Flooding on both sides of the Atlantic

The floods in the north of Argentina, several thousand people were left homeless. The city streets were under water, do not work shops and schools. With the effects of the elements and fighting on the other side of the Atlantic. In the UK, the damage from the strongest in 20 years floods exceeded 100 million pounds.To the north of Argentina collapsed heavy downpours. Resistencia city - the capital of the province of Chaco - now more reminiscent of Venice. Just a few hours there fell more than ten inches of rain. Life in the city is paralyzed not operate enterprises, institutions and shops. Read more [...]
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Abdulina of p-tion ts.Orenb. region. Located 280 km northwest from Orenbah. The first settlement. arose in 1795 he received the status in 1923 in A. are s-dy: repair track machines; by Mfr. shelving for greenhouses and tractor-trailers, brick, and hlebo- molokokomb-you. In the years. BOB here from Zaporozhye was evacuated melz-d number 14. In the city there are 10 Wed schools, vocational schools, 2 Palace of Culture, several. clubs and cinemas. Us. 23.0 thousand. Pers. (01/01/1996). Lit .: history of his native land. Chelyabinsk, 1988. Author: Futoryansky LI Read more [...]
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1970-1980. Breadth and upwards ALL THE BEST TO CHILDREN!

    There is no more efficient and reliable investment than using them for the younger generation. In this regard, 1970-1980-ies. favorably with those in the Dzerzhinsk region from all previous soviet slogan "All the best for children" carried out in full.In children's mills Uralvagonzavod     About building superbly equipped nurseries and kindergartens with swimming pools, living areas, greenhouses, we have already mentioned, but now we only note that in the early 1980s. at about 13 thousand. preschool children clapboard had 69 preschools in the 10325 Read more [...]
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MIASS city ​​region. subordination Chelyaba. region. Located on r.Miass 90 km southwest from Chelyaba. The first settlement. arose in 1773 when p. merchant I.Lugininym medeplavilnogo h-huh. In end of the XVIII c. in the region of M. deposits were discovered vein of gold and the beginning. work zolotopromyvalnaya f-ka. In the XIX century. near M. were built angry. mines, the annual production to-ryh reached 60 pounds. In the beginning. XX century. in M. was 26 ind. enterprises, there were church girls grammar schools, lower vocational school, 2 early. schools, 2 Bible. club. In 1916 M. Read more [...]
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In China flooded more than a thousand schools

More than a thousand educational institutions in China's Hainan province were flooded as a result of prolonged heavy rains. Such data results in Management education region Direct economic losses from natural disasters is estimated at 670 million dollars. To date, more than 2.5 million local residents from 182 villages suffered from the elements. 330 thousand people in the emergency order were evacuated to safe areas, RBC-Russia. From 8 October ceased classes in the schools of the cities of Haikou, Sanya and County Linshui that are most seriously affected by the floods. Source: Read more [...]
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Remote U.

    What did we do all summertime? We searched the land for the coolest college towns, places where the outside and cerebral esprit mix blissfully. Therein on-line Snitch Trailer of Away's September matter, we fulfill you in on our picks for the commonwealth's TOP TEN schools. Whether you're quest a enceinte university feel or good a stimulant situation to birdcall domicile, our template bequeath get you thither. Athirst for more? Cheque the relaxation of Away's top twoscore schools, Addition bailiwick overseas programs in Spain, Japan, and Botswana; military schools at which to Read more [...]
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Higher Training

WHEN AMERICAN Crampoon Greg Mortenson stumbled into the Pakistani settlement of Korphe in 1993—helpless, starvation, and isolated from his junket couple astern an abortive effort to tip K2—he had no estimate that the ternary years he'd expend recuperating thither would alter his sprightliness incessantly. To thank the locals who suckled him backbone to wellness, Mortenson vowed to body-build the needy settlement its offset principal civilize. Since so Mortenson, done his non-profit-making Primal Asia Bring, has founded 55 layperson schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan—experiences Read more [...]
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Top U.S. kayaking schools

Workweek of Venerable 15-21, 1996 Glide o'er Ness Cod's dunes Where can I issue my doggie? Top U.S. kayaking schools Mount biking in Steamboat Springs Canoe-friendly fjords dear VancouverTop U.S. kayaking schoolsEnquiry: Where's the outflank billet in the Joined States to larn how to kayak?Chris StreuliElmhurst, ILchriss@starwave.com Gamble Advisor: Backside occupation? The better of the topper are Otter Bar Inn on the Forks of the Pinkish-orange in northerly Read more [...]
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The Siberian cold wave has covered Iraq

on January 22. Under the influence coming from the Siberian air masses unusually cold weather settled in the Northern and Central regions of Iraq. The temperature dropped in the Sunday night before ?5 degrees Celsius, and in the morning has not risen above zero. Life in the country, accustomed to the 50-degree heat, but not cold, almost completely paralyzed. Baghdad street is deserted. Disappeared even wandering merchants that deliver on trucks vegetables and fruits. The intensity of traffic is very low. Mountain villages in the governorates of Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk, in the North of Iraq is Read more [...]
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Glide in New Zealand

Workweek of October 26-November 2, 1995Subterraneous rafting in New ZealandHike amidst Mayan ruins of the YucatánDetermination voodooism ceremonies in HaitiGrace encampment at Redwood/Kings Canon Internal BallparkCairns: Australia's ultimate alfresco MeccaNavigation in New ZealandGliding in New ZealandQ: I'm concerned in travel to New Zealand for a duet of months this overwinter. Do you cognise of any seafaring schools/programs? I.e., what power Read more [...]
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Out-of-door selection schools

