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In Ukraine without electricity more than 200 settlements

In Ukraine, due to snow and squally wind tonight energized over 200 settlements, the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Hardest hit Poltava region, in which no light is 141 town. No electricity in several villages and towns in Kharkov, Kiev and Lugansk regions. Restoration of the power supply system power companies engaged teams. By the morning of January 8 provided the movement of road, rail and air transport. On clearing the roads from Ukravtodor involved over a thousand pieces of equipment and more than two thousand employees. Source: RBS Read more [...]
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Economy, social structure and spiritual culture of the people of the Neolithic

Neolithic differs from the previous era higher stage in the development of productive forces used all the basic techniques of­processing stone, explore new ways of housing, were invented pottery, weaving. The population of the Urals the most of the rich natural re­LAS especially various types of stone. Along with flint and yash­mine were used quartz, quartzite, granite; layered rocks tufopor-firit, slate, talc, as well as semi-precious stones agate, rock crystal, etc.. Raw materials mined mainly on the surface. There are shops, having the character of seasonal sites, main challenge Read more [...]
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Cannibalization and the employment of special settlers in the Urals

    Remembering the tragedy of our people in the period of Stalin's dictatorship, we are accustomed to believe that the greatest number of repressed falls on 1936- 1938 years. But in fact, most of the victims on the altar of Communism brought the peasantry in the late 1920s early 1930s. On the destruction of farmers across the country, we have learned from many recent works. Our task is to investigate the process by the example of the northern regions of the Ural region and Nizhny Tagil.     Since the beginning of the policy of rapid industrialization on the peasantry Read more [...]
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Metallurgy early Iron Age. Dissemination of the productive economy in forest areas

Determining factor in the dynamics of the productive forces in the Early Iron Age becomes metallurgy. Until the middle of I millennium BC. e. Urals dominated non-ferrous metallurgy, although some iron products appear in the Urals at the beginning of the I millennium BC. e., and in the Lower Kama and Southern Urals region of use­relatively often developed their shapes and forms. Most clearly development non-ferrous metallurgy characterize Zauralye­cal Itkulsky and Priuralsky Ananyinsky monuments [8, p. 182—243; 7, p. 28—31; 36, p. 3—256]. It can be assumed that the non-ferrous Read more [...]
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Archaeological Site of forest Zauralye

Archaeological monuments in most cases open population. And this is understandable. Who else but the locals know every inch of his native land. Already in ancient times, people have tried, but did not know how to explain the traces of long-past life, and this led to the emergence of myths and legends, it is very far from reality. Thus was born the legend of the population of people Zauralye «chudyu», To whom were attributed all the surviving monuments of the past. Therefore, many uninhabited areas: Tracts, mountains, mounds, ore deposits, which are usually in the survey open and diverse Read more [...]
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Ukraine poured rain

For several days in Ukraine almost non-stop heavy rains come. Downpour "damped" 9 areas. Only in the Carpathian podtopilo one hundred and fifty settlements. The country has developed an emergency. Coming out of the banks of the river damaged road bridges, dams and roads washed away. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that because of the rains, strong winds triggered protection of power lines, resulting in a de-energized 33 settlements in the Kiev region, 27 — Cherkassy, ​​25 — in Nikolaev, 20 — in Vinnytsia, 10 — Read more [...]
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In Ukraine element made dead 100 settlements

One hundred settlements in different regions of Ukraine were left without electricity in Tuesday night because of the rain and strong winds, the press service of the emergencies Ministry. «In the night from 19 to 20 July as a result of adverse weather conditions and due to the operation of automatic protection systems transmission lines in eight regions de-energized 100 settlements», — the message says. So, without light remained in the Ternopil region — 28 settlements in Kherson — 23, in Mykolaiv — 20, nine in Dnipropetrovsk Read more [...]
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The night the storm made dead 76 settlements in the Central regions of Ukraine

In the night 26 on 27 July as a result of adverse weather conditions (rain, wind gusts), and activation of automatic protection systems transmission lines in two areas deenergized 76 the settlements. As reported today by the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine, in particular, in the Vinnytsia region without electricity remained 60 settlements in Zhytomyr — 16. To restore electricity settlements attracted teams in the company. As reported yesterday, the UHC has warned about the deteriorating weather conditions. Today, July 27, in Ukraine, except for the Eastern part of the Read more [...]
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Wind storm in Belarus made dead 433 settlements

433 settlements have been de-energized due to strong winds in Shchuchyn and Leeds districts of the Grodno region in the night 8 August. In szczuczyn the power supply was interrupted and resumed at 1.30 to 2.50. In the areas of transmission lines have been restored to 11.00. According to information received, the Employees of the national weather service in szczuczyn was recorded gust of wind 27 m/S. In this city per night fell 20 mm of rainfall, or 20 liters of water per square metre - 27% monthly rate. Source: BelaPAN Read more [...]
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The hurricane made dead 500 settlements in Belarus

In Belarus liquidate the consequences of hurricane winds and heavy rains from the storm. «As a result of strong gusty wind and rain storm over the past few days have been dead more than 500 settlements», — reported today in the Ministry of emergency situations. Experts are rebuilding, and remain de-energized 10 settlements, informs ITAR-TASS. In the rampage of the elements in some points of the Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk and Mogilev oblasts also damaged the roofs of the houses. According to the MOE, the affected people there. Meanwhile, in all regions of the country again Read more [...]
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In the Poltava region due to bad weather deenergized 40 settlements

