91-Year-Old Breaks Terrace Wardrobe Immortalise

A 91-year-old man set a new Earth Tie of Benchers and Deadlifters immortalize Saturday when he judiciary pressed 187.2 pounds at the Interior Push-Pull Terrace Jam and Utter Facelift Championships. Sy Perlis, of Storm, Arizona, tattered the old tie-up platter of 135 pounds that had been in spot since 2005.Perlis, who lonesome began lifting competitively pentad geezerhood ago, has already won the country entitle in 2009 and earth titles in 2010 and 2011 in the 181-pound angle category. Below traditional connexion guidelines, competitors are just allowed a amount of tercet lifts. On Saturday, Perlis Read more [...]
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In Moscow and rain 4 °

Rain, sometimes heavy, will go to the capital for almost the entire day on Saturday, the website "Meteonovosti." "From 10 to 18 hours in the rain comes. Patchy total rainfall by the end of the day will be from 3 to 8 mm, and in some areas of the city will fall to 11 millimeters of rain, "- said in a statement. In addition, during the day in the Moscow region is expected to strengthen the south-west wind, the speed of which with gusts can reach 12-15 meters per second. According to forecasters, the air temperature in Moscow on Saturday afternoon will be plus 2-4 degrees. While preserving the Read more [...]
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The earthquake off the coast of Peru

Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred on Saturday night in the Pacific Ocean, a few dozen kilometers from the Peruvian coast, data on casualties and no property damage, according to the USGS website. Tremors were recorded at 01:33 Saturday to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 04:33 MSK). Their epicenter was located 185 kilometers west of the city of Arequipa at a depth of 49 kilometers. This is a sensitive 18 earthquake in Peru since the beginning of the year. In 2009, the country registered 140 earthquakes with a magnitude of 4 to 6. Source: USGS, RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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The wind left in the dark inhabitants of the nine districts of Belgorod region

More than 36 thousand people were left on Saturday without light in the Belgorod region due to squally wind, according to the Central regional emergency center. Rain, accompanied by heavy wind, reaching 15 — 20 meters per second in Saturday night caused power outages in nine districts of Belgorod region: Belgorod, Shebekino, Yakovlevsky, Gubkinsky, Stary Oskol, Grajvoronskogo, Korochanskiy, Noviy Oskol, Krasnenskoye and the city of Belgorod. «According to the data 20.50 GMT Saturday corrupted 89 lines de-energized 888 transformer substations. On restoration of power supply Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 happened in Japan

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 occurred on Saturday near the coast of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, reports the website of the U.S. Geological survey. Tremors were recorded in the 06.15 baseband on Saturday local time (01.15 MSC). According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 85 kilometres South-East of the city of Kushiro. The earthquake at a depth of 66,4 kilometers. About the victims and the extent of damage is unknown. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.1 happened in Greece

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.1 happened on Saturday in Greece, according to the USGS. Quake was recorded at 22.04 local time (23.04 time. According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 90 kilometres North-West of Athens. The earthquake was at a depth of 26.6 km. Information on casualties or damage were reported. Earlier on Saturday in the Gulf of Corinth in Greece earthquake of a magnitude of 4.3. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Flash flooding was a surprise for residents of Louisville

October 8, 2013. Residents of the largest city in the state of Kentucky (USA) last Saturday were unpleasantly surprised bystrorazvivajushchimsja flood, which was damaged homes and cars of the townspeople. The flood came as a surprise not only for ordinary people but also for local meteorologists: in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Louisville instead of the promised 5 cm of precipitation has shed more than 15. Authorities recorded more than 1,000 calls to the police, had to produce 84 emergency evacuation of flooded areas and 12 salvation forces of fire. Information about deaths and injuries Read more [...]
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In Georgia, the storm tears the roof and the trees coming down. Video

UpdateGusts of hurricane winds on Friday night in Kutaisi tore the roof with nine multi-storey and 10 private houses. There were fallen trees, damaging homes and cars in the Parking lots. The damage caused by the elements, has not yet been calculated. Restoration works began on Saturday morning. Victims among the population, reported in the Department of emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia. In the Imereti region gusty winds damaged power lines, causing several villages on Saturday is not powered on. In Eastern Georgia for several days, does not stop the snowfall, Read more [...]
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Filippo Pozzato Takes Point 7

The peloton rode done showery weather retiring the Brittany prop during Saturday's Arrange 7.     Photograph: Beth SchneiderThe peloton rode done showery weather retiring the Brittany prop during Saturday's Stagecoach 7.The peloton rode done showery weather yesteryear the Brittany shoring during Saturday's Level 7.Fassa Bortolo's Filippo Pozzato won Leg 7 of the 2004 Enlistment de France Saturday. The trend wove riders 123 miles from Chateaubriant to Apotheosis Brieue in Brittany, the mettle of the France's cycling part and domicile to such cycling legends as five-time Circuit Read more [...]
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Armstrong Wins Terminal Sentence Run, Clinches 6th Circuit Patronage

Fishgig Armstrong won his one-fifth leg Saturday, nigh clinching an unprecedented one-sixth triumph in the 2004 Spell     Exposure: Beth SchneiderFishgig Armstrong won his 5th phase Saturday, nearly clinching an unprecedented 6th triumph in the 2004 GoFishgig Armstrong won his 5th point Saturday, most clinching an unprecedented one-sixth triumph in the 2004 GoGig Armstrong capped his fling of victories in the 2004 Enlistment with a win in the terminal metre tryout, all but guaranteeing that he'll beguile an unprecedented one-sixth backing in the illustrious wash. The Texan Read more [...]
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Indonesian Vent Kills 11