Workweek of Adjoin 13-20, 1996Out-of-door endurance schoolsThe stern on dogs in home parksSea kayaking Wisconsin's Apostle IslandsThe beautiful badlands dear San DiegoTips on travel-planning resourcesAlaska's Lake Clark Internal CommonOutside endurance schoolsInquiry: Does the Bowlder Outside Endurance Schoolhouse quieten survive? If so, how can I liaison them?Cory LoomisColumbus, GAbhs-stu@cbus.mindspringRisk Advisor: You're in hazard. Gaffer is hush outdoors Read more [...]
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In MARCHI ordered prayers for the salvation of the list of ineffective schools

Group of faculty and staff at the Moscow Architectural Institute ordered prayers for the salvation of the university from the list of ineffective schools, said Friday the university rector Michael Shubenko."Prayer to be held on December 19 on the Protection church Ordynka Street, ordered the initiative group of employees. It will be the salvation of all afflictions MARCHI who collapsed on us. We have many different unexplained trouble and we think about how we get out of the black area. That may turn out to be, with God's help, "- said vice-rector."We're, like, all indicators Read more [...]
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In America, schools are closed because of fears the onset of the end of the world

In the U.S. state of Michigan Christmas school holidays began earlier time because of fears the onset of the "end of the world." According to local media, December 20, for this reason, did not go to school thousands of children.According to local authorities, "rumors about the end of the world distract students and disrupt the educational process." In this regard, it was decided to close the school is not 24 December, and a few days earlier.On December 21, 2012 comes to an end one of the cycles of the Mayan calendar. Many people around the world to believe that the Mayan Read more [...]
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Choosing a mountaineering shoal

Hebdomad of November 7-13, 1996 Exploring the Dominican Democracy's parks Kayaking and rafting close Juneau Choosing a mountaineering schooling Off the map in Baja Sur MexicoChoosing a mountaineering schoolingHead: My wife and I are look many unlike alpine mounting and mountaineering schools. We would similar to cognize what you power advise as a tilt of criteria for selecting one of these schools. My wife and I deliver been tramp and trekking for many Read more [...]
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Because of the cold weather and snow in the UK closed almost 300 schools

Because of the extremely cold weather and heavy snowfalls that have come to the UK from Russia, the country has closed almost 300 schools. On Wednesday evening, told BBC Broadcasting Corporation BBC. In most of the unusually heavy snowfall hit the east of England. Thus, in just one county of Norfolk for this reason has been closed more than 260 schools. In the rest of the country the weather has also made adjustments to the schedule - schools continue to close in central and northern England, and in the south of Scotland. However, the coldest temperature remains still in Norfolk: the temperature Read more [...]
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Turkish forecasters warn that snow will intensify

According to the Meteorological Service of Turkey, most of the country are expected snowfall.Heavy precipitation will fall as snow in the east on the shores of the Sea of Marmara (Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Yalova, Bursa, Bilecik), on the west coast of the Black Sea (Zonguldak, Bartin, Inebolu), in the central and eastern Chernonomore, south and east Central Anatolia (Konya, Kirşehir, Nevsehir, Aksaray, Sivas, Yozgat, Turkey), in the north and east of Eastern Anatolia (Erzurum, Kars, Mus, Van, etc.), as well as in the east south-east Anatolia (Diyarbakir, Batman, Siirt, Mardin).Istanbul Read more [...]
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Reference to God banned: new rules in U.S. schools

In American schools generally prohibit mention of God as students and teachers. Director forced to take such measures for fear of legal action by parents, because, under U.S. law, public schools allowed to allocate one religion over another. During the last year the administration of many schools were forced to ban the mention of "God", "God" and other religious terms. These words can not be used both teachers and pupils. Moreover, teachers are forced to revise the curriculum and to exclude from the text fragments of various works of a religious nature. In North Carolina, Read more [...]
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Rock-climbing schools in New Hampshire

Hebdomad of April 3-9, 1997Tramp and biking in Northwards CarolinaSchlepping a surf to Rib Rica?Provision an chance slip with a tot Rock-climbing schools in New HampshireChoosing an outside teaching lineRock-climbing schools in New HampshireInquiry: I'll be in the New Hampshire country from midriff July 'til eye Revered. I would care to do a rock-climbing grade. Is thither any beneficial cultivate in the region, and do you retrieve I could do a beginners Read more [...]
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Military service. Soldier — Defender of the Fatherland (duty, registration, preparation for service, military schools) 11 Cl. 1 hour

Military service. Soldier - Defender of the Fatherland (duty, registration, preparation for service, military schools) 11 Cl. 1 hour Markov Mikhail YurevichBroshyura written in accordance with the curriculum section OBZH - "Fundamentals of military service" for 11 classes. The submission of the material reveals the basic concepts of military service, the nature and organization of military registration, mandatory and voluntary organization of preparing citizens for military service, patriotism, moral, psychological and military characteristics of the armed defense of the Fatherland, Read more [...]
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Russian Armed Forces (history, objectives aircraft types, kinds of troops, etc.) 10 cl., 1 pm

Russian Armed Forces (history, objectives aircraft types, kinds of troops, etc.) 10 cl., 1 hour manual was prepared in the Center of military-patriotic and civic education Moscow Department of Education booklet in accordance with the curriculum Basics military service placed materials that reveal the history of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, their role, purpose, objectives, organizational structure, containing the description of services and arms the Armed Forces, other troops involved in the defense of the state. Designed for a wide range of readers, primarily on the basis of military Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).