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Because of the failure of the closed street in Wilkes-Barry, Pennsylvania

Because of the failure generated on Sunday night, closed stretch of road in downtown Wilkes-Barrie. The hole is approximately 4.5 meters in width and depth, appeared on the road on the street, North Washington Street, between the streets of Jackson Street and Union Street about 10 p.m. The failure occurred just two feet from where Sunday workers from Pennsylvania American Water Co. (a company engaged in the supply) repaired the plumbing. Known to hence of the city administration said Monday that the causes of the accident are being investigated. A large area of pavement lies at the bottom of Read more [...]
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Failure in Malaysia has blocked the way of heavy transport

Part of the Federal highway at Frasers hill, Kuala Kubu Bharu (Malaysia), one kilometre from the resort Gap was closed for heavy vehicles because of the appearance of failure. Travel is permitted only easy to transport, such as cars and motorcycles. The representative of the authorities from the County of Blasphemy Selangor, nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan, said that the failure appeared about 11 am on July 26, due to the collapse of the pipe for the passage of storm water under the road. \"The condition of the road will become even worse if we allow the passage of heavy vehicles\", he said, adding Read more [...]
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Failure of the soil in South Florida

TAMPA. Dozens of families were evacuated from their homes early in the morning, after a large failure in the Parking lot next to the condo, near the campus of the University of South Florida. The cavity was formed at 6:09 am on July 11, said Frank Fernandez, head of fire safety in Hillsborough County. Chapter Tampa Bay American red cross provides assistance in finding temporary housing for four families.Eleven of the 12 buildings were blokirovana, as well as emergency workers turned off the communication from the building. The hole swallowed a Toyota Camry, which was still visible when Read more [...]
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A state of emergency because of rain in the canadian Yorkton

About 100 families were forced to leave their homes when the water started to fill the basement. Most people pokinoi their homes on Friday morning and went to the asylum. Mayor James Wilson announced chrezvychainye position local scale, adding that there never was a flood of this kind. In a town of about 15,000 people in 190 km North-East of Regina.Storm drain system fails and most of the streets were under water, including brochures Broadway street in the city centre. The electricity was turned off in areas of Yorkton. Meteo-consultant CBC Miccoli Wayne said that according to the Weather Read more [...]
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Failure of the soil in Jacksonville

on September 14. At the same time increases the failure in the soil, growing and the excitement of two owners of houses located in residential areas, Reentry, in the suburbs of Jacksonville (North Carolina). Cherie Pickett street, Raintree road, stated that the failure was formed after heavy rains, during hurricane Irene, and more and more with each subsequent rain. \"Monday night was a huge storm and the failure has expanded,\" said she. - Recent measurements have shown that the width of 7.5 metres and a depth of 3 meters.It turns out that to blame cracked or damaged storm sewer pipe, and Read more [...]
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The fireball fell from the sky in Argentina

on September 26. One woman was killed and six people were injured as a result of falling neizvestnogo cosmic body. According to a witness living next door, fell from the sky burning object, which completely destroyed the building and several cars, also damaged nearby buildings.The incident occurred at about 2 a.m. at the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes, in the town of Monte Grande province Esteban, Echeverria. The cause of the accident has not been fully established, is under investigation, local residents say they have seen as \"fell from the sky fireball glowing blue flame\". The Read more [...]
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Comet Elenin finally collapsed, said astronomer

on September 26. The famous comet Elenin, which the preachers of the imminent end of the world was tied up close visit of aliens, apparently, was finally destroyed and will not reach the point of closest approach with the Earth, told RIA Novosti on Monday its discoverer — astronomer Leonid Elenin, member of the Institute of applied mathematics behalf of Keldysh. «The comet was supposed to appear in the images space solar Observatory SOHO, but it is not. Apparently, it fell apart. Perhaps some fragments, which will continue to fly in the same orbit, we will be able to see in Read more [...]
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The reserve opens Depositary

on 5 October. The reserve is to partially open bins of the country. For what it took? If we proceed from the fact that the strategic reserves are made on a rainy day, then this day has already arrived? About this on \"morning of Russia\" said the General Director of the rating Agency Dmitry Grishankov.«The issue is that there is a big trade capacity, and it can be used not only during technogenia or natural disasters, but during market disruptions. For example, the price of salt on the market went up. And even here it is not necessary to throw on the market of salt - enough to declare Read more [...]
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Cedar city, highway SR-14 closed after a massive landslide

October 8, occurred gathering landslide on highway SR-14. After the preliminary estimates of the damage, cooldown road surface was increased from a few weeks to several months. Kevin kitchen, an employee of the Department of transportation Utah, said that the landslide with a volume of 1.4 million cubic meters of soil, destroyed about 500 meters of the road. Restoration work will take approximately three to four months, before this road will be able to work again. “The recovery will be accelerated,” said kitchen. “But we need to make sure that took all necessary measures to restore the Read more [...]
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Thai parliamentarians propose to move the capital of the country

on 15 November. A group of twenty members of the Thai Parliament from the ruling party «Phya Thai» («For Thailand») introduced Tuesday in the Parliament the proposal to move the capital of the Kingdom from Bangkok to one of the nearby provinces, less prone to seasonal flooding, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Meeting of the Parliament during the parliamentary session demonstrates the Eleventh national (government) channel Thailand live.«We should think seriously about moving the capital in more than „dry“ place. It should be discussed. You must Read more [...]
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Racing atmospheric pressure is not as dangerous as it is considered

