Tanks Islamism

We now return to the main front of the fourth world war - in Iraq. No matter how developed further military action in Iraq, the U.S. has suffered a serious political setback. They made a lot of mistakes, especially after the end of the purely military phase of the operation. Suffice it to recall that in late 2003, only 20% of Iraq's population, according to opinion polls, saw coalition troops as occupiers, and now this opinion 80% of the population. The question of whether the military action against Saddam Hussein justified from the beginning, against the real problems facing the coalition Read more [...]
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Apply a couple of warheads

Missile defense system capable of defending the territory of the United States from the Russian missile attack, and there never will be. As, however, will never be, and this blow. It is well known to every American and Russian experts. However, after each routine tests intercontinental missile in Russia Our commander in chief makes a solemn declaration of the "new miracle warhead capable of overcoming any missile defense," that is literally breaking with its warhead in the U.S. open door. Yes, Russia and the U.S. can destroy friend other. It is a medical fact, the same as the fact Read more [...]
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Stalin and Trotsky our time

In the 30 years Trotsky repeated in numerous interviews with Western newspapers and radio stations in the Soviet Union had a huge number of supporters - including in the military, security officers, business executives and senior staff of the CPSU (b), including the former fighters against Trotskyism . "Every day and in person, and correspondence communicate with so many people who are convinced of the need to change the Stalinist regime in the absence of any opportunity to remove him from power by means of intra-party democracy" - confides leader of the October Revolution. It is difficult Read more [...]
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Covenant Lavrov-Mashaal

 "Russian soldiers are in the forefront of the fight against Islamic extremism. Unfortunately, very few people notice them. Today we are witnessing the creation of a certain extremist International on the so-called arc of instability, from the Philippines, and ending with Kosovo. This is very dangerous, and Europe in the first place, because there are a large number of the Muslim population. " So said Vladimir Putin in the summer of 2000. That was then his vision of the world or, at least, this is how he wanted him to Western audiences. Therefore, the rise of Putin on television Read more [...]
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The window to Europe

West and Russia once again losing each other. This dance of attraction and rejection continues for centuries, and for the next phase of rejection would be to take a philosophical. Historians there are more than 25 such cycles since the reign of Ivan III. Already in its post-Soviet incarnation Russia gone through two of these turn. From Kozyrev to Primakov under Yeltsin and Putin on September 11 with his immediate reaction "Americans, we are with you" to Putin today, claims that Islamic terrorists in the Caucasus - "just a tool in the hands of the more experienced, the more powerful Read more [...]
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Waste fishing

Russia's most famous prisoner of the Tower Adamov may prevail. Remains at large Kremlin supporters continue his work. Contrary to the gloomy forecasts slanderers of Russia from the "Other Russia" St. Petersburg Summit and US-Russian bilateral meeting threatened to end a great success. On Saturday, the U.S. and Russia are expected to be announced in principle ready to sign the 123 agreement on cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. Americans for decades refused to sign such a document, as with the Soviet Union, and with the post-Soviet Russia. Recently, Washington as a condition Read more [...]
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Dirt in silk stockings

Hard merge Kremlin-controlled media "report Falin and Yevstafyev" - a remarkable document. This is a rare depth and strength samorazoblachitelnoy Freudian text, not just swing open the window, and a huge folly hole in the collective subconscious of Russia's highest political "elite" (officials "A" class). Insightful and well-informed intelligence analyst behind the mirror Anton Surikov rightly praised the report as "aktivku", but, in my opinion, too quickly dismissed it as unworthy of attention from sleaze. Tales of the threat of the Orange Revolution Read more [...]
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Anna and President

For three days he was silent, as it always cowardly and with contempt for his subjects in the silent days of national tragedies. But before by foreign presidents and journalists, he was unable to keep quiet. With difficulty restraining dushivshuyu his hatred of the deceased, he opened his mouth at the press conference in Dresden.   "This murder has caused more damage to Russia than the publication of Anna Politkovskaya ... But I think that journalists should know that the extent of its influence on the political life in the country was negligible. She was known in journalistic and Read more [...]
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Letter Polish friend

In October 2005, established a new national holiday - November 4. As conceived by Kremlin spin doctors pseudo-anti-Polish context that date had to turn it into a nation rallying day hatred of the West. Plan tops enthusiastically, even scare power, was picked up by the fascist lows for the second consecutive year, which transform Day of National Unity Day Nazi. Poland was chosen not by chance by Moscow as one of the key objects of its new assertiveness. Here and deep historical tradition, and a successful combination in the form of Poland features of "hated the West" and the "treacherous Read more [...]
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Tragedy and Farce

It is good that our turnaround and who ministers to the prime-schy his over-ambitious priest arranged his little show "Denikin and the Little Russians." This current excursion into the past allows us to remind some important truth today in a clear historical context. Russian empire broke up twice. For the first time in 1917. Anton Ivanovich Denikin, and with it most of the Russian-educated men of the time to experience it as a national disaster. They sincerely considers Ukraine part of the Great Russia. And not only Ukraine but the Caucasus, the Baltic states, and possibly Finland Read more [...]
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Deadlocks modernization

