Amazon Antique

Amazon and amazonomachyAmazons in Greek mythology was called a tribe of women warriors and horsewomen. These women were skilled in archery and horsemanship. It was believed that they are descended from the god of cunning, treacherous war Ares and Harmony, the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, and worshiped the god of war Ares and Artemis the goddess of hunting. His life was carried out in the battles. Amazon Fermodonte lived on the river, the city Themiscyra, in the northern part of Asia Minor. It was believed that they were settled there after came from the Caucasus. In addition to Asia Minor, lived Read more [...]
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Hunt changed history

Herodotus in his "History" told about the hunt for a rabbit that became the landmark in the history of the ancient world. It happened during the unsuccessful campaign of the Persian king Darius against the Scythians on the Black Sea in 514 BCHares and WARScythian troops – infantry and cavalry – acted  order of battle for the battle with the Persians. These were the so-called Royal Scythians, bossed in a complex hierarchy of tribes Lukomorya. When steppe Knights have stood in battle array, then he slipped through their ranks hare. Noticing the hare, the Scythians immediately rushed Read more [...]
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Sauromates Sarmatian animal style

Sauromates Sarmatian animal style Volga-ur. version of the Scythian-Siberian animal style rasprostanenie Eurasian steppes in the wounds. yellow. in. S.S.Z.S. represented by a set of well-defined images of animals (birds of prey, herbivorous, carnivorous and fantastic animals), depicted in poses canonized?, and compositions: Alone herbivore, deer horns, throw behind his back and bent legs, curled up in the ring predator scene predation predator or herbivore others. predator. With dec. thin. receptions (Exaggerating sizes, ornament, color inserts of stones) highlighted certain hours. bodies: the Read more [...]
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Scythian tattoos — a new hit in the Kazakh tattoo parlors

Instead of adorning themselves Celtic patterns or dragons ponadergannymi of Japanese miniatures, many people prefer the national product and order painting on the body, like the leaders of the ancient nomads.- I am very busy with the history of the peoples who inhabited Kazakhstan in ancient times, and that's ripe to perpetuate this passion with tattoos - shares capital clerk Yerzhan Umurzakov. - Unfortunately, I have not found any information on the Kazakh and Turkish tattoos. But, Digging deeper into history, came across a real treasure. In 1929, archaeologists excavated the tomb in the Read more [...]
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Knights of the Great Scythia

In the most interesting stories of the nomads of the Eurasian steppes of Scythia history - one of the brightest pages. No accident that since the release of the Scythians in the 7th century. BC. e. the arena of world history, they serve as a powerful military union, took an active part in the most important historical processes of the time, originating in the vast expanses of the Northern Black Sea and to the depths of the East.The memory of these campaigns, the horror, came upon the inhabitants of the East, from the Caucasus to Palestine, preserved for centuries. Enough to read the line contemporaries Read more [...]
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