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Indeed, once a year firing

Photo Tikhon Vlasov Firearms hunting weapons – the object of increased danger. Especially in the hands of the incompetent person, not to the extent of gambling and enjoys hunting friendship with a green snake. Not for nothing do people say that «unloaded gun once a year firing itself». This folk wisdom is concentrated bitter experience of many generations of our hunters, so, picking up a gun, you should never forget about it. On a hunting trail length of 63 years, I've seen all. And on the eve of the summer-autumn hunting would like to talk about security measures Read more [...]
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On the stand

Dear editors!I am a member of a society of hunters for over thirty years, but the level of his marksmanship unhappy. For more than one and a half years, I regularly, about once a month, I go on the stand and shoot the three series of 25 targets. The result is rarely above 42–45 targets, I feel that this is firmly stuck on the mark.I am told that it is necessary to replace the gun or at least to make a bed on request. How can I improve the performance of fire, while not causing significant damage to the family budget?And another request. Proceed in the newspaper column «On the stand» Read more [...]
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With the shotgun on his shoulder

Just make a reservation - not going to any of the respected authors argue, the more so because almost every article published in the "horn" on the advantages or disadvantages of a gun, always continue to discover something new, unusual, you find some -That zest, and even spice, but always going on the whole for the benefit of you, enriches you add more experience and knowledge, forcing analyze the reading.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova I would like to tell you about some episodes of his hunts, hunting and I am passionate about these forty years, and I think this cross to bring to the Read more [...]
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Gray partridge. On this field the bird is much written. Personal constant observation something complemented my knowledge. This gregarious monogamous. And it is very sedentary. If the flock and fly to a neighboring field, but in quite a critical situation. But to evening still come home. On winter partridges not fly in warm countries.Females — pale gray bird. Males — handsome. They can be regarded minutes. Red-haired head ending rim. Trump card one is burgundy «calkin» on chest. Little ununited horseshoe says Young Read more [...]
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For elk in Tver

Swollen problems and phone calls asking for the head of the fresh, cold air. It seemed that the concrete walls pressured yearned for a free expanses of the soul and everything I wanted in this endless day, so it quickly escape from the hateful office home, jump in the car, turning the key in the ignition to hear deaf predatory roar of the engine and sinking gas pedal floor, whirl away from the night off the highway to meet friends and hunt ...The dreams still come true! Gender nine in the evening, carrying a comrade Kohl we finally start at the center of Moscow. The machine gently carries us on Read more [...]
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How to shoot the snipe

Snipe is that bird, which is verified by the ability of the hunter to shoot accurately and quickly. The English name of the snipe «Snipe» a derivative – «sniper»That is, a hunter, a good shot for snipe.Do not reproach me in a commitment to woodcock, but still, I note that the autumn woodcock, climb into the bushes or in part the forest fire is much more complicated than snipe. Soaring Woodcock hidden from view in a matter of seconds, and snipe always rises in the open.However, flying, snipe quickly darting from side to side, beyond the safe shot. There is also need Read more [...]
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Do not shoot — it’s so painful to die!

Four people with large and heavy a backpack not quick, but steadily went on spring Taimyr tundra on wide hunting skis.Waders on the traveler were to roll out over the entire height of the cotton trousers, because the cold snow and watery mixture, sometimes reached above the knee, it was a very insidious. Bathing in this icy same font was a little enjoyable adventure and did not bode well. Way hunters was coming hard, dangerous and not a short, so they had to be extremely careful and cautious.In addition to backpacks, each hung on the shoulder well made hunting rifle. On top of quilted cotton padded Read more [...]
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In the Amur region for hunters a quota of shooting for the new season

In July it is expected to adopt the decision of the governor of the Amur region, which will set limits on the production of hunting resources in the region. Draft legislation published on the website of the regional government. It establishes, in what quantities, and where exactly in the Amur region will be possible to produce this or that beast. The validity of these limits — from August 1, 2015 on August 1, 2016.So, this year hunters in the region will be allowed to produce only 31 lynx. Rare beast, its numbers in the Amur region of only 646 individuals. Most often found in lynx Arkharinsky Read more [...]
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Hunting curiosities

Probably every hunter with the experience, the memory of more than a fun, if not amazing event. There are, and I have. They have for over twenty years, hunting was not enough. And even though most of them taking place for quite some time, the memory is well preserved, these sometimes absurd or amusing, and at times, very, exciting moments. Here are some of them.Wonderful shot.  Somehow my father hunted ducks in late autumn. It was on a small lake in the woods, with ” banks ” from swinging moss, overgrown with bushes and small trees. Lakelet – three hundred meters of clean Read more [...]
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How to Shoot

I thought to write - do not write this article. But he decided - not. Charts, tables, the values ​​of pre-emption according to the speed of the projectile, and the object is in every directory of the hunter. However, I do not think of them have practical benefits. I can not imagine shooting a hare flashing of graphs and tables - the high theory of it all. Photo: Mikhail Semin We must start with the weapons — What you have: single-barreled gun, shotgun (gorizontalki, vertikalka), semi-automatic. Technique of shooting from a particular type of weapon — different. Read more [...]
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I regret!

