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Horta greyhounds in the Saratov region

Number of animals in our area is small - it happens that somebody six days passes without raising the hare.Photo: Olga Panasenko In 2006, when I first had to take part in the organization of regional field trials of greyhounds on a free animal, breeding of greyhounds was in full decline. Section virtually non-existent, at the regional exhibition brought 6–12 dogs to the test rural borzyatniki did not come, not knitted recorded.Tom had a number of objective reasons, among them financial problems: rural hunters have traditionally kept a lot of dogs and exhibitions, and especially Read more [...]
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Saratov — Ice derby

In the individual competition champion was Constantine KaremulinThe winner of the competition Constantine Karemulin. Photo: Konstantin Kudinov. Second in the recent history of the Saratov area of ​​personal and team competitions at the Winter spoon-bait passed on sunflowers. The waters Serdoba – Now ducts Volga – very interesting variety of terrain. The abundance in these areas big perch and parts thereof «distribution» always bring the intrigue in serious competition. But seriously this time was simply nowhere – passions were running high to Read more [...]
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Saratov regional society of hunters gave a response to the complaint of violations of the hunters in the allocation of licenses for wild boar

Saratov regional society of hunters and fishermen gave to the editors IA "Printer-Saratov" official comment on the treatment Balashov hunters to the district prosecutor Andrei Nizovtseva. Recall, they complained about the concealment of allocation of permits to shoot wild boar."The information provided in circulation from the team of hunters and Balashov Balashov district regarding inactivity Hunting SOOOiR in Balashov district Read more [...]
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The hunting season for game birds will be opened in the Saratov region on August 29

On August 29 at the Saratov region will open the summer-autumn hunting for game birdsThe minister said the region – Chairman of the Committee of hunting and fishing Igor Potapov, summer and autumn hunting of game birds is one of the most popular types of hunting.The most popular objects of hunting at this time are the various species of ducks, geese, shorebirds and pigeons, except the species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Book of the Saratov region, as well as the coot, snipe, corncrake, quail and partridge.To ensure timely delivery of the right of citizens Read more [...]
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Flood events in the Saratov region

Now in the morning as a result of flood processes in the Saratov region were flooded twelve low water bridges in Ivanteevsky, Lysogorsky, Atkarsk, Samoilovsky Rtishchevsky areas and also one way in Perelyubskaya area. As a result, the water level rises in the river Bear in the town of Petrovsk flooded 69 residential buildings (in homes there is no water), organized 6 boat crossings. Prepared 3 Fri temporary accommodation, but as long as the inhabitants of flooded houses to evacuate shall be removed. Has been a drop in water level in 3 urban areas (Baltaysky, Romanovsky and Red Army) in which previously Read more [...]
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Vacationing on the Volga turned for help to rescue workers

August 15, 2013 on the Volga in the region of Saratov Resurrection GIMS employees assisted the four citizens in the set which was a young child. At 17 hours and 40 minutes on the remote operations duty MOE Saratov region received a phone call asking for help. Family with 2-year-old daughter left on a motor boat "Kazanka-5" ride on the Volga. After the motor in the boat refused, they were obliged to drag the boat to the rope along the shore. On this day there was a debilitating heat. Drinking water is rapidly completed, the child began to cry, asking for a drink. Ancestors on the phone asked for Read more [...]
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Alexander Novikov

Alexander Novikov (15 (27) .11.1888, Carpet, Vladimir Province. 01.03.1967, Sverdlov.), Op. and chamber singer (bass), and teacher; Hon. Art. RSFSR (1935). Rod. to cross. family. Graduated from Moscow. musical and dramatic uch-School of the Philharmonic of the Society (1918, cl. M.Eyhenvald). 1913-19, 1923-32 soloist op. theaters in Moscow, Baku, Kiev, Saratov, Stalingrad, et al. -Sverdl 1932-54. Best Games: Susanin (A Life for the Tsar by M. Glinka), Miller (Mermaid Dargomyzhsky), Boris Godunov (Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov), Grameen (Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky), Mephistopheles (Faust Gounod), Read more [...]
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Bear left tributary of the Don.

Bear - A river in the Saratov and Volgograd region of Russia, left tributary of the Don. According to legend, the title came from wealth vodivshihsya on the banks of the bears. Length of 745 km, catchment area 34 700 km. Bear originates in the Saratov region of 2-streams. Approximately 30 kilometers from the source is a huge reservoir for agricultural purposes. About 1 kilometer wide (at the dam) and 5-7 km long. At the end of March or beginning of April, opening the river occurs. During this period she spreads widely. After the recession of vernal water outputs of groundwater and rainfall remain Read more [...]
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Ilyin Boris Fedorovich

Ilyin Boris Fedorovich (08 (21). 04.1901, Saratov 01.10.1979, Sverdlov.), An actor, first in W. Nar. Art. USSR. (1956). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the Higher State. studio theater. Art Society in Saratov (1919). Stage career began in 1920 in Saratov Drama Theatre, then worked in theaters in Tsaritsyn, Kuibyshev, Odessa, Baku, Kharkov, 1936 in Sverdl. Drama. One of the founders of the heroic and romantic destinations in the work of the team. Roles: Ruy Blas (Ruy Blas Victor Hugo, 1937), Tsar Feodor (Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich A.Tolstoy, 1938), Wynn (Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, Read more [...]
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Bityutskov Benjamin S.

