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Sun can produce super-storms and massive bursts of radiation

Carbon-14 (14C) found in Japanese cedar, shows that our Sun is capable of producing flash 60 times and more powerful than the one that struck the province of Quebec power grid in 1989. Mysterious surge level of atmospheric carbon -14 in the 12th century, can be a sign that the sun can produce solar storm is ten times worse than anything we've ever seen, According to a team of physicists in an article published this week in the journal "Nature» Nature. Carbon-14 (14C) is produced when high-energy radiation that falls into the upper atmosphere of the Earth, converting nitrogen-14 in Read more [...]
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Thailand: Underground fire in the province of Phitsanulok

on April 26. The respective officials went to explore the place in Nakhon, Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok is one of the provinces of Thailand, is located in the North Central part of the country. - approx. edit in Thai area, where, reportedly, raging underground fire. It is also claimed that aboutgone burned four dogs. Last Saturday, a resident Chatree Boonyarit also suffered burns while trying to rescue dogs in the area.\"Before that, another man was injured in the same place. He said that the road surface is slightly collapsed and opened fire blazing under the earth,\" says the village head Read more [...]
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In the period of solar activity often affect not only patients, but also healthy people

Changes in the solar system affect human health, his cardiovascular system. This was on November 17 at a press conference said cardiologist Tigran Poghosyan. According to him, during the period of solar activity and geomagnetic activity active heart disease. The doctor said that this period should be more attentive to their health, as may be necessary to change the dose of preventive medicine. Pogosyan also said that solar activity affects almost everyone. It can be expressed in different ways: there may be depression, falling to work, sleep and so on. Experience shows that during this period Read more [...]
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Tornado hit New Zealand

Tornado uprooted trees and went straight to the golf course. A member of the golf club, said that some trees had 30 years, but they did not prevail. Damage is estimated as "significant".

Analyst John Crouch of the Met Office said that the phenomenon of tornadoes is becoming more prevalent.

Category: Hurricanes
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Megashtorm flood California

According to Reuters, the heavy rains and winds of up to 80 miles per hour will determine the weather in the mountains of California and in coastal areas, the storm moved onto the west coast of the U.S. this weekend, causing a descent of mudflows and floods.Reported strong winds have been issued for the Northern and Central California, and transportation officials warned that cars and trailers skemperami not cross bridges, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. "Meteorologists tell us that the storm" is developing rapidly and it will be very wet in the next few days, "said Read more [...]
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Predictions and Prophecies, threatening humanity in the near future

End of the world in 2012, did not happen, but it was just one of the many prophecies that do not end 2012. -What awaits us in the coming years and what threats we expect?2013 - Ragnarok and Sunny ApocalypseRagnarok in Norse mythology - the death of the gods and the world will follow the final battle between the gods and the chthonic monsters.According to the prophecy, the day of Ragnarok monstrous wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun, plunging the world into darkness, but will come out of the sea coast, where the world will emerge from the depths of the serpent Jormungand. They will join and fire Read more [...]
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The most popular doomsday in December 2012

In just a few days, at the end of this week, there will be December 21, 2012 - a day known to all as the date for the end of the world, "the Mayan calendar."MOSCOW, Dec. 17 - RIA Novosti. In just a few days, at the end of this week, there will be December 21, 2012 - a day known to all as the date for the end of the world, "the Mayan calendar." RIA Novosti presents the most popular in the media and on blogs doomsday scientists and comments to these scenarios. The end of the Mayan calendar Scenario: The idea of completing a calendar created by the ancient Mayan, became the core Read more [...]
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Kadyrov: Candles of doom will not save

A man knows when it's end of the world, so Muslims should not prepare for the end of human history, December 21, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov."I do not understand how can Muslims believe that? People buying candles, they say that the world will not. Did none of them know that if there will be end of the world, no candles they do not need? The man who believes in the rumors by Muslim canons considered an apostate "- Kadyrov said, as quoted by his press office.Kadyrov ordered Muftiats sensitization outreach. "People should not be mistaken about this. I also Read more [...]
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While in Russia by the end of the world are buying candles, Maya is preparing to celebrate the beginning of a new era

Attracted the attention of the Western press about the case of panic end of the world among the Russian population, which they call "prone to mystical type of thinking." In November, these cases have occurred in different parts of Russia, including a women's correctional facilities Primorye. There, women had a mass hysteria about the end of the world."It all started with a case of epileptic women in the building, after which the prisoners was captured by fear, they ran in all directions. Here she sits in prison for manslaughter, for example, and in fact all the same woman, Read more [...]
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Gone. For them, the world would end in 2012

Ends in 2012 which was a lot of good and bad, and did not come true come true expectations and hopes. But let us remember those wonderful and talented people who do not step over the line in the 2013th and never raise a glass of champagne ...Whitney HoustonWhitney said: "I can not sing, "the black" and does not know what a "white music". The music has no color, "She was one of the most popular and successful singers. No less talented played roles in movies such as "The Bodyguard," starring Kevin Costner. Whitney died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the Read more [...]
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In MARCHI ordered prayers for the salvation of the list of ineffective schools

