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Shoe issue

The importance of good shoes very often underestimated by our hunters. Of course, if you plan to leave one or two days while walking part of the route does not exceed one or two kilometers, the need for a good and comfortable shoes is reduced. But long passages quickly put the problem in the category of shoes almost the most urgent. The lengthy and the more group trips, a person with grated feet becomes a problem number one is not only for themselves, but and for all the participants. Grated legs can fully bring people out for two or three days, so the Read more [...]
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Health Field

Photo: Michael Drugova Usually the campaign and a temporary shelter no opportunity to wash with hot water and soap, laundry, hair cutting and shaving. However, compliance with certain rules of hygiene is strictly necessary.Content body cleanFirstly, leaving a hike is necessary to short haircut, shave off the mustache (if any), cut as short as possible nails on fingers and toes. We must always take care that the underwear and socks stay clean and dry. At a minimum, every day during the rest stops (overnight) to shake out clothing, shoes and clothes, ventilate them and to dry. Hand Read more [...]
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Drying clothes and footwear near the fire

The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45-60 ° C, otherwise the clothes may lose its original strength as synthetic - melt.Clothes dryer is desirable to provide a special "hangers" 2-3 stakes driven into the ground, slingshots stacked them zherdinami transverse or parallel to the bonfire stretched ropes. They must not be located above the flame, and at some distance from it. The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45—60°C, otherwise the clothes may lose its original strength, and synthetic – melt.Strong heating not only dries much spoil things! Read more [...]
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My English guns

Periodic publication "HORN" about "the lost" hunting weapons, usually affect the times when there was a shortage of any, not only good-quality guns. Today, the category of almost ranked as classics: IL-54, IL-26, IL-58, IL-12, TOZ-25, TOZ-BM, etc., guns largely mediocre, and only because of the the ratio of money and the difficulty of acquisition, won in the pre-reform era relative popularity. Not wanting to not only offend, but also somehow infringe upon owners of domestic rifles, immediately I recognize that the Soviet, and now Russian, weapons peculiar to a sharp fight, relative Read more [...]
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For Fox barefoot

Snow experienced hunter - the book to the reader: tell about the secretive life of animals and their habits. But over time the snow falls more and more, and move on land becomes more difficult: even wider skis sink in deep loose feather bed. Some hunters and did not know how to ski and shroud guns long before the closure of the winter hunting season.Photo Peter G Trimming / Since childhood friend of skiing and I practiced a lot in his youth. And yet, when in mid-winter thaw happens strong, and with the onset of frost days formed a strong infusion, enduring person, I Read more [...]
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The choice of footwear for a hike

You go hiking in summer or winter, the forest or swamp, or in the mountains; it can be a bike tour, or rafting on the basis of this chosen and shoes. No universanlnoy shoes. It can not be. Each type of shoes for something designed.The hiking tours legs feel heavy loads. In order to protect the feet from injury, and that they have not tired, you need to choose the right shoes for the hike. Shoes should be selected based on the conditions of the campaign. You go hiking in summer or winter, the forest or swamp, or in the mountains; it can be a bike tour, or rafting on the basis of this chosen and Read more [...]
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Military shoes hunting

Special footwear demanded by many: the army, rescue services, the people working on the ground, exposed to danger exposed, and many other categories of people, including hunters. Specificity of work or hobbies determines the features and characteristics of the required shoes.If you are not going to walk through the swamps, you should not take to heart the lack of a membrane that ensures water resistance of your shoe. If you are not going to spend much time in the cold, it is hardly worth spending money to buy shoes with more thermally insulating layer. Really important for each of us it is only Read more [...]
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Summer in good weather, more efficient drying in the sun. Clothes are hung on strained the ropes, branches, delays the tents or put on dry (not covered with moss) stones, sometimes turning to both sides moderately lit by the sun.Shoes better place so that the sun's rays fell inward; insole better to pull out and dried separately.• Wet shoes (not counting ked) cannot be dried in the strong fire from overheating the skin get dry and crack.• It is better to stuff wet shoes overnight dry water-absorbing soft matter (dry grass, moss, grass, paper, sand, rags, etc.).• Allowed to wear wet shoes Read more [...]
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• The content of the body clean.Usually on a hike and temporary shelter no ability to wash in hot water with soap, washing clothes, cutting hair and shaving. Still, the observance of certain rules of hygiene is strictly neoclarityn.In the 1-x, it is better to briefly ostracise, to shave off his mustache (if they were), cut as short as possible nails on fingers and toes. You always need to bother about that underwear and socks (socks) remained spotless and dry. As a minimum, once a day during halts (overnight) shake out clothes, shoes and underwear, ventilate and dry. Hand wash at least with cool Read more [...]
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SHOES with YOUR HANDS ( photo master class )

detailed annotations under each photoFirst you need to choose the tool:1. Ratfile2. Shyla 3. Beeswax4. Tarmac 5. Lingering ticks 6. Hammer 7. A boot knifealso useful: Nails to tighten the Shoe upper to the Shoepolymer glue "desmocoll" adhesive tape (Scotch tape) Shoesuede ( or leather for Shoethe material for the soles ( in this case "the saddle-cloth"the most dense part of the skins of cattle)1. Preparation material:To make the top:1st and most important step is to lock and load patterns for the uppers. For this block pasting it over the tape, and render it suitable silhouette. Silhouette Read more [...]
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One of the biggest problems in the case of BP is to remain without shoes, with bare feet.. Feet is motion and motion Is Life. Because of my feet need to be taken care of. One of the common solutions is to make a primitive sandals made of tires. This sole is very durable and will be able to assist to keep your feet and move until you pick for yourself what nibut better.. It's Survival - " the plight is always light".this idea can be used to enhance existing shoes , or attach to one that's sole top of something else that happens to get..#vyzyvayustchim@sv_bunkerHelen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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USEFUL TIPS: equipment, foot care, moving, breathing.

