A look at the system from the inside

German kurtshaar ability to adapt to different requirements only emphasizes the plasticity of the breed and its indispensability in all situationsPhoto: Timur Farukshin The next morning, after the exhibition prior to international competitions kurtshaar (IKP), we had to pass the test in the field and on the water.The weather was shocking: the strong gusts of wind and rain. Strong winds on North Sea — The usual thing. As experience with this wind dogs, I does not I represented. However, experts have announced that the weather is typical for this time of Read more [...]
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From concepts to certain

What is a good setter dog? What requirements apply to the work of experts in competitions your pet? We continue consideration of the basic qualities of the workers setter.When nataske young dog training often begin using quail decoy. Search setter is the key to finding a successful game. What is the search for a gun? It appears that this movement in the dog lands in a certain way for the rapid detection of possible game.Fast search — is not Only characteristic for each breed of dog in the speed of movement search, but and tempo, energy and rationality. Read more [...]
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In search of bream

Last spring, a wading feeder bream very pleased us, and we waited for them to look great. Impatience turned into what went on to start exploration in not the best of places. And they have chosen as the most rapidly thawed…On Zae we found no-one tried to catch someone in the muddy water, but did not suffer long. In Vishnevka floes piled up on the shore, and we chat with them in good faith cast feeders, too vain. We stopped in and found there Betki people 10 fishermen, and one even had a bream in the cage.In the morning I pulled in Betki. The people did not exist, but after Read more [...]
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Hunters, who stood in the way of VIP-poachers, not left alone

According to our source at the Interior Ministry on April 24 officers of the State Investigative the Interior Ministry in the Central Federal District was searched in the house gosohotinspektora Office of hunting and hunting resources Dovydenko Alexander. Similar events were also held in the places of residence of his relatives — son and sister.Later he confirmed Dovydenko «MK» this information.— At 6.50 in the morning my wife woke terrible roar that resounded from the front door. The door did not knock, but really bursting. When I opened, representatives of the investigative Read more [...]
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April Kola — the specificity of the search

Fans «bezmotylki»Perch, grayling, whitefish. The second half of April — the best time for expeditions to the Kola Peninsula. Anyway, in the north-eastern part. Snow is still enough for the free movement of the snowmobile, but already felt the breath of spring. With regard to this period, and talk about the tactics of finding fish in the lakes of the tundra.As a rule, you have to catch the fish in the complete absence of information. A fish caught here is different: trout, brown trout, burbot, perch, whitefish, grayling, pike. Who lives in the lake which, it is Read more [...]
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Overcast in September

Revell storm… And the thunder and lightning shine. The next outing on the Rybinsk Reservoir was held in difficult weather conditions. On Saturday, the storm chased away twice from the water we have, and on Sunday the wind kept on shore till noon.In recent years, fishing in Borok constantly puts our company in a dilemma — active search for large accumulations in the predator «big water» guaranteed or catching on difficult terrain, the remaining of the dredger. Personally, I catch on complex terrain very much, it's a real challenge to the skill. But the Read more [...]
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Search spring fish

Springtime, when everything in nature is in development, moving when one stage of flood waters is replaced by another fishing are often faced with a situation of the lack of fish in a comfortable and seemingly well chosen location. At the same time and have fishing gear is built right under the terms of fishing, and the necessary and proven tips and bait are available, but no bites. What then? Apparently, as the only reason besklevya admittedly lack of fish in the area of ​​fishing.In difficult periods of the spring fishing, of course, very important to find a place where Read more [...]
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In search of the wolf’s lair

Not everyone liked the gray dark clouds, cold and snow in May, after the first spring heat, and only for the rangers of wolf-Mikhail Ivanovich Duzinskogo of n. Lebyazhe the snow - I wish to go. In a gloomy evening when the slanting snow on top of heap up, putting all the urgent business, he leaves on an old motorcycle in the area of ​​wolves to vytropit at dawn to the lair confusing chain of full-grown animal tracks. Jumped to maturation at the Wolf's lair taken aback, vzlaet abruptly, warning of trouble girlfriend, not cowardly run from his eternal enemy, man, and for a moment linger in splendid Read more [...]
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GPS-navigator and huskies

Navigation systems for tracking hunting dogs today are widespread among the hunters. The main device that is currently in use, this Astro 320 and DC 50 collars or older models of this line.Photo Shutter button They use them as hunting so on tests and competitions for freestyle vidam.My offer a relatively simple method of evaluating the performance qualities with huskies the use of this equipment.Our method of using the GPS receiver 320 and Astro DC 50 collar on Husky is as follows: on the first stage of check capture (Detection) satellite Read more [...]
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Spring bream search

Search yo-bream with the jig and the last ice can give results only if properly selected and when you place simultaneously with the newly drilled hole to fish are the places where yesterday or today anglers fished. Choosing the right fishing tactics, lures and nozzles ensures success.In spring, when the fish habitat in the reservoirs are changing, bream begin to make migration to the rich food places. However, they often have certain routes. Knowing the distance to be traversed leschovyh flocks can drill wells in a certain pattern, to lure them and wait for the approach of large Read more [...]
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Bringing up the champion. Article Two

In winter, when the dog was not yet a year old, while walking she began to pay attention to the pigeons and sneak up on him. This reflex I had the opportunity to work in a dog rack liner after the command "Fetch!" And stop after getting a bird on the wing. So effortlessly on walks with us Dunyasha mastered the basics of action when dealing with bird. TO conducted training'll take advantages of high speed on the liner visible bird. However, I I noticed that the dog took his eyes searching for the birds, and no flair, several delayed its development field; Read more [...]
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Go for spring bream!

