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Pyskorsky maze

Mining technician Klokov was somewhat surprised at the invitation of such a respected, solid and yet strange to his cause commission. If the conversation was about the survey ordinary workings commuting their tunnels to the mineral, he, as a specialist, there would be nothing to wonder and doubt. But the task set before him is not quite usual to help archaeologists and historians in the survey of the underground passage, found, as stated in the documents, April 27, 1915 in the village of Pyskor Perm province. The finding in Perm told someone from the locals. But only a month left in place IY Krivoshchekov Read more [...]
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PERM secret societies (circle A.I.Ikonnikova)

PERM secret societies (circle A.I.Ikonnikova) illegal watered. org-tion. Formed in Perm in late 1860 early. 1861 Originally radical group in Sec. with A.I.Ikonnikovym part of the Educational Association of the local intelligentsia. Vlyanie significant for the issue of a roar. org-tion had exiled to Perm pers. Kharkiv and Kiev secret of the Society P.Efimenko. The structure of the hands. c. the Society also included A.Voskresensky, A.Morigerovsky and others. Num. org-tion amounted to approx. 40-50 people. On of set itself the task of promoting a change of the existing system in Russia. To this Read more [...]
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A secret military unit near Zhitomir listening to the earth

A place that is not on any map. This is a secret military unit in a secret town in the Zhytomyr region. In the Soviet Union it was built, in defiance of the United States. Once on the other side of the ocean were testing nuclear missiles, thanks to the Ukrainian military units in Moscow it was recognized immediately. Now listening to American landfills Ukraine to anything. But the object remained. Why? — tell Larisa Zadorozhnaya.Twenty-two kilometers away from civilization. Deep in the forest — inconspicuous mound. Coniferous paws mixed with barbed wire. It — Read more [...]
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Added a documentary film

BBC: Secrets of the SAS survival. 7 seriesSpecial air service ( English Special Air Service, SAS) is a special forces unit of the armed forces of England.SAS, together with the Special boat service, Special reconnaissance regiment ( eng Special Reconnaissance Regiment) and support Forces special purpose " Special Forces Support Group) form a special purpose Troops of England " United Kingdom Special Forces).Of the air force. Secrets of the SAS survival series 1 58:46Of the air force. Secrets of the SAS survival series 2 59:00Of the air force. Secrets of survival SAS 3 series 58:34Of Read more [...]
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The English forces, secrets of survival behind enemy lines [seven parts]

Special Air Service (SAS) is a special airborne service (SAS)Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 1 58:48Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 2 59:02Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 3 58:35Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 4 58:53Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 5 58:22Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 6 58:29Secrets of survival SAS / SAS - 7 59:03Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Secrets of sport fishing on fishing tackle

Winter sports competitions catching on mormyshku always been one of the more affordable types of sport fishing, as a consequence of the most massive in the number of those wishing to take part. Sport fishing is becoming more popular. Evidence of this is a huge amount of competition and the athletes participating in them. In this issue we will try to reveal some secrets and subtleties, which will allow the knowledge for you to become the best fisherman of ordinary athlete ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Secrets of the winter fishing

In one issue of transfer of "Cut," will talk about ice fishing, or rather - considered the secrets of fishing during the cooler seasons. Despite the unlimited number of fishing methods and species composition of fish living in our waters, the main prey of our winter bass fisherman is percoid family. He lives virtually everywhere and achieves size to half a meter and a weight of 2-kilogram ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: feeds and nozzles Top Secret

The theme of this issue will be the bait, nozzles and their various components. We will get acquainted with the products of the German company Top Secret. These products appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but steady demand thanks to the high quality and range of ...  Read more [...]
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The aliens among us — said Medvedev. Joke or a fact?

We already wrote about the statement of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev aliens, as it turned out this commentary, Russian Prime Minister did give no idea about what is video shooting. This is the answer he gave himself Marianne Maksimovskaya, REN TV journalist, but secretly took it to his I-Pad journalists are "Rain" Mikhail Zygar, Maksimovskaya forewarned about the issue after the formal interview has five channels on the traditional interview in the "Ostankino". Pubes: About aliens went on the air. Zygar: About it too, but it's our little secret with Marianne Maksimovskaya Read more [...]
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Environs: Thank You, Sirs, May I Sustain Another?

International cartridge, December 1995Surroundings: Thank You, Sirs, May I Birth Another?Bruce Babbitt brace for another floggingBy Florence WilliamsJayne Belnap fatigued lots of finish class observance a ten-foot-long moldable subway breastfeed air in the Utah forsake. Hitched to a source, the void false the encroachment of lead on slight cryptobiotic soils, a speciality of the ecologist, who besides assesses dirt corroding, monitors beguiler gage intrusion, Read more [...]
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Medvedev has decided to follow the example of Australia and told the prime minister about the aliens

Premier Medvedev decided to follow the Prime Minister of Australia, and the question of the presence of aliens on Earth, said: "How many of us - I will not tell, because it can cause a panic." As well, Mr. Medvedev said about the secret book of presidents, and that the film "Men in Black" is - "documentaries." Most interesting is that laughing at this point only the Ren-TV journalist, and the Prime Minister had behaved very seriously. Can of prime ministers began, some epidemic of stupid jokes? Or? In my opinion, the prime ministers of all countries, and especially Read more [...]
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Secret Mission. Hand of Moscow

