At the end of the season

We thought that the season is over, winter fishing rod got, and here calls Taras offers grandfather in Menzelinsk ride again in a boat to get out of his spinning throw. Photo by the author According to forecasts, after a couple of days of frost promise, so it certainly will present the closing of the season. Grandpa me «Well, rounded up?» I somehow always ready, if only to take. I was bothering? On one boat, but three is not that good spinning fishing. Taras did not want to interfere, though he insisted that with your friends and the four of us went fishing. But I know Read more [...]
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Berry season is open

Berry season in Moscow was opened earlier than usual. The earliest of our forests berries - strawberries. It is ripe this year for the first ten days of June, 2 weeks ahead of the average duration of its maturation.The first red berries met on 1 June. Affected early spring and warm and unusually hot May. But moisture berries clearly not enough - has stood unusually dry spring, and moisture reserves in the forest after almost snowless winters have been meager. Short, but heavy rainfall in mid-June has not helped: the majority of berries turned out fine. But in general, strawberries this year a lot. Read more [...]
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Boar season

The story of the hunterPhoto: Ilya Lipin It is in 1987.With a friend, I went to Sergey on the hunt to the familiar forester Peter Stepanovich drive foxes in the reeds, search marten, hare. I have had a license for the fox and marten, and Sergei hare. With us were my two huskies and Seregin nine foksik smooth.We arrived to the forester showed documents and went. The forest did not go, and he walked along the road and came to a wide marshy field. Here and there were visible clumps of reeds, where more where less. Three hundred meters from the forest stood on the mound of the old Read more [...]
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The first carp of the season

In early spring, until the water is cold, you have to catch a carp long range feeder tackle. Activity in carp reservoirs is very different, so it is desirable to have reliable information before going on fishing. Difference in timing of the start biting can be up to two weeks.Choosing the reservoir is now the first and the most important thing. I note that we will talk about fishing in reservoirs without flow. AT Rivers course carp is short, it is another carp than in pond approach it is more like hunting fishing for roach Read more [...]
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Spoon in any season

Even gluhozime perches very gambling predators when they are not hungry, it is still ready to attack the lurePhoto: Sergey Semyonov At the peak of the winter season, when the court sternly and strongly vyuzhit freezes, fishing is difficult. Not only that accessible via a strong frost to distant, potentially more catchability places is becoming more difficult because of fallen snow, so also the fish caught is bad. She has this, of course, many reasons — gluhozime leaves its mark.It would seem that January is not blesnilschikov season, many of them served in the fishing Read more [...]
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The hunting season opens in the Lipetsk region on November 1

In the Lipetsk region from November 1, 2015 opens the autumn-winter season of hunting for fur animals 2015-2016.Terms hunting hare hunting grounds in the Lipetsk region are set to November 1, 2015 by January 31, 2016; fox, raccoon dog, muskrat, water voles, American mink, marten (wood, stone), the European beaver, weasel, polecat forest, with affection November 1, 2015 on February 28, 2016.In the exercise of hunting, the following rules of acceptable production of fur animals: hare – 1 specimen for one day of hunting and no more than 2 individuals throughout the season per hunter; marten Read more [...]
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In the Tambov region begins the season of hunting for fur animals

Autumn and winter hunting season in the Tambov region begins November 1st. Until the end of January in the Tambov region hunting for hare, hare, fox, marten and other fur-bearing species.As the head of the protection, control and regulate the use of wildlife Region Alexander Kireev, hunting will be open in all hunting grounds, except reserves, green spaces and areas of reproduction. The list of areas where hunting is limited, can be found at oblohotupravleniya or get advice in the areas hunters. He also noted that the region has set the standards of production hare – no more than one animal Read more [...]
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End of season

Part 3 Almost everywhere completed freezing, the ice will soon get stronger. It is time to seriously deal with winter gear. And the focus should be not jig, baubles and hooks and fishing line, udilnikam and signaling bites.In the winter ice fishing with the fishermen used as sensors bite special floats, gatehouse and nods. Floats are used in stationary fishing with tame or privazhennom place. Storozhok is a narrow plate of metal or polymeric material. Most often used the lodge, made of Dacron, of the clock spring. At the end of the spring ring soldered wire, since the use of the Read more [...]
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Dynamo opening

In the "Dynamo" for "their" voucher costs 1,500 for the seasonPhoto: Sergey Fokin Finally, after the moratorium was called mindless autumn hunting! I call the 14th in «Dynamo» just to clarify, check out: «When the hunt was called?» – «Opens 16th». Meal 15th office «Dynamo». By «City FM» I listen puzzled colleagues: «What Hunt 16th ?! Hunting 18th! We are still in the office!» No, my dear!Here I am on the seventh floor of the administrative building «Dynamo». I peeking out of the elevator, Read more [...]
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Karelian seasons. Summer

Otkipela new moon on cherries and covered with white confetti Creek. Faded white hats viburnum. On the river there has aquatic vegetation, even weak, rare, shallows thicker. Water lilies threw brown-green buds. Zapoloskalis ducts for low-willow branches. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Dismisses river fry eggs; schuchё changed teeth again drive on Pleso melochishku. Chub on rapids booze tails — stifled even feeble, sweet strekozok. AT Nudel air midges. Fresh Rosny sunrises, sunsets flared crimson sultry summer. That's fly mayfly, usyplet water crisp, clear Read more [...]
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The hunting season for game birds in Belarus opens March 9

