The population of wild boars in the Rostov region decreased by 3 times

The population of wild boars in the Rostov region in two years was reduced because of African swine fever more than 3 times and is already less than 1 thousand heads, according to the materials of the Department of protection and use of wildlife and aquatic biological resources in the region.African swine fever virus thoroughly embraced the Rostov region in 2009. In 2010, the region was more than 30 outbreaks of ASF. This year, the virus has weakened somewhat active."Wild boar is a carrier of the virus plague, so we're shooting it, especially in areas bordering the regions where there are Read more [...]
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With kurtshaar Rostov steppe

We can only thank the fate of hunting, because during all the last 13 years in a row, without exception, been able to successfully renew until the end of November the hunting season with cops in Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov regions, the Republic of Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.In the middle lane, after the flight of woodcock in the winter to hunt with a gun is a partridge, but usually falls too fast snow. But it was late autumn is already fully and abundantly «matures» game birds in the south of our country, and there comes the best time to hunt for it.In each of these regions Read more [...]
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Most hunting in Rostov steppes

This year Moscow hunting club "Safari" will hold the X anniversary tournament varmint hunting.Photos from the archives of the club "Safari" Over the past decade in high-precision shooting of hunting has changed a lot. the main thing – others were the results. If the first tournament record score was shot at 297 meters, at the upcoming competitions marmots, obtained from a distance of less than 350 meters (in the hunting and sniper classes less than 300 meters), just do not go to offset!Ten years – period of time, which allows, first, to draw some conclusions and, secondly, Read more [...]
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Summary from Strelkova Igor Ivanovich

13.07.14. Message from the militia."Well With the initiative Lugansk air force 1st kick Lugansk drying in the area of Alexandrovka normal Flight. The results of the RAID information is specified, the preparatory data, our pilot work filigree."13.07.2014. Morning summary.Night and early morning were hard, were night shooting. Now in the morning on Donetsk militia fired from artillery convoy guards, which had been moving in the direction of Saur-Grave. According to preliminary estimates, the Punisher 7 killed, two 10-ka pokalecheni. Also destroyed military equipment.In Marinovka mortar Read more [...]
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Rain in the Rostov region

Movement of intercity buses in the Rostov region in all directions is closed due to heavy ice, the cause of which served as rain.

“The movement of passenger vehicles in the Rostov region is closed in all directions due to the fact that sub-zero temperatures – it ranges from -5 … -6 ° – the rain, and the roads are covered with ice, “- said on Friday the agency” Interfax “Minister of Roads, Transport and Communications of the Rostov region Vasily Holla.

Source: Interfax

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the river Kawalerka right tributary of the Unit.

Kawalerka - river in Rostov region and Krasnodar territory, right tributary of the great UOM. Length 78 km, the catchment area of 695 km Originates in the Rostov region, near the village of Shahumyan, flows from East to West in the Krasnodar region where it flows into It between the pages Kislyakovskogo and Kushchevskaya. Precaut location Egorlykskogo district of Rostov region and Kudikamo and Krylov areas of the Krasnodar region. River steppe, for actually missing, the coast is very overgrown with reeds and other marsh vegetation. Of fish in the river is: white fish, pike and other Water salinity Read more [...]
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Don Inspector of Fisheries suspected of extorting from poachers part of the catch

Now Inspector Semikarakorsky rybinspektsii Rostov region appear before the Tribunal. According to investigators the Rostov region in 2011, the municipal inspector Lower Don of municipal control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources did not prevent the illegal harvesting of fish in the waters of the spillway Bolotovskogo illegal method. Fished by a group of persons "bagreniya" (to trip). Instead of performing its own obligations employee Azov-Black Sea territorial department of the Federal Agency for Fisheries of the claimed  "Fishermen" to give him part of the illegally caught Read more [...]
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Don Inspector of Fisheries suspected of extorting from poachers part of the catch

Now Inspector Semikarakorsky rybinspektsii Rostov region appear before the Tribunal. According to investigators the Rostov region in 2011, the municipal inspector Lower Don of municipal control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources did not prevent the illegal harvesting of fish in the waters of the spillway Bolotovskogo illegal method. Fished by a group of persons "bagreniya" (to trip). Instead of performing its own obligations employee Azov-Black Sea territorial department of the Federal Agency for Fisheries of the claimed  "Fishermen" to give him part of the illegally Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Rostov region. Video

In the Rostov region of more than 10 thousand people remain without electricity due to the hurricane. The night before, a few areas in the region raged strong wind, accompanied by showers, and occasionally hail, reports NTV. As a result, elements revelry were torn wires and toppled electric poles. For several hours without power was mine "Sotkinskaya", it is in the center of the field. 70 miners, who at that time were at the bottom, independently came to the surface. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Rostov fell heavy downpour

A storm of hail, suddenly began 29iyunya about 16.00 in Rostov, significantly impeded traffic on several main streets, RIA Novosti reported. The main highway flooded in four places. On one of the streets even swam bus. The passengers had to get out of the cabin. Due to the downpour fell a tree, there is a power outage. Information about the victims and the extent of the damage has not yet been reported. Meanwhile, according to forecasters, storm will last in Rostov region and a few more hours. Due to the sharp deterioration in the weather department for the prevention and elimination Read more [...]
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The disaster in the Rostov region

In the evening of 19 July on the territory of the Rostov region in the South pointed to the increasing wind, rain, storm. As a result of natural disasters in many parts of the region were affected buildings and created an emergency situation. Thus, according to the Department for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of the Rostov region, in Zimovnikovskyi area in peasant farming \"steppes\" on grain and the store was blown away five thousand square meters of the roof, the damage is established. In Veselovsky district in the hamlet of Middle Manych cut four sections of wire transmission. Read more [...]
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The total collection in Rostov on Don.