A vent on the westerly island of Sumatra erupted Saturday, cleanup leastwise 11 mass, Reuters reports. It is the get-go sentence that officials birth seen Climb Sinabung, which stands on the Peaceable Sea's "Band of Blast," title any lives.During the retiring various months, the vent has turn progressively combat-ready, spewing ash gamy into the air. Thousands of residents were evacuated lead capable Saturday's erruption. "Xi mass were killed because of the irruption this cockcrow and the bit could growth," Andi Arief, a presidential staffer, told Reuters. "No Read more [...]
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Because of rain in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro killed four people

on 7 April. At least four people were killed as a result of rainfall in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, said in the night of Saturday, the local Civil defense. According to authorities, a heavy shower fell on Saturday in the town of Teresopolis in the mountainous part of the state. Rainfall caused the descent of mud flows from the mountains. Emergency services have recorded eight landslides soil, which can be people. In the area of the disaster sent rescue crews and dog handlers with dogs. Search operation is hampered by the darkness, but will resume in full on Saturday morning local time Read more [...]
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In Nakhodka about 8,000 people were left without heat because of the accident

A gust of heating residents left without heat for about 40 houses, a school and a kindergarten in the city of Nakhodka, said on Saturday EMERCOM Primorye. Information about the accident came on Saturday afternoon. A gust of heating occurred on the street. Michurina around the house 12. MOE later clarified: without heat were 38 houses (22 five-storey house, nine-16), home to 7749 people. Also remained without heat school and kindergarten, but they do not work on Saturday, said, "Interfax". "No one was injured. Temperature in accommodation maintained in the normal range", Read more [...]
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Two children were killed by a hurricane in Mexico

on June 16. Two children were killed by hurricane «Carlotta» hit the Mexican coast, passes on Saturday CNN. According to local authorities, two minors were killed in the night of Saturday, when a hurricane destroyed their home in the city of the Plume Hidalgo in the state of Oaxaca in the South. Killed two girls 13 and 7 years old, the mother of the children were injured. The government of Oaxaca announced on Friday the highest degree of danger in connection with the approaching landfall of the hurricane. At the moment «Carlotta» loses power — the gust speed Read more [...]
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The rains flooded several towns and villages in the North of England

on June 23. Due to heavy rains floods that submerged a number of villages in the North of England, evacuated about 450 people, writes in the Saturday newspaper Telegraph. Basically the floods affected the English County of Cumbria and the neighbouring territory of Scotland. Because of the dangerous flood of the river were evacuated villagers Croston, Darwen in Lancashire. In the town of Wigan water flooded the streets, some local residents had to be evacuated by boat. After a 24-hour downpour in 151 settlement of England and Scotland Saturday morning it was announced on the probability of flooding. Read more [...]
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President of Egypt began a decisive battle with the generals for power and money

Egypt plunged into a new crisis of power. Police used tear gas to drive away the opposition in Tahrir Square. Presidential advisers Mohammed Mursi, one by one to resign, according to the country ahead of a wave of pogroms. Opposition rebels against the president, who previously gave himself almost dictatorial powers.On Saturday evening in Cairo to begin meeting at the President created the so-called Council of Wise Men, consisting of representatives of various political and religious forces in Egypt, who will express their position on the recent presidential decrees.Some members of the Council Read more [...]
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This weekend people with heart disease should be especially careful

Winter does not hurry into the European territory of Russia. In most areas of the week the temperature did not fall below 0 degrees. Things will change next week, and gradually begins its winter offensive in the European part of the country. Meanwhile, outside the blue sky and sun. The reason for this kind of weather in most parts of the European territory was anticyclone. He shifted to the south-east, and the atmospheric pressure is gradually reduced. Nevertheless, it is still highly elevated, and deterioration of health maybe suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, Read more [...]
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Victims of the floods in Beijing are already 77 people

on July 26. The number of victims of floods caused by heavy rains that passed last Saturday in Beijing increased from 37 to 77 people, reports on Thursday, the Xinhua news Agency, citing city officials. Record since 1951 precipitation fell in the Chinese capital on Saturday. The rain had stopped by Sunday morning, but rescuers are still a few days continued the rubble, in the course of which found new body. According to local media, in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the city fell more than 220 mm of rainfall, in some areas of the city fell more than 460 millimetres of precipitation. Due Read more [...]
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Wind has left residents without electricity nine districts of the Belgorod region

More than 36,000 people were left without electricity on Saturday in the Belgorod region due to squally wind, according to the Central Regional Emergency Center. Rain, accompanied by squally winds reach 15 - 20 meters per second on Saturday night caused power outages nine districts of the Belgorod region Belgorod, Shebekinsky, Yakovlev, Gubkin, Stary Oskol, Graivoronsky, Korochanskogo, Novooskolskiy, Krasnenskogo and the city of Belgorod. "As of 20.50 MSK 89 Saturday damaged power lines de-energized 888 substations. On the restoration of electricity sent 101 rescue and recovery team. Read more [...]
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Conditioning: Preparing for 100 Miles in 11 Saturdays Matte

Out-of-door clip, Grand 1995Conditioning: Preparing for 100 Miles in 11 Saturdays MatBy Douglas GantenbeinPreparation for a c rally, the 100-mile benchmark of road-cycling fittingness, doesn't bastardly sacrificing often more of your spirit than expenditure respective Saturdays in the burden. In fact, if you starting now, you can walk the definitive two-wheeler's examination in the fall--without sustenance in spandex for the residual of the summertime.Spell Read more [...]
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