Group of faculty and staff at the Moscow Architectural Institute ordered prayers for the salvation of the university from the list of ineffective schools, said Friday the university rector Michael Shubenko."Prayer to be held on December 19 on the Protection church Ordynka Street, ordered the initiative group of employees. It will be the salvation of all afflictions MARCHI who collapsed on us. We have many different unexplained trouble and we think about how we get out of the black area. That may turn out to be, with God's help, "- said vice-rector."We're, like, all indicators Read more [...]
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Englishman became rich by finding a sperm whale on the shore of belching

Englishman vygulivaya dog on the beach, did not think finding another pet will transform his life. Lucky break came with 50 years Ken Uilmanom during a morning walk on a deserted beach in the city Morkama Lancashire, reports Sky News. His boxer named Madge started its bark tychas face into a large rock. Approaching the boulder closer Wilman disdained to touch him, as a smell that was making a find, was unbearable, admitted the man."I am contented himself felt his cane, but thinking it was an ordinary stone, turned around and left," - said the Englishman. But all this time it would Read more [...]
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Onishchenko not wait to Russia unknown viruses

Top of the influenza epidemic in Russia is probably the end of January, unknown viruses will not be dangerous, "Interfax" on Wednesday, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. "The students returned to the desk, there is an active proepidemichivanie. Incidence will rise at the end of January," - said Gennady Onishchenko. "The peak incidence in Russia will be in different regions in different ways. We have regions which are now almost summer, and the other bitter winter temperatures as exorbitant as in Yakutia", - the head of Rospotrebnadzor. Read more [...]
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Scientists warn of a new wave of swine flu

Director of the Research Institute of Influenza, Oleg Kiselyov said that early to talk about the end of an influenza pandemic. According to him, can not exclude a new wave of disease."Pandemic is developing its own laws and is 2-3 waves. Now we are seeing a second wave of the virus of swine influenza H1N1. It is not changed. The virus is resistant pandemic nature. In the Americas, another virus - H3N2. Unlike in 2009, the disease spread among children, "- he said.O.Kiselev urged to take precautions and not to contact with sick people.Meanwhile, according to the main infectious Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, a new type of bird flu

Scientists in Indonesia have discovered a new species of bird flu, which has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ducks in the country, said on Wednesday the Singapore newspaper Strats Times. "We found a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype H5N1 - put 2.3 (a group of organisms, united by the presence of a common ancestor). It is very different from the open earlier form of avian flu - clade 2.1 "- said the head of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department of Agriculture of Indonesia Shukur Ivantoro. According to the latest WHO data, since 2003, 15 countries Read more [...]
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Escherichia comes to us: Deadly E. coli from Canada may appear in Russia

In Canada, found HIGHLY infection that caused last summer died more than two dozen people, said the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor).Experts believe that it may appear in Russia. We are talking about E. coli E. coli O157: H7 (Escherichia coli).Disease reported in Canada Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and British Columbia. True, ill managed to avoid the development of hemolytic uremic syndrome, which blocks the kidneys and lead to death. However, the Russian oversight agencies are seriously concerned about the situation arose.According Read more [...]
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For the first time in six years, the Amur fish meets all norms SanPiN

12/07/2012 According to the statement of environmentalists, this year for the first time in six years, the Amur fish is fully consistent with SanPiN. As deputy chief of the department of environmental policy and the environmental monitoring MEP region Anatoly Frolov, the result obtained by analyzing 48 samples of fish caught in different parts of the region. "This year we studied fish caught in the villages Golovin, Volochayevka (EAO), Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk and Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, - said Anatoly Frolov. - The analysis was conducted on more than 20 chemical and microbiological and Helminthological Read more [...]
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15 women were expelled from the house armed robber collective prayer

Armed and masked men who tried to rob a group of women who had a party on Friday night in Lake City, probably got more than he bargained for.The police say that 24-year-old Derek Lee got into the house on Lakeview Avenue, where the owner of the house and her friends had a party of 14. According to the cops on the head with Lee was a dark ski cap, his face hidden bandana. As stated by the woman, he showed them his gun and ordered to give their money and phones.One of the women, who felt that the appearance of the robber - is part of the entertainment program of the party, pushed aside the man's Read more [...]
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Shale revolution could accelerate climate change

Oil companies, earning on shale revolution, burn as many unwanted gas that it would be sufficient to provide energy for all the homes in Chicago and Washington. Over the last year the amount of unwanted gas, which is burned in North Dakota, the state that has become home to shale revolution, grew by 50%, writes the Financial Times. On this path, and other states, as in Texas in 2012 was granted permission in 1963 to burn against 306 in 2010. This rapid growth has made the United States one of the leaders of the world's gas flaring. According to the World Bank, the volume has tripled in five Read more [...]
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England — All power to the scientist!

Britain goes to in order to become the first country in the world that will make policy decisions based on rigorous analysis of data, and not as anyhow.Imagine a government that builds a policy based on the scientific method, publishing a thorough rational explanations for its decisions with a description of the analysis, a description of those arguments and the reference to the data collected.English popularizer of science Michael Brooks believes that the UK has moved in this direction.AhavatHaEmet.) "Height =" 420 "width =" 600 ">UK Ministry of Education believes Read more [...]
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