Key Conditions Orbiter Fails

A planet intentional to rails discerp upwind has failed on the eve of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane temper. Attempts are organism made to reactivate the flunk planet, but NOAA reported that thither is "no appraisal on its regaining to operations." A scanty planet has been excited to cater reportage of the Easterly Seaside.Typically, two satellites are victimised to smear worrying brave—one apiece concluded the Westward and Eastward coasts—with a thirdly orbiter in modesty. If the s operation orbiter fails, NOAA would be constrained to trust on polar-orbiting satellites and more Read more [...]
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Choosing the Topper Orbiter Sound

    Exposure: DMSU/Shutterstock Sattelite earphone reportage by supplier. Thanks to new innovations by companies wish Thuraya and Stain, planet networks are ultimately some to pitch on the forebode of rightfully planetwide connection. Equitable be indisputable to tap into the veracious meshwork. See the sidebar for a map of reporting areas.Thuraya Sat ArmThe Twist: Littler than a soft-cover, it turns an iPhone 4/4S into a sat earphone via Bluetooth.The Meshing: Two satel-lites oscillate 22,000 miles supra the Joined Arab Emi-rates, Thuraya’s moneyman.The Betoken: It’s Read more [...]
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An asteroid the size of 18 meters will pass by the Earth on Monday

24 Jun — RIA Novosti. Asteroid 2011 MD, the size of which is from 8 to 18 meters, on Monday, June 27, will fly very close to Earth — below the orbits of geostationary satellites, according to the data published on the website NASA. Asteroid 2011 MD was discovered just two days ago, on Wednesday. On Monday, June 27, 13.26 GMT (17.26 GMT) he will fly at a distance 0,00012 astronomical units from Earth — about 18 thousand kilometers, which is twice less than the height of the orbit of geostationary satellites (about 36 thousand kilometers). The trajectory of the Read more [...]
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Geophysics confirmed that the Earth is not growing

A group of geoscientists using modern space measuring instruments and new computational techniques could «bury» popular in the past the theory of an expanding Earth, according to the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA. Laboratory At Xiaoping (Xiaoping Wu) and his colleagues in an article published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, write that they have recorded variations of the Earth's radius does not exceed 0.1 mm — the thickness of a human hair — in year. This value is not statistically significant.«Our study gave an independent proof that Read more [...]
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Japan earthquake shifted the gravitational orbit satellites

The GRACE satellites (NASA image) on 8 December. The Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, changed the gravitational field of the Earth so that affected the orbits of satellites. This suggests that the earthquake was stronger and deeper than showed earthly instruments. We are talking about space-twins GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, \"an Experiment to study the climate and gravitational perturbations\"), which fly at 220 km apart in a polar orbit 500 miles above the Earth. The mission is to map the gravitational field of the planet. The satellites carry it, controlling Read more [...]
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It’s for You

Extraneous clip, November 1997It's for YouUniversal telco is about upon us. Volition it be deserving the costs?By Doug Ticket You're toting an expensive laptop by a 14-year-old militiaman in Kigali, Rwanda, inquisitory for a berth to connect your modem. You motive to brand a call to a waiter someplace in Belgium so you can place Email to your mom inDuluth: "Africa is moderately. Transmit antibiotics." You get no earphone jackstones. The soldier Read more [...]
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New technology for monitoring volcanoes

Volcano to receive information in Central Kenya. Snapshot of 2008 indicates a rise in its activity. Change color in the picture corresponds to the displacement of soil by 2.8 see on March 29. According to the data obtained from satellites, it was found that many volcanoes on the planet, previously dormant, for a long time are not. In the article \"monitoring volcanoes\", published in \"Science\", underlines the importance of developing a system of global monitoring of all the volcanoes of the Earth for more accurate forecasting eruptions and timely planning the evacuation of local residents. Fortunately, Read more [...]
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On the Sun, an outbreak of class M1.7

At this point there was 6 flashes of class and one class M1.7 flare according to LPI. Check its compliance with the emission class is not currently possible — photos from satellites SOHO and STEREO — no.

At the end of the day if the data from the satellites will lay out in the public domain, I mount the video. Direction until the outbreak is also not clear.
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane Sandy

The ability of meteorologists to predict the approach of various storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day fly around the Earth. However, warns General Accounting Administration, USA, confusion reigning among military and meteorologists, could adversely affect the performance of various natural weather phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America led a polar orbit weather satellites are two types: one is under the control of public weather services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to merge in order to save the satellites under Read more [...]
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America loses weather satellites

According to the paper, "Miami Herald", the American system of meteorological satellites, supplying the entire country progrnozami forecasts and warnings of approaching storms, floods and other natural disasters, is under threat of destruction. Most weather satellites plying today in low Earth orbit, almost completely exhausted their resources. However, neither the Congress nor the specialized agency or Ministrerstvo togrovli not have been preparing for the launch of new generations of "celestial wanderers." According to the most optimistic estimates, the new satellites in Read more [...]
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A huge asteroid threatens satellites

