Eight times when a woman wants sex

Of course, the best way to understand what a woman wants sex - this is when it suits and clearly states its intentions. But fortunately or unfortunately, it is to this method avoids the weaker sex resort. When a woman wants sex? Psychologists have compiled a list of situations that may help to understand the intricacies of female nature. It 10 situations when women want sex, and you can not doubt.After a quarrel.Sexual arousal and aggression are similar in nature. During the conflict, there is a significant release of adrenaline and testosterone in the blood, which significantly enhances Read more [...]
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The sexual revolution began penicillin

1950s in the U.S. were not so puritanical, as is commonly believed, comparing them to the sixties. And the reason for this was a new powerful tool for syphilis.Fashion on a risky, unconventional sexual relationship, marked a turning sixties, actually began a decade earlier, in the conformist fifties, the economist Andrew Francis of Emory University (USA).It is believed that the sexual revolution has been made possible with the advent of the birth control pill, which so happily coincided with a period of growing the rich and cheeky baby boomers in the U.S. and Western Europe. However, it is Read more [...]
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Erotic fantasies can beat pain

If you are concerned about any kinds of pain, do not rush to swallow painkillers. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Johns Hopkins University. If you are concerned about any kinds of pain, do not rush to swallow painkillers. The study found that erotic fantasy and avant-garde banal reflections on sexual themes relieve pain better than most modern pain medication drugs. In particular, in one experiment, the group of subjects were asked for as much as possible to keep their hands in ice water. Subjects who were not given instructions to submit to the experiment various sexual scenes, Read more [...]
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Sex-2012, or the inhabitants of the earth Courtship

"That's when Mrs. death suit noiseless feet to our head and saying" yeah ", will take the precious and still sweet life - we are probably the greatest of all about a sense of regret that we have to lose in this case. Of all the wondrous events and feelings, sprinkled with a generous hand of nature, we must have, I think, just naizhalche to part with love "- written by Mikhail Zoshchenko chapter" Love "his" Blue Book. " Perhaps many would have acceded to these words, especially in view of the recently passed the end of the world. Many have pondered whether Read more [...]
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How to avoid sexual abuse

In Russia in 1995, there were almost 14,000 rapes. However, the real number of crimes can be seen in such figures: In 1993, out of 785 rape survivors who have applied to the St. Petersburg center assistance to victims of sexual violence, the police have only 37 - less than 4.6%. Historical information. Household etiquette Russia in XIX century, ordered the young lady, for any reason not to be alone with a young man. Conversation can take place only in the presence of a witness. If the lady came another guest, a nurse or dependents may leave them, but then men should leave together. As you Read more [...]
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Jack — Ripper, it maniac

Recently, the local newspapers, it was reported that members of the Smolensk police arrested serial killer, suspected of committing a series of murders of young women. As we know from history that in London there was a man who hated all wicked women at once. At night he would start one of these in a quiet place, raped and brutally murdered. The shape of the dying victim gave him the greatest pleasure. Killer nicknamed "Jack the Ripper." Since then, the moniker became a household word, and maniacs appear at all times and in all countries. Some believe that the serial killer must have Read more [...]
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Problem of teenage sex

Teenagers spend their sexual experiments in the most unlikely circumstances. You vozishsya buttons and "lightning" in the flickering light TV and listen more to the sound coming from the front door - and not a key ring out? - Than to the gentle words. Or - as I remember, so the creeps! - You betrayed affection on the seat parent vehicle. You are all overheated, and the seat is so cold ... I guess the ancestors covered with plastic seat of pure sadism. If only Henry Ford could have imagined what a wonderful use of his invention will have teenagers! Let me share a lesson that I myself Read more [...]
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Causes and consequences

In order to have sex, there are many reasons, but only one seems to me quite thoroughly: it is a physical expression of true love that occurs between two people. But in order to not engage in sex, reasons abound: the risk to become pregnant or get a venereal disease, compromises that have to go, loss of self-esteem, frustration and finding "a bad reputation." Now young people are having sex much earlier than before: the average "national" level - sixteen years, but happens even before that. Unfortunately, many people are having sex, guided completely wrong motives, and then Read more [...]
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What is the cause of homosexuality?

Although psychiatrists and came to the conclusion that homosexuality is not a disease, but simply a different form of expression of sexuality, the reasons it is still not clearly defined. Perhaps the single cause and there, and in each case we are dealing with a combination of these causes. In the formation of sexual preferences play a role environment and education, such as the absence of one parent who loves sex with you. Can play a role, and heredity, and the particular combination of genes. But until now, no one knows the exact answer. Homosexuals were victims of many false stereotypes, Read more [...]
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Adolescents weight doubt on his account, these concerns relate to and sexuality. Society is extremely easy to sticking labels on people, especially when it comes to sex. He - gay, fag. And here it is - normal. And it is - both. In order to understand and to come to an internal agreement with their sexuality, it takes time, and when people or you yourself are pasted hastily on a certain tag, it creates a lot of problems and difficulties. Part of the blame which began in the sixties the so-called "sexual revolution." Before that teenagers had sex much later, their growing up has been Read more [...]
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Sex education