King-modernizer Peter Alekseevich not "opened a window to Europe", but just opened a narrow crack, which squeezed the head "of the Russian political elite." And since that time we have formed two different people. In Russian, they were called "gentleman"And"muzhik". All other countries have always been, and has a social scale, but nowhere is the gap between the "master" and "the guy" was not of such a fundamental nature as to postpetrovskoy Russia. This was not a class, and cultural studies, I would say - anthropological split, this Read more [...]
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At the time loop

Last year Life of Andrei Sakharov was the year his most intense social activity. No less important to his legacy and to the moral lesson that he taught all of us have been in previous decades of his courageous confrontation of totalitarian communist regimes, including the years of exile. But only in 1989, when faced with the innermost crisis mode was forced to make concessions to the fact that he himself is timid and shy defined as "publicity", sugar by translations I Congress of People's Deputies was the figure, has a direct impact on the minds of millions of people. Only now we Read more [...]
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Island Siberia

A year ago, I published an article (like inadvertently promised last) on the subject, which I think is important for the security of our country, to be exact - just for its survival within the existing boundaries. I really have not written since the Russian-Chinese relations. But a lot of them, and very convincingly (on the economic and military aspects, respectively) make public a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Yablokov and Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin. The events of the past year in this area were justly Read more [...]
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Isle of Siberia — 2

Reading Brigade comments - not useless exercise. Lowing for their unpretentious easily read recent installation Manuals. And Manuals - it's not just propaganda for their installation. She always unwittingly gives some hidden solutions and plans of the authorities which have political and technological attendants considers necessary to somehow camouflage and ennoble. For example, the central thesis, which I over and over again in different variations encountered in the forums, discussing the "Island of Siberia": "China's expansion in the Far East and Siberia will inevitably Read more [...]
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Engineering methods of protection

The basis of a set of measures for flood protection in river basins are now engineering activities that provide the most dramatic effect on the floods. Traditionally engineering methods of flood protection in the Russian Federation are: • redistribution of the high flow reservoir; • Gated dams; • increasing the capacity of the river bed; • increase marks protected area; • Water transfer; • Some special techniques to reduce flood risk. Construction of reservoirs in the river basin, as a rule, to multiple use of water resources and allows, subject to the relevant requirements in their Read more [...]
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Water management

Among the main reasons, which aggravated the devastating floods, can be called a total lack of preparation of water-related services, as well as confusion among the owners of water bodies, which is produced whenever a question on who should be engaged in cleaning the rivers. Organization system of water management is an important part of interaction between society and nature, being at the same time an example of one of the most challenging problems in this area, which was clearly demonstrated during the floods, especially in the basin of the Kuban. Plenipotentiary Representative of the President Read more [...]
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The rehabilitation of vital areas

The rehabilitation of vital areas to an acceptable level or former were very time-consuming, required a large amount of financial, material and human resources. They have been through the elimination of the destruction and recovery of the affected facilities, new construction activities for the rehabilitation of the affected areas, etc. Restoration work to eliminate long-term effects were generally in the everyday functioning of the territories. These works were carried out by means of the respective entities of the Russian Federation, municipalities, industries and institutions, insurance funds, Read more [...]
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Catastrophic floods early XXI century. Conclusion

It just so happened that every spring and sometimes summer and sometimes winter in Russia, floods. And each time after the flood wave is rolling wave of emotion, topped with traditional Russian question "Who is to blame?" And "What to do". In Siberia, the annual floods are mainly to blame geography. The great Siberian rivers - the Ob, Yenisei, Lena - flow from south to north. And far away - thousands of miles. When the upper already hard running spring water, the lower the flow is constrained by ice. On top of the very "high water" carries with it a mass of broken Read more [...]
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Finita la comedia

When a dead calm July 22 I went on holiday in the State Security Committee, still not knowing what to normal not return ever. Release time was in full swing, and left to rest many heads of departments. No conspiracy in our corridors did not smell. By tradition, I went for a week in his home village of diamonds of which, remembering the youth, from the heart worked scythe, ax, cleaning barnyard, tidying house his 75-year cousin. From there went to Siberia, Krasnoyarsk, where his family bought tickets to the ship "A. Chekhov ", sailing voyage to the Bay Dixon. Take a trip on the Yenisei, Read more [...]
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Comment to interview the most influential Russian policy of Komsomolskaya Pravda

The turning point for Russia Eurasian policy was at the time an interview with one of the most influential people in Russia Vladislav Surkov Yurevich newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The views expressed in interview theses, in fact, formed the external and internal policy of Russia in the coming years. Vladislav Y. It speaks well in the Eurasian key. Care for the public official traced thought quite appropriate Eurasian assessing the situation, and only since Surkov says steps Fishing season to strengthen the state, then we can entertain the idea that Putin thinks the same way. It Read more [...]
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