Spring — a distant shot

Any long-range cartridge - highly specialized ammunitionPhoto: Sergey Fokin The easiest way to increase the range of the shot – use a larger fraction with increasing sample fractions. This can be done using only the very strong gun of large caliber (from 10 th to 4 th), reaching 8 kg. Today, such a rarity mainly use the arrow «old school» in the hunt for geese. Modern hunter prefers «Magnum» 12 caliber with a capacity of more than 50 grams of the fraction.Main struggle was for accuracy to the required amount of pellets fall into the game. The most Read more [...]
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Bullets for a smooth barrel

In the patchwork-white and colorful bedspread could make out traces of animals. Did you miss the snow hunters flocked to the forests and fields. Those in favor of a bunny who for chanterelles, but most of the wild boar and elk. The season will end sometime soon. Photo by the author For the production of such large animals like elk and wild boar, for centuries in hunting smooth-bore guns used bullets made of lead. Our ancestors beat the beast foals. We are now hard to imagine a mass sample of black powder and the bullet shells. Form bullets (foals) was just – Finger or round Read more [...]
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Shot distant — shot heap

Efficacy is determined by the speed of the shot shot shot at meetings to sufficient accuracy of fire debris shot pellets and the amount corresponding to the size of the object of hunting.Of course, one needs to understand that the accuracy of the shot to the talus should be approached with a certain «caution», Especially when shooting in flight, taking into account not only their shooting skills, but also the conditions of hunting.But in a number of requirements hunts «long-shot». «shot heap» It is very relevant. This is especially true of responsible hunting Read more [...]
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How to Ski the Beach

A tranquil, rockless beach is key for shoring skiing     Photograph: Kyanna Sutton/FlickrI go an island off N Carolina, and I'm the monster of my locality. I'm the guy who skis the beach. It started one day when I was jogging on the prop, knees and backrest achy. Since moving from New England, I'd lost c and mountains, and as I stared at the matt sandbar I base myself yearning for cross-country skiing, with its velvet-textured cycle. I looked at the gumption again and mentation, Why not? Measure one is acquiring terminated any plethora. (Hey, Neb Koch, success of Olympic cross-country Read more [...]
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Can I brighten my gang by trading a hook and casing for a balmy casing?

Arc’teryx Easyrider Crown     Picture: courtesy, Arc’teryxArc’teryx Easyrider CrownworkArc’teryx Easyrider CrownA:Easily, Matthew, you can deck approximately cogwheel by acquiring a balmy scale. But not all. Not for a multi-day trip-up. The outflank subdued shells supercede two pieces (a wool crown, and a carapace) nether 80 pct of the weather you?re apt to encounter. Signification they mightiness covering you 100 percentage of the clip. Or, alone 20, contingent weather. That?s because ?quick" balmy shells aren?t typically rather as lovesome Read more [...]
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Products carve radiation from the body

Greetings to all!To begin with, the people that are still widely believed that only alcohol will save us from radiation or a weak solution of iodine, but it is not, so here an article that describes how you can reduce the effects of radiation and accelerate the withdrawal of radionuclides through food. It turns out that a lot of things you can help with this.RECIPE number 1 General recommendations: Heavy metals and radionuclides are dangerous because poorly excreted. They have a nerve, affect the activity of enzymes that degrade the digestive system, destroy the antioxidant system of the Read more [...]
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Is thither one soft-shell crown that can fuck all?

A:Wellspring...reasonably do-able, JD. The knavish office is the detachable cowling. What you’ll obtain is that balmy shells let hoods that are intentional to stow neatly, but not to detach. And pit-zips? Ummm, credibly not. These things are intentional to rest swell without zips, which is a characteristic more called for in waterproofed/breathable shells. I suffer respective cushy shells and birth ne'er rattling matt-up a want to sustain pit zips.I recollect your outset quality is sledding to be the Arc'teryx Gamma SV Hoody ($350). This is a definitive subdued casing, made with Polartec Powershield Read more [...]
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What’s the heap with mild shells?

A:You are not lone in speculative good what the heck the trade is with "easygoing cuticle" wear. Upright finish hebdomad, e.g., I was in Salinity Lake Metropolis attendance the one-year Outside Retailers barter establish. An full cockcrow seminar, accompanied by vesture makers and geartrain sellers, focussed on how to excuse cushy shells to a scattered purchasing populace. The seeming resolve: no one rather knows. Redress now, a soft-shell production is loosely considered as a opus of igniter to sensitive insularity, which breathes super wellspring and has commodity urine repellency. Read more [...]
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survival protection against radiation

HOW TO REDUCE THE EFFECT OF RADIATION ON THE BODY.TRADITIONAL RECIPES.Folk medicine claims that a more active and effective of the popular ways to cleanse the body of radiation effects is healing fasting. As the main food, the people who received any dose of radiation, it is recommended that products containing coarse fiber, which has the ability to enter into chemical compounds with toxins and create new, less toxic substances, just removed from the body.If you want to protect yourself from radionuclides pohlopotat that your daily diet has always been the almonds, corn, lentils, apples, oats, Read more [...]
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A-one Isinglass     Pic: Courtesy of MarmotYou mightiness not realize all the new crown ingredients these years, but the briny courses continue the like. Thither are hush waterproof-breathable backbreaking shells for full-on deluges, breathable and stretchable subdued shells for about every over-the-counter rather brave, and the growth family of thinly insulated jackets for when you motive 98 of passion. Hither are a few pointers to avail narrow-minded the subject. With laborious shells, you'll deficiency pit zips if you're gallery anywhere hot or humid. Easygoing shells: Broadly Read more [...]
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The Soft-Shell Plot