For a long time I lived in Ukraine for almost twenty years and hunted near Vinnitsa. Forests there take only ten percent of the territory, and they are mostly deciduous. In 1990, I moved from Vinnitsa in Istria. The wetlands are committed others.Photo Adrian Kolotilina Around the forest almost completely dense, dark spruce forests. Scary. But we have to explore new territory. What hunter usidit home, and even when there faithful dog? And now, having studied the map of the area, I chose a place close to the city, took the dog and went hunting. He got off the bus near the village Read more [...]
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A little about the humane shooting

It is gratifying to note that the culture of hunting, including in the field of weapons is growing. Nevertheless, we have to admit that there are still people in our lands, believe that their rifle dump any animal under any circumstances. At the same time they do not have a clue about any specific ballistics bullet cartridge, nor about the anatomy of the beast.Many hunters in a friendly conversation at a halt discussing where best to aim, shoot a bullet to the guaranteed «put» beast. But few in this case comes to some same conclusion. Some are convinced that you need to shoot in the Read more [...]
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11 Methods to Make better YOUR Abilities FIRING a RIFLE

A miss is always a nuisance; in some hunting camps you can obcordate the hem of the shirt to show their negative attitude to your mistakes. But it's not so creepy, and grief can help. The effectiveness of firing depends, first, on fulfillment of certain basic things. The way it is - or read what is written on, or... buy up a few shirts.1. Play and learn to shoot offhand and kneelingThe man who taught me almost everything I currently know of guns, loved to say: "Learn to shoot standing, as a Man." Experienced field hands never shoot without preparation, if possible. But they can do without it... Read more [...]
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Green thumb-Amateur Misha Rudenko from Moscow invented method 10 times for increasing the yield of raspberry and twice - currant. According to him, the way deduced from savecopy own abilities and certain recognizable techniques. The yield increase achieved by the raspberry bushes in the 2nd year, currant - 3rd year.For services 10-fold yield raspberry 30 June each year I produce otsyrevanie top, germ buds, young shoots, which rose to a height of more than 30 cm After this procedure to enlighten from each kidney, which is located at the base of the leaf, growing future fruitful brush new summer.The Read more [...]
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You've come to the war. The enemy is waging war inventive, you have to be more creative. Your combat experience should not be written in blood. Even in peacetime, must like a sponge, absorb everything exciting on the basis of beliefs combat use, extracting maximum efficiency from what you hear from colleagues and friends, I see in films or read in the literature. All useful to record.Personal Strategy.In the personal actions in the town is the so-called "left-hand rule". The essence of it is that the person on the right, whose right hand leading, easier and quicker manage all acts associated Read more [...]
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1. Move from place to place under enemy fire hazardous occupation, it asks great skill, but you should always be alert and ready for any threat.2. You should move along the streets or through the structure using the holes in the walls. If you must move around the open area, use smokes. Stay as close to the walls.3. Never cross an open space directly. Always find a way around, even if it is very long. If you must pass through open countryside - do it rapidly. If moving the whole group, don't cross the open area with one Pass band, using smoke and covering fire. This technique reduces the risk to Read more [...]
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food for thought..

The special squad "OMEGA" not shot,The special squad " ALPHA" ( Myron ) not firingcommando, Asaolu said, as the eagle was shot by Maidanov, but who shot yet? in both sides?(SEE VIDEO stories specialists) who were shooting at the other ?The commander of the detachment of special purpose "omega" Internal troops of MIA of Ukraine Lieutenant-Colonel Anatoly Strelchenko said that the soldiers of his unit is not fired on protesters in Kiev and accused the victims of the third side of the conflict."We did not kill anyone. February 20, I received orders from the commander of Shulyak Read more [...]
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Chronicles of sabotage unit. Part One. School saboteurs 1

4. Shooting polygonDay 1. Today the tourist "Ural" got to the small landfill, where we will learn to shoot with all movable assets weapons. Our instructor training purpose firing appointed sergeant optimistic view. They say that he is a good sniper, and ten meters enters the eye keeps running cockroach.Day 2. Tutorials shoot pistols. As it turned out, kicking shoot original than hands. But anyway - not interested. But found that as they boomerang badly, but fly. The sergeant said that if we so perverted, then the next time we will shoot from an arquebus. Now! Suppose first find at least one Read more [...]
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learning to shoot

Hi! This is me Rita. Today spring eighth of March, it should have to write the winter, and some who (Misha-Mishanya) I did not take on ice fishing. Misha brought us gifts and myself on March 8, he gave! and we went to his first experience shooting Mishahe calls it targetingand we ran Mihalych and watched where he wasand then I shot very very heavyand here's why Misha proposed to make a stand and gave me a macheteMishin and under the control of the branch itself chopped shotgunwe put her in the snow and I was easier to hold his gun.I shot so many times and not to not hit. But I Read more [...]
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survival hunting

SHOOT AS DERSU UZALA. Spring hunting ended, and some hunters are already thinking how to better prepare for the further opening of hunting in August in Peru. Pripominaete offensive mistakes slain in simple situations on the deadlift or goose.Then visit the idea: you have to learn to shoot. Unfortunately, many hunters think about this: to learn how well you can shoot on the hunt. No doubt about it. Of course you can But this learning will take a lot of time and money. And such study long and long years will be accompanied by a wounded animal, not have been found, and a huge number of offensive and Read more [...]
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