Rainy summer day

LUCKYAfter unprecedented for Moscow Heat series has stood cool rainy days. Just like many years ago when I read a lot of books, he coached his first setter.July that year turned out to be wet even suburbs. Persistently, with a few interruptions, sowing rains. However, the days were quite warm, and in few places mowing because of bad weather up the rich meadows of grass. And an unprecedented thing for our places: on every meadow in the rain, and a bucket frantically beat quail. Just the time came for my dog ​​to pass a good school in the meadows. Cop the second year, it gives hope, and we must Read more [...]
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Match Shootout

From 18 to 20 July 2014 test and training station Pointing Dogs "Kadanok" Beloomutskogo ohothozjajstva MSOO MOOiR passed regular annual Moscow competition setter breed kurtshaar. By tradition, they held both personal and open to all owners of this breed continental pointers. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Judges consisted of experienced, highly qualified experts who know and I love this breed. Chief Expert of the competition — Vladimir Alexandrov, an expert of the All-Russian category (Vladimir).1st commission of experts: expert category II on Testing cops Nikolaev Read more [...]
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From concepts to certain

What is a good setter dog? What requirements apply to the work of experts in competitions your pet? We continue consideration of the basic qualities of the workers setter.When nataske young dog training often begin using quail decoy. Search setter is the key to finding a successful game. What is the search for a gun? It appears that this movement in the dog lands in a certain way for the rapid detection of possible game.Fast search — is not Only characteristic for each breed of dog in the speed of movement search, but and tempo, energy and rationality. Read more [...]
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Small miracle

When in the early 70-ies of the last century, I started my first dog for hunting on a feather - Russian spaniel, I was surprised to find that, apart from the ducks on the rivers and bogs can be found in the fields of corncrake and, most importantly, the quail. In those years the agriculture of our country to heal the wounds after the brutal application of chemicals.Photo GREAVES RUSSELL Heaps of fertilizers the edge of the field were the usual picture of the 60's. Bane destroyed hares, grouse, corncrake and quail. Animals licked «chemistry», Taking the salt, Read more [...]
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Stay in your own sled!

June morning one thousand nine hundred and eighty years ... started well. Acne woke up with the internal clock, the wife and son slept peacefully. He pulled back the curtain. The rising sun winked incipient day. Photo by Sergey Fokin Hastily bite, Vitaly has five in the morning sitting in the «Cornfield» Gennady. March passenger licked in the ear like an old friend.An hour later they drove up to the regional center. On the outskirts of the airport DOSAAF met with the owners and setter, and two experts. Mikhail Pavlovich, as always, was surrounded by a group of admirers. Read more [...]
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What is the English setter we need

In an interesting, one might say revolutionary times we live in. Some, perhaps, going to take to the streets with the slogan "Deutsch — Drahthaar uber alles!" (German drathaar everywhere!) Others argue for field-trilogie competitions. Photo By Alexander Field In one, perhaps both groups are United, by their opinion, all you need to do so, as in Europe! We have done a lot in Europe: spent shock therapy and «the grabbing» in the result of the rich becoming richer, poor poorer.He entered the exam as a panacea to break through the poor and the Read more [...]
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The Vikings in Russia

Over the last few years in my "dog" life, much has changed. He left the world of eternal hunt my Irishman h. Cartridge and English Setter Sky Walker missed, accustomed to live in a "pack"Photo: Natalia Ilyin It is difficult and it was hard to decide on the second dog, but but my long-standing dream of Buying a puppy-Gordon Norway becomes real. Remains only… and really want start search!AT recent years us the country is a real boom Pointing Dogs imports from abroad. These acquisitions puppies are almost always carried out Read more [...]
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Jubilee Firebolt

2010 for lovers of red Irish setter - the anniversary. They celebrated the 125th anniversary of the official recognition of their favorite breedPhoto: Elena Fedulova. March 29th, 1885 in Dublin (Ireland) was approved by the standard red Irish setter. Over the past 125 years «Irishman» spread around the world. It can not meet only in Europe, but and Asia, Americas and in Australia.This was truly handsome man can only speak in superlatives. AT It all perfectly: the addition of a powerful, combined with elegance, Read more [...]
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Silver gray with amber eyes

In July 1989, at the invitation of the Belarusian Republican Society of Hunters and Fishermen, I participated in the examination of Pointing Dogs on the marsh game in Minsk region on V inter-republican competitions Pointing DogsThe participants of these have already become traditional, the competition was the team of the Belarusian and Ukrainian societies of hunters and fishermen, RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz for the first time took part in the team competition of the Polish Union of hunters. Polish hunters put three dogs, which for the first time "judged" by the rules of the USSR. One dog received a diploma Read more [...]
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We’ll get back to you, Moorman!

     In late August 2006 INGO "Hunters of the Kola North" together with the Leningrad regional society of hunters and fishermen held the first in the history of the Murmansk region competition Pointing Dogs.     As if he had not left. Fifteen hundred of kilometers flown by in an instant, in spite of a large caravan, dangling over the rear bumper all the way from St. Petersburg. I pass Murmansk, Misty village, and that's a welcome twist to the dam reservoir Serebryansky. Right foot gas pedal fulfills the last hundred meters, and, finally, at the water's edge showing tents and cars with Moscow, Read more [...]
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“Dig” or “digging”?

