities there is no electricity, interrupted railway communication with Ukraine. Released from the shores of the Danube flooded the border crossing between Romania and Bulgaria. The rain continued for a week and the weather forecast is not expected to improve. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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Floods in Romania caused emergency evacuation

September 13, 2013. In the Eastern region of Romania, Galati there was a sudden flood of rivers causing flooding, which resulted in the deaths of eight people, including a minor child from Kudali. The boy drowned, had slipped from the hands of the parent, tortured as quickly as possible to get out of the flooded homes. The water crept as close to the dwelling houses, that there was an emergency evacuation of the population. According to preliminary estimates, now about 500 homes in Kudali water and uninhabitable region the figure is closer to 700. About 400 people had to move out of villages Read more [...]
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In Romania earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3

October 6, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 happened early on Sunday morning, October 6, in the East of Romania, reported on the website of the U.S. Geological survey. According to seismologists, the magnitude tremors were 5.3. The earthquake was at a depth of 135 km 14 km from the city Nereju (Nereju) in Vrancea County. About casualties or damage were reported. According to some, tremors were felt early on Sunday morning in neighboring Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Are there any victims in these countries, as yet unknown. see also: Romania: a series of 9 earthquakes, the water in Read more [...]
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In Romania unexpectedly snow

Snow caught unawares Romania April 15,. In the Central part of Romania unusual for spring heavy snowfall blocked last night highway. The disaster has been located in the Carpathian mountains and the counties of Brasov, Harghita and Covasna. Snowfall not only blocked the movement of vehicles, but also damaged power lines, leaving without electricity and telecommunications, the number of settlements. The work of repair groups complicate the storm and strong winds, according to ITAR-TASS. Yegor AREFIEV Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda Read more [...]
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A powerful earthquake in Romania has gripped the Western Ukraine

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7, which had its epicenter in the Vrancea area, covered Romania, Moldova and Western Ukraine. The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7 occurred on Sunday morning, may 1, in Romania. It covered the whole territory of Romania, Moldova and the Western part of Ukraine. Victims and destructions. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Vrancea area at a depth of about 140 km. Ukraine promises a powerful earthquake The district of Vrancea is located at the bend Sredneuralskogo of the spine and is the most earthquake in Romania. In 1977 there was an earthquake Read more [...]
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Romania. Flood

Floods in Romania destroyed most of the harvest on 12 June. The river banks on several settlements Romania collapsed streams of water and mud. Local residents had to be evacuated urgently, so as not meteorologists warned that the storm is so strong. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Romania. Flood

18 illeal abnormal heat on Romania was struck by a powerful Novodanilovskaya wind and torrential rains walked along the Central and southern parts of the country. Flooded dozens of communities. Traffic on the streets is difficult because of fallen trees. In the most affected communities fire brigade trying to pump out water from the houses. According to authorities, one of the reasons why the flood has reached such proportions, was the old sewer system. In some places they are not repaired for half a century. Source: Lead, Belteleradiocompany Read more [...]
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In Romania starlings died from alcohol poisoning. Video

11.01.2011. In the East of Romania, 260 kilometers from Bucharest, were found dozens of dead starlings, according to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the local sanitary-veterinary Agency. According to the service, the cause of the birds ' death was alcohol poisoning — starlings ate grape pomace left over from wine production. Initially, the experts considered that starlings could have been killed in the outbreak of the so-called avian influenza (H5N1). However, during the autopsy in the stomachs of dead starlings were found the remains of fermented grapes, which helped Read more [...]
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The power of snowfall were Austria, Switzerland and Romania

on 10 October. Several countries of Central and Eastern Europe in winter. The power of snowfall were Austria, Switzerland and Romania. And if in the Alps to the early snow was used for the Romanians it was a complete surprise. Especially for drivers: they had to wait until clearing roads, because at this time of the year still go on summer rubber. The citizens of Switzerland easier — there in the highland village can be reached via cable car. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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In Romania recorded an increase of seismic activity

on January 11. Tuesday night in Romania earthquake of a magnitude of 4.3. As reported «Lead» its epicenter was in the area of Vrancea County, and hearth at unusual for this region a depth of 140 km Data about victims and destructions. Tremors were felt in the capital, Bucharest, and in the cities of Galati, Focsani and Buzau. It should be noted that on January 1 and 2 in Romania was recorded unusual underground activity: during this period occurred in about 20 earthquakes, the strongest of which is the magnitude of 4.4. Source: Rosbalt Read more [...]
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Photographic. Such winters Romania have not yet seen

Many villages in Romania at the moment reminiscent of the dead city. Some areas of the country are buried under a four-meter layer of snow, which residents are trying hard to clear. See for yourself in the pictures and you will understand what I mean. Road signs are at the level of the legs, and everything else lies under a huge layer of snow. Source: Read more [...]
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One of the cities in Romania attacked by hordes of crows

on 9 March. Fascinating footage from Romania, who most reminded of a scene from a Hitchcock Thriller «Birds». The city of botoşani attacked by hordes of crows. Thousands of birds day after day, circling above the roofs of the houses, causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents. Some complain about the constant noise, others not panic, seeing in this a kind of bad omen. The city authorities shrug: shoot the crow does not allow law - otherwise you can break the natural balance. Scientists cannot explain the invasion of birds, but I hope that they'll fly away by themselves. Source: Read more [...]
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Tornado in Romania

on 6 may. Tornado in a field, city Braila, Romania. (GoogleMap)

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In Romania the flood

  Torrential rains have caused severe flooding in Romania on may 20. Torrential rains have caused severe flooding in Romania. In several localities the drainage system failed, and, after a break, flooded homes of local residents. In Constanta, strong winds felled trees and Telegraph poles. Despite the weather warning, the authorities were caught off guard. \"Found six flooded cars. Water got into the electrical system and the drivers were not able to leave the car\", — said the head of the crew SMURD Dan Balan. \"Our happiness that we SUV — the water had reached Read more [...]
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The NPP Cernavoda in Romania was an emergency shutdown of the reactor

In a nuclear power plant "Cernavoda" in Romania on Wednesday night was an emergency shutdown of one of the two reactors. This was said in a company - operator NPP "Nuklearelektrika" / Nuclearelectrica /. "The reactor has stopped working because of irregularities in the cooling system of the electric generator," - the document says. It argues that to any serious consequences incident has not led. Due to power electricity generation reactor at the plant was reduced by half. "Cernavoda" - the only nuclear power plant in Romania, which was put into operation Read more [...]
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NPP units Cernavoda in Romania is canceled after the storm

In a statement Minister said that wind gusts up to 80-90 miles per hour caused breaks lines, after which the first nuclear reactor automatically shut down transformer.One of the two units of Romanian nuclear power plant "Cernavoda" Monday was disabled after the break lines, the agency Xinhua, citing the Ministry of Economy of Romania. In a statement Minister said that wind gusts up to 80-90 miles per hour caused breaks lines, after which the first nuclear reactor automatically shut down transformer. Second unit continues to operate normally. It is noted that the failure did not have Read more [...]
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