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About knives suitable for specific hunting, a lot of talk. But it is good to debate sitting in an armchair at home or at a hunting exhibition, and here is how to implement these tips? This is for you to be done in a variety of hunting and fishing. Well, what about the functional hunting knife?Take a heavy knife taiga skladeshok to duck flights, selfish (Skinner) for moose hunting, but do not forget about the fish? Do not you think that the situation is approaching absurdity. So, about the knife. Before lover functional knife obviously got a problem. Do not take the same with a whole arsenal of Read more [...]
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society of vyryvalsya knife

SHARPENING a Knife In Unexpected And Unsafe SITUATIONS IN the Criteria of SURVIVALIn the near future become famous story about how knives are used in emergency and rescue lives. What is the story of Aron Ralston, which is more than 5 days spent in rock crevices and in the end for himself cut off blunt penknife hand gripped the stone.Known is another story, when after the earthquake in Latest Zealand man was under the debris of the structure and to save life, the doctor cut off both his legs with the help of the Swiss knife that was the only readily available inventory. And this is not the only Read more [...]
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The meningitis. What to do?

Inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. Transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets. Signs: • A sharp increase in temperature to 40°C and above. • Severe headache, accompanied by pressure on the ears, eyes and neck. With a sharp movement and bright light pain increases. • Nausea and vomiting, increased sensitivity of the skin, sometimes delirium and loss of consciousness. Your actions: • Urgent doctor on call. The disease is dangerous consequences (death can occur, and in case of recovery — deafness, blindness, Read more [...]
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Solar activity dropped sharply

According to the monitoring stations of solar activity NASA, there was a sharp decline in her - the fifth day in a row on the luminary is not observed a single spot. Less than a week the share of "unblemished" days in the current year 2010, an estimated SpaceWeather, tripled - from 3% to 9%. When the Sun will stain again, is still unknown. The sharp decline in solar activity, the traditional indicator of which is the number of spots (so-called "Wolf number"), suggests that the assumption of the beginning of a new solar activity at the end of last and beginning of this year could be a bit premature. In Read more [...]
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Breeding dizelirovaniem fire.

Dedicated fans of interesting things. One day I came across an interesting device that passed me by unnoticed. And in one of the shows I saw this thing again, and I want to tell you about it. It's called Fire Piston, piston by Russian fire.Its operating principle. After putting a small amount of tinder into the recess on the piston, and inserting a tube, it is necessary to press sharply. By compressing tesperatura rises sharply and tinder starts to smolder. The idea is a good thing but troublesome. On the other hand, is not no worse than Flint!Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Fishing beliefs and superstitions

Fishermen beliefs and superstitionsOn nibble affect a huge number of reasons, including weather conditions.Generally seen to bite better in cloudy weather, even if a small drizzle of rain. In the hot days are better to catch at an early dawn and in the evening at sunset. With a sharp increase and decrease of the water temperature is usually compounded by the bite, but a gradual increase in the water temperature to a normal level provides the best bite.Small water level is usually a prerequisite disgusting fish because the water in it is transparent and subject to extreme temperature Read more [...]
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Bell krapivolistny

Perennial herb 30-100 cm tall, with thick fibrous roots. The stems and leaves are covered with stiff hairs. Stem erect, reddish, with sharp edges. The leaves are alternate, unequal-at the edges, the lower cordate-ovate, with long petioles, upper triangular-cordate, oval or lanceolate, sessile. The flowers are large, located on one or 2-4 in the axils of the upper leaves. Calyx obconical, blackish, with triangular sharp teeth. Venchikdlinoy 25-50 mm, blue-violet or almost white, shallow divided on rejected blades. Fruits - hanging ovoid capsule, dehiscing three holes at the base. Blooms Read more [...]
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To which group of mammals also include human beings?

Distant ancestor of man, apparently, eating grass and juicy vegetables. This is demonstrated not only the Bible, particularly the book "Genesis" of the Old Testament, but also the structure of the human gastrointestinal tract and some indirect evidence. Consider them. Let's start with a comparison of the teeth. Do we see a great predators, long and sharp canine teeth, poorly developed incisors and molars are pointed, not in contact with somknutyh'chelyustyah. That is well adapted teeth to grab, hold and tear prey food, not crush, chew or rub it in herbivores than sharp incisors, Read more [...]
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Simple stone tips

At some point everyone who begins to engage in stone, wants to try to make arrowheads and spear. It is easy to make simple stone point to be ugly in design, but is able to pierce through even the mastodon. My own success in making tips are not particularly high, at one time I was almost desperate to make a functional and not very ugly piece. But like many other questions, the answer can be found in ancient times. Leafing through the book somehow Derek Roy "Background", I came across a picture of simple, Read more [...]
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The simplest stone tools

In one of the articles of the old journal Woodsmoke Journal Helveg Paul describes three easy ways to work with the stone, which can be mastered by everyone. They will stand you in good stead in almost any situation where you need a sharp object, but nothing suitable was not at hand. The first way that Paul borrowed from the ancient peoples and called «olduwan bashee», the most basic. Working with stone preferences for the target stone and throws it with all the force of the other, more solid stone. Collecting fragments and splinters, it chooses the one that has favorable characteristics - Read more [...]
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Stone tools. Lesson

