At Round Lake

Coincidentally, we met on holiday in one of the last summer months the parents of our wives in the Voronezh region. I Sergei — Fishermen. A quiet evening brought our family to dinner at one table in the front garden of the parent farm. After some ten minutes from the children gone, they had only heard laughter in the distance.Left at the table without children, Surrounded by women and the elderly, we summed up the results of the summer. Around dusk, and gradually It became cool. After half an hour at the table were some men. Moved to fish dishes, such Read more [...]
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Masking for grouse

The story of the capture of woodcocksPhoto: Mikhail Fetisov Catching for woodcock was ringing as usual. Warm autumn rains were plentiful, we only help. Woodcocks densely sat under powerful beam headlights, which allowed them to successfully cover a net and putting a paw on a bright ring, send them a long way to the site of the annual wintering grounds.Banding woodcocks – night work. The whole day is free. And the fill it is not hunting! But with this, we initially had no luck. The first two days of our four, based on more than a dozen kilometers, almost never made a single Read more [...]
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Orion Star

It was Sunday. In the morning Serge Ilchenko fed dogs, pulled out of the cellar potatoes for sale and went to his friend Grishka Mavroku. From bid came cheerful goose cackle. There was a warm breeze, the sun foaming green trees. Spring brings in the soul a sense of freedom, ease, waiting for something new. Hotel U elk begins in April (in the northern regions — at early June). The first day of calves and helpless lie outside the mother, and midsummer is already learning to eat the leaves, young shoots ... The favorite food of these animals — fungi.PHOTO Read more [...]
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Santa Seryoga

The street where I grew up, formerly known as Quay. Indeed, one of her shoulders is an extraordinarily beautiful river Bityug. On rutted streets of Old ladies stomped to the store and back, ladybugs were in the pasture, and home to numerous Golopuz kids ran to their important cases, and sailed along the side of the boat with the tourists and fishermen. Spring river boil, and it raced like pieces of broken sugar ice floes. Raffle, then they overtook each other, playing leapfrog, and then, fascinated by the game and forgetting speed, jumped on the road. Here they are frightened and froze, not even Read more [...]
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Black ice

They traveled to the Volga… Sergei – no newcomer to ice fishing, but every exit on the first ice again and again, and it stirred up, spilling over look and recklessness that prevailed today in the bus.Sergey has once again wondering: is supplied to the channel, or «Zabur» in the flooded forest, I grew cold at the thought that he could forget the joker, and breathed into his ear hot: – Do you understand, eh? .. At twelve I had zero healthy! .. Well, what are you doing, not listening, or what ?! And fuck you! .. Sergey laughed and pushing in the side Read more [...]
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Check vigilance

The opening of hunting in the Krasnodar region hunters are always noted in the friendly and cheerful teams as a long-awaited event begins in the fall and ends in the winter. Spring hunting in the southern regions of Russia is not seen. Photo Anton Novoselov / (CC BY 2.0) That's They are jealous of us hunters of central and northern areas where we share with their impressions preparation, implementation and obtained trophies during the spring hunt. Despite long breaks and a six-month training as ourselves, and his faithful Read more [...]
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The February pokatushki

Action in three partsPhoto by the author Part 1. Sleep.Night. The sky lit up bright points billions of stars. Frost grows stronger. Somewhere beyond the forest a cooling heard horror lonely wolf howling. Most recently, the hunters surrounded the pack and all the animals left it alone, ready to take revenge on the people.From this howling Nicholas was not myself. He pulled the hood of lower winter suit and stared at the cock rod. Weak beam headlamp dot lit well. Wag. Spoon goes up. Pause. Spinner falls down and hits the bottom, making knock. So, again and again, making the same Read more [...]
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Quiet hunting

I decided to go for mushrooms to their favorite place. He got up early in the morning. Weather – fog, 10°. I traveled 60 kilometers, leave the car, on foot. After half a kilometer, he came out to the river. I thought the house as to move to the other side, with a brodni picked up, and then moved in simple boots – so the river became shallow.And here it is, the pine forest, stretches along the river. And the first mushrooms right there – boletus right on the hillock by the river, whole bushes and worm-eaten. Okay, let stand, first for whites. It has been a little more, it began Read more [...]
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The last day of the short spring season. Friends and comrades departed. Sad. Slowly delirium on the evening sunset on the bumpy dirt road. Shopping cart with a pair of stool pigeons, two guns, the heavy backpack it very difficult to move. Going far. There, on the site of long-term hunting battles await me comfortable skradka, duck and goose flock chuchalok and the ability to be alone with nature. Thank God, she came. Everything is in place, everything intact. The spill has escaped a couple of meters, baring Grivko far, seemed young grass.— Hello! — suddenly calls out Read more [...]
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Rabbit caches

"Newly-fallen snow to glory! Well, tomorrow we go? "- I asked him on the phone forester Sergei.Photography United States Fish and Wildlife Service The fact that last Saturday with Sergey on the first snow we have two birds, and I'm holding my breath, waiting for his consent. Sergey younger than me by 21 years, and he has a terrific feature special "nose" for the beast, and especially birds. Without it, no desire will not. He will sort out all zhirovki hare and correctly guess where, in some corner of the "hare maturation."The cloudy dawn found us on the railway line that runs from Read more [...]
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We go to the goose