Many parents are afraid of sex education policy in schools - and sex education at all, because they believe that the study of this subject generates permissiveness, and that, in their understanding, means "too much sex." For some, any little bit, having to do with sex - is one too many. My theory is this: just getting all the necessary information, you can take a reasonable, based on accurate knowledge of the decision - to engage in sex or you do not deal with it at all. Numerical expression of my theory: two terms - "ignorance" plus "sex" - usually add up to unwanted Read more [...]
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Attention! Attention! Before you start reading further, put both hands on the table. I repeat, put both hands on the table. Sorry, but I had to say it. This word is quite a lot of synonyms, and most of them printed - "masturbation", "children's sin" and "pocket billiards". Masturbation or manual stimulation of the sexual organs - a topic that affects (sorry for the bad pun) of many. People usually joke about it - as I am doing here - but it is rarely recognized. Actually, this is quite a common phenomenon - the removal of sexual tension, and resort to it Read more [...]
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As is the case with girls

The most obvious sign of sexual development - the appearance of the breast, it starts to grow in the years ten to eleven, then, closer to fourteen, a stage of very rapid growth. Pigmentation appears on the nipple, and the nipple and aureole, that is a circle around the nipple, start from the front. Between fourteen and sixteen breasts gradually acquires the adult form, the nipple and aureole are already well developed. Only by the age of twenty, or even later halo decreases. It is normal discharge from the nipples are normally also when the breasts swell before menstruation, normal, and when Read more [...]
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Shereshevsky Turner syndrome

Shereshevsky - Turner syndrome - A hereditary disease, which is expressed in a combination of malformations of several organs and systems. The disease is associated with an abnormality of sex chromosomes: patients found only 45 chromosomes at a rate of 46, with chromosome instead of the CW complex X. Approximately 80% of patients with the syndrome Shereshevsky - Turner have a negative test sexual chromatin, ie, the cells do not have the sex chromatin (see). Syndrome Shereshevsky - Turner observed in female representatives, but patients are genetically male individuals (called psevdozhenschiny), Read more [...]
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Frigidity (frigidity), women-2

In some women, there is a decrease, and sometimes that is rare, and lack of sexual desire and the feeling of orgasm during sexual proximity. The causes of frigidity can be different. Very often indifferent to intimacy is seen in women who received in childhood misconceptions about sexual states. Considering sex something ugly, rude, any manifestation of passion, temperament is regarded by them as something immoral, degrading to women. There are still some people who believe that physical proximity reprehensible for a woman. It often happens that frigidity is a result of a delay in sexual development. Read more [...]
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Frigidity (frigidity), women-1

Some examples. F., 20 years old, asked about the lack of orgasm during sexual intercourse. Married one year. From the beginning, the intimate life with her husband established abnormal relations. The first night husband was drunk, behaved very rudely. During sexual intercourse leads to unpleasant feelings, desire, "as soon as possible over an unpleasant procedure." Feels a sense of shame and embarrassment, because in the same room mother lives. Foreplay cause even disgust. Expected of marriage something unusual, enjoyable, and everything in life was the opposite. On examination Read more [...]
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Frigidity (frigidity), women

Nature has endowed man with so-called erogenous zones. List them hardly necessary, because they are, these areas are strictly individual. It should be borne in mind that women may respond differently to the petting and touching different parts of the body. There is the concept of so-called range of acceptability. Successful term as briefly and accurately represents the indisputable fact that there is no standard and can not be, because what excites erotic feelings to a woman, it may be indifferent, even unpleasant for others. Range of acceptability does not occur in all women the same, and Read more [...]
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Trichomoniasis refer to sexual diseases because they are infected mainly through sexual contact. Trichomonas vaginalis causes the disease - the simplest class of flagellates. In humans, three types of parasites Trichomonas: Trichomonas vaginalis, intestinal and oral. All three are independent. Trichomonas vaginalis has nothing to do with the oral and intestinal. Her body has variable shape (round, oval, pear-shaped but more often), it is very flexible. Trichomonas is powered by suction protoplasm liquid nutrients from the environment, as well as solid particles of red blood cells, bacteria, Read more [...]
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Erection and ejaculation

A necessary condition for sexual intercourse in men is erection (From the Latin "erigere" - raise) of the penis. It is based on the vascular reflex, which results in the body blood circulation, increasing its volume (3-4 times) and fever. Mechanism of erection is that nerve impulses arising during sexual arousal, causing a sharp increase and relaxing tone of the arteries of the penis and the strong inflow of arterial blood. Blood flow with a cavernous body increased by 8-10 times. At the same time there is a decrease of the transverse perineal muscles and the prostate gland. In the Read more [...]
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Chastity and marriage

Uncover the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. It reads: "Chastity - virginity, impeccable moral purity." Briefly and clearly. Is it possible to preserve chastity before marriage? Indeed, it is permissible if the boy or, especially, a girl break chastity, virginity before marriage and repeat these violations? Why the loss of a girl virginity before marriage is immoral acts, and for men, as many mistakenly believe, the same act is not culpable? According to this view premarital sex is immoral for girls and is justified in relation to men. The question is, where do these ridiculous views, what Read more [...]
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