A few years ago I had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience for the first time. I killed a huge, well-fed deer in order to provide for his family meat for the winter, the harsh life in the estuary. Congratulating themselves on the successful business, I started cutting the carcass. Turning the carcass on his back and pulled out a knife and found the sheath to store empty! Oh, God! In the truck, I had another knife, but I did not want and could not leave the deer and go for a knife, was a warm day and I had to quickly get out of the meat and refrigerate the opened carcass until it is Read more [...]
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Phlegmon of the stomach

Phlegmon of the stomach - Sharp evolved purulent inflammation of the stomach wall as a result of infection in its thickness defect in the mucosa, ulcers, burns, or by hematogenous infectious diseases. Characterized by acute onset, fantastic chills, high fever, sharp abdominal pain, vomiting, and general poor condition. On palpation - a sharp pain in the upper abdomen. With the development of the disease, there are signs of peritonitis, progressively deteriorate. Only operative treatment - Emergency gastrectomy, antibiotics through a thin drainage into the abdominal cavity and intramuscularly. Read more [...]
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Injuries to the peripheral nervous system

Injury of the peripheral nervous system include bruises and sprains of the peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerve injuries usually accompany bruises surrounding muscles. Often, however, the phenomenon caused by nerve injury, become a leader among other manifestations of trauma. So, for soreness at the site of injury join pain along the nerve trunk. Peripheral nerve injuries can occur in various sports. For example, when saber fencing blow to the region through which the radial or ulnar nerve, unprotected elbow, causing severe pain, at the same time there is severe muscle weakness, an athlete can Read more [...]
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Damage sharp edged objects

Sharp objects have a sharp blade (razors, knives and cutlery, etc.). At a pressure of the cutting blade on the subject of the body and at the same time pulling the cut wounds are formed (Fig. 49). The characteristics of these wounds are: form (straight, curved, zigzag), depending on the direction of guns (perpendicular or at an angle), wound dehiscence, the extent of which depends on the direction of dlinnik wounds to the skin and the fibers of its elastic properties, smooth edges of wounds, the lack of them graze wounds, acute wounds ends. If incised wound is caused by a single movement, the Read more [...]
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Relaxation - It's relaxing or a sharp decline in the tone of voluntary muscles, which can be achieved artificially in anesthesia (see), and the use of curariform substances that block the transfer of excitation from motor nerves to voluntary muscles (see Muscle), or occur as a pathological condition. For example, relaxation diaphragm occurs due to a sharp thinning and stretching of one of its domes (mostly left) on the basis of congenital aplasia (hypoplasia) muscles of the diaphragm or phrenic nerve damage. Manifest lack of movement of the diaphragm, and high struck the dome, as well as Read more [...]
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Traps for people and animals, crossbows

Deep pits with sharp stakes at the bottom, covered with a thin layer on top of branches and grass and hidden under the greenery, alert crossbows on the trails and incident logs with sharp thorns - this is an incomplete list of things that can happen in the virgin taiga even today. Such traps are built for different reasons: need of food getting in this way, unwanted intrusion into its territory of foreign hunting, poaching - as rare and valuable animals killed for hides, horns or tusks. Keep from falling into a pit trap or quarrel in a difficult, unfamiliar terrain can only marginal Read more [...]
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Execution against a variety of techniques of attack and defense helps develop speed and agility. However, overcoming the resistance of the enemy and its weight makes the battle in the main strength exercises. Wrestling developing skeletal muscle and endurance in power voltages. To address both the power characteristic straining exercises - the maximum muscle voltage with a sharp exhalation against a closed glottis. Straining leads to a sharp increase in intrathoracic pressure, poor circulation in the pulmonary blood flow and difficulty of the hollow vein into the heart, followed by the overflow Read more [...]
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Anaphylaxis in a variety of laboratory animals

Symptoms of anaphylaxis can vary in different species of experimental animals at one and the same species, these symptoms are the same for different sensitizing antigens. All the symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction in animals caused a rapid and massive release of histamine sensitized cells. There are common symptoms of anaphylaxis for all animal species. So, for all mammals is characterized by anaphylactic reactions pronounced hemodynamic disorder: a sharp drop in blood pressure and increased permeability of the capillary walls. This results in a severe collapse and increased blood viscosity. Read more [...]
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Toxic shellfish

Under normal conditions, almost all shellfish that inhabit the seas and oceans, are edible. However, in some cases, some of them are dangerous to humans. This strange transformation - the result of a bacterial infection or shellfish due to the fact that eating toxic dinoflagellates, they become toxic properties. These mollusks are cockles (Cardium edule), donaks (Donax ser-ra), spizula (Spisula solidissima), blue shell (Schizothaerus nuttalli), Mia (Mya arenaria), the California mussel (Myti-lus californianus), the edible mussel (Mu -tilus edulis), volsella (Volsella modiolus) and dr.Otravlenie Read more [...]
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Knife Miracle Blade Slicer

Description:World-class professional knife Miracle Blade is always the same sharp as the first time. In Miracle Blade slicer blade perfectly balanced handle and a stylish contemporary design. It is ideal for precision cutting, grinding and separation fillet from the bones. And best of all, it is guaranteed to be sharp and do not require sharpening. Read more [...]
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