PART 1. The behavior of the fish at the change of seasons, the tactics of the search space fishingPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Despite the possible return of frost, under the ice everything was okay, and the fish of the day felt light lengthen the spring. Accordingly, it is changing her behavior.In confined waters bream is known to fishermen traditionally takes place, that is, the channel and channel piled up. To enter the watering time has not come, so the search is simplified. It is still impossible to talk about any appreciable concentration of the fish in large schools, so it is Read more [...]
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Field trayly

Photo Alexei Nosov Growing interest among our legashatnikov to Springfield traylam and heated debate that become the stronger, the less objective information on these activities at the wranglers, – It prompted me to write this article.As an expert with the All category 40 years of experience judging competitions cops of all ranks in our country, intrigued by conducting competitions in the FCI system, I decided to read the rules of Springfield traylov. In the course of their study, I had a lot of questions. To resolve them, and more detailed information on international competitions Read more [...]
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Gnezdari-taiga men

Part 2Photo: Yuri Sidorov Truth be told, that in an extreme situation the person behaves atypically. Adrenaline works wonders. And now for the time for me to stop. I see a flock of geese approaching, both on the screen in slow form; the brain works is clear, clear analyzes what is happening, calculates the consequences. Charges with anything – factory production unit. I do not trust this red tape. Patronchiki so-so – consumer goods. My carefully assembled Samokrutov much better than the factory (verified by many years of practice), but it is troublesome, not to Read more [...]
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Looking taking on roach

That roach fish mobile, restless, any angler knows, the winter road. It is rarely in one place, usually travels in search of food. However, portions of the reservoir, where the roach feels most comfortable, you need to know or be able to find. Only in this case, you can count on a decent catch.At the beginning of freeze-up in Moscow anglers often catch roach on the bays of the rivers and reservoirs. This is understandable. Where weak for or not at all, the growth of ice is faster and, therefore, to move around on it more secure. But then came finally true cold and it's time to Read more [...]
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Search for water in the desert

In today's article we will talk about a very difficult subject. As always, when it comes to survival in extreme conditions, We have to solve the challenges. Get water in the desert – is the most important task, the solution of which depends – you will live until tomorrow, or not… So, where is get water in the desert? In fact, a few options, but all of them are, frankly not one hundred percent. The beds are old and dried up rivers, lowlands. To identify areas where the water is as close to the surface, you should try to get up on some hill. Where to be able to detect pockets of Read more [...]
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Outside Research

Beguile FrockOut-of-door Search Capture Clothes     Photograph: Courtesy of Outside InquiryBecause the Out-of-door Enquiry Captivate Garb is made from polyester-spandex, has a integral bra, and a clean racerback pattern, its likewise one for the trails. It’s stretchable and quick-drying so it volition well ferment with you during any dynamic attempt. But, because of its besotted, flattering fit and cut, it can besides changeover into your out-to-dinner apparel without lots flurry. The goodness intelligence: The shine slick cloth won’t crinkle in your bag. The bad Read more [...]
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EXPLOSIVE DEVICES: properties and detection methods

Explosive devices and their properties. The detection, neutralization, or destruction, the experience of the special units of the internal Affairs Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.The introduction of explosive devices has always been cute for terrorists. You can advance into safe yourself the time to lay the explosives to go unnoticed, to fulfill the task of staying alive, unknown and means.Very versprochenen attempted with the use of explosive devices against entrepreneurs, municipal officials, criminal authorities, a huge number of people.Experience the special units indicates Read more [...]
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Teachings volunteer rescue teams 20.04.2013. Aparinki. Report.

Could participate (suspended) all comers, as experienced rescuers and people without any training. The following well-equipped team extremum SPB.There were two main unit stages.About ten steps from PSO "SpasRezerv." The main activity of the detachment - assistance in emergency situations such as fire, accident, tehnogenka, earthquake, rescue and water with ice floes. Therefore, they had a certain specific stages. In these stages, I was not able to participate (groups wishing proved too much), give you a few photos and a description.Work with motor pump. Photo shows the need for a simple Read more [...]
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Meteorite over Beijing

In the vicinity of the Chinese capital for several days the search continues for a meteorite that fell from the sky in the evening on Wednesday. For his fall watched by thousands of Beijing residents caught up in the moment on the street. They describe it as a glowing object that quickly moved from the south-east and presumably fell in the highlands Bayhuashan. After the local observatory has confirmed that this was indeed a meteorite, and even provided video footage of his fall, many Chinese have rushed to find him. According to scientists, this cosmic body, if the search to a successful Read more [...]
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