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Kayaker Shannon Christy Dies on the Potomac

Kayaker Shannon Christy has died on the Potomac River piece preparing for this weekend's Large Waterfall Airstream. She was 24. According to cuss paddlers, her sauceboat became hung abreast rocks nether Potomac Waterfall. Earlier she disappeared, she was seen to absent her PFD and assay to float to shoring.Kayakers on shoring, including Jason Beakes and Steve Pekan, attempted a endure hook saving, but the Class-IV rapids made future to insufferable. Tv of the convalescence endeavor, which took terminated two hours, can be seen downstairs.The Xxvi one-year Bang-up Waterfall Wash volition admit a Read more [...]
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A trip to the pre-winter. Zyuratkul

Here fairytale town. Ships.  Built it all the beauty Satkinsky tycoon nicknamed Whales Whale. It can be seen in order to homestead allowed on the territory of the National Park to build. The truth will soon be seen bored and povoelel servants a gentleman to call. Slave at the gate and said, say the car could not be considered here, the master will come to curse. Over the entrance of 50 rubles, and for the rest of the entertainment separate price list approved by the gentleman and minted on tin, posted at the entrance. There in mass Wesley huts. Here for example is a. It says brothel Kashchei  Autumn Read more [...]
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Homemade filter Fenix ​​flashlight to signal

Hi survivalist! Not so long ago laid temku how to make the neck of a plastic bottle and colored plastic filter flashlight Fenix, and then remembered the first time tried to do it all. Photo:At minimum speed (1 m distance)At maximum capacity (1 m distance)Know now, many will say, they say in such lamps is the mode «SOS» etc. There is one thing: if you use the mode «SOS», in what direction to shine all the time to turn in a circle?? And with a "filter" mode «SOS» will be visible on either side of the feed signal and found it to be easier, and twist the flashlight will not need - Read more [...]
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Managed over Australia. Not seen Sydney (video)

In Australia because of the smoke is not actually seen in Sydney. In clouds of dust plunged the harbour bridge and the famous Opera house Visibility on the roads — not more than two hundred meters. Because of the fog, all arriving in Sydney flights plant in Melbourne, reports the daily star. Similar situation is observed in Brisbane. Behind the smoke seemed to have no houses, no runway of the local airport. Source: Focus Read more [...]
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Where’s the better post to kayak and canoe in Brazil?

The Virago, as seen from spa.     Picture: WikipediaThe Virago, as seen from blank.The Virago, as seen from infinite.A:A lilliputian admonisher on Brazil's sizing: It's the biggest nation in S America, and the fifth-biggest in the world—just buns the Joined States. (Brazil is 65 multiplication the sizing of your habitation commonwealth of England, Dave.) Locution that you wish around beach execute, but too approximately kayaking hazard on the Virago, is rather comparable expression you deficiency to whitewater heap done the G Canon, but comparable the approximation of climb Climb Read more [...]
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Spiral over Australia, 4 June 2010

Once beyond our vision for this event. Interesting atmospheric phenomenon over Australia watched on 4 June 2010. And in December 2009 Norwegians seen such a twisting spiral. Also, similar spiral phenomena observed in China, Kazakhstan, Russia over Ekaterinburg, Tomsk. Explanation from the category of \"Rocket flew\", to put it mildly, strained look.The moving object was seen in the sky before sunrise on Saturday in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. Wavell heights noticed the object from mount coot-tha at 5:50 am AEST. ABC News online has received dozens of letters, photos and Read more [...]
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For tourist: Pilgrimage tourism

Pilgrimage (from Lat. Palma - «palm"): A journey to the Holy Land and other geographical area having special significance for the Christian faith for the purpose of worship and prayer; walking believers to holy places to worship. Custom based on the desire of believers to worship places and shrines associated with Christ, the apostles, the Holy Mother; pray before the miraculous icons, immerse yourself in the holy waters of the Jordan River, and sacred springs. The word came from the word "Paloma" - a palm branch with which the inhabitants of Jerusalem, met Jesus Read more [...]
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Heavyweight Gatherings Dumbfound Scientists

Greyness whales are a vulgar survey on the California sea-coast, but now their numbers are spiking to unprecedented levels, and scientists bear no thought why. Ccc lxviii whales were spotty off the glide in December, up from hardly 182 in the like month close twelvemonth."It could suffer to do with currents, it could get to do with temperature or saltiness," Devilfish Nosecount Propose Conductor Alisa Schulman-Janiger told CBS Newsworthiness. "It doesn't bear to do with nutrient because they don't eat south- or north-bound migration."Whale-watching outfitters are overjoyed Read more [...]
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Three tornado simultaneously in Saaremaa, Estonia

on July 16. On Wednesday, dozens of people witnessed very rare in Estonia spectacle: in the sea near the island of Abruka of storm clouds descended three tornado. \"This is a rare spectacle in the sense that the majority of Estonians have never seen a tornado, and I, too, — told the newspaper Meie Maa experienced climatologist ain Kallis. \"Every year in Estonia, see the tornado 2-3 times, so it's not an ordinary case. Moreover, what is now seen simultaneously three tornado\", he added. The tornado is an atmospheric vortices in a thunderstorm cloud and propagating downwards in the Read more [...]
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In the sky over Hungary flew meteorite

