Climate change may change the taiga to the steppe, said the scientist

Russian taiga already started experiencing the disastrous consequences of climate change, which sparked the growth of wildfires, leading to the destruction of the ecosystem, said Monday the head of Khabarovsk forest program of the International Institute for Systems Analysis (IIASA), Professor Anatoly Shvidenko."Analysis of climate change over the last 30 years has shown that the warming continues. And if this trend will last, but by the end of this century in the northern territories of Russia, Siberia, the temperature will increase significantly, the climate becomes drier and replace taiga Read more [...]
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Gulf of Mexico appeared dead zone. Video. Picture story

In the Gulf of Mexico near the site of an environmental disaster found "dead zone." A vast area of 56 km from the rig killed all members of the marine life, said "Russia 24".Scientists can not yet understand, which is why extinct animals and plants. Was it due to man-made disaster or a "dead zone" came naturally."I have no doubt that the oil spill, as well as the products of its decay, damage whole colonies of marine life," - said the scientist at the University of Louisiana Ed Overton.Emma Hikkerson, a researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Read more [...]
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Butterflies in Moscow appeared earlier than usual

ButterflyButterflies have appeared in Moscow this year, much earlier than usual due to the established in the warm weather, and in May the capital waiting for a "ball" of "fluttering flowers", told RIA Novosti on Thursday Ecocenter representative natural and historical park "Kuzminki-Lublin"."Visitors and environmentalists saw Kuzminskiy Forest Park first-year butterflies, awakened from their winter hibernation, including one of the most striking and beautiful -" day peacock. " The first butterflies seen in flight, are hives and limonnitsy traditionally Read more [...]
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About 90% of coral off the coast of Malaysia are dead

About 90% coral off the coast of Malaysia has killed global warming, and the reefs may never recover from its effects, said Thursday in releasing the Malaysian Star newspaper interview sea biologist and professor at the University of Science Malaysia Zulfugar Yasin (Zulfigar Yassin).A week ago, the Department of Marine Sanctuaries Malaysia announced a temporary closure to the public, including snorkeling and scuba diving, at least 15 districts in the area of the country. It happened after a conducted between June 4 to July 19, the study showed that between 60 to 90% Of corals off the coast of the Read more [...]
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In Azerbaijan, the locust invasion

Ministry Ecology and Natural Resources announced a state of emergency (PE) due to locust infestation in the central part of the country, said in a Friday pressservice department.Moroccan and Asian colonies of locusts destroyed the green of the trees and bushes up to 25 hectares of man-made roadside plantings along roads Navoi-Hajigabul (about 100 km west of Baku) in Azerbaijan."Even by the relevant services of the Ministry and the local structure of the measure, including, in particular, the use of drugs, fertilizers, additional planting and irrigation, to handle the situation is not possible, Read more [...]
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On the beaches of New Zealand stranded whales 73

Last night on the remote beaches of New Zealand jumped 73 whale. According to "Gazeta" referring to the Associated Press, 58 animals were killed.The representative of the voluntary organization "Project Jonah," said that at present the volunteer rescue team is trying to save the lives of the remaining 15 whales.He said that over the salvation of each animal work, at least five people. All surviving whales were in serious condition.Source: Free Press Read more [...]
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Mass death of fish and birds in the Barents Sea

"The coastal zone of the Barents Sea cape Mikulkino fact confirmed removal of dead migratory birds. When the inspector went to the place, where every 20-30 meters lay fish and poultry. Fish gulls peck, they ate it and then fell, "- said the head of the surveillance of the sea in the NAO in the North-West Department of Rosprirodnadzor Michael sugars.Representatives RPN went to the area of the Barents Sea (Cape Mikulkino). It was discovered by the mass deaths of birds and fish. What causes the deaths of birds and fish in the Barents Sea, is now trying to find out the experts.Goose carcass Read more [...]
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Mass death of fish in the river Kubra

Previously river Kubra in the Yaroslavl region was a favorite vacation spot of summer residents and fishermen. Now this pond people pass by. Nearly two weeks ago, there was something unexplainable happen: water surface covered with white bubbles on algae settled brown mucus, and the fish rose to the surface, gasping from lack of oxygen."We went with Socko and threw the fish which they could pull, some threw ashore. The stream was allowed a very large number of fish and small and great. Pike wanted a larger pull, but was not successful. She drowned. She was beginning to decompose, "- Read more [...]
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In the Croatian river caught piranha

Photo: Getty fisherman caught in the river Drava in the north-west of the country piranha length of 26 cm, said Thursday the agency EFE, with reference to the Croatian media.President of the Association of sports fishermen Osijek, Josip Dimnyashevich confirmed that it is a real piranha."This fish lives in the Amazon, in the waters of South America. Most likely, piranha was a pet of a man, and when she grew up, the owner threw it into the river, "- said I. Dimnyashevich.Nevertheless fisherman, Piranha caught, said he saw Read more [...]
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In the Dnieper from the heat killed fish

On the Dnieper near Kremenchug (Poltava region). Second wave of mass death of fish announced today Head of Ecology Mayor Gennady Demekhin.According to him, death fish due to the high temperature and the withering away of the blue-green algae."Killed sprat and some fish. Survivor fish rises from the bottom to the bank, because it does not have enough oxygen, "- said Demekhin."We traveled to the island, there is a hand stretches out into the water, and the fish immediately gets on her. And the crabs crawled ashore and sit in the shade under the trees, "- he added.Demekhin said Read more [...]
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In the Voronezh River in the outskirts of Lipetsk killed all the fish

