SHRINE I Parking of Mesolithic man on the shore R. Iset. Coorg. region, Shadrinsk R-n, between n Shrine and der. Kuchma. Located on the other terraces at a height of 7 meters Studies. Westenhaver. The cult. the remains of the Mesolithic deposited in the layer of light-gray sandy loam, covered with dark-gray sandy loam with a cult. remnants bronze age and early iron age. A collection of finds of Mesolithic epoch contains 2440 stone products and is represented by the cores, scrapers, cutters, engravers, spikes, microplasticity with retouching and without flakes. Stone industry Parking characterize Read more [...]
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Sandy technologies provoked Iran

Difficult to determine the categories into which could be placed news, so while here, such as the Iranian scenario BP occurred. Trendy technical developments of Iran - such is the reason Hurricane "Sandy," according to the pro-government Syrian organization. These statements appeared on the page of a certain "News Network Syrian armed forces" in "Facebook". Trendy technical developments of Iran - such is the reason Hurricane "Sandy," according to the pro-government Syrian organization soobschaetThe Huffington Post. These statements appeared on the page of a certain "News Network Syrian armed Read more [...]
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Sandy Beijing. Photo

Red flags, orange sky. "The sandstorm from Mongolia reached Beijing on Monday morning. It is expected to weaken in the evening, "- said the representative of the capital's meteorological station. Raised by a strong wind clubs fine sand and dust, he said, went over the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi and Hebei (North China). Meanwhile, the streets of Beijing and already covered with a yellowish layer gives the whole town "deserted" tone. The sky over the capital today, and not as orange as it was on Saturday, the smell of dust in the air is felt even more strongly, saying citizens. Few Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Mexico. Photo

Security officer inspects the damage on the road between Tijuana and Mexicali. (Daniel Conejo-AFP / Getty Images) Tonight, at 3:40 am local time, just south of the Mexican border with the United States was the strongest earthquake. Magnitude quake exceeded 7 on the Richter scale. In several localities interrupted water supply, damaged communications and electricity. Echoes of the earthquake and felt US residents. Clickable.Saleswoman gives the customer the change through the broken window of a store in Mexicali. This shop - one of the many buildings affected by today's 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Read more [...]
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begin, as hobnob with the end:

Earlier hurricane "Sandy", which originated in the Caribbean, passed over Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti. His victims included more than sixty people. recorded - 60 +further: It is expected that "Sandy" will reach the U.S. east coast in the evening on October 29, will take over New York and New Jersey and moves inland over the territories of Pennsylvania.Due the hurricane on October 26 in New York state of emergency was declared. By order of the mayor of the city in the evening on October 28, the evacuation of New Yorkers of potentially dangerous areas, was suspended urban transport. October 29 Read more [...]
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Climate change will reduce the number of hurricanes on the East coast of the U.S.

September 2, 2013. Climate models predict a weakening of the large-scale air currents in the atmosphere, which «make» on the U.S. East coast hurricanes of last year's type «Sandy» therefore, they are more often than now, will move to the East, the Atlantic ocean, the authors of an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Climatologists call one of the likely consequences of climate change caused by human activity, an increase in the frequency and magnitude of severe weather events. In the United States the attention of the society Read more [...]
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Storms in southern California. Photographic

Woman rescued from the hotel Premiere Hotel, where 47 guests are trapped when the water rose and blocked the exit, in San Diego, California. (Getty Images / Sandy Huffaker) Nearly a week in southern California was tormented by storm. The element has gone on a veritable rampage, burying a house and cars, blurring highway and bridges, Sataplia streets and threatening tens of built homes in the canyons. Due washed ashore dirt were closed beaches in orange County. To rescue residents from their homes, flooded streets, hotels and the slopes of the hills were thrown inflatable boats. Someone refused Read more [...]
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Under Svetlogorsk hit the road to the sea. Photo

Photo: Клопс.Ru Because of erosion of the sandy slopes near the village of Primorskii territory of the Kaliningrad region struck the road leading to the Baltic sea, reports Клопс.Ru. Eyewitness Oleg Yerofeyev tells that sandy track bukalo went under the feet together with concrete slabs. The incident happened on the eve due to adverse flood situation. Thus the path for vehicles to the sea in Primorye now closed. Source: The Website Sovetsk , Klops. Read more [...]
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Shoreline Change United States after Sandy

Analyzing the outcomes supershtorma USGS has released a series of photos from the air, which show the U.S. coastline before and after the hurricane Sandy.Results of the comparison showed that the size of the storm changed the coastline for hundreds of miles."Sandy has taught us once again that not all storms are the same: huge superstorm over the Atlantic causing erosion of historic proportions," said USGS Director McNutt Marcy. "We took this opportunity to gather unique data on the major changes of coastline."The main approach to research scientists use preliminary Read more [...]
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U.S. nyutaunsky shooter died the day before the shooting, which he allegedly committed

This week surfaced another creepy discrepancy with the official version of shooting at the school "Sandy Hook" - the appearance of a conflict with it the official death records of the alleged shooter on the day before the incident occurred.Major media or exercise maximum time in its existence incompetence and mistakenly overlooked almost every detail of the mass killings that swept the U.S. in the last six months, or deliberately disregarded the details that could change the picture of the events and the way they present themselves to the public. But thanks to significantly improve the Read more [...]
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More than 30 thousand homes in the U.S. are without light a month after the Sandy