From equipment depends on the survival of the group and of each member in an emergency situation. The main requirements for shoes, clothes, sleeping bags, matches and other equipment. If you decided to stay in place, the sequence of actions of the subsequent: - honey aid; - heating apparatus and asylum; - submission of distress signals; - the organization of simple food. SHOES AND FOOT CARE - Save your feet trip, if so you need to fit in shape outfit, it is particularly principally in relation to footwear. Boots or shoes should not be small or very large. Can be often put their shoes fat. Then Read more [...]
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Element ammunition mountain rangers to overcome icy slopes

All good health and the time of day Stumbled on here such a device war. I would like to know who dealt with them (with cats) Because minimum data. I do not know what material they are made, as attached to the shoe and fit to a civilian mountain boots type'' Scarpa'' heavy tracking. Thanks in advance. Read more [...]
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spike lining for shoes

So it is our Russian zimushka. Beautiful and majestic snow time goda.Kotoroe prekrass except for humans and bears certain trudnosti.Zima always test for people with cold, wind, sneg.My ready for it, warm clothes and shoes. But there is another scourge that has always delivered a lot of problems-gololed.Stav once a victim of black ice breaking leg decided to prepare your shoes. Bringing with it just did not do-screwed screws, "implanted" steel wire. Gave a good effect on tire spikes. But they are very time consuming to insert in the sole and not any shoes suitable for this improvement. And in Read more [...]
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Comfortable and stylish shoes with their hands

In extreme conditions, good shoes can be the key to survival. Experience the poorest African countries shows that out of old tires can make a very comfortable shoes.Variant 1 - Mark up the tire on such shablonchik:- Cut Markup - Dress up, stringing, wear (see first photo).Option 2 - On the side of the tire cut two soles. - Between the layers of the tire to make two cuts. - Cut two strap or rope and thread the slot them in, lace up.Option 3, economical You forgot in the forest mountain in bottles old miller? Do not worry! Would be ... ahem. more think of themselvesBut it is interesting Read more [...]
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Southwest Forest Park

Forest Green array, adjacent to the southwest residential areas, especially surrounded by swamps and peat bogs, now converted into a wooded park of 80 hectares. Good hands under the leadership of nature lovers forester turned corners of the park in a fabulous "kingdom": Graceful birch bridges, arbors, benches and fancy tables, corners for the kids with swings, wells, cranes, huts "on chicken legs". Career, where he once quarried stone for the construction of summer turn into pools where kids having fun splashing. It is mostly pine forest, but a lot of landings made further: Read more [...]
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Gray gelding Goebbels

    May 6, 1942 on the football field Leningrad Stadium "Dynamo" held a team meeting Dynamo Masters and the team of the Leningrad military garrison. By Inland phantasmagoric content match was unique: the team, playing against each other, thereby fought against a common enemy. Of course, the Nazis knew about this game already they besieged the city: running commentary from the field was conducted in Russian and German. It could hear everyone in the city, and at the forefront of positions. Reaction of the Germans was specific: shells exploded near the stadium, and barely ended Read more [...]
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Dry feet …

Good day to all! I did not know how to name the theme, so let it be so. Want to touch on this topic (do not kick me if this topic has already been). That's just returned from the forest. Went there overnight. And I want to express the following thoughts based on what I encountered. The biggest problem I had is wet feet. While I was in the winter ankle boots, good quality sewing + waterproof spray. On ankle boots and impregnating me no complaints. They fulfilled their goal advantage. Probably, many faced with the fact that while wearing good shoes feet it gets wet. Let's try to find out by looking Read more [...]
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Insole made of birch bark.

Insole made of birch bark. Insole made of birch bark is very useful in the rubber and winter footwear. They do not absorb moisture, retain heat. In addition, elm itself has positive power, germicidal. According to some sources such insoles were used in Peter's army. Make them very easy. Not necessarily ripped off for this living tree. Find in a forest felled birch, select its trunk flat area between the branches (this is usually 30-50cm). Extending a selected area across the two circular cut stem at the beginning and end. Incisions should be deep. The third incision is made along the stem connecting Read more [...]
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Kungurskiy tannery

Kungurskiy tannery Built in 1724 and Kungur put early. Development of leather mfr. By 1917, in the city it was carried out on 12 merchant plants, to-rye produced 5,200 pounds. tanned leather and 150 thousand. pairs of shoes in nationalized in 1918, all leather s-dy and shoe f-ka in 1936 were merged into the leather and footwear comb-ton, to-ing and joined Vitebsk, Kiev shoe f-ki evacuated to Kungur during WWII. For years. War comb tons produced approx. 5,000,000 pairs of shoes and up to 4 million of lap belts. In the postwar period, the development of the comb that came at the expense of conversion Read more [...]
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