Louisiana, USA: Cleaning sinkholes stopped working saved

on August 23. According to the official information Company, Texas Brin Corporation (Texas Brine Co. LLC) has suspended work on cleaning large sinkholes that have arisen in the Northern district of Essentris (Assumption Parish) after Thursday morning struck the South-Western sector of the cement lining. Two workers employed by the subcontractor Texas Brin, Wedge Harbors of Norwell, Massachusetts, were saved by the pilot of the seaplane just before the aluminum boat in which they were sucked into the funnel together with the fallen earth.Sheriff Escamps Parrish Mike Logspec reported that Read more [...]
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Scientists gave the name of a volcanic eruption Flat Tolbachik

Kamchatka volcano eruption Flat Tolbachik woke up after 36 years of peace, given the official name. Now scientists call it the New Tolbachik Fissure Eruption."Despite the fact that the flow of molten lava destroyed the base" Leningrad "and" Tolbachinskyi ", located at the foot of the Flat Tolbachik, volcanologists said on November 27 (the day of the eruption in 2012) as its new professional holiday. They named the outgoing year of great lava flows. The record for the power flow was Kizimen volcano, located in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, the first in the intensity of Read more [...]
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The eruption of the volcano, was silent 36 years, started in Kamchatka

Flat Tolbachik volcano on Kamchatka began erupting for the first time since 1976, the agency "Interfax-Far East" on Wednesday, Head of the Laboratory of Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS Sergey Senyukov. "Roy more than 130 earthquakes with a magnitude up to 3.0 was recorded at this volcano on Tuesday night. Due to bad weather the volcano was not visible, but judging by the seismic data, on Tuesday night Flat Tolbachik erupted, threw some ash column height to 7 feet above sea level ", - said S.Senyukov. According to him, in the village of Ust-Kamchatsky, the May Read more [...]
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Shiveluch in Kamchatka ejects ash column with a gas to a height of up to 7 km

Shiveluch volcano, erupting in Kamchatka, threw some ash column of gas, most of which height is 7 thousand meters above sea level, the agency "Interfax-Far East", the representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS. "This gas-ash explosions occurred at the volcano on Wednesday at 11:56 local time (03:56 MSK). Loop stretches away to the south of a giant" - a spokesman said. Shiveluch assigned to one of the most threatening - orange Code hazard to aviation. "But the danger to the settlements until the volcano is" - said the representative of the Read more [...]
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Poetry Margaret Salnikova: On Love

We represent you, the poetry of Margaret Salnikova who sent his poems to the post on our website.A new day I presented a new day again, I live, dream and sad. I want to love the new mutual And feelings bottomless depth. Now, as I was completely different, And like me myself. Love me so much Where are you, to send it to you. I will fill you to the brim And tenderness, and affection unearthly. I'm waiting for you, and I'm ready. Love you give, You just, take it. Voice your breath Faint voice of thy breath, Came to me through the darkness and rain. Filling the Read more [...]
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The remains of the ancient people with elongated skulls found in Mexico

Mexican experts have discovered an ancient cemetery, age thousands of years in the state of Sonora. Burial have some special features that have never been seen before in this region and in the whole area of influence of Mesoamerican peoples, say archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).Just 300 meters from the village Onavas (Onavas), in southern Sonora, there was an open area of graves. It was the first Prehispanic cemetery with burials of this state, consisting of the remains of 25 people, 13 of which have deformation of the skull, the statement said Read more [...]
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Archaeologists studying the remains of the kings of the world's first nomadic empire

Siberian archaeologists with Mongolian colleagues are digging graves Hun empire (it flourished to a 3-2 century BC) in the area Noin-Ula (Northern Mongolia). While Chinese emperors believed militant Hun Empire as its main threat. However, historians still know virtually nothing about where they came from Huns, as they looked at what dialect spoken. Are uncertain and cause decline of the empire. "Our research is aimed at to determine who will represent the elite of the Hun society, who were buried in these mounds, which we excavated for four in the Noin-Ula, and in total - 16. Data for Read more [...]
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4000 years preserved skeleton chest artifact incredible value

If you found this in your own garden, you would have to think twice before you throw it away. Inconspicuous amber beads found in the Dartmoor National Park, 4,000 years, and they are valued at a premium. Archaeologists have discovered a prehistoric burial, where the breast bone rested peacefully amazing in its historical significance artifact. Amber beads have announced the discovery, which occurs only once in a century. Skeleton itself is very well preserved, and, besides jewelry, historians have found the bones, teeth and the remains of textiles. Expert on Bronze Age Dr. Ben Roberts of the Read more [...]
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Denisovtsy imported materials for tools and ornaments

Denisovtsy - representatives of a new subspecies of ancient people, previously observed in the Denisova Cave in the Altai, - have been actively involved in the metabolic processes that have taken place in the Paleolithic era, wrote "Interfax-Siberia"."The Denisova Cave found stone bracelet, and it is well established location of this material - 250 km to the west, in the Ore Altai. This rare and unique material has been deliberately brought into the cave, "- said the agency deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Michael Shunkov.He emphasized that Read more [...]
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Winter rainbow visible in the skies over Moscow

12/15/2012 Moscow residents can watch on a Saturday morning is a rare phenomenon - a winter rainbow. On both sides of the sun in the sky at equal distances from the visible fragments of the arc of rainbow colors. "These phenomena are observed in the clear winter days when the sky is thin stratus clouds, and sunlight is refracted by ice crystals", - said the representative of the meteorologist. According to her, in such circumstances, the sky may appear false sun, light poles - all associated with the dry and cold weather. Quite often, these phenomena are observed in the north of Siberia, Read more [...]
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In Okinawa, a strange substance from a crashed UFO caused the death of millions of fish

