McConkey: Doing Jurist to ‘Disc Boy’

"When multitude discourse who directed this flick, Shane directed it. It started 20 eld ago when he was 18 geezerhood old with a lily-livered handycam camera capturing everything." Our Ducky Films from Tribeca A round-up of the trump escapade films at the feteWhen freeskier Shane McConkey passed forth at age 39 during a ski-BASE fortuity in 2009, he unexpended backside an inspiring bequest that’s dextrously captured in the documental McConkey. The movie leads you done the many phases of McConkey’s calling: Later an abortive undertake to union the U.S. ski racing squad, he Read more [...]
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The Succeeding of Skiing: Microphone Hattrup

    Photograph: Sharpness of Ne'er FlickYour goggles and helmet leave be ilk the fascia of your car. Your pharos, airbag, camera...When I entertain the futurity, I entertain Shane McConkey. One of the projections he would suffer tending you—which I chuckled at, wish I chuckled at bank and verso position cut when he suggested those—is shocks on skis. Shane McConkie treasured heap bike-style shocks on skis so that he could state big pose. “I lack to leap a drop and farming it—bonanza,” aforesaid Shane. I opinion cradle was recession when Shane came up Read more [...]
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The Shane McConkey Chronicle

Shane McConkey with his wife Sherry and girl Ayla in 2006.     Pic: Redbull MediaThis month, Red Dogshit Media Theater and Matchstick Productions discharge "McConkey," a documental on action-sports adept Shane McConkey, who died in the Italian Dolomites in Adjoin 2009 at the age of 39 in a wingsuit-ski-BASE fortuity. The shoot, which testament be shown on a 20-city go ahead possibility stagily in New York Metropolis and Los Angeles, uses a definitive objective recipe, compounding professionally stroke skiing and BASE-jumping footage of McConkey with talking-head interviews. Read more [...]
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Sentience and Esthesia

External cartridge, May 1996Sentiency and AesthesiaThose who cognise the shudder of a nutrient tag wouldn't presume outcry this flypast landBy Steamy Wayne Ovalbumin On a nighttime when lots interaction with dogs and raccoons was awaited, Shane Groves and his chum Vandardis Lightlessness took the clip to explicate to me why it was requisite that over-the-counter creatures be tangled, videlicet two animals that were referred to as mules but in fact resembledmutant Read more [...]
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Shane McConkey Is My Co-pilot

    Exposure: Courtesy of K2

At 160/130/120 underfoot, the Shane McConkey?divine K2 Protection Ski is all-inclusive plenty to drift complete any pulverisation; features a montage and quotes from McConkey, who died ski-BASE jump in Italy end saltation; and is complete for channeling your inside Discus Boy. Net payoff attend McConkey’s wife and girl. $699;

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Parachuting Glad: Miles Daisher photographed on November 1, 2005     Pic: Art StreiberStartle Glad: Miles Daisher photographed on November 1, 2005 Fast MAN: "Jump is restful for me", says Daisher. Mightiness Also Leap: Stand specializer Miles Daisher -Photo by Art StreiberIT'S 9:30 a.m. on a Friday in September, nigh ten hours later the midnight startle of his attack to jump off Couple Waterfall, Idaho's Perrine Nosepiece 50 multiplication in 24 hours, and Foot pinafore Miles Daisher is posing outstandingly silence. He's slouched in a foldable cantonment professorship Read more [...]
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