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How to get right to the snow rover

author photo From January 25 to February 12 engineers - Gostekhnadzor inspectors together with law enforcement agencies and other organizations carried out work on crime prevention in the operation of snowmobiles and ATVs.In recent years, off-road motosredstva more and more popular. A large number of fans of extreme winter entertainment acquire snowmobiles and ATVs. Many believe that these modes of transport management which, at first glance, does not require special skills, and the rights of any documents is not necessary. "And who will be able to monitor the driver's SUV Read more [...]
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On the hunt in comfort!

Despite the fact that Russia has officially started selling a completely new Range Rover, we decided to test another version of the previous body, and in the most "top-end" equipment called Westminster. Photo: Armen Meytardzhyan Westminster Abbey is familiar to almost everyone almost at school, in It all got married and British monarchs aristocrats, so the car with this name is simply obliged to meet a certain level to be, so to speak, «follow suit». AND Believe me, Range Rover you are unlikely to disappoint. Even seemingly mighty Range produces Read more [...]
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Range Rover - a car out of time, otherwise it would have long ago left behind by dinosaurs. But this does not happen, because the biggest British SUV is not just a machine and accessory - a measure of status and wealth. However, to be a universal car he gets better.Despite A luxury positioning, Range Rover remains one of the most «capable» SUV in class. As laid flagship, it is a projection, a star on the which can be seen on the merits of the entire lineup. Not We will involve here «toddler» Evoque, but if a little Read more [...]
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Ukrainian Rover Boar

Engine - Diesel Iveko 8-cylinder Fuel Consumption is 13 l/100 km top speed up to 140 km/h. Clearance - 605 mm Wheels - from BTR - stand 4 a shot from a rifle with the ability to swap tires from inside the passenger Capacity of up to 20 people the dimensions of the vehicle - him. Picking jeep leather interior, TV, power Windows, conducRover Boar built by craftsmen at the Kremenchug ATP No. 15356 in ordinary repair workshop KrAZ vehicles like the Rover inflated comfort and permeability due to forces and efforts of its inventor - Vladimir Pilipenko. This breathtaking jeep 2005 was tested on the highways Read more [...]
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survival auto for BP

Rover "SHAMAN"Little Russian auto plant "AUTORES produces really unconventional machines. These cars three or four bridges, large tires, and they have to drive everywhere - both on land and on water. The latest model is called "Shaman".New model "Shaman" has come to replace the models of X-Trim with similar features. On this machine we briefly wrote four years ago. The new eight wheels, and, when necessary, they are all manageable. In addition to the normal drive, the "Shaman" has a propeller for movement on the water.Unique all-terrain vehicles "AUTORES" are not concept cars designers. Read more [...]
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Mars rover Curiosity found on Mars — a flower

Last American rover named "Kuroziti" continues an active research on Mars, during which reveals a lot of interesting things. Cameras mounted on the rover's "Kuroziti" not rest even during the holidays. They photographed a close-up of the Martian rocky landscapes of Yellowknife Bay, as well as Martian flower, making the way to the surface. Going to make rover pictures, scientists have made two interesting mosaic photo.We can see these photos in a little distorted color schemes, so that to understand how the Martian landscape would look like on Earth.The photo number Read more [...]
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Curiosity inspect the area, offering new 2D/3D panoramas

17/12/2012 Curiosity rover almost reached the place, called Yellowknife Bay, this "geological paradise."During this trip, just a little while ago, on the 120th sol, the rover made a stop, during which, through its chambers Navcam, Mastcam made some stunning high-resolution images. Past and formed the basis of 2D and 3D panoramas. To fully present the "whole environment» Curiosity, need anaglyph glasses. 2D panorama out huge amount Shaler. Examine the proposed pan, compare with stereo effect 3D-panorama.3 D view of NASA out of giant reservoirs Shaler Shaler is Read more [...]
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NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has published a self-portrait

12/13/2012 Curiosity rover came to the surface of the Red Planet for more than two months ago, and now NASA experts released pictures in which a research unit imprinted itself in the period from October 31 to November 1. Picture you can see below, is made in the 84th and 85th days of operation on Mars. According to Slashgear, this picture was taken with a robotic arm and camera Mars Hand Lens Imager. To create a photo mechanical manipulator for a day had to do about 50 operations to combine all the resulting images into a single coherent picture. As a result, we see a photograph of the rover Read more [...]
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An expedition to Mars in jeopardy — Curiosity broke