Gus - very cautious bird, almost like a crane, but when he is flying in a flock of goose and roll can be heard for hundreds of meters, the impression about its availability. Hearing the sounds of the cherished "ga-ga", the hunter instantly tightens and my heart starts beating excitedly.Dmitry photos Kashirina The head concentrates only one thing: if only flew at me and would have gone as low as possible and closer! Sergey has repeatedly recalled his memorable hunting in the Caspian Sea. We traveled there in late October for ten days. By this time the mosquitoes under the influence Read more [...]
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Children Bayyanaya

In the winter 1977 our Party was disbanded. We have for many years provided our geologists status information bowels of the earth, and themselves out of work. I had to go to the cable-drilling assistant driller. The main tool was the sledgehammer at me - really helps the development of intelligence. How to give it a couple of times on Bailer, so just remember the periodic table or the second law of aerodynamics. We drilled hole for the foundation. After all, all the houses in the North are on stilts, like on chicken legs. Insidious this thing - the age-old permafrost.Master, and therefore the chief, Read more [...]
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Call of the Wild

Hunting. What contains in itself is a precious word for peasant heart? This is an amazing, with nothing comparable to the mysterious world. A simple, everyday life in the bright pages is not so much, and someone and did not. Photo: Sergei Narozhnova We are all crushed by the weight of the responsibility for our families. Even favorite job as a house painter, five days a week in the dark paint chip. No wonder only weekends and holidays turn red on the calendar. And they turn red because these days we are forgetting their promise to be home, collect knapsacks, take the gun from the Read more [...]
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Meeting of the members of the group after BP ))Sergey Vladimirovich

1 APR 2012 14:30|I like2417 commentsSergey Vladimirovich I have 3 right ;)1 APR 2012|6Viktor Chernyshev said Sergey Vladimirovich Sergey, I would chose the UAZ Better loaf1 APR 2012|5Sergey replied Viktor Chernyshev Victor, well bread I have on the base stand 3))) I'm purely to papertowels Yes comfort with meeting place drive decided))))1 APR 2012|6Viktor Chernyshev said Sergey Vladimirovich Sergey, Volyn machine excellent1 APR 2012|4Oleg Romanov Damn, one I'm definitely going to IZH-foot-2))1 APR 2012|5Viktor Read more [...]
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Hither The Wear and The Maffia Roll

A angle clique in Kamchatka. (Rinat is on the compensate.)     Photograph: Macduff EvertonIn the key Siberian metropolis of Tomsk, children gaming a gage called Idle Call, susurration a condemnation some a lap until somebody fails to iterate the pilot phrasing accurately, and for the minor who gets the conviction amiss, the punishment is "you mustiness go know in Kamchatka." Import that the failure has been imaginatively banished from the congenator conveniences of Siberia to the really end of the ground. Kamchatka, possibly Russia's nearly renowned nowhere, the tempestuous Read more [...]
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Hiking trails lead to scientific work

Yellowed pages inscribed bead clear handwriting. Leafing through them, mentally get around the neighborhood of the city. The author also proceeded on foot, these trails, climbing to the tops of mountains and gorushek, scooping handfuls of water in the rivers, whose names we do not even remember. Keep them for posterity "Physical and Geographical Dictionary of the Nizhny Tagil district" composed by Sergei Nikolaevich Pankratov during his travels. The uniqueness of this dictionary is not only that it exists in a single copy, which is in the museum reserve cherish as the apple of an eye, but above Read more [...]
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Sergei Borisovich Stechkin

Sergei Borisovich Stechkin (06.09.1920, Moscow 22.11.1995, Moscow), a mathematician, Dr. of Physics and Mathematics. Sciences (1957), Professor. (1959). Born in the family of the employee. He graduated from Moscow State University (1944). From 1949 he worked at the Mathematical Institute are named. Steklov USSR. In 1957-67- deputy. cond. Sverdl. Dep. of the Institute (now the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences). In 1957-68 Professor. USU. S. org-tor w. Mathematical Notes. Founded ur. school on the theory of approximation of functions. He has published Read more [...]
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Sergey Chernov. Feat and epic tragedy of Heaven

    In Nizhny Tagil on Lenin Avenue is a stand with a header streets bear their names. Among our countrymen first Hero of the Soviet Union, not only in Nizhny Tagil, but also in the Urals, the award of the title of December 31, 1936, Sergey A. Black. What could be glorified in the distant 1936 a young fighter pilot?     Sergey was born on January 9, 1912 in Nizhny Tagil in the family of a railway worker. For what was making model airplanes and dreamed of becoming a pilot, as a child he was nicknamed Shackle-aeroplanchik when barefoot boy ran down the Malaya Kushva, where his family lived. Read more [...]
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The bullet does not know whose life tear off

     About Sergei Korovin, repeated the feat Alexander Matrosov, said and written a lot. His name is one of the streets of the village on the Ninth clapboard.     Only two months Korovin Red Army did not live to Victory. March 1, 1945, he died at Konigsberg. Under heavy fire Sergey breast closed enemy machine gun bunker at the cost of his life ensured the success of combat operations division. For this feat Sergey Korovin Artemyevitch was awarded (posthumously) the Order of the Patriotic War, First Class.     With sister Hero Nina Artemevna, sitting Read more [...]
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Died in the

    On the eve of the 65th anniversary of Victory at school number 66 was officially opening of a memorial plaque in Memory about graduate Sergei Held, who died in duty Oct. 3, 2000 year in the Chechen Republic. Read more [...]
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