Forest spirit

Often circle of hunters and Fishermen can hear different amazing stories. True or Much as it may seem at first glance. First I even I thought whether it is worth to start this story, so that the reader does not I thought «inveterate» storyteller. But first things first order…This story began four years ago. It was the end of August. The night sky was strewn with myriads of bright stars. It seemed as if they were hanging so low They shone so brightly that they could grasp the hand – Only jump higher. Although this and it Read more [...]
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In pursuit of the spring

All loved hunting, beautiful in its own way, memorable and desirable. But spring hunting stands. No one hunting so you do not expect, like spring! Photo by the author With scents of the awakening of spring, with swollen kidneys and voiced fast streams in the longing heart flies restless, uncontrollable desire to change places, the desire to quit, wearing boots and throwing shoulder faithful shotgun, wander through the fields and villages, swamps and forests, absorbing the enticing odors the awakening of nature. Listen splashing and languid slump stool, hiding in a hut on the shore Read more [...]
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Shooting from a boat sitting

The latest issue of "horn" and online for a long time is a hot debate about internal ballistics shot wads of uselessness and superdalney shooting and everything else that a simple hunter, in fact, is not very important. Photo Finally «the chief theorist site» MB in comments to the article «Drills correct vskidku gun» («HORN», Number 25, 2013) asked a very mundane question: «I'd like to get recommendations for author vskidku tab leash when shooting from a boat sitting», Thereby confirming that the primary Read more [...]
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A rare case of traction on

I remember in the old ohotminimumah Strongly recommended for hunting valdshnepinoy drawn, if you suddenly have an opportunity perevidet couple snipe, shoot at the front of the bird, as it can be female. Photo by the author Perhaps, this recommendation was born in analogy with duck pairs, which usually flies in front of a duck, and it is followed by a duck. Hunting practices strongly refute this assertion. You can shoot both the first and the second: two – males. Females woodcock hunters fall under the shots only rarely, since, thanks to their assigned task of Mother Nature Read more [...]
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How to choose a shotgun cartridges

All Gusyatnikov know when visible foot goose distance rifle and cartridge to be shot with no less than two. I will not refute. I wonder: what kind of a cartridge will confirm this truth? As anyone, but I need a "confirmation"  Neither one pack of brand shotshell not applied «Instructions for use». I never met. If the producer thinks that we already understand all of the information on the pack, he is mistaken. Of course, the number and weight fractions saying something. But, for example, choose between the 32 g fractions and 36 g? In favor Read more [...]
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Notes zagonschitsy

Heavy snowfall in late December, let us make a stir not only in the capital's roads and on roads leading to Moscow forced to recall winter hunting and footprints in the snow, which had to walk more than a dozen  The childhood I spent in the Moscow suburbs. Way to school – half kilometer forest track from Mytishchi «pump house»Laid down under Catherine II, the territory of Losino-sold by the meter reserve, now a national park, – seldom without a meeting with the inhabitants of the forest, and only traces of them had to cross all Read more [...]
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Depreciation of the shot?

Carry a small engineering study on the dynamics of the shot pushed me acquainted with two booksPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov I think most hunters are interested in ammunition and to improve them, read the books mentioned above and because they know how much attention is paid to the authors of the shock-absorbing properties of the wads.On the depreciation to improve shot ballistics mentions almost every author “HORN”Who describes his methods of equipment cartridges. Apparently, only the old classical literature there is no mention of depreciation. Occurrence “amortization Read more [...]
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An estimate of the uniformity of the shot talus

If we compare his battle rifle and cartridge to the other, the standard valuation principles scree shot is the best suited for this purpose. Photos from the archives of the editorial board But if we are engaged in the search for the best cartridge for himself and his gun in preparation for the upcoming hunting, such as the goose, the standard way to assess the uniformity of the talus may not be enough.To study the performance of the cartridge without regard to its most important task - the creation of slaughter range shot - is impractical. Why look for uniformity in the target Read more [...]
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One-piece plastic sleeve without metal base

One day in the mid 90-ies of the last century, my eye caught in a hunting store amazingly cheap sleeve made entirely of plastic without metal stems. Anyone passionate hunter and a lover of shooting, as you know, is trying to reduce the cost of the shot, and guided by this desire, and just intrigued by the unusual decision of the design of sleeves, I was shown an interest in the new product, first caught my eye in the window counter with hunting ammunition. It was bought somewhere in two or three dozen of these products know-how at that time.In the yard hunting offseason was the Read more [...]
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Shotshell to the summer-autumn hunting of birds

The opening of the summer-autumn hunting ... Which of the hunters do not care about this event! Hunter is looking forward to the promised hour, when it will be with a gun in his hand at one with nature – on a favorite lake, watching for ducks in the marsh or meadow familiar with the faithful four-legged friend, looking and snipe snipe drawing a picture as he breathlessly close to frozen on the rack dog.There is no need to convince readers that each bird should be sent with cartridges filled with the respective season HITCH powder charge and shot the desired number. A well-chosen Read more [...]
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Chasing the winter

