It argued that the regional exhibition - it is a boring show. Rare visitors sleepy stand assistants - all these realities of today's regional exhibitions. This opinion I have formed from repeated visits and participation in such events, and I did not experience the illusion of exclusivity in the Irkutsk exhibition ...Nevertheless, this exhibition was a pleasant exception, obviously geographically remote from the capital city plays a role in the exhibition business. In addition, the local population of the Irkutsk region is not spoiled by such events.The atmosphere of Baikal taiga region and has Read more [...]
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Problems of development of hunting in Eastern Siberia

Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna If you do not know where you're going, any path will be wrong.Eastern wisdom  Periodically published scientific works devoted to the analysis of actual problems of the hunting economy of Russia, but the extent of their actuality only increases. To date, the industry has accumulated a lot of problems, different in their relevance. Together, they make it difficult to exit the industry to higher market relations. From the total number of ohotpredpriyaty Siberian regions of the primitive stage to a mature passed no more than 10% of households. To understand Read more [...]
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How to Bike Round the Humankind Alone

    Pic: Pavel Lysenko via ShutterstockChris Further, a 48-year-old instructor from Southerly California, equitable accomplished Portion 1 of a alone bike journeying roughly the humanity. He roared his way 14,343 miles crosswise leash continents and 11 countries—start his travel in belatedly June by dipping his feet in the Peaceable Sea in La Jolla, CA, quick to Seoul, S Korea, and fetching a ferrying to Vladivostok, Russia. Afterwards impulsive 9,000 miles crossways Siberia, Chris headed into Europe and shipped his BMW-GS to Orlando in mid-August so he could rally crossways Read more [...]
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Abnormal weather in the south of Western Siberia

The average daily temperature in the southern West Sibirica east of Omsk is already at 5-7 ° below normal for the beginning of February. But nature will continue to experience the Siberians to frost. In the coming days, Siberian frosts from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo will become even stronger as the neighborhood - in the central areas and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the negative temperature anomaly is -10 ... -12 °. In the Krasnoyarsk last night the temperature has dropped to -40 °. After a day or two such abnormally low night-time temperature can be observed in the Novosibirsk Read more [...]
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Ural Mountains

 Beginning with pozdnezyryanskogo period, causes reorganization of the drainage system for Eastern European type (symmetrical pattern of the drainage system of the Russian Plain) were as follows: the similarity of climatic conditions with Russian plain, smaller area of ​​glaciers in the presence of large lacustrine-alluvial plains. To date, this process intensified with the disappearance of glaciers are in full swing across the West Siberian Plain (excluding structural and denudation plains). The result is a mirror symmetry with respect to the Ural mountain range. Figure hydrographic network Read more [...]
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URAL-Kuzbass (Ural-Kuznetsk comb t UKK)

URAL-Kuzbass (Ural-Kuznetsk comb t UKK) inter-regional association of the productive forces and W. West. Siberia, created during the owls. industrialization on the ba. