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Fight small caliber rifles

No advantages of small caliber rifles to large-caliber guns there, but plenty of drawbacksPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova This article is in no way encroaches on the authority of such outstanding professionals as Alexander P. Ivashentsov and Sergey Buturlin. However, in the history of science and technology sometimes there are incidents.How AP Ivashentseva have formed the opinion that small-caliber rifles have several advantages over large-caliber guns, no one can say. In my view, the logic of reasoning was that the smaller inner diameter of the barrel, the more pressure a barrel can Read more [...]
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Selecting a carbine

Most hunters who complete five years' experience of "possession shotguns, think about purchasing rifles. Their friends are beginning to advise, they do recommend that only they possess themselves, considering their opinion the ultimate truth.In central Russia and the near abroad enough any "nemagnumov" line of 7,62: .308Win (7,62x51), 7,62x54R, .30-06Spr (7,62x63). How many people, so many opinions. I can not classify themselves as connoisseurs, or the more experts in the field of hunting weapons, but still based on their own experiences and those of my friends want to make observations Read more [...]
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The basics of safe shooting

It should be "in the blood" of every hunter. Publication in the "HORN" on the correct handling of a gun and security measures for the hunt not only affect important issue, but also arouse interest in the readers. I want to share my thoughts and experiences safe firing from a hunting rifle.Any hunter who received a hunting license and a license for the gun in the prescribed manner, should certainly be well-known truisms: don't shoot it's unclear visible target, along the line shooters on the collective hunt, to use in driven hunts for prey only bullet cartridges, at the approach of the beaters to Read more [...]
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Watched dvuhstvolku chose shotgun …

The newly revived the theme selection of hunting weapons and appeared unbiased string of pump action models. Hence, "the process has begun," will be the new, albeit sharply divergent views for the benefit of readers like hunters and gun manufacturers.RELIABLE «SAIGA»ABOUT «Saiga» the findings are predictable, supporters of classics usually emotionally abused her and owners. Only emotion is hardly constructive criticism, and they appear in the disputes in the absence of arguments on the topic. We have no facts, figures and issues, then it is taken seriously, especially by Read more [...]
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Pay tribute shotgun

Doleyu fate of my hunting pilgrimage had begun, and is still going on with a shotgun 12 gauge IL-58m №V01014, given as a gift for his birthday. Since 1975, it serves faithfully at the year-round hunting ... I have on my account production of proteins and grouse (fraction №6) to boar (bullet Poleva) and only two misfires caused by the use of the old caps. The basic object of hunting — dabbling ducks (early season roll №6, at the end of №3).Trunks (Chalk poluchok) length of 730 mm can reliably hit the prey at a distance of 50 meters. Further, not required, and all the rhetoric about Read more [...]
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About «Cayge» and about insults

Mnogie authors criticize Izhmash for "Saiga". For critics resent the owners of these guns. Emotions they are clear, but unfortunately, objecting to criticism, they often do not carefully read carefully in it. So, Victor Korneev offense for himself and criticized me Igor Dedenkova. Like, it had only Igor Dedenkovu  bring their weight characteristics «Saiga-20S» (3.7 kg), I immediately rounded the figure up to 4 kg and brought his gun up to 5 g, and even without the weight of ammunition and belt.Let me remind you, however, that any comparisons with his gun Igor in that article, I Read more [...]
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Hunting weapons Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm

The royal castle in Berlin and New Palace in Potsdam stored hunting guns Emperor Wilhelm II - 24 shotguns and 32 rifles. Those who believe in closets with a weapon can be found His Majesty's outstanding specimens are rich in highly artistic execution will be very disappointed - all the different weapons as simple decoration, but excellent performance and high precision fight. This shows that the emperor, the former an excellent marksman, equal to that in Germany were perhaps a few hunters in the choice of weapons believed the basis of its high accuracy and perfect function. Virtually the only decoration Read more [...]
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The tail of a monkey

The transition period from dulnozaryadnogo to breech-loading weapons has generated a lot of very interesting non-standard technical solutions. Many of them found their way directly to the "hardware." Today we can only wonder originality and sometimes revolutionary thinking of the XIX century gunsmiths.Carbine of Westley Richards. At first glance, this is an ordinary shotgun dulnozaryadny priming if not typical gate handle. Classical «representatives» this interesting period in the history of weapons could be called two subjects that with a little stretch after more Read more [...]
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Shotgun against self-charging

Mologa River floodplain. On crude hummocky meadow brown-speckled Spaniel in uneven shuttle, in the excitement of hunting search is hiding in the tall sedge, it occasionally makes candles and thus looks back at the owner. This is followed by two hunters.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova I have – bought last spring «Merkel-2001»Almost double «Socialist 201». From a friend – Belgian gazootvodnik. Smiling indulgently, «having called» me «Sabaneyev»He drives to the self-charging five rounds sevens against my modest two. With a squeak Read more [...]
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Eternal carabiner

Now the company produces about Krieghoff six carbines Semprio year. The emergence of hunting weapons, operating at a fundamentally new scheme indisputably a world sensation. This is much less common than open new stars. Journalist gunsmith, a passionate hunter and good shooter M. Rimantas Noreika fox took the first shot from a distance of about 150 meters. Bravo! author photo The emergence of hunting weapons, working on principally new scheme indisputably a world sensation. This is much less common than open new stars. Brilliant designer as all geniuses on Light Read more [...]
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Balkan Mauser