Appeared possible of the total harvest in Rostov on the territory of the former tubazy in midsummer. I would like to know about the number of those wishing to … then I will definitely talk to my superiors. collection of 3-5 days with holding forumof on interesting topics, as well as familiarization with equipment razlichnvh survivalist tasting food brought with them, master classes for working with machetes, familiarization with different types of training to bp

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Gale was dead two districts in the Rostov region

Almost 2.5 thousand residents of the Rostov region remained without light in the night of Friday due to squally wind, obervables transmission line in two areas. On the eve of the emergencies Ministry sent out to subscribers of mobile networks storm warning — that wind gusts are expected to 30 meters per second. The prediction came true, and late in the evening in the Rostov region was ruled by this hurricane. As reported the press service of the Department of prevention and liquidation of emergency situation in the Rostov region, the most affected of the Azov and Salsk areas. In Read more [...]
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Massive fish kills on the don. Video

In the Rostov region ecologists now sounding the alarm because of the mass death of fish in the don. Bream, perch and pike there was under threat of destruction. NTV correspondent Michael Antropov was looking for the causes of distress. In technical language this ominous phenomenon is called \"Zamora\". Dead fish covered the banks of the don river for several tens of kilometers. What was the beginning of an ecological disaster, was seen by the local residents. Alexander Kulishev, a resident of the village of Nicholas: \"Come to the river, looked at the top entrance channel, and fish across Read more [...]
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In October in Rostov bloomed lilacs. Photo

In Rostov-on-don on the street Stanislavsky, a miracle happened: in the courtyard of a small three-storey house is blooming lilac Bush. Colors, however, a bit, but they smell this spring! — I live on the third floor. The apartment soap the window and looked out into the yard. And was stunned! — tells Rostov retired Vera Konstantinovna Laguta. — Thought I thought — as if someone pieces of gauze is \"clothed\" by the lilac Bush. And when looked down from the balcony — 't believe her eyes. Lilac, real! For the first time in my life I see such Read more [...]
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Fires in Russia: \”light don\” burn in my eyes

July 28. In the Rostov region for extinguishing fires brought air tanker Il-76. First, there there was only grass, now burned about one and a half thousand hectares of forest. In the fight with fire involved additional forces rescuers from other regions. But the weather forecasts are still not comforting: the thermometer in the coming days can overcome the mark of 42 degrees. Armed with a backpack with water and spray, Sergey Vysotsky already the third day of the fighting of forest fires. Such volunteers in the Rostov region ten. People selflessly help the residents of the village Lobachev Read more [...]
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\”Indian summer\” in Rostov bloomed lilac

photo on October 18. In the Oktyabrsky district of Rostov on the street Debaltsevo bloomed lilacs. Directly opposite the private house No. 3. On the street +8 - and it blossoms in full. — We saw — not believe, — says a local woman, housewife Svetlana Mooan. — And then was so happy. Can't breathe. Close my eyes — and as if the spring on the street. The lilac bushes on the background of the grey house and rain obscured. But if one of the neighbors says, eyes unable to tear. A miracle of nature! However, the flowers are rather Read more [...]
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In Rostov, the boy found a strain of flu that killed 18 children in the U.S.

Positive for influenza A (H3N2), Which is currently raging in the U.S., was found in a two-year resident of Rostov-on-Don, the regional administration reported Rospotrebnadzor. Discovered type of virus is a so-called "swine flu." In 2009, a similar strain of A (H3N1) caused a global epidemic of influenza throughout the world, which was the first in the last forty years. Then the victims of viral diseases have become more than 2.5 thousand people. Now doctors are trying to figure out how small rostovchanin could catch the flu from the U.S.. In the Rostov region is not the first case Read more [...]
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Power supply disrupted in 60 localities of the Rostov region

Sixty communities in four districts of the Rostov region were without electricity due to failure of power lines, remained without electricity for more than 34 thousand people, said Monday Russian Emergencies Ministry. "As of 18.00 MSK 28 January 2013 disrupted power supply to 60 villages in four districts of the Rostov region with a population of 34,247 people in six socially significant objects," - said in a statement. Due to bad weather were damaged ten transmission towers. Ice and strong winds of up to 15 meters per second on the night of 27 to 28 January have produced technological Read more [...]
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Finders. Rostov treasures of the earth. 15/02/2013

Rostov region is considered one of the richest in all sorts of treasures. War and crop failures forced residents from their homes to act, they hid their treasures in the belief that one day come back for them. So it was in the V century, with the treasure of the Alans - Sarmatian people - fleeing violent attacks of the Huns. They hid the gold, the assurances of scientists, weight treasure could be up to 2 tons! Treasure could become extinct and the golden horses of Batu Khan: Cossacks, stolen relic, fearing pursuit, drowned them in the waters of the Don. Here, in the Rostov land, according Read more [...]
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