8 avgo the words of eyewitnesses, stories which were published on multiple sites, late in the evening of 5 August in the sky over Hungary was seen burning meteorite. Photo of the meteorite was made by the astronomer-Amateur from Nagykanizsa (Nagykanizsa). Hungarian portal, published a photo of the meteorite and the article, based on the evidence of witnesses, who observed its movement across the sky for 3-4 seconds. A few minutes later near lake Balaton was a loud explosion. An eyewitness, who put the photo of a heavenly body on the page Amateur astronomers Association Read more [...]
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In the Urals seen of unknown origin anomaly

on 1 February. The fall of a meteorite or a natural phenomenon of unknown origin has dramatically changed quiet rural way of life of the inhabitants of the village Rubika. In the morning, 12 January, a local Forester Paul Singleval found in one and a half kilometers from the village turned from the middle Urals huge blocks of ice and a giant sagebrush.\"You bore me!\" Mayor Rubezhinskiy township district Nikolai Sitnikov is clearly tired of answering questions of visitors from various regional institutions. Us he met if not with outright hostility, at least, with a substantial share of irritation. — Read more [...]
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In Canada fell 100-pound meteorite

on February 23. Over the Central part of Canada observed a large meteorite that entered the dense layers of the atmosphere. Astronomer of the Research centre calgary don Hladek managed to capture part of its trajectory on a special camera. The estimated mass of the meteorite reached 100 pounds.«The flash was brighter than the moon, — noted canadian astronomer. — Some say that they heard a roar. It was probably at that moment when the meteorite fell into pieces». Especially bright celestial fireworks was over the town of North Battleford (Saskatchewan), ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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In Yashkino photographed asteroid

Resident of the village Yashkino captured glowing falling object. Countrywomen sure it was an asteroid. Heavenly body was seen on December 17 at 9.20. Worker District House of Culture, Olga Tokarev made photographs of the village for their group in social networks, when I saw a rare occurrence. A bright red stripe rushed to the ground at a sharp angle."Tool's got a camera, when she saw something in the sky flies - quoted Olga Tokarev information portal Yashkinskogo area. - Recently read somewhere that will be seen flying near Earth asteroid. I think that's what he was flying." Read more [...]
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The glow of the graves will be studying

The American Association for the study of anomalous phenomena established a fund, which will be an investigation of the phenomenon of luminescence of the graves. Recently, similar effects are observed with increasing frequency, and in different parts of the globe. Until recently, they tried to be explained by natural causes, but the experiments have not confirmed ... For centuries strange light phenomenon associated with ghosts. Thus, a mysterious phenomenon for the past years there has been near the town of Asheville (South Carolina). It was called "the Brown Mountain Lights." Mysterious Read more [...]
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Across the earth there is a decline of exploding meteorites

Over the past few days falling from the sky and exploding fireballs were seen in many countries of the world - Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, Cuba, South Africa, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, northern Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain ...- Glowing orb-like meteor was seen by several people Sunday night in Miami-Dade and Broward (USA) on 18 February 2013. "Looking at the Bay of Biscay, I saw a falling object," says Brad Greenberg of Miami, 30, in his twitter about 18.30 "At first glance, the object of weak light and move fast, but not as fast as a shooting star." - Read more [...]
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Snakes Voloshinskii places

In January 1936, in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast in net fishermen got a living creature with a horse's head. Frightened to death people immediately broke tackles and release him, and themselves returned to shore.But the story of the famous writer Vsevolod Ivanov about what happened to him in Koktebel. "Dolphins flock moved along the bay to the left. It must be moved back mullet. I turned my eyes to the right and just in the middle of the bay, in 50 meters from the shore, noticed a large, 10-12 m in circumference, stone, overgrown with brown algae.Smoking a pipe, I started to Read more [...]
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UFO creates a tornado. 02/10/2013. Hattiesburg USA.

Gorgeous video riot tornadoes in the United States to remind staff of the apocalyptic blockbuster. In addition to the 1.55 seen UFOs flying in the immediate vicinity of the "trunk." As written in the comments to the video: "Plus hundred points to those who say that there is no uncontrolled processes. After the storm" Nemo "killing more than 10 people people America tornado blasted series. A UFO seen in the tornado. Look at 1.55"Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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Earthlings will see a comet Eason

Vitaly Nevsky Russian astronomers and Artem Novichonok discovered a comet that can be seen from the Earth in the next year, according to Independent. Comet, which was named Eason, now you can see only in the most powerful telescopes, but she soon eclipsed by the brightness of the moon in the sky. September 20, Russian astronomers have routine work in Kislovodsk Observatory, capturing kinds sky with a telescope on a special digital camera. Upload photos to a special computer program that determines the motion of asteroids and comets, they found a bright celestial object. By the end of next summer, Read more [...]
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Browse Metropolis, Southward America

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean ChanceBreaker Metropolis, S AmericaDecember 2, 1997Look done the guide for Lima one can apace turn overwhelmed. Thither are hundreds of "can't fille" museums and cathedrals stretched crossways the sprawl metropolis. The Museo Nacional presents the unearthed treasures from the grave of the Señor de Sipan. Downtown, antecedently vacant compound buildings Read more [...]
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On Mercury found similar to pie craters

Several unusual craters were found on the surface of the device Messenger Mercury. According to the NASA, craters are structures that have not been observed previously in the solar system. The surface is covered with craters, something like a "wrinkles." Something similar can be seen in the cooked pumpkin pie, astronomers say.Simulation of the formation of craters found that "cracelures" in craters in the northern hemisphere of Mercury may have formed as a result of flooding impact craters by lava flows and rapid cooling, reports New Scientist."Nothing of the sort we Read more [...]
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