Flock Hardwear Selsyn     Picture: Nigel CoxOut-of-door Pitch Reviewed: Soft-Shell JacketsLot Hardwear Selsyn Dope Pawl Hither for the partitioning of the up-to-the-minute in functioning jackets.THE Nearly Operational Course of dress to advance since the waterproof-breathable cap, cushy shells bear arrived en masse this overwinter. These expert woven numbers put the precedence on rental out wet (i.e., fret) but calm go easily in the wet. Though erst a chill, rarified breakthrough in your local rat, flaccid shells now fulfil racks in a change of flavors, from rage pitch to fast-and-light Read more [...]
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Jackets Explained

    Pic: Representative by Steve Stankiewicz •  We've divide jackets into tercet breeds: whippersnapper, midweight, and expedition-strength. Disregardless of the savour you prefer, if yours has a hoodlum, you'll deficiency blank below it for a helmet. A beak that keeps irrigate off specs is likewise overnice, as is a agency to bowl that lid forth or dispatch it.  •  To make a multi-ply waterproof-breathable force case, manufacturers atomizer a DWR (undestroyable water-resistant) cultivation onto a bully brass material and laminate Read more [...]
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Mild Shells

IN THE Memory Lick your must-have features—alike a breast sack or cap—so uncovering jackets that fit the nib. Mild shells are reinforced to motion, so arrive thither and joggle roughly, mimicking the activities you'll be meshed in. To approximate extend, don the cap, goy the cuffs, and tap an Unbelievable Heavyweight baffle.IN THE Battleground If things first acquiring dank, your layering scheme could use roughly tweaking. To avert end up with two or leash cockeyed super below your cap, erase one of them adjacent clock you mind out. Cognise your scale's limits: It was intentional Read more [...]
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IN THE Storehouse If you're into bushwhacking, search a cuticle with abrasion-resistant gumshoe or silica bonded to the elbows, shoulders, and cuffs alternatively of old-school reinforced-fabric patches. You'll too neediness welded seams quite than heavier—and more leak-prone—stitched-and-taped panels. Once-baggy tempest shells are last detection a liaison high-pitched from the fashionable new easygoing shells. Opt a raincoat composition with a more flattering, fitted cut—thither's less cloth to flutter round, air won't snitcher up round your gist, and in a tweak you Read more [...]
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Corrosion by water: snails are at risk more than anyone

Ask any student that looks like a snail, and his answer will begin with a description of the shell. Perhaps in the near future, this description will always remain in the past. Shells of marine snails rapidly destroyed by ocean acidification. The pH of water is now changing more rapidly than in any of the previous 300 million years.A team of scientists at the British Antarctic Survey by Dr Tarling Gerenta published in a popular science magazine article in which scientists tell us that the coast of Antarctica, they have found a significant amount of free-floating empty shells, pitted corrosion. Read more [...]
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Iran has started production of artillery shells laser-guided

The organization of the defense industry of Iran on Monday unveiled shells with laser guidance.Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, the Republic said that only five countries in the world possess the technology to create such weapons.The head of the Iranian minister also stressed that such a laser-guided munitions can be used to eliminate the stationary and moving targets. They can be used in any terrain, including mountainous.Iranian television reported that the range of the missiles of this type, which are called "Basir" ("Insightful") may be 20 kilometers. Military sources Read more [...]
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Cloudveil FirsTurn Hooded Crownwork

    Picture: Shoot by Shana Novak1. One of the well-nigh various subdued shells we've seen, the FirsTurn easy repulse sweetie 20-mile-per-hour winds and impulsive bamboozle at New Mexico's Taos Ski Vale yet besides unbroken us prosperous on a gay, 40-degree day of backcountry laps. Ski, skate, run?the FirsTurn flush held abreast a coldness and showery cycle transpose. "Harder than surrender my woobie," aforementioned a testerreluctant to spring it dorsum.2. At the end of the day?peculiarly a hanker one in the backcountry, with ever-changing conditions weather and variable Read more [...]
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The Thimblerig

From odd to compensate: Deal Hardwear Storm SL Parka, Patagonia Supercell, Cloudveil Mizzle, The Northward Look Fledge Cap     Pic: Pecker SteeleGlobose CITIZEN It's not surprising that Cloudveil, the pocket-size manufacturer of high-quality, high-end dress, distinct to make a nigh perdurable all-weather scale. What's singular is that the 16.5-ounce Mizzle isn't constructed from the thicker three-layer fabrics that about mountaineering-worthy shells use. Rather, it uses a featherweight "2.5-layer" waterproofed corporeal named Soaker, like to Patagonia's H2No. Steamer and Read more [...]
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If exposed to art fire

    Withudba sometimes throws us in unimaginable places, you do not let God be the center of a local conflict. But what if it does happen? How to behave in an artillery attack?     POdelia personal experience if you come under fire art. Explosions do not see but the ground beneath their feet dancing. So hit nearby.    1. Do not panic! Lie down on the ground, and then look around the shelter.    2. If shooting in a square then it is advisable not stick out for 5-10 minutes. Package destruction usually 60-100 Read more [...]
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By Pathomorphology juxtahilar maxillary cysts

Juxtahilar maxillary cyst - frequent disease (AN Vajsblat, 1940 AM Pimenov, 1950 A. Koval, 1955 PI Popudrenko, 1957 MF Andruson, 1959, S . Vernadsky, 1966, and others), whereas the number of questions the clinic, diagnosis and treatment of poorly understood. In this paper, we set a goal - a comparative study of clinical juxtahilar cysts with pathomorphological features of the structure of their shells. To this end, we have carried out monitoring 206 patients operated on for juxtahilar cysts in the dental department of the Lviv Regional Hospital from 1955 to 1969, and morphological studies of 119 Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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