A man goes to a ford across the sea of dead fish, dead from a chemical leaked from a crashed UFO. Okinawa, Japan is the first sign of the troubled UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa, has finally arrived. Millions of dead fish, weighing more than fifty tons were washed away along the coast of Japan. Some of the dead fish showed signs of severe burns and bleeding from the eyes. Former Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, has signed a decree to limit the coverage of Japanese media UFO crash. Several local agencies quietly filed numerous objections to the office of Prime Minister. But he Read more [...]
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Mysterious tremors land Tennecsi, United States, causing damage to buildings and becomes a puzzle for experts

According to Dig Triad, Tuesday Humble County residents in Morristown called the emergency services to report the earth shake and a loud explosion, which caused damage to buildings. Initially, the U.S. Geological Survey reported that the area was not recorded earthquakes. This prompted local officials of the Office of Emergency Management to investigate other possible causes of the accident. TV station 10News spoke with the Environmental Protection Department of Tennessee, and then blasting in quarries were excluded. Journalists are also connected with the Center for Earthquake Research Read more [...]
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Rumbling sounds and ground shaking recorded in South Carolina and Alaska

Strange sounds are back and very frightened residents. Reports of loud sounds and an explosion shake buildings, came from South Carolina and Alaska.Residents in the city Lexington, January 3 in the morning awakened by loud noises similar to the bombings. The sound was so powerful that many people believe that somewhere nearby there was a crash. "It was horrible - horrible explosion woke us up. It sounded like a plane crash or explosion"Said Lisa Fields. "I also heard the" big crash and a lot of other people also heard. It was like a shot out of a huge cannon and passed Read more [...]
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Mysterious thunderous noise scares people in Georgia, inexplicable phenomenon extends to new states

According to NBC26, for two days last week, the management Emergency Management Agency District of Columbia (Columbia County) has been inundated with calls from residents about reports of heavy thunder. And, on Tuesday this week, a new wave of calls. Director of EMA, Pam Tucker, said that some callers even said that their house rocked by an explosion. "Over the past 24 hours, we had numerous reports. They come by email, they gain 311, they call us, keep your Facebook.'s All kinds of people," - said Tucker. Some believe that the thunder - the result of blasting in the quarry. Read more [...]
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Power poles are ignited in Texas before the observation of flashes in the sky

The five central Texas counties have no reason to ignite power poles, according to News 10. Authorities have not been able to determine the causes of fires. Officer Public Relations Department of Public Safety said that the power poles in the districts Hill, Falls, Bell, Williamson and McLennan mysteriously began to explode around 4:00 am last Thursday. He said that the fires that have been reported, there were on the tops of the pillars, some involving transformers. Various representatives of the power company, as well as several fire crews were sent to survey the damage and to put out the Read more [...]
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Mysterious bright lights and sonic booms in the sky over Texas

In areas ranging from McKinney and finishing White Rock Lake, and all the way south to Houston, reported a bright flash in the morning sky on Friday. In the earliest information indicates that most likely a meteorite. However, the National Weather Service in Houston, said that it could have been debris from the Russian satellite Cosmos 2251, which entered the atmosphere. In 2009, the satellite Cosmos 2251 failed when faced with Iridium 33 communications satellite of the United States, in 2009, during their rotation around the Earth over Siberia. Meanwhile, Bill Cook, who heads the office environment Read more [...]
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Sea water on a beach near Sydney's red became siniyu

Last Tuesday, the beaches of the east coast were like "bloody sea." These photos were taken on the same day, but at night. They have not been digitally altered. "In fact - said photographer Dr. David Psaila - water was even more impressive blue than shown in these images.""For this is the body responsible under the name Noctiluca Scintillans, known as" night light. "The name is very apt, because the body fluoresces bright blue when it destroys the wave," - he said. Scientists say that the red algae, which crept along the East Coast last week, contains Read more [...]
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U.S.: Strange tremors in New Jersey greatly puzzled residents

Buildings shook, bottles rattled, bells rang, and many of New Jersey shouted "Earthquake!" yesterday morning. However, despite the evidence of more than 60 people, a representative of the U.S. Geological Survey said that none of the seismometers stationed around the state did not register even a hint of a shiver. "This is clearly not an earthquake," said geophysicist John Bellini, speaking at the U.S. Geological Survey office in Colorado. "My guess - more than likely that it was thunder or a sonic boom." However, a representative of the National Weather Service said Read more [...]
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In the Donetsk region hosts the Chupacabra

Local residents said they saw a strange animal in the area in the fall. Sinister and murderous Chupacabra appeared in the Donetsk region. Tonight she strangled rabbits in a private courtyard in the village Dimitrovo Krasnoarmeiskii. Lyubov hostess said they were awakened heart-rending barking dog. When looked out the window - saw an unknown animal. - The husband says that he saw only the tail. I considered - I'm out of the window he runs straight. Black, healthy - said Lyuba. Traces in the snow beast. People claim the animal is strong. For a few seconds he managed to hang on to Read more [...]
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Vladivostok during a heavy snow storm broke

Continuous storm erupted on Saturday in Vladivostok, where a raging snow cyclone, accompanied by a storm wind. Light up the night sky of big flashes of lightning, followed by thunder are heard. Storm in the late autumn and winter on the coast of Primorye - the annual event, said Officer Primgidrometa. This natural "fireworks" occurs every time over the edge face of warm moist ocean air with the cool continental front. "The collision of continental and oceanic fronts, the days of snow, in the air there are powerful natural electrical charges that generate thunder and lightning" Read more [...]
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