In the twentieth century, the two largest of the people of Europe, Russian and Germans, were thrown into the fire of the two world wars. And in the XXI century, Germany has become the most active and reliable partner of the new Russia. But few know that the real turning point in relations between the USSR and Germany came after the signing of the Moscow Treaty in 1970. In addition to the first persons of high politics, in which there is a convergence of great merit of people whose names deserve remained in the shadows. Then, at the height of the Cold War, on behalf of the KGB chairman Yuri Read more [...]
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Poland: CIA secret prisons in the country — the truth, not fiction

U.S. intelligence secret prisons in Poland - the truth, not fiction conspiracy theorists. Now, even local politicians admit in CIA jails in Poland really tortured detained "Al Qaeda" and other radical movements. The question is, who will bear the responsibility for this. Men in uniform appear quickly - as soon notice a telephoto lens. Here their cameras lack. Deployed in different directions around the perimeter fence. The double fence - the forest, the forest - Polish intelligence training center. 200 kilometers from Warsaw. Conversation with the secret service standard: considering Read more [...]
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Former Defense Minister will speak at the hearings on aliens

Paul Hello, Minister of National Security of the Government of Leicester B.Pirsona and Assistant to the Prime Minister in the government of Pierre Trudeau, will speak at the public hearing on the aliens in Toronto. This event is preceded by "Public hearing on disclosure" provocative Senate hearings about aliens, to be held in Washington in April. Helle made in the rules and talk about how he came to his belief in aliens. In the role of the Minister of Defense, he received numerous "reports of unidentified flying objects," most of whom, he said, were clearly identified as a Read more [...]
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Secret signs of the end of the world: the Cry of nature the Movie 1st

The filmmakers talk about the fear of the coming changes in December 2012-the year preceding the signs, the messages that are more likely to transmit the media, the closer the infamous date. In the trilogy «Secret signs of the end of the world» presents different versions of end of the world - irreversible consequences of nuclear war, biological disasters, ecological, and cosmic catastrophe, unusual phenomena. The purpose of films is to show that people own hands to destroy their civilization. He must before it's too late, to look attentively at the office, which takes him around Read more [...]
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2014 Travelling Awards: Outflank Heap

The Freehanded Miami Inn.     Pic: yonolatengo/FlickrSuccess: Freehanded Miami HostelryIt’s gruelling to consider this ill-scented auberge in a rehabbed Thirties deco construction, a occlusion from the Twenty-seventh Street beach in S Beach, can propose such cut rates. Hall suite with octonary 1 bunks and two secret bathrooms scratch at $19, king-sized suite with secret baths at $95, and both admit breakfast. Thither’s dislodge Wi-Fi and an outside syndicate, kiteboarding ($299 for 3 hours), surfboarding ($60 per minute), and stand-up paddleboarding ($55 per minute) at Read more [...]
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Odyssey Virginia

In his book "falsifying history", I wrote about the mystery Bermuda and how to solve it, I tend to. Honestly: finally penetrate the mystery of these islands I could not, there is a more or less plausible hypotheses. It is obvious that the area of Bermuda is still active center of some people. They do not let anyone on a gun shot to his mysteries of the island protected very strictly. And most of all, it is on their conscience hundreds of dead in the Bermuda Triangle ships and aircraft. Perhaps in Bermuda experienced a weapon of the future, developed in secret laboratories. These Read more [...]
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The real danger of controlled infections

ECapacity is a "black" bike: about dentist who, healing a sick tooth, always made a little hole in the healthy - to ensure the future caries regular customers. No matter how absurd, but this diabolical principle - when the villain becomes the benefactor - may well operate in areas such as the use of biological weapons.      Prinyato assume that biological weapons - it is a dangerous boomerang: disease-causing viruses and bacteria that infect the enemy army might as well hit and the initiator of the infection. But it is equally clear Read more [...]
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Island Smartness

Halekulani Hotel     Exposure: Halekulani HotelBe a pic ace—or leastways frolic one on holiday—with the unequivocal fashion-forward sashay to the Halekulani Hotel (doubles, $4,000; 808-931-5005,, on Honolulu's notable Waikiki Beach. This 88-year-old sumptuosity repair has teamed up with mode power Vera Wang to produce the beginning designer-branded lodgings in Hawaii. The 2,135-square-foot Vera Wang Cortege bears all the marks of an veritable pronounce: fine-china settings in the courtly dining-room, silk linens in the master-bedroom rooms, and Read more [...]
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The Succeeding Club: Trends Before

Helping Tinseltown since 1980: Chef Akasha Richmond     Photograph: Jeff LipskyWHEN A FAD SEIZES the American imaginativeness, chances are it was natural in Hollywood. And if feeding advantageously is now a home use, commit props to Akasha Richmond, healthy-food chef to the stars. When the aborigine of Hollywood, Florida, landed on the Westward Seashore in the former mid-eighties, the glitterati were good adding row comparable cholesterin and constitutive to their vocabulary. Richmond, operative at the now defunct Prosperous Synagogue, in L.A., started service up soy-based chief Read more [...]
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