Oka near Ryazan

Photo by the author I want to talk about fishing on the bottom gear on Krutoyarov Oka near Ryazan. Preferred locations near the village of Borki. For this there are two reasons. Firstly, the house is at least one hour stroke. Second, making a long trip, we see that the farther from the city, the harder it is to find a decent place for fishing. Machines, and once again the car, especially at weekends. Everyone seems that more and more fish, and it is larger. Maybe so, but we somehow did not have much luck, especially in the large. That's when you start on another appreciate that Read more [...]
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In Ryazan stud

My dog ​​drathaar Donna eighth year. This summer, it worked well in the field, only received four diplomas with a reception, three of them in the competition. Last diploma obtained in Beloomut interbreed team competition on July 15 when the heat of about 30 degrees. And then was the discovery of hunting, where she showed true skill. Within two weeks of hunting we had produced twenty-two corncrake, nine snipe, snipe, and three more than three dozen quail. And this despite the fact that my car was laid up, and health is poor. Well, there are friends, and managed to get in the Read more [...]
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In Ryazan open spaces

History of the All-Russian competition for Field Spaniels and marsh fowl memory B. E. Vagina started in Moscow and Ryazan. In 1992, a section of fans of Russian Spaniel MOOiR organized and hosted the regional competition spaniels memory of one of the founders of the breed ROS Boris Paton Vagina. Match failed and became an annual event. Photo by Leonid Karantaeva In 1993, Ryazan spanielisty Solotchinskom hunting lease in the Ryazan region have organized inter-regional competition spaniels, which involved teams from Ryazan, Tambov and Moscow. In total, they took part 14 dogs.These Read more [...]
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Vysypki in Ryazan region

What caused the great and that is encouraging for the soul hunters with a gun, long span vysypok woodcock in the southern districts of the Ryazan region, we do not know. Perhaps it is early to zazimok and the first snow piercing north-westerly winds or a suitable food supply, but since the first woodcocks three days before first snow (5–October 6) and at the end of October lands us happy and productive opportunities Hunting with emotional gun dog.Although the places chosen and woodcocks where the maximum concentration (vysypki, in other Read more [...]
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Ryazan region:\»Fire in Martinosugababe from hell\». Video

Fire in Kartamazovo Ryazan OBLASTNOE shooting. Source: RZN.info Read more [...]
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Valery HooksSAO Arrow. TV transmission ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_128 issue. Ryazan 9 channel 6:16SAO Arrow. TV transmission ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_127 issue. Ryazan 9 channel 6:12SAO Arrow. TV transmission ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_126 issue. Ryazan 9 channel 5:14SAO Arrow. TV transmission ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_129 issue. Ryazan 9 channel 4:20SAO Arrow. TV transmission ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_131 issue. Ryazan 9 channel 5:42SAO Arrow. TV transmission ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_132 issue. Ryazan 9 channel 6:32ZASHITI_SEBYA_SAM_137(10) 5:23Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Ryazan Wang

Ryazan region journalists discovered an amazing old woman. "Our Wang" called her dozens of pilgrims. The local church seems to recognize the miraculous power of the woman, that's just why it takes only at night? This is the power of God or of the devil? Skopin town in Ryazan region with a population of 30,000 collected all journalistic cliches about Russian province. Dilapidated houses, broken roads and old-timers, but that's always something I remember. Besides from the Soviet legacy is left to the burial mounds of highly toxic arsenic. Perhaps that is why the birth Read more [...]
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Scientists have called for people to question everything

On Thursday, February 7, in the Ryazan Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Maxim Gorky, a discussion on the Day of Russian Science.The participants of the discussion was Head of the humanities and social sciences of the Ryazan branch of Moscow State University named SY Witte, Ph.D., Professor Michael Koshelev, director of the Institute of Arts of the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Sergey Demidov, Ph.D., assistant professor of physical geography and methods of teaching geography Ryazan State University named after SA Esenina Read more [...]
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Winter in the middle of summer in Ryazan

on August 11. The user of the social network \"Vkontakte\" Luda Bohan posted on his page pictures fallen today in Ryazan snow. \"What's the weather in Ryazan. Winter in the middle of the summer,\" he wrote on his page Luda. As explained RZN.info itself Luda, photo taken from \"Ryazan\". \"It was hail, the size of a pea, hail was heavy rain and snow for 15 minutes,\" he told People.  Source: Ryazan city website Read more [...]
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Ryazan region: Smoking crack in the ground

added on November 27. Where When this video was filmed - is unknown. Presumably in USA. \"In the Ryazan region near the river...\" - said the author of the video. Continue to find out more. Read more [...]
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Ryazan region, Fire in Kartanosovo.Pobeg from hell. Video

Fire in Ryazan Kartanosovo oblasti.Lyubitelskaya shooting.Source: RZN.info Read more [...]
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Evacuation and treatment of wounded and sick-7

The second paper FV Rostopchin explains how the evacuation was carried out in Kolomna wounded from other hospitals. For this purpose he ordered was billed at the city gates still five days supply of 5000. "More than 20,000 people had time to fit in the carts, but not without turmoil and disputes others followed them on foot. All vehicles moved from place about 6 am, but about 2,000 patients and wounded remained in their beds, waiting for the enemy, and death. Of them, when I return, I found only 300 people living in the ".1 The absolute accuracy of this evidence raises some doubts, Read more [...]
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Ryazan region, Fire in Kartanosovo.Pobeg from hell. Video

Fire in Ryazan Kartanosovo oblasti.Lyubitelskaya shooting. Source: RZN.info Read more [...]
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