More than 30,000 homes in the north-eastern United States are without electricity and heat for over a month after the power lines were severed by Hurricane "Sandy", CBS television reported According to him, the damage from the disaster was the strongest of 30-50 billion dollars. Only in New York City and the surrounding area, reports CBS, about 6,000 private homes and 800 apartment complexes left without heating, and their inhabitants warms only the gas stove. Residents in the affected areas have all kinds of insurance, but many of them complain that they still can not get anything Read more [...]
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Sandy washed beaches in New Jersey, and the cemetery in Haiti

The width of the beaches of New Jersey declined by an average of 9,1-12,2 m after a devastating hurricane, while in some parts of the ocean washed away more than 45 meters of coastline. Haiti still can not recover from "Sandy"According to one of the study's authors Stuart Farrell, of the north-east coast of the U.S., who conducted the artificial expansion and strengthening of the beaches in recent years, suffered much less damage than those who relied solely on natural coastline. Authorities in New Jersey have already appealed to the federal government to allocate funds for beach Read more [...]
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Israeli track in the shooting of children in Sandy Hook

Heavily armed fighters of the state police leave school "Sandy Hook" in Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012. One month and one day ago, the President of the United States issued a memorandum on the "insider threat", warning of acts of "violence" and "mass espionage" within the government.President raised the alarm because of the likelihood coordinated attack, which was to tear the very fabric of American society. Showed several conspiracies that quiet "deal", including through the organization of the physical liquidation.There is evidence that Read more [...]
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Australian scientists have discovered the loss of the islands in the Pacific Ocean

Nonexistent island appears regularly in publications since 2000. Google Maps on the service island called Sandy (Sandy Island). See it firsthand failed. Australian researchers reported that the island in the South Pacific, which is indicated on charts and maps of the world, as well as on the service Google Earth, do not actually exist.Phantom strip of land on Google Maps called Sandy Island (Sandy Island) and is located between Australia and New Caledonia - an island in the Coral Sea under France.But when researchers from the University of Sydney, went to the area in the course of geological Read more [...]
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Sandy Hook: Provocation, lies, conspiracy, and no murders

No bodies, only a few merchandise bagsNobody has been able to get into the primary school "Sandy Hook" to confirm there traces of bullets, blood stains, etc. on January 2, the children were transferred to another school, located at a distance of several miles: we assume that old school "Sandy Hook" will remain sealed and will be demolished. Perhaps the shooting was not there at all, and it was just an illusion. The children heard the sound of shots - that's all they can say. The new school will be constantly guarded by security: presumably in order to keep the children Read more [...]
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Activation of UFOs is the end of the world

Since Azerbaijan esoteric researcher Vagif Alekperov commented on the expectations of the December 21, 2012. According to him, the date of "the end of the world" in human history, there were many, but they all ended up in error. And this time, in spite of gloomy forecasts, our planet is plunged into darkness, will not break apart from a collision with Nibiru, and we will still continue to use electricity. Regarding the description of specific events in the Mayan prophecies unfortunate, then, as noted esoteric, known to those skilled in Mexico found the so-called stone "back of Read more [...]
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America awaits powerful Frankenstorm

on October 26. The estimated damage caused by hurricane «Frankenstorm» threatening the East coast of the U.S. could exceed $ 1 billion. All energy companies and utilities have already been translated into enhanced mode. Source: LeadCuba victims of hurricane «Sandy» were 11 people on October 26. The Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba and holguín was badly damaged by hurricane «Sandy» that in the night of Thursday hit the island. Caused significant damage to agriculture. As a result of natural disasters have killed 11 people, including a child. Judging Read more [...]
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Hurricane \»sandy\» in the United States

Map of winds over the United States This map illustrates the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. Now over the Eastern States is a hurricane \"sandy\", which is clearly seen on the characteristic twisting spiral. To see all this beauty in animation.  The number of victims of the hurricane «Sandy» growingon 30 October. The victims of the hurricane «Sandy» U.S. steel 16 people. Are residents of the States of the East coast. Currently, hurricane headed towards Canada. Source: Lead   Hurricane «Sandy» threw US into chaoson 30 Read more [...]
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Hurricane sandy has caused all sorts of trouble in the U.S.

Chris Brightwell | 4 November. on 30 October, when the Mid-Atlantic part of the United States were in the affected area of hurricane sandy, the staff space flight Center the George C. Marshall in Hunstville, Alabama, witnessed amazing optical phenomena: a complex interplay of luminous arcs and rings around midday sun. \"I've never seen anything like it,\" says an eyewitness bill Cooke, head of the Laboratory studies of meteors NASA. His colleague, geophysicist David Hathaway, took a few photos. According to meteorologists, this phenomenon is almost certainly associated with Read more [...]
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Who is the \»sandy\» hurricane or cyclone?

Tropical storm \"sandy\" 23 October 2012. © NASA on 3 November. While Americans and Canadians assess the damage and estimate the losses from the excesses of \"sandy\", we will try to understand the terminology of the cyclonic eddies. After all, originally a tropical cyclone sandy was transformed into the extratropical cyclone and covered the East coast of the USA and Canada in the new quality. The thing is that in tropical and extratropical cyclones completely different physics: first appear in the tropics over very warm water (not less than 27 °C) and \"eat\" allocating a huge amount of heat Read more [...]
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