Last weekend fishermen who came to fish on the Voronezh River in the outskirts of Lipetsk, opened a terrible picture.- All the bank was in a dead fry, and floated on the river a lot of "dohlyaka" - said one of the witnesses of Zamora. - And individuals - catfish, pike, carp and bream - were anything but. Some even catch live fish, and collected in bags. One fisherman spear stabbed flutters near the shore catfish two pounds, and his neighbor filled a sack of potatoes.The first thing to think anglers - a local environmental disaster workers guilty bred nearby sewage treatment plants. Read more [...]
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In the Leningrad region in Habolovskom Lake found a dead fish

Dead fish in Lake Habolovskom found on September 25. However, it has become known only today. The alarm sounded and the locals called the local administration and staff of the district MOE. "Because of the water in the fish kills Khabolovka was white. In the air was the smell of acetone. Surfaced fry have also seen in the nearby lake Babinski, "- said"BaltInfo"Chairman of the Board of Veterans Vistinskogo settlement Galina Smolnikova.Initially, residents suspected that the incident to blame the BPS. No official confirmation of these data are not available. "Habolovskoe Read more [...]
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In Babinski lake for unknown reasons was dying fish. Photo

In Kotelsky Sanctuary in Lake Babinskoe for unknown reasons the fish dies. Inspection and analysis of water in the pond is not shown the presence in it of any contaminants that could lead to a mora fish.To the Editor 47News asked a reader who introduced Igor, who said that the entire area on the shore of Lake Babinskoe he noticed a dead fish. In support of his proof of our readers sent in photos taken on September 26. According to him, water was thrown on the coast of the fry of different species of fish and large pike. "On the surface traces of soap-like foam, and along the shore in some Read more [...]
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In Taman forest Stavropol decreased population of moths

Stavropol environmentalists alarmed at the reduction of insect pollinators in Taman forest, where, in particular, the population of butterflies in the last ten years was reduced to 3% of the original size. This could lead to their extinction in the forest, said in an interview with RIA Novosti director of the regional ecological fund "Green World" Gregory Pinchuk."The method by which we believe moths showed that at the same place at the same time, ten years ago, arriving 10 moths, now one - two, there are some areas where they stopped to fly. Of course, the moths can fly from one Read more [...]
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The hurricane knocked in Moscow two thousand trees, seven injured

Yesterday, June 13, squally wind gusts that exceeded before the 15-17 meters per second, threw in Moscow, according to some data, 1910 trees, said Monday "Interfax" source law enforcement agencies in the capital Monday. "As a result of rampant disaster Sunday fallen trees were damaged 60 cars derailed 17 advertising structures" - a spokesman said. He added that because of falling trees of various injuries to seven people, including two children.Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Alchevsk flew fireball

Last Saturday, several apartment houses visited Alchevsk ball lightning. Uninvited guests frightened residents and destroyed appliances, which was connected to the mains. Fortunately, no one has ever suffered."How many years in the world live, never seen anything like it, and never thought I'd see - tells about seen inhabitant of the house № 62 on the street. Bitter Ella S. - On the street roared and sparkled - horror. I left the apartment to close the door to the porch (my husband said that the lightning like drafts), and here she comes from a neighbor's call.Bluish such a hedgehog Read more [...]
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In the Urals, in the gardens of pear trees in bloom again

YEKATERINBURG. In the Urals, in the gardens again blossomed pear trees. On this day corr. ITAR-TASS news agency said one of the gardeners, there is an astonishing phenomenon. "Flowering fruit trees in late summer due to the unique weather conditions this year - especially with the high temperatures.The transition to flowering trees, in fact, due to the length of daylight and weather conditions. In August, the duration of daylight close to spring conditions, and the temperature this summer was kept stable at a high elevation, "- said corr. ITAR-TASS Head of the Department of Physiology Read more [...]
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The disappearance of the biologist

On that day, Gerard come to our office in a clearly irritated mood. I expected that he will share the news, but he frowned and said nothing. - What the hell are you hunched like an owl? - I could not resist. - Trivia - said Gerard. - An Iraqi biologist called me last night and said that he wanted to meet. He's, like, remembered something important and interesting. Agreed this morning in the same cafe, and this son of a bitch did not come at all and plumb gone. Not come and plumb gone? This story was too familiar to me to leave me cold. So, without a trace, without having to tell me important Read more [...]
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Whether global nuclear contamination?

The most well-known scenario of such contamination - is the use of cobalt bombs, bombs have increased the release of radioactive substances. Cobalt bomb is a hydrogen bomb surrounded by a shell of cobalt-59, which is converted into radioactive isotope cobalt-60. [18 - More information can be found, for example, here: http://wwwnuclear- weapons. nm. ru / theory / dirty_ bombs. htm] Project bombs that can infect entire continents, invited Leo Szilard in 1950. PD Smith, in his book "The End of the World People» (Doomsday men) described the story as first proposed cobalt bomb. This happened Read more [...]
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Who is Barack Obama?

Many Russians seem incredibly important color of the new president. He really black ... - or rather mulatto. He lives in Kenya fairly close relatives, and some of this native was executed by the British for their participation in the liberation movement of the Mau Mau. Those who did not particularly like America, maliciously remembered as an American anecdote: that the next president will be a black-legged lesbian with AIDS. But Barack Obama walks on two legs, do not have AIDS, and sexual orientation it's all right. Since 1992, he is married to Michelle Robinson Obama. His wife - a practicing Read more [...]
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