Last spring on Akhtuba

Well, Akhtuba Akhtuba so. Travel time from 8.05 at 29.04. Of the many options for some reason, we choose a small base on the island near the settlement Selitrennoye. Does it really matter where alcohol to absorb ...In Selitrennoe we drive late at night, the darkness - even pitch dark. When he reached the place from which we decided should ferries, find slumbering peacefully on the banks of the vehicle. On the morning of our neighbors find out from local, that the ferry will be no earlier than 10:00, because until that time the ferryman hardly sober.Finally to the place of dislocation of our time Read more [...]
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As I walked for three rabbits

December last winter hunting season turned out to have little snow and relatively warm. For its pervopolnoy vyzhlovochkoy Russian hound us almost daily visited lands and learned the tricky science of hunting oblique. Photo: Mikhail Semin And today, rising up early and went out into the yard, he felt that day will be able to: evening shallow snow cover sprinkled with fresh newly-fallen snow, the air was soft and quiet. Most weather for the rut.After a quick breakfast, I quickly put him to his hunting rifle LUAZ, termosok with coffee, put your beagle named Shumkov –  and Read more [...]
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Nights and days novogodya

I was once a good friend. It Was, because gone back to where not returned. But left after strong intimate poems and memories of days and nights on a fishing trip.Recently, deceitful officials and deputies, and the means used to having a rest from their labors unbearable in the Bahamas and Cyprus, and allow us mortals to sit back until you're blue in Novogode ... who slept in the New Year's holiday, who crushes the couch watching television, and who still have money and power — kvass and prohibitively heavy until the arrival of the little gnomes (this is for women) and the Read more [...]
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Gus Andreitch

If the morning was a good year and you're good geese had shot, not the fact that Dawn will take part effectively.Photo Gidzy / FLICKR.COM In the evening we did not to work out beginning. Gains in former lands in advance of Zorka was time discussing the events of the morning. Suddenly, when driving up a jeep, all fell silent. I came our old friend, with who hunted several times, brought his horde. Ilya had expressed dissatisfaction, saying, gone hunting.— Chill, — Andreitch soothed him, and he began buttoning on jacket, not looking Read more [...]
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We shoot with youth

Pre-winter full of events is not only universal scale, but also of local importance. For example, the company FSUE "GosNIIOKhT" celebrates 90 years since its founding, hunters and team number 34, formed from the employees of this company, have decided to hold competitions in shooting, dedicated to this date. Venue Rifle Stand MBO in Kuzminki. I must say that the company's management and assists assistance job hunting and staff his poster section. For many years the team of hunters number 34 headed by its chairman Glebov Valentin, a master of sports in Exercise Read more [...]
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One salvo

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova All hunting stories begin the same way: «We went as a hunting»... I will not be original, and start the same way. We went as a hunting. The four on the «Cornfield»It is the most reliable and traversed by the machine in a spring and autumn slush. The soil in our area clay, little rain falls upon immediately turns into a slippery soap. Autumn that year stood out early, then snow, then rain in early October.Hunting was the first stop malodobychlivoy, and we decided to move to another location. Considerably «After dancing» Read more [...]
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California choked with snow, rain and wind. Video

Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / January 20, 2010 Previous message can be read here Torrential rains and snow, continuing for several days, have led to extensive flooding in the south-western United States, as a result of bad weather, killing two people. As the representatives of the authorities of California, in a number of areas in a total of 260 homes were evacuated residents, as emerged from the banks of the river came close to human settlements. According to forecasters, the rate of rainfall is about 4 cm per hour. Moreover, the situation in the affected areas of California is Read more [...]
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ON the Big WATER.

Flooding is not a reason to throw your own two-wheeled friend. Method of light manipulation, you can recycle your own great in the amphibian. Rather add some huge plastic containers, add on wheel a couple of blades and a few hinges for transfer of containers in "land" position. Now this is great, you can ride on land and rapidly enough to walk on water. Apart from this, you can simply arrange a river trip on a bike, just don't forget to wear a life vest. #vyzyvayustchim#vyzhivaniyeNikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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video sequel to the sketch bunker?w=wall-30159529 52501

look from the side :" Where are you, Children of peace to euromilano ?at least for a few minutes shoulder to shoulder stood, as those boys you several hours of chains and stones beat.."The courage of the Ukrainian Legion of milanistas through the roof.. 2:09Open voting"Children " and " Eagle". your attitude? not much got the Eagle10522.5% not enough "kids" hit , you would add..36177.5% Get the codeVoted 466 people.Read more [...]
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Hurricane tornado hit the Bahamas. Photo

Consequences of hurricane A powerful tornado that hit today, a number of states of the eastern coast of the United States, went to the Bahamas. According to local authorities, the impact of the tornado felt by several islands, including Grand Bahama Island - one of the two islands, where most residents of the state. As a result of the hurricane destroyed several buildings, overturned cars and broken trees. Information about the victims so far been received. Powerful gusts of wind with heavy rain, according to weather forecasts, will continue here throughout the day.On the eastern coast of Read more [...]
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Gorokhovskiy CULTURE

