In Belgium, the heat took the lives of 520 people

Heatwave in April-June Belgium was the cause of premature death 520 man, said Tuesday the Belgian Institute of Public Health.

"In the period from April 1 to June 30, we recorded a rise in the number of deaths in our country. High air temperature and peak ozone concentrations were the main causes of this excess mortality, "- said in a statement.

It notes that the victims of heat waves have become mostly elderly.

In Belgium in June, the temperature reached 36 degrees Celsius.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Toxic waste spill in Hungary, came to one of the branches of the Danube. Photo

Toxic industrial waste spilled after the accident at the aluminum plant in western Hungary, on Thursday reached the Mosoni-Duna (Mosoni-Duna), western branch of the Danube, on the border with Austria and Slovakia, pollution is not a threat to the population, according to agency Associated Press, referring to the representative of the Hungarian Emergency Management Agency Tibor Dobshona (Tibor Dobson).According to AFP, the level of alkalinity in the water a little bit higher than the norm, and currently range from 8.96 to 9.07 at a rate of 8. Employees Emergency Management Agency are doing everything Read more [...]
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In Brazil, the aviation security measures introduced by solar storm

The ban on the ups during peak solar storm entered Friday at the airport in Brasilia, said the air traffic control center of the Brazilian Air Force.To 20 September inclusive no aircraft can not take off from the international airport named after Juscelino Kubitschek, between 14.45 and 15.00 local time (21.45-22.00 MSK), the service said.According to the agency, within the specified period of time over the Brazilian capital of increased solar activity can cause interference at frequencies that aircraft use to communicate with air traffic controllers. Ups will be canceled in the interest of safety. Read more [...]
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Amur Bay yellowed

Flowering harmless to humans Microalgae called the "yellow tide" off the coast of Vladivostok, where the second half of June on the Amur Bay is stained yellow-brown, said Tuesday, PhD, of the Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Tatyana Orlova."The media algae bloom confused with oil spills. The analysis showed that the cause of staining was microalgae bloom "Geterosigma akashivo". Massive accumulation of these organisms in water colors tan, "- she said. Even on satellite images bloom this Microalgae sometimes confused with Read more [...]
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Riddle 75 dead starlings in England

March 10, 2010. The death of 75 starlings which have fallen from the sky and crashed to the ground in the driveway in Somerset very puzzled animal advocates from RSPCA. The birds were found on Sunday March 7, at the entrance to a house in Koksli, in Somerset.Animal rights activist officer Alison Sparks, who called police, said: "This is an incredible sight, I've never seen anything like it."There is no evidence that the birds were ill or poisoned before they fell to the ground.The theory of the predatorMs. Sparks said: "Witnesses said they heard a whooshing sound and then the Read more [...]
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November in Western Siberia breaks record heat

© Photo: Svetalana ZhohovaThe first half of November in the southern regions of Western Siberia has stood extremely warm, and held on Monday night in Novosibirsk was the warmest year on record, according to RIA Novosti press-secretary of the West Siberian Hydrometeorological Renaud Yagudin."On the night of Tuesday meteorologists recorded the highest minimum temperature in Novosibirsk, which was placed on November 16 on record - by 3.7 degrees. Previously, the record (plus 2.4 degrees) was established in 2001, "- said the source.According to him, in the first half of November, the weather Read more [...]
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Winter fog and freezing rain

Unusual for the winter fogs that have seen the morning of the first working day of the new year, many Muscovites have a dramatic decrease temperature - cool the air could no longer "hold" so much moisture, and it condenses into tiny droplets, forming a mist. This in an interview with RIA Novosti said the chief expert of the Moscow weather bureau Tamara Pozdnyakova."This happens in the anticyclone, when there is a cooling of the lower layer of air. Lowering the temperature leads to the achievement of the maximum concentration of water vapor when the humidity becomes absolute, and Read more [...]
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Ocean warming is killing coral in western Indonesia

Photo: sharp increase in water temperature in the Indian Ocean have killed about 80% of the representatives of some species of coral off the coast of the western Indonesian province of Aceh, said on Wednesday the Jakarta Globe newspaper website with reference to the study by an international team of scientists."I'm willing to predict that what we have seen in Aceh mortality of corals - and this is an emergency - is accompanied by something similar all over the Andaman Sea," - said study participant Australian Andrew Baird (Andrew Baird) from James Cook University Read more [...]
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A quarter of flora and fauna species will cease to exist in the near future

Every hour, three species disappear from the face of the Earth, and a quarter of all species of flora and fauna of our planet will cease to exist in the near future, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on the Day of the Protection of Animals, which is celebrated on Monday."It disappeared from the face of the Earth 35% of all species of marine animals each year are used 70% of the world's supply of fish that exceeds the capacity of its natural recovery", - stated in the fund.At the same time, the efforts of environmental agencies and environmentalists nebezrezultatny - sometimes Read more [...]
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This year continues to claim to be the warmest in history

Map of temperature anomalies in October 2010. Photo: NOAA The first ten months of 2010 the share historical temperature "record"On the average surface temperature of the Earth with the same period in 1998. The temperatures of October in Russia exceeded the historical average by 4-6 degrees Celsius, said Friday the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) USA.Average surface temperature of the Earth for 10 months of this year was 14.73 degrees Celsius, 0.63 degrees above the historical average of the twentieth century. In the monthly report from the National Climatic Data Read more [...]
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Slowing rotation of the Earth!