on November 29. The head of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand urged not to give too much importance to the possible influence of atmospheric pressure fluctuations on people's health. «Yesterday was record low pressure. In the near future it is expected a rapid increase in pressure that can potentially affect people suffering from diseases of the blood vessels», — said Vilfand at a press conference on Tuesday. However, he urged not to believe «horror stories» in the press, which is attributed to magnetic storms and pressure Read more [...]
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Oklahoma — zone disasters: hurricanes, drought, earthquakes, and now dips

on November 29. In Beckham County near Sayre was a huge failure for just one night. Its dimensions are such that there can fit a small house. Jack Damron said cavity was formed just two days after the last earthquake. The specialists say that it is hardly connected. Anyway, the hole is growing day by day. The depth and width of the failure of about 12 meters. Geologists said to cause failure of the soil could dissolving salts or other substances in the soil. According to the materials: Source:  Still, something is happening! Read more [...]
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Giant crack appeared in the ice cap in Antarctica

4 November. NASA experts said on 3 November that giant crack appeared in the ice cover in the Antarctic continues to increase in the coming months could lead to calving iceberg the size of new York. The crack in the Western part of the Pine Island glacier stretches for 18 miles (50 km) and reaches 165 feet (50 m) in depth. Researcher from NASA Michael Studinger reported that the crack is expanding at the rate of 6.5 ft (2 m) per day.Stedinger, which is also involved in the project IceBridge (long-term project of NASA, the purpose of which is to monitor changes in polar ice by means of aviation Read more [...]
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Shoigu: In Tuva was 9.5 points

Earthquake Tuva 9.5 points on the Richter scale, this was not the case in the history of seasonality, said on a conference call the head of the EMERCOM of Russia Sergey Shoigu. \"Now alerted all the forces of the Siberian regional emergency center, Central subordination and mountain rescue teams. All prescribed to stand on combat duty in readiness No. 1\", — ordered Shoigu. At the same time he was informed that while data on damage were reported. \"Can't be that when 9,5 no damage. At 4 points falling house pipes, and we have all the Eastern part of the Kyzyl — this private Read more [...]
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In Eastern Siberia to 6.7 earthquake

on December 27. Residents of the Krasnoyarsk region and the neighboring Republic on Tuesday late in the evening, felt the tremors that passed the correspondent of RIA Novosti. The earthquake occurred at about 23:20-23:30 local time (19:20-19:30 GMT). The apartments were swinging chandeliers, moved furniture. People began to leave their homes. Information about the epicenter, the magnitude of the earthquake and its effects yet. While Internet users in their microblogging reported disruption of cellular communication. Source: RIA Novosti  In Krasnoyarsk earthquake In Krasnoyarsk Read more [...]
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From Karasun lake Krasnodar massively jumped ashore fish

on December 29. Eyewitnesses have posted pictures on the Internet. Several thousand individuals have thrown on the shore of the lake in the CHP. Local teenagers returned half dead fish back into the water, hoping to save her. Noticed mass death on December 29 at noon. The incident was reported to the specialists. They took water samples - norm of harmful substances in the lake was not exceeded. In the administration of the Krasnodar district reported that the reservoir technical, and the discharge of pollutants there is officially. Remove dead fish specialists will be the next day. Source: Channel Read more [...]
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Floods in Indonesia covered 10 areas

2 January. Floods swept at least 10 different areas around the Indonesian archipelago on the first day of 2012. The national Agency for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters (BNPB), the representative of Sutopo Peruo Nugroho on Monday said that Surakarta, Sragen, Sleman, Yogyakarta city, Ketene, Brebes, Nganjuk, Pasuruan, Bungo and Banjar were flooded with Sunday evening. He said that heavy rains in Surakarta, Central Java, has caused the overflow of the river Bengawan Solo, as well as several other rivers Sragen, creating floods in the path of the main thoroughfares of Surakarta-Sragen-Surabaya Read more [...]
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In Romania well water begins to boil

on June 16. Geophysics from Kiev recorded in this area of the Carpathians small shift of the earth's crust - five-kilometer crack. For a third week with a well in the yard Vyacheslav Nikitin something strange is going on. It boils water. Ice mountain water warmed to 55-60 degrees, and continues to heat up. Once I noticed that, watering flowers and greenery in the yard, I didn't feel cold hands, \" said Vyacheslav Nikitin, chief state sanitary doctor Vyzhnytsya district. I shake the water from the well pump. So, holding the hose, all the time changing hands - the water was icy cold. And then suddenly Read more [...]
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Reducing the flow of Hot springs state Park, PCs Wyoming

Barb Witt monitors dried deposits of travertine Hot springs state Park. She says that over the past few decades, she noticed the water level decrease. April 1, 2011. The Thermopolis, pieces of Wyoming. — When in one of the coldest days last winter, barb Witt stopped in Hot springs state Park, she saw a hole in the river ice and rising steam from unusual places (Thermopolis - city district Hot springs pc. Wyoming, — note. translator). Vitti is a retired geologist and long-time resident of Thermopolis, described it as a curious spectacle. If no holes, then the ice would be Read more [...]
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The forecast of emergency situations in Russia in 2012

on December 29. Head of the center «Artistiche» EMERCOM of Russia Vladislav Balls told what disasters can expect Russia in 2012. EMERCOM of Russia celebrates the higher risks in 2012, a strong earthquake of magnitude over 7.5 on Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka Krai, which can cause a tsunami of up to 8 meters, said the head of the center «Artistiche» EMERCOM of Russia Vladislav Balls.«Predicted increased risk of disaster to the Federal level, due to seismic events with a magnitude of 7.5 on the island (to the North of the hearth MSU earthquake), the Read more [...]
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