Gorokhovskiy CULTURE archaeological. culture of the first half. early railroad. in. forest-steppe Zauralye (V-II centuries BC.) highlighted K.V.Salnikovym on mat. excavated it in 1930 -40's Gorokhovsky settlement on the river. Yurgamysh. Areal GK covers in DOS. Avg. Tobol region, bass. p. Iset and river valley. Ai in the mountain forest zone South. W. Math. more than 100 fortified and unfortified settlement., burial grounds and settlements finds materials GK Mounds single trehploschadochnye, total area. from 1 to 10 thousand. more sq.m. Known several. their types: capes with a transverse line Read more [...]
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Eruption of the volcano in the Krasnodar Territory

The eruption of the mud volcano started Hephaestus on Mount Rotten Temrjuksky area (Krasnodar region). Volcano wakes up every 5 years, mud gush to a height of 3 meters. According to "New Television of Kuban" for locals erupting mud volcano not a threat - to the nearest house more than 100 m. However, the volcano is a very strong smell of methane gas concentration is so great that it can catch fire, so light a fire near the volcano can not be . Hephaestus can erupt from several hours to several days. Total Taman Kuban volcano 62, 12 of them from time to time "wake up". Source: The South Previous Read more [...]
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American cities in ruins

Powerful tornado hit by three American states - Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. Victims of Hurricane became seven people. Several cities in the northeastern United States in ruins, reports NTV. The element has completely destroyed 50 houses, dozens of buildings were left without roofs and windows. Wind overturned cars and uprooted trees. Tornado damaged power lines and brought to a halt a nuclear power plant. Swath of destruction stretched for tens of kilometers. Now the disaster area lifeguard, they make the rubble in search of victims. Several dozen people have been sent to hospitals. Source: Read more [...]
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Thinking about termobelishko

Last week I had a chance to run for five days as a rabid hedgehog, and not just run and run pretty hard, on a business trip. Because outside damp and chilly, winter, for a moment, teased underwear, not the most expensive, and just really not the best, what is there. Its main task - to remove moisture (for active wear) These five days I did not have time to wash it, to be honest - it was not always a time and take it off just like that in a sleeping bag and fell. Underwear greasy and work has become much worse. The question arises - whether justified deliver synthetic or mixed thermal underwear Read more [...]
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Wind break trees in Latvia. Photo

Strong wind from Friday night raging in the territory of Latvia, breaking branches and damage power lines. Remained without electricity for several thousand families. In Riga, Kipsala gusts broke several trees. Source: Read more [...]
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A powerful tornado struck on Canada

Cause considerable damage to a tornado hit the Canadian town of Midland, Ontario, 60 kilometers from Huntsville, where on Friday kicks off summit "Big Eight". It is reported that on the next day in several cities, including in the Huntsville, declared a storm warning. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, strong winds with speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour and thunderstorms will dominate in this part of the province of Ontario and raised in Huntsville, including, where should gather the leaders of the leading eight countries, as well as specially invited to the meeting "eight" presidents Read more [...]
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In Romania count flood damage

Romanian authorities calculate flood damage. In the list of those killed four people. Hundreds — evacuated. Dozens of communities cut off from the world. In several parts of the country washed out roads and destroyed bridges. Flooded thousands of acres of fields. Rain did not stop for several days. Residents tried to build a makeshift dam, but were powerless against the elements. To help the people thrown rescuers, police and firefighters, they pump water from their homes and restore transport links. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Tver region

On Sunday, in the territory of Kalyazinsky Tver region occurred natural emergencies - for a few minutes a powerful storm with thunder and strong gusts of wind caused great destruction to buildings and networks in the city and a number of rural settlements. Immediately, thanks to the operational tasks of the district head Konstantin Ilyin were raised service to remedy the effects of the hurricane. The consequences were severe: felled many trees, causing the roofs of private houses, several cars, damaged roofs of 10 apartment buildings, broken power lines, demolished support. Hit particularly hard Read more [...]
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Chicago goes under video

The American city of Chicago was hit by torrential rains that caused massive flooding. Because of the flood had completely block the traffic on the Federal highway, which connects Illinois with neighboring States. At the entrance to Chicago was formed many kilometers of traffic jams. The police, observing the disaster zone with air, said that he saw several water-logged and abandoned cars. The fate of the owners of the cars remains unknown. In the Chicago water covered several blocks. Authorities evacuated residents of several apartment buildings. A total of 40 thousand people were left without Read more [...]
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The nature of madness: the geography of natural disasters

Natural anomalies are observed in almost all parts of the world. In the American state of Iowa because of the threat of flooding evacuated hundreds of people. After heavy rains, one of the levees could not withstand the water pressure. In Europe they go back to the showers. And in South America - the coldest winter in the last 50 years. About the geography of natural disasters - report \"Russia 24\".USA, Iowa. Four minutes to gather everything you need and minute - to sit in the car and go to a safe place. After heavy rains in the American state of Iowa one of the dams did not withstand the Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).