In Belarus, March 9 opens the spring hunting season for game birds, the press secretary of the State inspection of protection of fauna and flora of the President of Belarus Olga Gromovich.During this period, the hunters are allowed to produce geese (white-fronted, Bean, gray, Canada goose), males (drakes) wild ducks (Mallard, Teal, Garganey, red-headed ducks, tufted duck, shoveler, gray duck) and woodcock .The inspection emphasized that hunting is organized in accordance with the applicable rules of game management and hunting.For example, hunters should be aware that from March 9 to May 12, in Read more [...]
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What is shown last season

Prior to the opening of hunting less than two months. I would like to recall what turned out to be the summer-autumn hunting season in the Ryazan region in the past year. It opened on 19 August. Visits to hunting grounds before the opening game showed a slight increase compared to previous years despite the closure of the spring hunting.Increasing the number of waterfowl was due to water filling almost all the fish farm ponds Riga. A large number of young fish in the ponds present coots. And here at mallard broods to the opening of the season was uneven. Some are already being flown, and the other Read more [...]
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Competition in the hunting season

2014 at the Russian spanielistov turned out to be very busy. There is a rethinking of our demands to the working qualities eared helpers and rules for field trials. Inflame a heated debate, but not only in disputes truth is born. The last word for the performance of dogs in the field. This year there were three interesting field events where organizers tried to apply new approaches and more stringent requirements for dogs. it «Cup of Azov and the Black Sea coast», The Tambov regional competition and Spaniels Leningrad Oblast personally-team competitions spaniel swampy Read more [...]
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Fur Season 2013-2014: experience of the hunter

Not relying on an opinion on the ultimate truth, I try to do a little review of the fur season 2013-2014. This, however, will focus on longer fishing in the European part of Russia. Said trapping — it's a lottery, it is empty, then thickly. Crucial can play unstable weather, the availability of feed, an epizootic, the cyclical rise and fall of the number, intensity hunting pressure, overfishing and nedopromysel fires… It happens all of a sudden out of nowhere a fox or wolverine bait to Putikov — all efforts to nothing until the hunter to get rid of the scourge. Read more [...]
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Season Closing

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Warm the March weather has broken a few plans for fishing from the ice. I would also like to catch bleak Ivankovo ​​Reservoir, and large perch on the Volga has not yet fully emerged. But the situation with the ice is that most of the rivers were opened near Moscow already, the water on some of them managed to climb to the meter and had to get off. Canal. Moscow over a large area cleared of ice. In ponds with a good flow-through ice is not credible — He visibly rocking underfoot.As ice is more logical not to take risks and to delay or winter gear Read more [...]
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In the winter season

Part 2. zherlitsy and spoon in small ponds.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Starting the season with catching the predator is quite logical, because right now there is a very high probability of good fish. Traditionally, the hunt for pike with zherlitsy. It makes no sense to describe in detail the gear and tactics, but on a few aspects I would have paid attention.In small reservoirs, where the ice gets up earlier than all the others, the depth is typically less than three meters. Pike in these waters is concentrated on smaller areas, starting from the edge of the reed, and to a depth of Read more [...]
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Fur Season

I started my life with the Norn hunting hunting, ten seasons of "Norn Putikov" went. Not to say that I greatly loved the hunt, the dog happened hard to wait for hours in the wind so cold. More for me "birds" and "on the hare" has always drawn a walk. However, finally this is my path, and start hunting It formed the basis of what I formed more like a hunter, fur, «careerist» — at joke in the local. And genes do their job hunting.Our country is huge; it is difficult, of course, to describe the situation in all field fur hunting. Read more [...]
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Results of the first season

My practice professionals seem childish prattle — then, they are professionals. But I'm new and I know that the same beginners ice fishing in abundance. And still fresh memories, I want to share my findings with people like me, greedy for new knowledge novice anglers.Last ice fishing took place in my Mozhaisk Reservoir. Once on the ice in March, I was «happy and it». Firstly, because in spite of unfavorable expectations still managed to get out of here. Secondly, the bream was caught very active, given the opportunity to try different gear. And third, I realized Read more [...]
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Recall last season

He ended the hunting season in Peru. As he emerged this year? Probably, for each hunter differently. My cautious assumptions and assumptions with respect to my comrades are not rich hunting this season confirmed. But all in order.Marsh-meadows and field gameI'm at the cottage in the Domodedovo district of Moscow region. All days - 26 and 27 July - listened carefully: do not resound to see where the shots. It opened hunting marsh meadow and field game. But the district was quiet. Or no cops hunting dogs, game or no? Something one of two things. July 29 he went on a bike was chosen earlier search Read more [...]
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Preparations for the winter season

Part 2: equipment, clothing and gear of the first ice.Photo Anatoly Mailkova For normal fishing requires special clothing. Recognized option is warm overalls, which consists of two parts – pants and jacket. It makes no sense to buy clothing that is designed for fishing in very low temperatures. This suit will be hot and uncomfortable.Now a lot of low-cost domestic products, but when you select to pay attention to the seams. The best option that I would recommend it overall from «core-tex»But specialized fishing products a little, but now there are very good options Read more [...]
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