"Mauser" - words known to every hunter. Weapons of this system was manufactured in many countries. Alone among them is Yugoslavia, which was able to organize production of excellent hunting rifles, has been recognized in many parts of our planet.30 countries were armed with their armies Mauser rifle. Kingdom of Yugoslavia hunting weapons commercially produced only private «Armory-cartridge factory AD» at of Uzice (Thomas). After World War II «Thomas» It became the state military munitions plant «First Partisan» (PUF), and from the time Read more [...]
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Archery hunting rifles — a fascinating sport

With the advent of missile weapons men began to compete in the art of marksmanship. In our time, a special flavor and popularity has shot shooting at flying targets. The first such competition was held in England in 1793. Humanity has passed a long way from Neanderthal to Homo sapiens today. In this long process of the special role played by hunting. She gave food and clothing, to protect the hearth from predators and aggressive neighbors. For this man was forced to build weapons. The first were the sling and spear.The next important stage in the development of man came with the appearance of the Read more [...]
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Build quality

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova First, I want to express my solidarity with the author of a small article about the caliber 7.62x39 SA Smirnov and added that this cartridge, as I understand it, was designed as a universal killer of people, and we say that it does not kill animals. Not for nothing on the arms of some South Asian republics flaunts «AK»It's about something said…But I wanted to talk about guns. Guns I began to wonder when he decided to buy a universal gun for hunting way not to have rifles. I thought for woodland suitable semi-automatic 20 gauge with interchangeable Read more [...]
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Woodcock: terms successful shot

The decisive factor for a successful hunt in the spring thrust is the right choice of location. Significant amendments to the plans of the hunter often brings weather. There advise to apply to notes Sergey Fokin, specialist number 1 in Russia on woodcock.Author: Rep But if after a few faithful raids woodcock and a dozen bullets shot at his belt Torok dlinnoklyuvyh no trophies, the paint fade spring evening ... To the hunter as small as possible failures, most try to review in detail all the main components of a successful shot during the spring draft.First stop on the material Read more [...]
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Find weapons Stradivarius

Continuing the theme of popaduchem butt, I tell you about one more observation. Thank God, Russia is now frail, thin, short, small man of steel is still a relative rarity.Photo avtoraPerefraziruya Rodin, we can say: "To make a good bed, you need walnut blanks remove all unnecessary." Russian peasant, and not only Russian, it went now tall, and normally folded properly nourished. AND if a man under meter eighty was once considered almost giant, is now no such growth surprise.But to tall, usually attached a long neck. A construction serial Read more [...]
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In search of effective shot firing

With the advent of the smooth-bore hunting rifle shot to the gunsmiths and hunters faced the problem of a shot of it. If you ask the fans to shoot the royal game, that in his understanding of effective shot, then it will spread widely in response to the hand, representing part of the circle, and adds: "Uniform scree." But a lover of hunting a fox, rabbit and geese will answer: "The gun should provide long-range shot with high accuracy and sharpness."Gunsmiths solve these problems by developing a choke, allowing to obtain accuracy of 30 to 90%, manufacturers patrons – by chuck components (sleeve, Read more [...]
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What is a good gun fight?

The main advantage of working guns - it is his battle, says almost every author who writes about the choice of guns. But few of them find it necessary to bind parameters to combat shotgun hunting methods especially those for which it is used by the owner. And this detail is important. Without her account we risk rejecting a very good option.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova These thoughts came to me while reading the notes Dmitry Kopaeva «Rifle hunting for running» at «HORN» 44/2006. It offers those who want to have a gun is easier to make a choice in favor of 16, Read more [...]
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«Psevdoohotniche» weapons

Until the 90s of the last century, our hunter could buy only smooth-bore weapons. Cut Carbines were available only to fishers and small group of privileged people (approximately today pistols). To change the law allowed to acquire the cut hunting weapon, and it is hunting, the other options, such as: self-defense or rifles or just rifled collector - the law does not. This situation has led to the fact that the manufacturers have to certify any rifle as a hunting, whether HPE-135 (PCA) or carabiner «Maksim». Of course, it seems absurd, and it would be Read more [...]
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Preserve the gun

Of course, accurate hunting ammunition, and, above all well-groomed gun contribute not only convenience on the hunt, but also create a certain atmosphere of celebration and spiritual comfort.Photo It's nice when the gun has served you faithfully for decades: looking at it you remember successful shot long outing, difficult transitions… Old shotgun which has passed you by inheritance or «hard-won» in search of the hunters who dared to parting with their treasure as namolennaya icon carries a charge of energy accumulated by decades of hunting with Read more [...]
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It is not good forgotten old

The name of Vladimir Markevich Eronimovicha our contemporaries, little is known. I personally did not know about it until I received a gift of his two-volume "handguns" and "Hunting and sporting firearms."The thing is, of course, encyclopedic. Weapons of all time, the mass of technical and ballistic data, models, weapons, names and facts, characteristics barrel steels, etc. etc.Personally, I revolvers, pistols, machine guns and hand guns are not very interesting, but sometimes you can look through. But the rifles and shotguns cause some interest.V. Markevich — Contemporary Buturlin, cereals Read more [...]
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