Photo Yuri Morozov People far from outdoor activities, it may seem absurd or pretense. Indeed, any normal person is of sound mind and memory will be chasing cold and seemingly uncomfortable time of year – end of winter? Are capable of only hunters cerned with chronic and incurable ailments, whose name is a passion.After the winter, the spring, yet did not have time to get the bird nests, comes a short period when you can hunt for the male species permitted by the rules. Independently only worth hunting for geese where a shot, unfortunately, fall and females. The North region, Read more [...]
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Double trophy

Or a raccoon with seven spikesPhoto: Alexander Azarov I want to share with readers the amazing story that can happen is not every hunter.At every existing staff have their favorite hunting area where hunters meet in the house of overheated hot tea and a kind word.Favorite team Our farm is located in the Yaroslavl region, which is famous for its abundance of elk. For us it was very unusual – leave the snowy Moscow and get to the complete lack of snow in the north. But this beast chance to escape from the hunters, and increased hunting becomes more interesting.Leaving in the Read more [...]
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In the field under the Kashira

That autumn welcome to us. With each new day, she insistently reminded that it is time to come. And the brighter the mistress showed their skill, the more clearly felt in the air thin bitter flavor fading nature.Grain fields, where until recently on the morning and evening dawns ringing «beaten» quail, giving the fields of some special tenderness and charm have been removed. And now only low gray stubble left after harvest, sadly reminded that not so long ago in these spaces were whispering in the wind pours grain spikes. The first flying geese have begun to migrate Read more [...]
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Shot shot — a complex phenomenon

Shot of firearms - "phenomenon" complicated. The study projectile motion (artillery, bullets, shot) from the beginning of the time of his departure from the scene and to achieve the intended purpose has been such a science as ballistics. Ballistics shot includes internal and external ballistics. Internal balistika been studying the laws of motion (shells, bullets, shot) in the barrel and the processes accompanying shot of a firearm. External ballistics — the science of the laws of motion (shells, bullets, shot) in the air by the end of the action of the propellant gases to Read more [...]
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My gun

The experience of the first hunting showed that before you go out with a rifle in the field, it is necessary to start to learn to shootPhoto: Eugene Baranov From the earliest childhood memory is the famous painting by Vasily Perov «Hunters at Rest». Long ago, when the summer was visiting my grandmother in the village, I often saw at the store selpovskogo cheerful and happy, as I then thought, men with rifle covers behind, starting from the counter shop your way to the mysterious world of hunting.As it turned out, the guys were so happy from the use of non-children's Read more [...]
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About Pyzhi, containers and containers Pyzhi

The purpose of all wads one - not to allow the gunpowder gases break through or around the wad wadPhoto: Fotolia About Pyzhi know everything or almost everything, even being hunters. It is also known that wads can be used wood-fiber materials (from cardboard to toilet paper), and tow and oakum and sawdust (compressed or loose), and felt, and felt, and much more.There is quite pertinent known phrase: to achieve the goal of all good. And the purpose of all wads one – not to allow the gunpowder gases break through or around a wad wad, then there wad should provide the best obturation. Read more [...]
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Ask Konstantinych

Photos from the archives of the editorial board Alexander K., good afternoon! My question is as follows. I recently hunt, have a mass MR-27, the problem is that I am left-handed, is also not a giant, respectively shoot with the right butt complicated. In stationary target somehow he adapted, but quickly moving target is zero in fails. Does it make sense to put the collimator sight, whether from it and what is the use of the brand, along with fixings suitable for ventilated strap MR-27?P.S. Change and customize the butt under him do not want to, because in the case of a sale can Read more [...]
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Hunting for Easter?

Photo by the author At Easter I have never hunted. And who of the hunters no talking, no one was successful hunt in this great celebration.Last year, the end of the hunting had just at Easter. On Holy Saturday, the eve of the Resurrection of Christ, we went to the grouse current. Birds tokovali well. We had to wait for long. Only dawn broke like me flew grouse. I slowly vytselil him and fired. Grouse like shook off the raindrops and remained seated. I immediately fired a second barrel. Such arrogance grouse from me did not expect to fall.I waited. A few minutes later saw me on Read more [...]
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The unusual behavior of foxes — an anomaly or the norm?

Photo by Alexander Nazarov A shot rang out. Wives of high jumped, but did not fall, and will not run away, but stopped again in the picture counter. We looked at her in complete confusion. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to get a friend in the life of the first fox, I motioned to shoot more.The behavior of most game animals, there are certain stereotypes, allowing to predict further developments in this or that situation. Based on numerous episodes recurring over and over again, and is the element of hunting guides, recommending methods and means of hunting animals and birds.However, Read more [...]
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Hunting with hounds in the Kuban

The weekend was planned hunting brigade Kovalev Yukhanova with his son and Roman Zuev. We invited neighbors Bratusina Alexander and his team. I have two licenses for ASF boar: instruct all that you can also shoot all predators. We decided to start hunting in Lyman sinkholes. From the tract originate four major transition through channels convenient for the successful production of the beast, which is now trampled fresh traces of animals and even wild boar.«We've got enough hunters». – Huntsman says our society Alexander Burtovoy. «Redraw everything and Read more [...]
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