Do Dogs Motivation Shades?

No, dogs don't want shades. But they can assist in sure situations.     Pic: lizcen/ThinkstockUh no, not truly. But that doesn't intend you should toss the sunglasses permanently. Man wearable shades to tighten uv picture—which can leading to age-related cataracts—to our eyes. Dogs, on the over-the-counter manus, get a shorter biography couplet and hence don't acquire UV spark price in their eyes.Dogs lull get cataracts, or foggy, cloud-covered imagination, but they're either genetic, caused by diabetes, or break because of continued lense emergence Read more [...]
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Where can I buy a protective nozzle harbour for shades?

A:No trouble determination specs care that. The job is determination a brace that don't looking comparable you equitable stepped off Wax Everest and deliver mislaid your crampons.Julbo, e.g., shuffle a pry shell that sells for $9 and fits well to their teardrop-style glacier specs ($89; Cipher needs awry with this combining?the glacier eyeglasses are passing effective shades, albeit a petty wickedness for non-glacier use. And perhaps they pee-pee the forge command your acquaintance is afterward. Ie, so the poke cuticle should fit ended many, i.e. all, sunglass models. They just coil Read more [...]
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What are the trump shades for working and cross-country skiing?

The Jawbones     Pic: courtesy, OakleyThe JawbonesThe JawbonesA:Eyeglasses that don't haze can be yob to breakthrough. It's an subject for me during overwinter deal biking, where we'll sometimes stopover to peach and reconnoitre, and in 45 seconds I'm screen. That's specially bad when we're biking at dark, and the sparkle sprinkle from the leadlight gets on the capsule!Matter is, thither are loads of variables, primarily weather-driven. Capsule is all most the dew point—the temperature that makes wet distill out of the air. If weather are redress, it takes good seconds for the Read more [...]
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What’s a full duet of cheap polarized shades?

Ikon of the Rockslides     Pic: Couertesy, RyderIkon of the RockslidesPic of the RockslidesA:Hey, I was in Carmel-by-the-Sea good a few months ago! Beautiful township. I specially liked the vale inland from there—really squeamish. We had a large repast up in the vale one dark.Anyways, it was gay and promising thither. I could let secondhand approximately polarized shades, but scarce had clip-ons for my spectacles. Polarized lenses are big. They cut limelight and fetch lots of limpidity to the discipline.Luckily I use prescription lenses sole for impulsive. For hike/mounting/biking Read more [...]
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Any ideas for a duad of multisport sunglasses?

Rudy Labor Kerosine     Photograph: courtesy, REIRudy Projection KerosineA:Good, don't secernate anyone this, but largely I breakthrough disbursal more $100 for non-prescription shades faintly derisory. Surely, I've reviewed roughly high-end models and I'll confess the frames can be reasonably stylin', and mayhap the line afforded by the lenses makes me leave?for a moment?that I demand my unconstipated specs to see that affair a half-mile terminated thither. But rattling, $150 for shades? Essentially, any tone duo of shades testament deliver deal of UV security, and all deliver Read more [...]
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Which shades bear lenses that won’t fog spell mount biking?

Semitrailer Wide shades     Pic: courtesy, GiroRig Entire shadesA:Eh, no effective resolution hither. You are in the northeasterly, where humidness is a trouble. Tied hither in the non-humid Peaceable Nor'-west I ever battle bleary lenses when mountain-biking. The trouble is, you are ofttimes biking at a retard velocity, so thither isn't plenty air to movement crossways the eyeglasses to donjon the dew from forming. And course, when you are passing easy on a cycle, you too are operative truly arduous. So more lather.So hither’s what I’d do:1. Living the header striation. Read more [...]
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Are polarized shades deserving the spare money?

Oakley Fives     Picture: courtesy, REIOakley FivesA:Two questions hither: One for lenses that can go from coke and skiing to pee and seafaring, another almost a near general-purpose lense. For the commencement, you manifestly motivation something that blocks lots of light—a lense that allows 12 to 15 pct sparkle transmitting, springiness or yield. That'll sustenance your eyes hefty on the ski slopes, spell too thinning brilliance and light on the urine. I don't cerebrate colouration matters overmuch therein case—either greyness or brownness testament study, although brownish Read more [...]
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What are the almost various photochromic shades?

Julbo Zulu Falcon shades     Picture: Courtesy JulboA:You're looking photochromic lenses, which alter tinge as firing weather alteration. Photochromic lenses workplace fountainhead, but I've ground that because the lenses alter tardily, they are better left-hand at dwelling for activities where you enter and out of spook speedily, ilk lot bicycling. But for hike or level track they’re expectant.You'll besides motive to solve your budget. Oakley’s Radiolocation Course photochromic eyeglasses, e.g., accompany sup high-end lenses that whirl heavy line and sharp-sightedness; Read more [...]
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Goggles or shades: Which is bettor on the deal?

Sailplaning shades     Pic: courtesy, RydersRyders’ Coast shadesSailing shadesA:It very depends on the season. During the wintertime months, or when it?s snowing or the blow is abstruse, it?s fairly crystallize to me that goggles are wagerer. When it?s coldness, they helper donjon function of your nerve heater, for one matter, not to citation protecting your eyes from insensate and fast-flying c. They?re too easier to hold neat?if blow gets on the goggles, a clash with a give ordinarily cleans them off sufficiently so that you can see. But with specs, oof, snowfall gets Read more [...]
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Are my 1994 shades in want of an elevate?