The most interesting astronomical event in February is flying around the Earth a small asteroid 2012 DA14, Open year ago (23 February 2012) by the Spanish Observatory of "La Sagra." Scientists have calculated that in the night of 15 to 16 February 2013 this 44-meter "Cobblestone" weighing about 130 tons of buzz with flies at a distance of 28,000 kilometers from Earth. It's closer than the orbit of geostationary satellites (36,000 km) and is 14 times closer than the distance to the moon (on average 385,000 kilometers). Within hours, the asteroid will have a brightness Read more [...]
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Comet rain could bring life in the vicinity of Jupiter

Disintegrated into dust, asteroids and comets are scattered around the material, rich in carbon compounds. Perhaps some of it has settled on the satellites of the gas giant.Disintegrating comet dust could to place on the moons of Jupiter the seeds of life. Including in Europe, under the icy shell of which, hopefully, is hidden ocean.Jupiter's moons are divided into two types: large spherical satellites and less lumpy body with eccentric orbits. Chemical analysis of the past suggests that they are made from a material of asteroids and comets. In other words, they most likely are rich carbon Read more [...]
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American satellites zombie: open circuit operation

Defense science agency DARPA has submitted a video that shows how an advanced system Phoenix, quickening spent satellites. As planned by experts DARPA, robots will one day orbital re-use various parts of dead satellites, such as antennas and transmitters. This makes sense from an economic point of view: satellite launch costs tens of millions of dollars, but in 5-10 years it becomes a waste. To date, of the 1,300 large space objects in Earth orbit only 500 - is operational satellites. In the short space of useful sites and designs that can be reused. In the video, released DARPA, shows Read more [...]
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Saturn — Elena

Photograph was taken by the Cassini. Pitted with craters on the moon's surface irregular shape measuring 36 by 32 by 30 km seen gullies that dug sedimentary material dislodged from the surface once a meteorite impact and slowly move out of the crater. The photo was taken in a three-dimensional anaglyph, and if you have anaglyph glasses - left lens red and the right - blue, you apparently lucky, I've had no luck, I have no such :) So look in black and white.Companion Elena very unusual: he moves around Saturn near the orbit of large satellites - Dion (19 Saturn). Elena orbit is closer Read more [...]
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NASA smashes two satellites GRAIL on the moon — today December 17

NASA reported today that both satellites "Grail" will be directed to a collision with the moon. GRAIL satellites are finished creating the gravity anomaly map of the moon. Two satellites cut into the moon Today - December 17, around 5:28 pm (22:28 GMT). Clashes has latitude 75,62 ° N, 26,63 ° E near the North Pole in the lunar crater Goldschmidt.Launched in September 2011, the GRAIL spacecraft is in orbit around the Moon's poles, and flew at an altitude of 11 km (6.8 miles) to create a map of the lunar gravitational anomalies. These measurements have allowed NASA, to create high-resolution Read more [...]
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What NASA Stereo satellites observed at the Sun December 8, 2012?

December 8 NASA satellites photographed a huge object traversing the circumsolar space. Naturally NASA has not commented on the situation. What's more — the images on which the object was visible were removed from public access.
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February 15th 45-meter asteroid will fly at a record close distance from Earth

February 15 is very close to Earth will fly 45-meter asteroid. Afraid of this event is not necessary, although at some point the celestial body will be closer to Earth than many weather satellites and communications satellites. As told by the NASA, Feb. 15 at 14:24 Eastern Standard Time on or at 23:24 Moscow time 2012 DA14 asteroid will fly past Earth, approaching her on 27650-27700 km.This is a record for such a short distance of objects.At this point, it will be 13 times closer to the Earth's surface than the Moon. The asteroid belt is inside the weather satellites and communications Read more [...]
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Astronomers in search of life appealed to the satellites of exoplanets

Due to gravity-powered satellites planets outside the solar system remain vibrant throughout the existence, not only in the initial period of origin of planetary systems. This means that stars of different ages could have planets with satellites, "glow" that can be registered with the Earth."Unlike traditional direct exposure to a new approach to photographing any star would be a good candidate," - says the researcher Mary Ann Peters (Mary Anne Peters) from Princeton. As long as the satellite moves around its planet, the larger the body tries to make a circular orbit of the Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane sandy

February 20, 2013. The ability of meteorologists predict a different storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day falling the Ground. However, warns the Main government accountability office the U.S., the confusion that prevails between the military and meteorologists, may adversely affect the efficiency of the forecasts of various natural phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America put into polar orbit two types of weather satellites: some are controlled by the state meteorological services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to save Read more [...]
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Close orbit

In space is cramped. Almost as in a communal apartment. Morning, February 12, 2009 news agencies reported that over the Krasnoyarsk region faced two artificial satellite of the Earth: Russian and American. Specialists from the space industry said that there was unlikely, almost impossible, event. The impossible? But it happened. So, it may happen again. The fact of the collision of satellites observed at once, almost two days later. The first record of it appeared, when the Joint Strategic Command U.S. military representatives asked the phone company «Iridium». They reported that on 10 Read more [...]
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