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USA: Massive landslide stopped production at Bingham Canyon

Translation: Alex Crete Source: Read more [...]
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War of the Worlds / War of the Worlds (2005)

Year: 2005Country: USADirected by: Steven SpielbergGenre: fiction, thriller, drama, adventureTime: 116 min Description: In 1938, the radio play on the "War of the Worlds" caused a panic in the United States - he was tied up with a possible invasion of the Nazis, and in the film 1955 film version of the events reflected the Cold War. The director said that his film has found a niche after the events occurred in the United States September 11, 2001. Spielberg said "War of the Worlds" - the first film in which he presented a hostile alien monsters that can destroy human civilization, Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, cold, very cold

Forecasters predict the coming days shestidesyatigradusnye frosts in the Yakut village Oymyakon, which is traditionally considered to be one of the two "cold pole" in the Northern Hemisphere, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the Yakut Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.The second pole of cold in the Northern Hemisphere is located over Greenland and northeastern North America. Here temperature in winter can drop to minus 65-70 °, but because of the cold summer is celebrated and the lowest average temperature in the northern hemisphere in the center of Greenland below Read more [...]
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Yakutia to -60 °

Forecasters promise that on Thursday and Friday will fall on western Yakutia shestidesyatigradusnye frost spokesman Yakutsk Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. "In Olenek and Mirny areas 24 and 25 December the temperature drops below 58 degrees Celsius," - said the agency interlocutor.According to him, only slightly warmer on Thursday and Friday will be in the Lena, and Vilyui Olyekminsky areas. "There is the air temperature, though down to minus 56 degrees, but the cold weather will last until Saturday," - said the representative of the government.He Read more [...]
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Weather confuses the seasons: autumn — spring and winter — summer?

Over the past hundred years, the temperature of our planet has risen by about 0.8 degrees. Scientists believe as for the man, it is a sign of illness.- Let's normal body temperature is 36.6 degrees for us, and when we have 37, are already feeling a headache or weakness. So it is for the planet. It would seem insignificant at first glance, an increase of 0.8 degrees causes these effects, which have not been - said yesterday at a news conference coordinator for climate change National Ecological Center Ukraine Christina Rudnytska.According to experts, a manifestation of the "disease" Read more [...]
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Desert comes to Ukraine

Fires in Russia and neighboring regions of Ukraine drew attention to the problem, which has long spoken in Europe, but which is a little worried about the Ukrainians. For Kharkov change climate could mean offensive steppes.At the conclusion of a biologist by profession, chairman of the Kharkov environmental group "Pecheneg" Sergei Shaparenko, climate change has accelerated. According to him, today, Ukrainians clearly see what the environmental groups said in the early 1990s. In the Kharkiv region, said Sharaperenko already installed extremely continental climate - very very hot in the Read more [...]
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The drought in Russia destroyed 9,000,000 hectares of grain

Abnormally high temperatures in some regions of Russia has led to a large-scale drought has killed already, according to preliminary data 9 million hectares of grain, said Viktor Zubkov. He promises that the problems with the domestic demand for grain not arise: the power amassed by a solid reserve last crop - about 24 million tons of grain.The situation in the Russian agriculture due to drought has seriously complicated: according to preliminary estimates, affected about 9 million hectares of crops, but the problems with providing demand for grain will not be, said First Deputy Prime Minister Read more [...]
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Volgograd region to drought has destroyed half of grain crops

Hot summer adversely affected the crops of grain in the Volgograd region: drought has destroyed half the crop, the affected areas are given financial assistance."Adverse of agrometeorological conditions in June and July this year in the Volgograd region. There are four of dangerous phenomena, soil and atmospheric drought, dry winds and the complex of these adverse events, "- told the" Caucasian Knot "Acting Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Food Administration of the Volgograd region Georgy Volkolupov.Changeable winters and hot summers stableVolkolupov reported that Read more [...]
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Drought in Russia: A disaster for Egypt

Embargo on grain exports to the effects of the unprecedented heat and drought in Russia, threatened the food security of the largest Arab neighbor of Israel. Middle East experts have analyzed the consequences of this decision for our region.Egypt - the most populous country in the Arab world (80 million people). Cheap corn tortillas - the staple food for almost half the population. It is no accident, Egypt ranks first in the world for the consumption of baked goods and the largest importer of wheat (9.8 million tonnes). Prior to the ban imposed by the Russian authorities on August 15 on the Read more [...]
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Drought-affected and the next crop

Heat waves and drought last summer, will affect crop and next year. In the soil lacks moisture, so winter sown a quarter less than a year ago, the newspaper "Vedomosti".In the Saratov region of winter sown 64% Of the forecast (the data of the regional Ministry of Agriculture), in the Orenburg region - 83% Of the area, although the optimum sowing time has passed. Even worse, the regional authorities characterize shoots on large acreage as weak, while sitting in the Volga Federal District, is almost complete, says "Sovecon" in the research report.Results of winter sowing determine Read more [...]
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In the Tula region because of the drought emergency regime introduced

