Thousands of homes in Scotland without electricity

Several thousands of homes in Scotland were left without electricity due to heavy snowfall, according to a British television channel Sky News. As a result, suffered in last night to Scotland snow fell from 60 to 90 cm of snow, which was an unprecedented phenomenon, even for these sites. Among the most affected by the bad weather areas - Gleneagles Ohterarder, Bracken and Grinloaning in the county of Perthshire in central Scotland, as well as Benkori and Alford in Aberdeenshire County in the north-east of the country. Snowfall violated electricity in many areas. During Friday's cut off from Read more [...]
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Sudden snow and frost in Scotland

Unexpected for late March snowfall and frost struck Tuesday at the northern regions of the United Kingdom, leading to power outages, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC. In Scotland and Northern Ireland has dropped to 7.5 centimeters of snow, and the temperature in some areas last night dropped to No. 5 °. As a result of bad weather in Scotland were without power 22,000 homes. Energy were able to restore the supply of 20 thousand of them in the afternoon of Tuesday, in two thousand houses have to give light in the evening. Almost throughout Scotland in the next evening and Read more [...]
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Anomalous cooling recorded in Britain

Forecasters recorded in the northern areas of the UK abnormal for this time of the year cooling. Snow filled up with Scotland, rain fell as the cars on the roads just fell asleep. The release of drivers and passengers, local authorities sent teams of rescuers. Not without accidents - with one of the highway slid and overturned school bus, killing a child, several students were injured. And in Northern Ireland under the weight of wet snow broke off the wires on the power lines. As a result, more than 40 thousand. Inhabitants of the region were left without electricity. Source: Russia 24 Previous Read more [...]
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Weather joked over the English. Photo

Children's toy - duck - partially buried in snow after blizzard in Derry, Northern Ireland. (REUTERS) Today, April 1, the spring confidently takes office ... and in the UK winter still does not want to assign the right to rule.Car stuck in the snow on the side of the highway A9 in Perthshire, Scotland, on March 30. (REUTERS / David Moir) Girl tries to escape from the cold and snow in Dunblane, Scotland, on March 30. (REUTERS / David Moir) Horse standing under a tree during a snowfall in Kinbuke, Scotland. (REUTERS / David Moir) Passer hard way through the snowdrifts in Peebles, Scotland, Read more [...]
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The Trump Treks in Scotland: Heavy Glen Way

Heavy Glen Way     Photograph: Ayack/Wikimedia GreenA:The Heavy Glen Way travels 73 miles done the Highlands on the route of the Expectant Glen, Scotland’s longest vale. Hikers start at the south-west trailhead at Fortify William and surveil the Caledonian Channel, which connects various lakes—including Loch Cape—ahead terminating in the e at Inverness. The itinerary follows the duct’s towpath for practically of the way, though it does fleet into the forested hills occasionally, and isn’t too strict. Read more [...]
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The earliest for the last 17 years winter has arrived in the UK

LONDON, 25 November. The earliest for the last 17 years the snow hit the UK, which has led to difficulties in traffic and closing schools, according to the British broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si. In the North of Scotland and the North East of England for the last day fell to 15 centimetres of snow. British the weather Bureau is predicting heavy snowfall throughout Scotland, the Orkney and Shetland Islands, North and North-East England.Road service AA got about three thousand phone calls about the incident and the damage of the cars on icy and snowy roads. In many districts of Scotland Read more [...]
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What Are the Scoop Treks in Scotland?

Loch Cape     Exposure: Dave Stokes/Wikimedia CommonA:The walk paths of Scotland are about of the almost striking you’ll incur in the humankind—travel on unsubtle wasteland fields and weatherworn stretches of empty-bellied glide without e'er straying too far from a pub. Privy Muir, the Scottish-born beginner of the Sierra Cabaret, would be pleased the net of trekking paths that recognise visitors to his state now. These iii are among the finest. You can pack on the way or stoppage all-night in the towns you infiltrate—be certain to institute bug spraying either Read more [...]
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The Outflank Treks in Scotland: St. Cuthbert’s Way

St. Cuthbert's Way     Pic: M. J. Richardson/Wikimedia CommoA:This 62-mile path crisscrosses the edge 'tween Scotland and England, start at the situation where St. Cuthbert—the mediaeval frequenter ideal of northerly England—started his ministry in the 7th 100, and travelling e to Sanctum Island where he died. Your rise starts at the arresting 12th-century Melrose Abbey and follows the banks of the River Gabardine earlier climb the Eildon Hills and Wideopen Mound, overtaking St. Cuthbert’s Spelunk, and eventually arrival the Northward Sea slide. The trip-up normally Read more [...]
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The Outflank Treks in Scotland: Southerly Highland Way

Southerly Highland Way     Picture: Miles By/Wikimedia Commonalty

A:The Southerly Highland Way stretches 212 miles crossways southerly Scotland, start on the sou’west sea-coast in Portpatrick and travel to the opposition prop at Cockburnspath. It’s a importantly less crowded but as beautiful choice to the notable W Upland Way. The pass is a taster disk of the trump of Scotland’s scene—jolting shores, blockheaded forests, sheep pastures, and old castles.