The idea to introduce article Julien Domingo Russian legashatnikov born as soon as I discovered it leaves in waiting for your flight at the airport, leaving France "National Journal hunting."Photo from the author's archive The very subject — top or bottom flair — question, in my opinion, is eternal and It is still topical. AT Overall, it seemed that the article itself deserves attention currently.Good sense — this is the right flair! That could be the motto of hunters setter at at least those who use his assistants to hunt Read more [...]
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With English Setter in life

On another exhibition of Leningrad Oblast, where I exhibited my Englishwoman Nora, I was approached by the chief judge of the ring of English setters Alexander GAVEMAN. From registration card I I learned that you live on territory of Forestry Academy (hereinafter — LTA). You have something to do with her?»«Related and very closely. I I finished most forestry faculty LTA. My mother was the first woman, he defended his thesis in LTA, my grandfather MM Orlov was director of LTA. My grandfather lived in Park LTA in house Read more [...]
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Festival held

Standard "English Setter" - 120 yearsPhoto: AI Agarkov At the end of May was Russian personal-team championship of English setters on swampy meadow and field game dedicated to the 120th anniversary of its adoption «English Setter» in Russia. It was organized jointly RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz IHO VFSO «Dynamo», MOOiR, NCP «English Setter»SBI.Championship held 20–May 22, 2011 in the floodplains of the river Klyazma, hunting lease in the IHO VFSO “Dynamo” (Vladimir region).The picturesque meadows Krutovskaya, two commissions have worked Read more [...]
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Summer. August. All day the heat is unbearable. Hot sun, playing highlights on the meandering river in the flood plain, beats down relentlessly. Trembling unsteady haze over the retracted bread. Dry, hot air pulls in coppice foliage, beginning to turn yellow over time not sooner. There was a country road on a yellow cloud of dust raised by rumbled potholes truck. All living things hid all directions to escape the scorching heat. Only in a monotone creaking grasshoppers high grass and rush over shallowed goggle-eyed dragonfly ponds.In the cool shady arbors we kill time Read more [...]
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About the new rules

With great pleasure this writer read an article B. Solganika "Second napisanty"The article, in my opinion, very correct and necessary.Note that in Vyatka at least cops all  «vague» for the dog days of judged according to the rules in 1981. Just want to clarify, in spite of the fact that V. Solganik as nataschik, "the dog ate the" All-Russian inter-regional competitions on 1983 winner was still not it, and kurtshaar Beige 1810 / cells, among other things, born in 1982, t .e. who won at age one.As for the training of experts, V. Solganik draw a perfect portrait of the novice to the expert, Read more [...]
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To bring a pet

It was like a premonition that something was wrong when he heard an unexpected call from Krasnodar. Picking up the phone, barely make out the quiet voice of Sergey: Hi, we did not become Mamba, I shot her, - he said in a whisper. — How did this happen? — I asked, but no reply followed only short beeps reminded me of the end of the connection. Apparently, the stress was very strong, and about what happened in Sergey simply details I could tell.He was a sporting dog breed Pointer Kurzhaar on Mamba nickname. She knew the owner from hint Read more [...]
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About the future of dogs

The number 5 and 6 of 1971 of the magazine "Fishing and Hunting" had published an article by Doctor of Technical Sciences A. Liverovskii "On the sporting dog of the future." The author addresses the problems that worried the hunters of the second half of the XX century. The author's conclusion is clear: the future of the hunter - a hunter with a dog.«If we talk about hunting with a dog  the right to hunt, such as a hound hunter shoots out of the rut, a hunter with a gun – after rack, a hunter with a husky – attracted to the game of his voice assistant». – he writes. Read more [...]
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Do we need sport cops?

We offer our readers become expert-Union category Kurbatov Valerian Vladimirovich. The article was written in the last century, in 1984, but the issues and problems voiced in it, are relevant to the present day.Photos of Marina Kuzina beauty — a powerful set of eye, causing a deep moral satisfaction of man.E. DyugusseWe offer our readers become expert-Union category Kurbatov Valerian Vladimirovich. The article was written in the last century, in 1984, but the issues and problems voiced in it, are relevant to the present day.It is widely known that the British rock Pointing Read more [...]
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Hunting and staging a gun

Ending. Beginning in № 9/2006Transition to the final topic - "dog in the hunt" .On EXPANDED HUNTING (supplements) motivation system BEHAVIORAL COMPLEX cop. PRE-GAME HUNTING NO MOTIVATION WAS NOT. IN THE DOG nataska searches and finds the bird, who would later become the object of hunting.During the "learning process" can not be to catch up, let alone catch a game. Wow hunting, sit, lie down and watch the best as snipe, quail and corncrake, which perhaps have been able to grasp, quietly departs. What a motivation for hunting if there is no positive reinforcement of correct behavior in the form Read more [...]
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Once again on the rack

Photo: Mikhail Semin «Rack setter – Stop in front of the dog lurking bird, a typical sign and the inherent quality of the field setter» – We read in «Hunter Dictionary» (compiled by NF Reimers, Moscow, 1985)For the European amateur cops dogs does not seem improbable that the puppies 10 weeks of age may «Keep» Rack 2–3 minutes! It is a valuable asset for the success of the dog on field trials and breeding.For example, it is possible for puppies setter breeds from the age of 10 weeks to simulate the situation of hunting game birds Read more [...]
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