Tula Oblast authorities have introduced a state of emergency in the agricultural sector and for governments in the region. "Emergency Mode in the Tula region in the drought this year introduced decree of the head of the region since September 15, a document formally entered into force upon publication in today's regional press," - told "Interfax", the press service of the regional administration.Introduction of emergency adopted in order to reduce the adverse effects of a prolonged drought and the associated loss of crops and shortage of the crop, based on the decision Read more [...]
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Russian drought has lost more than 1.3 million tons of sugar

Sugar beet growing areas of Russia because of the drought lost more than 1.3 million tons of sugar, said at a meeting of the Government Commission, the first Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.Losses were 17 areas of 26, RIA "Novosti". The official added that the government ensure the development of the sugar beet industry the necessary tools of state. "The industry has become attractive for investors. Area sown to 2010 year have been increased by 40%, "- Zubkov said. However, despite this, the plan was never carried out.Gross harvest of sugar beet, which in 2010 according Read more [...]
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Tornado in Montana killed two people

By state Montana swept tornado (Photo: AP)Tornado hit the remote and sparsely populated areas of the state Montana in the north-eastern United States, two people were killed and one injured.Past Monday hurricanes affected districts Sheridan and Daniels, and then moved in the direction of the state of North Dakota, where weakened.People have died on the ranch 21 kilometers from the village reserve, said Sheridan County medical examiner David Fulkerson.Tornado happen in Montana enough rarely, said RIA "Novosti".Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda Read more [...]
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Belarus is a country of tornadoes

Photo: From the ArchivesAugust 6 at a press conference in Minsk chief forecaster of the National Hydrometeorological Center Olga Fedotova said that recently in Belarus have become increasingly fix tornadoes.Increase in the number of tornadoes, according to her, due to variations in climate and the new technical possibilities for registration of this natural phenomenon. Most often tornadoes occur locally and record ordinary people - shot on a camera or camcorder.Last recorded the meteorological tornado in June 2009 in the Chechersk (Gomel region). Tornadoes in Belarus occur in a small area and Read more [...]
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By the Earth is approaching the green comet

Comet C/2009 R1, opened in 2009, Australian Robert McNaught, close to the earth, and in mid-June in the northern hemisphere will be able to see it with the naked eye, the website of NASA.Currently the comet is already possible see with binoculars before sunrise in the north-eastern part of the sky, in the constellation Perseus. By 15 June the comet approaches the Earth to the minimum distance. Currently, coma or coma - a cloud of gas surrounding the comet's nucleus, which has a beautiful green hue - the size of the diameter of Jupiter exceeded, and the length of the tail has reached a million Read more [...]
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In Vorkuta summer snow

Snow fell in Vorkuta (Republic Komi) from an active cyclone, which moves from the Arkhangelsk region of the Kara Sea in the north of the Komi Republic, on Wednesday night across the country are expected to freeze, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, head of the Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Olga Kozak.According to her, the snow cover height of two inches in the Arctic and Circumpolar Komi not melt at least the end of the week.'Cyclone Especially since formed from two cyclones - one of the warm masses from the Mediterranean, the second - from the cold from the Arctic. So Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9 occurred in Kamchatka

may 19, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9 occurred in 22.44 GMT Sunday near the Eastern coast of Kamchatka, according to the USGS. The earthquake at a depth of 19 kilometers. The epicenter was in the Pacific at 132 km South-East of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Information about possible damage were reported. As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the situational center of Roshydromet, there is no tsunami threat. In the last days Kamchatka was registered several earthquakes of magnitude from 4.7 to 4.9. Source: RIA NovostiThe risk of strong earthquakes in Kamchatka raised, Read more [...]
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Vladivostok during a heavy snow storm broke

Continuous storm erupted on Saturday in Vladivostok, where a raging snow cyclone, followed by a storm wind.Light up the night sky of big flashes of lightning, followed by thunder are heard.Storm in the late autumn and winter on the coast of Primorye - the annual event, said Officer Primgidrometa. This natural "fireworks" occurs every time over the edge face of warm moist ocean air with the cool continental front."The collision of continental and oceanic fronts, the days of snow, in the air there are powerful natural electrical charges that generate thunder and lightning" - Read more [...]
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Landslide in Uganda. Africa

The victims of the landslide came down due to heavy rains in eastern Uganda, were at least 45 people, about 300 may be buried under the ground, said on Tuesday, Reuters citing Defense Minister Tarsis Kabvegere (Tarsis Kabwegyere).

"It found 45 bodies. We fear that about 300 man buried in a landslide, "- said minister, adding that authorities expect new landslides.

Source: RIA Novosti

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The landslide came down on the north-western Colombia. Plot

All passengers caught in a mudslide in Colombia bus killingColombian Regional Head Office of Emergency Management, John Freddy Rendon said that about 30 passengers, two coaches caught on Monday because of a landslide in the area of the mountain road in Antioquia Department under the rubble, declared dead."Until now, despite the work of about 100 rescue workers and sniffer dogs, under the ground could not find a single body - he said. - Clearing massive landslide of mud and stones further complicated the ongoing heavy rains, causing the displacement of the soil. " According to Rendon, Read more [...]
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