Protection of wildlife in hunting grounds of the Samara region is carried out from the ground and from the air

Despite the heavy snow, the regional department of hunting and fishing continues to work actively for the protection of wildlife. One of the major functions of inspectors — is to check the legality of finding the people with the weapon in favor of and compliance with the rules of the hunt. The event involved several mobile groups on snowmobiles, as well as small-engine helicopter.Air patrols hunting grounds of the Samara region first introduced - after one of the Ekaterinburg airline was awarded a state contract for rental of four helicopters Robinson. For each flight rotor helicopter is Read more [...]
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In the Samara Bend

Photo from the author's archive In anticipation of the summer of 1964 we have the same with my friend and colleague Spinning Volodya Lochmatov originated the idea of ​​the boat trips on the Samara Bend from Zhiguli hydropower plant to the ancient village Perevoloki. The impetus for it served as a tourist map «Zhigulevskaya Circumnavigation», Presented to colleagues, contained a colorful description of the route with a map of the Samara bend and along its settlements.Zhigulevskaya around the world traveling from water tourists for many years was called Boat fascinating Read more [...]
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Thirteenth Samara

Indeed, among 13 have something mysticalauthor photo Initially 13th «winter» the show moved to the spring. Then, on March 26 did not take place because of the quarantine for rabies. On April 9, we had the opening of the annual spring hunt in the Samara region, and on the night before the show first spring rain poured down. In short, everything was not entirely successful, but those owners of hunting dogs that annually participate in this exhibition come.In total, the exhibition was attended by about 250 dogs of different breeds. In addition to participants from the Read more [...]
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Perevolotskaya pos. Mountains. type, p-tion n. Orenbah. region. Located in the upper river. Samara 73 miles northwest from Orenbah. Regular. in 1738 as a fortress on the Samara fortified line. Titles. due to the fact that on the way from the Volga to the Yaik (D), in the upper court r.Samary dragged dragged in r.Kamysh-Samara, which flows into the Yaik (D). During a trip to Orenbah. the edge of the village. visited in 1769 and described it in his book Travels in various provinces of the Russian state-va naturalist PS Pallas. Intensive development of the village. begins in 1876 in connection with Read more [...]
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Hurricane tore the roof in 24 homes in the Samara region

July 25, 2013. Hurricane, the last of the Samara region, partially destroyed the roof of the 20 private, 4 apartment buildings and schools. As told in the press service of the local EMERCOM of Russia, a strong storm front was marked in the village of Progress Khvorostyanskaya district area.

Source: Conduct

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Flood situation in the Samara region

At present, in the Samara region stored flood conditions. 6 flooded low water bridges and four infield. In Syzransky eventually saturated melting of snow and the water level rises in the river flooded Syzranka outbuildings and gardens 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri New Rizadey and 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri Uvarovka. In Bolsheglushitsky area populated Fri Beryozovka eventually raise the level of water in the river Big Irgiz flooded low water bridge cars. Transport traffic carried on roundabout ways. Rescuers and local governments continue to keep under review the Read more [...]
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PEOPLE'S ARMY Komuch military compound white, created June 8, 1918 in Samara, on the ba. order K-ta pers. All-Russia. Constituent coll. Chap. Staff: Chief of Staff, who is also com. Forces Regiment. Galkin NA, Bogolyubov V. (later Lebedev VI) and Fortunatov BK July 29 Ch. Staff was abolished and was created by the War Department (Managing Galkin NA, with 24 August. gene-l-Major). In June and July the formation deployed four infantry battalions in Samara, one battalion in Stavropol on the Volga, Syzran Buguruslan Buzuluk. In Ts management and field staffs since Aug. seconded 7 teachers and 79 students Read more [...]
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Volsky Vladimir Kazimirovich

Volsky Vladimir Kazimirovich (11 (23) .05.1877, Tambov 04/10/1937) revolution. and watered. figure. Of the hereditary nobility. At the end of the Tambov school (1895) he entered the Moscow University, but soon after the revolution. activity is subject to arrest and expulsion. In 1903 joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. Has been working in a number of cities, led by the party. org-tion, participated in the publication of several newspapers in the days of the February. Revolution in the uprising in Tver. One of the leaders Gubsoveta, May presents t. The delegate of the local committee of the Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Samara region

Because of the strong wind and rain last weekend were knocked down dozens of trees in a national park Buzuluksky Forest, located in the two regions - Samara and Orenburg. Most suffered from bad weather in Samara part of the forest. According to foresters, hurricane swooped suddenly, his speed was just fantastic. From the first gust of wind the trees began to bend and fall. Stationed on the territory of the forest people saved by the fact that the element found them on the site with young plantings. Hurricane raged for about an hour and a verse as suddenly as it had begun. Element spared Read more [...]
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Heat waves in the Samara region: state of emergency declared