Experts from NASA reported that technical problems rover Curiosity question the feasibility of continuing research mission to the Red Planet. The problem, according to the chief engineer of the machine, Rob Manning, is in electronics - allegedly drill at work and refuse to bring down the entire rover. "Rectify the situation can be had for a couple of months to send Curiosity from the station in Florida, but by the time of the fault detection to change anything it was too late," - said Manning. Note that previously heard of NASA reports that drill lander failed due disinfection procedures Read more [...]
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NASA rover launch another

In NASA announced a new Mars mission, which will include the second rover launch in 2020. The announcement came at NASA on December 4.According to the website, the new Mars rover with a landing system will be built mostly from spare parts rover "Kyuriositi" which is currently on Mars.The new Mars project is expected to cost about $ 1.5 billion. About what exactly is the problem facing the new rover on Mars, NASA experts have not yet been reported.At present, the Mars rover is "Kyuriositi", which sank to the planet's surface 6 August 2012. NASA Mars project cost Read more [...]
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The rover Curiosity did a terrific find. Scientists: it gets into the history books

During the experiment, the analysis of the Martian atmosphere the first measurements showed the presence of methane. "We knew from the beginning that there is a risk to bring to Mars air from Florida (where the rover was launched.) Therefore, we measured again," - said the scientist. Repeated measurements methane disappeared.Mars rover Curiosity during the analysis of samples of Martian soil found something very interesting, but scientists refuse to say what the rover found - specialists intend to double-check everything again and eliminate errors, according to the American radio Read more [...]
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The rover found a mysterious spherical structures

Record holder-survivor NASA Opportunity rover sent to Earth image that has puzzled scientists. In the photo section of the Martian surface can be seen dotted with numerous spherical structures. Martian bumps similar to those in the form of structures called "blueberries" and found rover in 2004. However, the newly discovered areas differ significantly from the "blueberries" in their composition. Currently Opportunity explores outcrop Kirkwood in Cape York on the western edge of the crater Endeavour. It was there and had discovered a mysterious sphere of 3 mm in diameter. Read more [...]
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Mars rover Curiosity was wind map in the crater Gale

American rover Curiosity drew a map in the crater Gale winds with REMS meteorological instrument, and confirmed that the atmosphere of Mars is its only "shield" from space radiation, said the press conference at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Thursday.'Judging by the shape of the crater Gale, we expected that the wind will blow it in two directions - toward the mountains and away from Sharp. It turned out that the winds are blowing in a completely different direction - on the edges of the crater"- Said meteorologist Clara Newman (Clara Newman) from research company Read more [...]
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Mars Curiosity drilled by 6.4 inches deep

Earlier, the first-ever rover has discovered dry creek on the surface of the fourth planet of the solar system. Now the machine NASA will study in detail the chemical composition of the soil. Curiosity aim to chose unusual rocks half a kilometer from the landing site. The rover drilled on the surface of the Gale Crater hole width of 1.6 and a depth of 6.4 cm, and took a sample of the solid ground for further analysis. Studies in which the robot will try to find traces of moisture and bacteria will be controlled from the ground controllers. If the world were previously living protozoa, the scientists Read more [...]
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Curiosity began drilling on Mars

American rover tried drilling system Red Planet's surface in the crater Gale. Percussion drill for a short time to peck, not rotating, flat area rocky rocks, where a mobile laboratory to land in August last year, reports BBC.At taken before and after photographs of drilling done in the visible rock grooves. Though earlier machines were capable of such samples scouring the rocky surface, Curiosity has this drilling system consisting of several instruments.Notes that this is only the first step in the implementation of a two-year research program.The drilling process is divided by experts in Read more [...]
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Brookings report

Name of Richard Hoagland's known to those who are interested in the problem of the search for intelligent life in the universe. Is the creator and chief independent research center to monitor the activities NASA (National aeronautics and Space Administration), which is called the Enterprise Mission. Its mission - to find out what the discoveries made by NASA in solar system over the past half hidden under a classified "Top Secret."A grand spectacle According to Hoagland, on the Red Planet are the ruins of ancient buildingsAccording to Mr. Hoagland's Mars rover Curiosity («Curiosity") Read more [...]
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