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In the parks of Moscow will install 17 sculptures Moose

So capital ecologists want to attract the attention of the citizens in environmental issues.The sculptures in full size moose appeared in the capital's parks. 17 sculptures of wild animals cost the city nearly two million rubles.Sculptures moose installed in four parks of the capital: wildlife refuges “Dolinina Setun River” and “Sparrow Hills”, Landscape reserve “Troparevsky” and natural-historical park “Moskvoretsky”.From eco-friendly materials made whole herd of animals- This is done so that people understand – they are in a conservation area Read more [...]
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Jules Pierre Moynier: fidelity to nature

Jules Pierre Moynier was the most famous artistBut the accuracy of his sculptures (critics call them "instant delay") and the perfection of their execution put it on par with the outstanding sculptors-animal painter of the nineteenth century.Look at one of the most famous figures Moynier - "Setter, pheasant feed." You will feel the warmth and power of the limp bird dog springy muscles. Anatomical accuracy of modeling, knowledge of animal biology, finally understanding the moment of hunting - that's what attracts this small masterpiece, made of bronze.And oddly enough, kvazianatomichnost Moynier, Read more [...]
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From heaven descended on the earth Science, and Art Work

     Yesterday sculpture, more half a century after standing on the roof of the city drama theatre, first came down to earth to nine months (such period prescribed in the contract) to be reborn to a new life.     Unique operation of the dismantling of the figures turned into the real spectacle attracted to the Theatre square, the attention of dozens of people. Craning their necks, forgetting for a moment the other cases, despite the scorching sun, the citizens were curiously watching what is going on more 20 meters.    The first in a breathtaking Read more [...]
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Russia is not for sale

So, sculpture and got the title: "Russia is not for sale!". Ultimately, the character of the country has returned Home. The statue was sent in Ekaterinburg Museum, and a copy of it (just the original) was sent to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. But as often happens in our country - the 1st instance of the sculpture when the carriage broke, and the 2nd was somehow lost.  Had to do extra parts and a few copies. So, after the turmoil of the 1917 and civilian war Zlatoust Museum workers found lost on the way to the off option, and left the exhibit. At this point, "Russia is not for sale" is Read more [...]
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Perm wooden sculpture

Perm wooden sculpture phenomenon in Russian. cult plastic. In the XVII century. work was done in the tradition of Old Russian. Thread (volumes compiled, forms the planar frontal compositions and immobile). Traditional multicolor painting. For works of the XVIII century. Characteristic features of the Baroque style. In end of the XVIII c. appear to work with elements of classicism. In the XIX century. People developed a primitive form of baroque vary. The meeting focused PGHG approx. 370 memory, incl. work D.T.Domina, N.T.Filimonova, N.M.Kiryanova. Lit .: Serebrennikov NN Perm de roaring sculpture. Read more [...]
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The history of sculpture in the center of the fountain

Standing by our column Konstantinych reiterated the question. But this time he did not examines readers, and he would get a competent answer. So, from a letter. "I am sending photos of the hospital, which is visible on the sculpture. Whether it was a fountain, or a flower bed. Now figure in the place not. Apparently, fans tried to nonferrous metal. I was wondering what it was for sculpture, and when installed? " We were asked to answer the question of the Director of the Nizhny Tagil History Museum Svetlana Adolfovna Clute. The sculpture, located in the center of the fountain in the front of Read more [...]
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Arts, science and labor will be lightweight than

     When the roof was dismantled Drama Theatre stood there for over half a century sculpture, the central statue personifying Arts, left his post last. But after three and a half months, she first appeared in front of experts in an updated form. Though not a full-length.     Once the yard workshops LLC "Taghilsky casting"We got a clear idea of ​​what it means to be dismantled. Standing and lying here and there, "something together, povroz, and then alternately" several dozen fragments that formed recently as a whole look Now concrete allegory Read more [...]
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Fully experience the beauty of

    It has been 50 years in the School arts and crafts paint smells do not disappear, lacquer, clay, red-hot metal     In October 1945, in old mansion on Starobazarnoy street, which by the decision of People's Commissars of the RSFSR located Ural Industrial Art School, came first students. These were people who passionately passionate about art, recent veterans, more not withdrawn tunic, workers and yesterday schoolchildren. Not having the basic necessities, they morning till late in the evening worked, studied, comprehend large and complex world of painting, sculpture, Read more [...]
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Ready to ascend the number one

     Dismantled last summer with the roof Drama Theatre allegorical statues of Science, Arts and Labor will soon take their rightful place under the former heaven. But it will be no longer the same for half a century dilapidated concrete sculptures, and their replicas cast from silumina aluminum-silicon alloy.     The other day we visited the workshops LLC "Taghilsky casting" and personally convinced that the readiness for the upcoming rise of 25-meter height is almost absolute. "Crouched before the start" Outdoors figure boy in working overalls Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic found skultura age of 26 000 years

Picture of a mysterious woman, created 26,000 years ago, was discovered in what is now the Czech Republic. As experts say, a small sculpture of a mammoth tusk is the oldest of its kind. The study of these ancient artifacts to better understand not only the features of life of our ancestors, how to judge the level of their cultural development. Now find is a study in the British Museum in London, where an international team of archaeologists trying to understand exactly who could be behind the creation of the sculpture. Scientists say that people in their more or less its present form live on Read more [...]
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China has found a giant sculpture of an unknown animal

The giant stone sculpture was discovered by Chinese archaeologists in the city of Chengdu in southwest China, reports Daily Mail. The figure depicts an animal, which is quite difficult to identify. According to some assumptions, the sculpture could represent a giant panda.Length figure was 3.3 m, width - 1.2 m, height - 1.7 meters Experts say that the sculpture weighs about 8.5 t Age figure is about 2 thousand years.In addition to the giant statues were also found numerous artifacts, including ritual vessels and other utensils, allowing archaeologists to suggest that the figure was in the ancient Read more [...]
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Scientists collect ancient figure of a man-lion over 70 years

New dating udrevnila unprecedented work of art that is stored in the German city of Ulm, in 8000 years. In fact, to gather the crumbs just amazing figure, the scientists took more than 70 years. The latest estimates show that paleolithic artist spent the man-lion, not less than 400 hours - about two months of work in daylight.Reporting a new dating of human-lion appeared on the eve of the British Museum a large exhibition devoted to the art of the Paleolithic. Ulm was to decorate the sculpture exhibition along with the works of ancient art, as bison and Zaraisky Věstonice Venus. But restorers Read more [...]
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In the pyramid of the Sun found a sculpture of the ancient god of the Indians

Mexican archaeologists have discovered in the famous Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, near the capital, sculpture Ueueteotlya god - the god of fire and the home, which the Indians considered the oldest of their deities, according to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.The find was made at the height of 66 meters, in the pyramid. The sculpture of the god, the biggest of the previously found Ueueteotlya images in this historic place, located in the voids of impressive dimensions in this grand structure. Scientists can not yet give a precise answer to the question of how the sculpture Read more [...]
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Doctors part of the cultural environment-7

Closest to architecture - sculpture. And it's presented in a very interesting works. For example, the already mentioned carved in stone face protector sources, or, according to legend, the spirit of the mountains, in the Lower Castle Spring. You can cut in stone and more monumental, menacing look, but it will mean apart from choking the flow of hot water? It seems that the music that has been successful sculptor in Carlsbad Vary, leave no one indifferent. It's worth it to look for in the morning, afternoon or evening most expressive lighting and capture on film a sight that will never Read more [...]
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