This decision was made today at an extraordinary meeting of the Government of the Samara region. On the proposal to introduce in the territory of the province of the state of emergency came Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the cabinet supported him. According to Agriculture Minister Gennady Demchenko, because of the heat and the acute shortage of rainfall for the second year in a row in the fold abnormal agrometeorological conditions, which is why in May - June affected winter crops and spring crops. Situation in the winter crops have exacerbated December frosts with decreasing Read more [...]
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In the Samara region the soil is dry to a depth of 2.5 meters

Currently in the Samara region the soil is dry to a depth of 250 cm. And in the coming year a drought will likely continue, even if the year is rainy. In connection with the anomalous heat environmentalists are preparing disappointing forecasts. Over the past 5 years of drought have become typical, but this year the situation is extremely deteriorated. The moisture, which feed on the ground was scorched the may heat, and the summer was abnormally dry, so a comprehensive drought has led to the fact that a large part of the crops were lost. \"This year has been the death of many plants, Read more [...]
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Hurricane In Samara

Photo: As reported in the regional search and rescue service, the incident occurred in the eighth hour of the evening on August 25, in the district of the Samara river station. Hurricane wind, accompanied by rain and hail knocked a large tree at the intersection of Leningrad and Maxim Gorky. A tree fell on a kiosk selling ice cream, under shelter from the bad weather was hiding people. \"Three women pressed metal roof tents. Rescuers had to use a special technique to deliver them. One of the women suffered much stronger than the rest, — the piece of metal Read more [...]
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In Samara the pond has killed all the fish and frogs

Today, June 2 at 11:23 am news Agency emergency \"rescue 911\" asked the residents of the houses on the Fifth track. Concerned samarians told the duty officer that a natural pond, which is located in the Glades area Frunze, on the ninth line of the fifth clearing all was not well. According to the townspeople, on the surface of the pond surfaced all the inhabitants of the lake — fry and adult fish, frogs, above the lake is the sulfur smell. The employees of \"rescue 911\" hastened to inform the service about the unusual phenomenon was reported in the Center for Ecological Read more [...]
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In Samara under the ground left a parked car. Photo

25 Augustana Pobedy street in Samara under the ground left a parked car.Source: TrinixRead more [...]
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In Samara fell brown snow

January 2, 2011. In the night of Sunday in Samara snow with shades of brown. Environmentalists immediately took the snow on chemical analysis. The analysis showed that the risk to human life is not. As reported on Sunday the head of the press service of the regional EMERCOM Michael Metelkin, most likely brown snow — the consequences of a sandstorm in Kazakhstan. A similar phenomenon could be observed in March last year, the inhabitants of the Amur region, when dust storms in Mongolia in the region, the snow is yellow, reports \"Interfax\". Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The flood situation in the Urals and the Volga region remains difficult

The flood situation in the Urals and the Volga region remains difficult. The state of emergency introduced in the Orenburg region and 13 districts of Samara and Saratov regions. All the latest information about the situation in the zone of flooding was reported in the Volga regional center of EMERCOM. «According to operative data, in the situation of flood situation in the territory of the Volga Federal district there was a positive trend. In the Saratov region flooded settlements there. Residents returning to their homes. In the Samara region of the nine settlements were flooded only Read more [...]
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The flood in the Samara region continues

April 21, Samara region. In the suburbs Gratifying continues Stroitelno lifting water to the houses, some houses are already flooded. Where the water had subsided, there was a lot of garbage. Sunday April 17, the water rose almost 4 meters and more. Source: Mobile Reporter Read more [...]
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Fields in the Samara region is attacking locust

23 Eynav 10 municipal districts of Samara region revealed the locust attack on fallow land, and the crops of sunflower and barley, reported the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Samara region. Settling locust pests (Italian locust) is recorded in Alekseyevka, Bolsheglushitsky, Bolshechernigovskiy, Krasnoarmeysky, Petrovska, Volga and Sergius areas. The most serious is the situation today is marked in Neftegorsk, Hvorostyanskoy and Bezenchukskaya areas. According to the press service Neftegorsk district, 400 hectares of unused arable land, which revealed the arrival of locusts, in an expeditious Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Samara region. Video

on July 28. The weather suddenly invaded the territory of the region, attacked the village a real hurricane. The brunt of the elements assumed local club and administration building — from the roof the wind knocked down the paneling. Suffered and private homes. Wind-blown trees damaged fences and snapped power lines. By happy coincidence, none of the residents of Bobrovka was not injured. Source: GTRK\"Samara\"   Read more [...]
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The death of the fish in the river Samara

on October 11. We have already reported about mass death of fish in the vicinity of the village of Samara Pavlograd district and that the Commission, with the participation of representatives of the regional environmental services to find out who was to blame for the incident, and has calculated the loss inflicted to the state. At present, the incident emergency law enforcement authorities initiated a criminal case.It would seem that after this tragedy on the river Samara should not be repeated. But it's only been 2 weeks, and 1 October to reinspector Igor Vrabie one fisherman said that Read more [...]
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