Bityutskov Benjamin S. (13 (26) .10.1902, Saratov 31.08. 1980 Sverdl.), Actor, director. Nar. Art. RSFSR (1956). Rod. in the office. family. Graduated from the Saratov State higher. theater workshops Art Society (1924). From 1924 he worked as an actor in theater in Saratov, Moscow., Bobruisk, Vitebsk, Balashov, Arkhangelsk, Perm. Since 1937 an actor and director., 1938 thin. hands. Sverdl. Youth Theater, 1939 Dir., And in 1952-67 gl.rezh. Sverdl. Drama Theatre. Director of the best performances of plays by Gorky Vassa Zheleznova (1941), Summer People (1946), Somov and others (1953), William Shakespeare's Read more [...]
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Saratov region tormented drought

Sandstorms, more precisely, the steppes tornadoes, now — a common phenomenon in the Saratov region. The last time the rain was there for two and a half months ago. In agricultural areas in the three weeks before term started harvesting crops, to save at least part of the crop. «The first band», «first mowing», «first result». Start harvesting in the village — always a holiday. This year — little celebrations, a lot of anxiety. Winter wheat harvest began three weeks earlier than usual. «Do not know what to collect. Let's Read more [...]
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Dust storm in Saratov. Video

Over Saratov swept dust storm. Wind gusts reached 20 meters per second, up in the air particles of dust and sand, visibility did not exceed a couple of hundred meters. Eyewitness elements revelry uploaded video footage from the scene with the heading "Mobile reporter." Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Drought raises prices

At last, next and precalculation meeting of the Saratov regional Duma in the framework of the \"government hour\" was discussed on the regional target program for the conservation and restoration of soil fertility of agricultural land as a national treasure of the Saratov province. Interesting topic, especially given the open droughts. About the drought, however, say now to all, and the rating of mentioning this word is breaking all records. Perhaps with this in mind, the regional Minister of agriculture Alexander Igolkin, talking about plans for fertility, decided to be original and about the Read more [...]
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The Shallowing Of The Volga

This summer has been extremely hard for the nature of the province. No sooner had the government to estimate the losses from the destruction of the Volga (killed more than a thousand tons of commercial fish), as has burst fires. This, coupled with the drought has led to very sad consequences, and again severely hit by the provincial Treasury.In addition to the lost of forest resources, recorded in \"loss budget\", the officials also had to pay compensation to the people who lost in the riot of the element housing. Finally, forest fires almost everywhere could handle, and Saratov sighed quietly. Read more [...]
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A mistake of nature: In Saratov on the trees appeared kidney

On lilac appeared kidneys. Photo: Julia TSVETKOVA Nthe although on the calendar already November, in Saratov still quite warm. Because of this temperature anomaly many trees have started to re-bloom. For example, in September for the second time in a year in the city blossomed chestnuts. And now, two months later, Nabil kidney lilac. This happened due to the fact that the cold and the rain gave way to warmth. Appeared kidneys not only on lilac, but also on currant and Apple. - told the doctor of agricultural Sciences , head of Department of plant protection Saratov agrarian University Ivan Read more [...]
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Due to bad weather delayed or canceled flights in a number of Russian airports

Several Russian airports delay or even cancel flights due to dense fog and wind. The most difficult situation in Volgograd, where the suitcases sitting 800 passengers - they had to fly to Moscow and Krasnodar. Better visibility in Samara and Saratov, but there in the sky not produce four liner. In Sochi adjustments in the schedule of flights made strong wind: from the black sea coast, with a delay of a few hours flew planes in Moscow \"Domodedovo\" and the St. Petersburg Pulkovo. Source:  TV And Radio Company \"Petersburg Volgograd airport does not receive or send planes because of the fog Read more [...]
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In Saratov for the winter looking bloomed chestnut

In the centre of Saratov were found a real miracle of nature is suddenly in late September bloomed chestnut.According to biologists, it happens, but rarely. Meanwhile, even neighbouring residents come to see the blooming tree. Source: GTRK Saratov Read more [...]
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Flood in reptilase

In the night between 10 and 11 April flooded about 100 houses in your village Dergachi. Source: Video on RuTube In the Saratov region in the floods drowned 30 cows Abres,In the Saratov region from the coast out small rivers were under the water of 6 bridges on regional roads. In Perelyubskiy area where spilled river Sister and Kameliq, in the area of flooding was 8 villages have been inundated 192 home. Local news Agency, a resident of the village of Kalmanka told that the population is forced to escape from the water in the attics, the end products. Meanwhile, local and regional officials Read more [...]
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Flooding in the Saratov region

The state of emergency introduced in five districts of the Saratov region. Residents of 32 villages, where more than eight thousand people due to the floods were cut off from the regional center. Residents Perelyubskiy district, Saratov region, who first got in the flooded area, tell us that this flood was not for 40 years. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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In Khvalynskoye kennel dangerous virus detected

18 iuso that Khvalynskoye nursery in the Saratov region is at risk, the regional specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor learned from their Moscow colleagues. Fruit trees suddenly began to wither and lose their leaves. The suspicion that in the Saratov region appeared dangerous bacterium was confirmed after the final analysis of the capital scholars. In the Khvalynsk nursery now operates a quarantine is forbidden to export any kinds of seedlings. In the nursery chemical processing is carried out even healthy trees. However, this method is not very effective. Author: Dmitri Zaitsev Source: STRC Read more [...]
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