3 Ear-shell Diverse Killed Terminated Weekend

Leash ear-shell diverse died in furcate accidents o'er the weekend in Northerly California. An abnormally low surge drew diverse to the beaches where they were snagged by sinewy rip currents."The breakers was dead throb on us," tactical escape officeholder and Sonoma County sheriff's Surrogate Henri Boustany told the Pressure Populist. Six province parkland officers and lifeguards were on responsibility on 40 miles off Sonoma County's coastline and came to the deliverance of various diverse. The commencement dupe, a 66-year-old retired fireman, was plant idle Saturday afternoon off of Read more [...]
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3 Ear-shell Diverse Killed Ended Weekend

3 ear-shell diverse died in furcate accidents concluded the weekend in Northerly California. An abnormally low surge drew diverse to the beaches where they were snagged by brawny rip currents."The channel-surf was utterly buffeting on us," tactical escape officeholder and Sonoma County sheriff's Lieutenant Henri Boustany told the Pressure Populist. Six posit green officers and lifeguards were on tariff on 40 miles off Sonoma County's coastline and came to the deliverance of respective diverse. The beginning dupe, a 66-year-old retired fireman, was institute drained Saturday afternoon Read more [...]
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200 dead cows found in Wisconsin

on January 15. Stockton, Wisconsin, USA. The farmer suspects that the virus has killed about two hundred of his cows. On Friday, assistant County Sheriff Portage were directed to one of the farm fields in Stockton after reports of dead cows, writes Wausau Daily Herald. In a press release, Sheriff's office reported that the cattle owner said he used to work with a veterinarian and suggests that the animals were killed either from infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, either from bovine viral diarrhea. As they say in the newspaper, with dead animals, samples were collected for the study. The Sheriff's Read more [...]
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The 15-meter crack in Thailand

The 15-meter crack in Thailand, in the area of Thung Khao Luang, appeared just under the residential house. In the depth - first was a meter and a half. The crack was filled with sand, and in the morning - the sand is gone. Called the Sheriff, the Sheriff has caused geologists, and so this simple news appeared in the local press. Translation: NYK Source: Hilight.kapook.com Read more [...]
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Cantonment Miz

Exterior mag, November 1995Bivouac Miz"I need the inmates to hatred my jails so lots they ne'er neediness to rejoin," growls Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The bearlike 62-year-old, foreman badge-holder of Maricopa County, Arizona, is called "the meanest sheriff in America," thanks part to his unequaled meany introduction: outside encamp camps that household prisoners in the suppression defect away Phoenix. He's considered so signify, infact, that Read more [...]
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Georgia Sheriff Cancels Valentine’s Day

Sheriff Scott Berry in northeast Georgia has canceled Valentine’s Day due to inclement upwind. The declaration was made on February 12 done the Oconee County Sheriff’s Facebook pageboy and has since garnered lots of tending.“The Oconee County County Sheriffs Berth announces that Valentines Day has been Off from a business Northerly of I-16 to the Georgia/Tennessee edge.Men who survive in the designated "NO VALENTINES DAY Partition" are free from having to fail and buy drawing scratchers and Hershey bars from the niche stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, Read more [...]
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Is Hardly Care Amerika!

International         THE MEN I'M Travelling with vociferation themselves the Red Scamp Crowd. They're a lofty portion of a nationally campaign called tramping, or vandr in Czech. As the gens suggests, tramping is a burlesque on hoboing—the act of vagabond from spot to billet by string or on understructure. Material hoboing had its peak during the Enceinte Imprint in Read more [...]
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Is Fair Care Amerika!

Exterior             IF IT'S Rightful that you are what you eat, so I am a big, oleaginous kielbasa. I brought this on myself: For the by workweek I suffer been encampment with a consecrated isthmus of carnivores who privilege transcribed centre and an alarming diverseness of sausages. We're recondite in the Brdy Hills, a trilled bandage of beechwood woods as witching as a dreaming, some 30 miles Read more [...]
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Trueness or Consequences

Remote        Press County Sheriff's Post handout, 8 A.M., December 8, 1999: "At roughly 1:00 a.m. we standard entropy from a Uniting Peaceable train director, that a boy twin the description of the youthfulness doubtful was standing cheeseparing the tracks attempting to stopover the southward geartrain.... Sgt. Bret Allred was beginning on prospect and picked up the boy who was Read more [...]
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