Scientists say they have found the slowing rotation of the planet, and predict that the Earth will stop spinning in three years! The slowdown will increase the days and can cause everything from disastrous floods, earthquakes and famine. "It certainly is the most serious and urgent problem facing mankind," said geophysicist Joseph Jankowski, which first discovered this phenomenon.Scientists have long believed that rotation Earth is slowing down. It is believed that three billion years ago, a day lasted about 13 hours, and is now one complete rotation Earth on its axis is 23 hours 56 Read more [...]
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MOE disappointing outlook

In 2010, Russia will face a severe flood and peat fires. The forecast Russian Emergencies Ministry as a major accident on the power grids and gas pipelines: without light and heat at any time may be left almost 400 thousand people, and the pipes are worn by 21 thousand kilometers of gas lines. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry announced forecast emergency situation in the country in 2010. Basic emergency will be associated with a strong tide. It is also possible serious accidents on pipelines and thermal power generators.Against the background of climate warming back in 2009 resurgence of Read more [...]
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Indonesian cities suffer from climate change

Sprawling city at the equator the world's largest archipelago - Indonesia - are already suffering from the effects of global climate change, but their power to try to prevent future damage, reported Friday newspaper Jakarta Globe, talking about being held in the Indonesian capital of a joint exhibition programs of cities to climate change."We can not predict the weather, using traditional methods," - said the mayor of Bau-Bau on Buton Island in the province of South Sulawesi Amirul Tamim (Amirul Tamim).Global climate changes are already showing themselves there as unpredictable weather Read more [...]
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In the snow in France nothing sverhneobychnogo

Heavy snowfall and strong wind that hit south-west France and left thousands of people without electricity, is a rare but extremely unusual event, according to Russian meteorologists.Winter, before returning to the south coast of France, left without electricity for 23,000 households: trees can not stand the weight of wet snow, broke and broke off the electrical wires. Perpignan airport is closed, partially canceled flights to Montpellier. The Cote d'Azur, which is preparing to open the Cannes Film Festival on May 12, hit by ten-wave."It's just a little unusual synoptic situation Read more [...]
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Earth's thermosphere went into collapse

The upper layer of Earth's atmosphere recently suffered an unexpectedly large reduction. This was reported in the Research Center of NASA. Layer gas called the thermosphere is now restored again. This type of collapse is not rare, but its magnitude shocked scientists."This is the largest reduction in the thermosphere, at least for the last 43 years", - said the study's lead author, John Emmert of «Naval Research Lab», USA, published a study in the journal «Geophysical Research Letters». "This is a record of the space age," - said the scientist.Wreck thermosphere Read more [...]
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Is it necessary to make public predictions of earthquakes?

Experts' opinions on this issue wentD. Alizadeh, N. ABASOVSeismologists, hiding behind a ban on open projections hide their failure in predicting earthquakes. In a conversation with the "Echo" said seismologist known Russian Viktor Bokov."In the case, as some of them, when accuracy of their predictions is about 90%, to hide from the public the expected earthquake is a crime," - said the scientist.Meanwhile V. Bokov also said that he fully agrees with G. Nazarov, author of the article on the subject, published in an issue of "Echo."According to constant reader Read more [...]
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Drought raises prices

At the last, and the next meeting of the Saratov Regional Duma predkanikulyarnom under the "government hour" dealt with the regional target program for the conservation and restoration of agricultural soil fertility as a national asset Saratov province. Interesting topic, especially given razverzsheysya drought. Of drought, however, say anything now, and Ratings of mentioning the word breaks all records. Perhaps with this in mind the regional agriculture minister Alexander Igonkin, talking about plans for fertility, has decided to be original and of drought did not speak. So he spoke Read more [...]
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The day after the film can become a reality

One version of the climate apocalypse was featured in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow," Roland EmmerichThe most optimistic scientists link climate change with the ups and downs of solar activity. They say it has been in history, so they say, nothing serious. Professor Oleg Sorokhtin from the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, says in this regard, the so-called "little ice age» XVII century. It is called "Maunder minimum" (named after the English astronomer Walter Maunder XIX century). Then, too, the Netherlands froze all channels (think snowy Read more [...]
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In China, a 10-fold increase in the number of natural disasters

In place of the empty lot for a day ago there was a village. After a landslide in the province of Yunnan. August 2010. Photo from epochtimes.comMinister of Land and Natural Resources of China said that only in the first half of this year, the country has 10 times more natural disasters than in the same period last year.As reported by the publication "Sintszinbao", during the first ten days of August, the ministry announced three times higher level of risk associated with geological disasters.Minister Xu Shaoshi said that the main reasons for going are "abrupt climate change on Read more [...]
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In the near future the price of basic foods can grow twice

Largest retailer X5 Retail Group - Metro Cash & Carry, «Auchan" and "Dixie" - began negotiating campaign with suppliers and manufacturers of products for keeping prices wrote on August 16 the newspaper "RBC daily». According to the retailers, the new supply contracts cost of basic commodities product "basket" - bread, cereals, milk - has more than doubled. Manufacturers refer to the drought and predict a further rise in prices.As head of the Department of Public Relations X5 Retail Group Maxim Trapeznikov company began receiving the first letter from the suppliers Read more [...]
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