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The eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland

The smoke from the Grímsvötn volcano in Southeast Iceland, which began erupting on may 21, 2011, rose on Sunday to a height of up to 20 kmThe eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Southeast Iceland entered the active phase on Saturday, may 21. The plume of ash, smoke and steam from the volcano rose to a height of up to 20 km of Airspace over Iceland was temporarily closed and all domestic flights cancelled. The ashes of the volcano Grímsvötn is not as dangerous as we Remarked, but European countries, despite the optimism of the Icelandic meteorological, just in case, prepare for trouble.By Read more [...]
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Cyclone Udo crushes Ireland and Scotland

on may 24. A powerful storm raging off the coast of Ireland and Scotland. Wind gusts can reach 180 km/h, the storm breaks trees, tear roofs off homes and tears transmission line. Cause stormy weather is a cyclone called Udo (Udo), located on the West coast of Scotland. Hurricane deprived of electricity tens of thousands of homes. Police urges drivers to be especially careful on the roads.Despite the fact that until the UK has not yet reached the volcanic dust, because of the strong hurricane airspace had to close. Weather forecasters promise that this night in Britain, the wind has passed, Read more [...]
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Lochs, Rocks, and Barrels

Courtesy of     1 Malted Bilk ReviewsCourtesy of ravenscroftcrystal.comThe single-malt whiskies of Scotland are a distillment of the rain-soaked Highlands and distant, sea-sprayed isles. Under, our fave picks of 18th- and 19th-century distilleries that compound the picturesque and the eminently quaffable. »EDRADOUR (011-44-179-647-2095,, hidden in the forested village of Balnauld, in the fundamental Highlands, is the smallest still in the nation, with deuce-ace distillers producing fair two barrels of whiskey a hebdomad. The nearby Read more [...]
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The Mellow Hills of Exemption

Comely SCOTLAND: 3,773-foot Bidean nam Bian jab up supra the vale of Glen Coe     Pic: William HuberAlan DouglasAlan Douglas, a.k.a. "the Impish Lomondeer" Buachaille Etive MórBaggers's Junket: Glen Coe's Buachaille Etive Mór ScotlandMap of Scotland by Microphone Reagan Charlie Campbell, Microphone Lates, Highlands' Applecross Woodland, Dave HewittRamble: from left-hand, first-rate Munro-bagger Charlie Campbell nigh Glasgow; batch draw Microphone Lates on the Islet of Skye; an antediluvian surround in the Highlands' Applecross Timber; Dave Hewitt, editor Read more [...]
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Lot Biking Scotland

Ruthven Barracks, good Kingussie     Exposure: Pic by Brant HumphreysWax HighlanderA wax Highlander at Glenfinnan Repository Upland cattleUpland cattle dear Kingussie Glen AvonGlen Avon FultonFulton (mall) at Glenshield InnWAS IT A Sight or a wakeful dreaming? I stood isolated in a ridiculously plunge, boulder-strewn gully on a 3,000-foot shake stilt called Backing Piercing, in a land of strong-arm hurt that had stirred bey soreness and valetudinarianism, retiring ill, done murmuring and disorientation to a uncaring land of deliver. The sun rhythm kill.I was on the 5th day of a six-day Read more [...]
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Barbaric Kingdom

    Photograph: Example by Jonathan CarlsonJoined LandRock-Climb in England: The Lake Dominion has the finest grit crags in Europe; especiallyworthy are the routes at the Roaches and Hen Mottle. Thither are too eternal problems to be resolved on the monumental granite boulders at Peacenik Crag., in Wales: Prince Charles's cowling is the paradise for fat-tire fanatics. Coed y Brenin's 60-mile meshwork of singletrack overlooks hilly Snowdonia. Try the spic-and-span, expert 15-mile train at Gwydyr Woods. www.mbwales.comRise Scotland's Read more [...]
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Because of the hurricane in Scotland 70 thousand homes were left without electricity

on 9 December. As a result of failures in the power grid caused by Gale force winds hit Scotland on 8 and 9 December, no light left at least 70 thousand households, reports Sky News. In addition, due to the bad weather had closed many highways, bridges and railway sidings. Also suspended work almost all government offices, schools, libraries, sports and entertainment centers. Local authorities have advised residents not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.Wind speeds of more than 70 meters per second caused an accident on one of the turbines of the power plant near the city Androssan. Read more [...]
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Damage from the storm in Scotland amounted to more than $ 150 million

Damage from powerful storms in Scotland is estimated at 157 million dollars. Shortened working day, blocked highways, interruptions in power supply and absenteeism of employees at work have also cause a noticeable drop in performance. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The Trip-Finder, January 1999ScotlandWalk-to the Islet of HarrisOutfitterDamageAccommodationsNor'-west Frontiers011-44-185-461-2628,$775tourist hotelsThe Road: A seven-day roll crossways a windswept island off Scotland's westward sea-coast. From the straggly old Harris Hotel, you'll accompany switchbacks that raise sharp from the flannel shell-sand beaches capable the super of rubbly cliffs.When to go: May Read more [...]
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In Scotland 3,000 people were left without electricity due to snow

3 April. Winter storm hit the northeast region of Scotland after last week in the country was recorded a record high temperature for March — plus 23.6 degrees Celsius. In some areas of the country fell to 17 inches of snow. Snow storm knocked out the power line, leaving no light 3000 inhabitants. Part of moving between settlements were closed. The meteorological service has issued a warning about the possibility of avalanches in the Grampian mountains in the North of Scotland. Source: LifeNewsSnow returned to Scotland In the place of the accident, where he faced seven cars, Read more [...]
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Flooding in Scotland

Residents evacuated due to heavy flooding in Scotland. Scotland hit by heavy flooding and rivers burst their banks after heavy rains across the country.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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