Global warming is continuing the work begun by Saddam Hussein in 1995 against the U.S.

In 1995, Saddam Hussein announced that the Iraqi army has in the event of biological warfare potent Aspergillus mold spores. Iraqi president is said, or not said, to check hard. In any case, every American in the mid-90s he was convinced that the wily dictator in their laboratories prepared a myriad of deadly potions. This, along with others, was the ideological basis of the U.S. confrontation with Iraq.No Aspergillus in Iraq were found. The irony, ten years after the execution of Saddam Hussein committed by the Americans in the air, the United States once again in the crosshairs dangerous Read more [...]
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Where did the Iraqi army?

And alarmed me was that too obvious similarity with the 1991 version, distributed across all channels. Again, it is very difficult to verify because the world gets information only from the lips of Americans. But that sounded out of the mouth, looks, to put it mildly, quite contradictory. So, the first week of the war in 2003. Famously the invasion, Americans suddenly faced with strong resistance. Although the quantity and quality of weapons the Iraqi army is much worse than in 2003, the spirit remains the same. The first reports of army PR (about surrendering captured Iraqi army divisions, Read more [...]
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Oil for Democracy

This story just adds extra touches to my current picture. It turns out that Americans do not simply lied, saying the presence of Iran's proscribed weapons. They even tried to foist these weapons to Saddam through nominees (as we have already established, "Al Qaeda" is not more than the agents of U.S. intelligence.) Because otherwise the reason for the invasion of Iraq was extremely difficult to find. Let us remember this history. Saddam came to power back in the 70's and enjoyed it in the hot U.S. support. Especially praiseworthy words were addressed to him when he was at Read more [...]
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The good sheriff of western and reality

However, and the Iraqi aggression against Kuwait - not such a simple plot. To the North, particularly the U.S., the Gulf War seemed very simple: Kuwait - an innocent victim, Iraq - aggressor, Saddam Hussein - Arab Hitler, America - a kind of western sheriff, punishing evil. In general - the absolute good against absolute evil. But it is not ... Firstly , even the British colonial administration in Kuwait carefully tying a bundle of contradictions, which is not easy to untie. In 1930 & #8209And e boundaries between future Arab states openly conducted carelessly, and very much conditional. There Read more [...]
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The strategy of Saddam Hussein

Press uses the expression that many sincerely believe Saddam Hussein Islamic fundamentalist - second Ayatollah Khomeini. There can not be anything further from the truth! Saddam Hussein - The leader of the Ba'ath Party - Arab Baath Socialist Party. The party was founded in 1954, in Iraq it came to power in 1968, this party from the start was for the development, for the reduction of the agricultural sector and the development of industrial, for urbanization, education and raising the cultural level of the Arabs. Baath Party to separate the church from the state and the school from the church Read more [...]
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Muslim fundamentalist Saddam Hussein

In a tireless struggle against monstrous Muslims (terrorists without exception), the Americans had another large-scale operation, which is no longer in the old resistance. On the contrary ... After the attacks of U.S. government officials have repeatedly said that the attacks involved Saddam Hussein. Brad? Without a doubt, delusion ... Right leaders such as Saddam Hussein, as if there are natural allies of America? During the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1987,. and NATO countries and the Soviet bloc supported Saddam Hussein. He was considered the lesser of two evils, and deterring the Islamic Revolution. Saddam Read more [...]
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History of the Gulf War, when Iraq seized his neighbor and was defeated, is well known. The initiator of the war was a military dictator. This war was the second disastrous miscalculation of Saddam Hussein, the first was the invasion of Iran - a country with twice the territory and rich natural resources. The war ended in millions of deaths, destruction of the economy and helpth U.S., who saw him as a lesser evil. From then until 2003, the U.S. and its allies could not dislodge Saddam.After the Gulf War, which killed 100 Iraqis Ltd., the country was in ruins, the infrastructure and the military Read more [...]
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