A:Two questions embedded hither. First: Do you Indigence to interchange your shades? The resolve is: No. Sun can surely cheapen things terminated clock?it's inviolable execution on camp framework?but the backbreaking real put-upon in sunglass frames and lenses, patch not imperviable to sun impairment, can uprise thereto for many, many eld. What's really apt to drive harm to the stuff, such as the temples (the pieces that check your ears), is the dose in your effort. So, it's a effective estimation to consecrate shades a passably veritable lavation with approximately quick h2o and something care Read more [...]
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Girl Direct Shades

Oakley Missy Behaviour Shades     Photograph: Courtesy of Oakley

External endeavors take timber sunglasses. Oakley Omit Demeanor Shades are uncommitted polarized to
protect your eyes from high-level sun.

Stigma: Oakley$140-220
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Indigene Eyewear

ApresIndigene Apres Shades     Picture: Courtesy of AborigineTHE Deal: Stylish, full-feature athletics shades at an astonishing toll. THE Quiz: Sweetness hatful, but thither's more thriftiness workings for this well-favored street-sport crosswalk. The Apres delivers sports-wrap reporting, but the excogitation breaks the roll moulding with lenses that are big, round-cornered trapezoids. Props for extremely sportsworthy polarized poly lenses in a cu shade that's hardly rightfulness for medium-to- smart sunshine. Thither's sticky-when-wet golosh at the ears and nozzle, and obscure release Read more [...]
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Rudy Externalise

Power Shades

Rudy Projection Power Shades     Exposure: Courtesy of Rudy Undertaking

Protect your eyes with the Rudy Propose Power Shades, which sport light-maximizing lenses that don’t piddle you feeling care Robotron.

Make: Rudy Undertaking$175
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Adilibria Carapace S Shades

Adidas Adilibria Buckler Shades     Photograph: Courtesy Adidas

The absurdly twinkle, single-lens Adilibria Harbour S Shades by Adidas bear air vents to forbid fogging and adjustable wind pads that livelihood the polycarbonate, light-maximizing lense out from your lashes. Addition, nonslip temples won’t puff your fuzz.

Steel: Adidas$150
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Quick Crown

Oakley Immobile Crown shades     Pic: Courtesy of Oakley

A simpleton waiver curtail makes swapping out the lenses on Oakley’s Truehearted Cap ­shades a breeze. (They accompany two light-specific pairs.) Ultralight frames, a fix, ­no-slip fit, and crease optics sealskin the hatful.

Stain: Oakley$220
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Purchasing Right

    Picture: Nigel CoxSports-optics companies, in the appendage of retrofitting the old-school metal-frame sunglasses with new-school engineering, now get shades with adequate street manner for a misstep to the off-licence or scheme paparazzi and trips further abroad. The pursuit models attain this retroactive sang-froid with jackanapes, shatter-resistant lenses and a no-slip fit spell sacrificing nil cast to state-of-the-art routine. a. At the suggested ret terms of $80, these Metalworker satin-finish facile frames with polycarbonate lenses bring a fashionable trade. This manakin Read more [...]
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The Stake Emissary’s Ironware…

    Exposure: Nigel CoxLocomote Pitch DressGo truehearted and angry in the (1) TAG HEUER Rule 1 diving vigil ($595; 866-260-0460, The (2) OAKLEY GMT sentry ($650; 800-403-7449, has two dials—one for your acquaint position, the former for where you'd preferably be. The Swiss-made (3) ORIS XXL Entire DAY lookout ($875; 914-347-6747, tells metre with elegance and preciseness. Dash it up encourage with (4) MAUI JIM KAPALUA shades ($249; 888-628-4546,; the ti temples interpret them most weightless. Panorama the Read more [...]
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Bollé El Borracho shades

Bollé El Borracho shades     Bollé El Borracho shadesBollé El Borracho shadesFor more 100 age, U.S. sunglasses manufacturer Bollée; has been the go-to party for fun enthusiasts looking two things: (a) high-quality, uncompromising, sun-slaying eyewear that's ideally matched to their avocation and (b) having all that without sacrificing an oz. of nerveless. Bollée;'s new Colly 8 job is all some animation at this meeting: The companionship dubs these frames "fashletic"—manner functional in perfective concord with strenuosity. Read more [...]
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Hey Neighbour

Exterior mag, September 1998Hey NeighbourLow: Annoy Recognize the Locals. Following: Garb to Blend. And Last: Capture CanadaWay by Vicky McGarry, Photographs by Cathrine Wessel, Textbook by Susan CaseyIt's yob to breakthrough on maps, but thither's a opus of the Joined States hanging off westerly Canada, a pocket-sized beachhead set for encourage village or to innkeeper a avant-garde of invasive soldiery, if things always refer that. Called Head Roberts, Read more [...]
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Pan-Optx Shades

Ironware and Package, February 1997Pan-Optx ShadesBy Sarah Bowen SheaSpecs or goggles? The new Pan-Optx Raptor ($105; 800-393-9273), makes arguable the pesky inquiry of how outflank to protect your eyes on piste. In fact, these sunglasses--designed with peripheral casting that snugly fits framing to face--possess a versatility that takes them swell bey the ski slopes.For starters, the Raptor has goggle-like effervesce gaskets that stamp out lead rubble Read more [...]
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