Photo: 40 settlements were left without power as the result of complications weather in Poltava region. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations and population protection from consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe. In the night 28 on 29 August due to rain, hail and strong wind gusts 20-25 m/s triggered automatic protection of power lines. De-energized towns in 5 the districts. According to the MOE, to resume power supply to the involved teams in the company. The situation is under the control of the Main Directorate of the MOE in the Poltava region. Let's Read more [...]
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The first autumn weather made dead 45 villages in Ukraine

45 settlements were left without electricity due to bad weather on the night of August 31 to September 1 in 4 areas, the press service of the emergencies Ministry. In particular, due to adverse weather conditions (rain, wind) and actuation of automatic protection systems power lines were de-energized 16 settlements in Volyn region, 14 — in Chernihiv, 10 — in Kiev and 5 — in Rivne. To restore electricity settlements attracted teams in the company. Source: Read more [...]
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Weather in Poltava left 30 villages without light

28 settlements were left without electricity in the night of 1st / 2nd September due to bad weather in Poltava region, the press service of the emergencies Ministry. The blackout occurred in the seven districts of the region as the result of complications weather conditions (storm wind gusts) and because of the actuation of the automatic protection of power lines. To resume the supply of the settlements involved brigade oblenergos. Source:  Browser Read more [...]
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Element made dead 11 settlements in the Kuban

About 18 thousand people were left without electricity on Tuesday night in Tikhoretsk district of Krasnodar region due to storms, during which broken wires on high-voltage lines, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the company «Kubanenergo». «Around 22.00 GMT due to storm broken wires on high-voltage lines 35 KW, were left without electricity 11 settlements in Tikhoretsk district, mainly farm — about 18 thousands of people», — said the Agency interlocutor. As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the press service Read more [...]
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because of the strong wind in the Novosibirsk region were left without electricity 9 villages

Last night because of the strong wind in the Novosibirsk region were left without electricity 9 settlements. As reported in the Management of emergency situations of Russia in Novosibirsk region, at 4:40 in the result of damage to the transmission line 10 kV Moszkowski in the area were left without electricity 9 settlements: Oyash, Dubrovina, Uspenka, Raven, Belozerka, Ob, Hype, Sarajevo and Umrah. Just these settlements account 7800 people. To address the damage on the spot, there are four teams Ob-grid - 12 people and 4 vehicles. Today, September 9, electricity is expected to recover. Source: Read more [...]
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In the Tomsk region suddenly the snow. Video

Nature surprised on Friday, residents of the city of Strezhevoy, Tomsk region. There, during the day the temperature dropped from +15 to -5 degrees Celsius, and then the snow fell. Because vosmisantimetrovuyu layer on roads has increased by three times the number of accidents. However, to observe such weather anomalies citizens had for long. By the afternoon the snow had melted. Were reminded of it only numerous puddles, reports «Russia 24». Meanwhile, over the past day in Siberia there were 25 fire on a total area 3428 hectares. To date, 15 of them are localized. Threats settlements Read more [...]
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In the Crimea the weather was dead 13 settlements

Today, October 3, in the three districts of the Crimea because of the strong wind gusts reaching 25 m/s, were left without electricity 13 settlements.

According to the chief Directorate of the MES in the Crimea, were left without electricity 1036 houses and 2480 residents in Krasnoperekopskiy, Dzhankoy, Kirov regions.

On renewal energy has 15 teams «Krymenergo».

Source: Kommersant

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The Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka threw a plume of ash 5.5 km

September 12, 2013. A plume of ash to a height of 5.5 km occurred from the crater of the northernmost active volcano of Kamchatka - the Shiveluch, according to Department of EMERCOM of Russia on the Kamchatka edge. «The ash cloud from the emission spread over a distance of 30 kilometers South-East from the volcano towards Ust-Kamchatsk municipal district. Ash falls in the settlements is not registered»- said in the message. According to rescuers, the threat of human settlements is missing. «All travel companies informed about the dangers that may lie in wait for tourists in Read more [...]
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The wind was dead 45 settlements in Ukraine

Forty-five communities in six regions of Ukraine de-energized as a result of squally gusts of wind and triggering an automatic protection of power lines, said on Saturday, RIA Novosti press-service of Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine. Without electricity remained 15 settlements in the Kiev region, 13 in Sumy, eight in Cherkasy, four in Rivne, three in Chernihiv and two in Ivano-Frankivsk. In the Sumy region gusty winds partially damaged the roofs of commercial and residential buildings. Created working groups to clarify the consequences and damages. The emergency work involved and communal Read more [...]
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188 settlements dead in few regions of Ukraine

Today, December 3, Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts in the weather without electricity remained 177 settlements. According to the Ministry, as at 7.00 in the Kherson region remain without electricity 126 settlements, Nicholas — 51. Also in the Ternopil region due to the buildup of ice on power lines without electricity remained 11 villages. In the press service of the Ternopil regional state administration said that in the area we regularly de-energized 4 settlements in Zbarazh — 7. Now teams in the company is carried out in the regions of the repair work. In addition, the Read more [...]
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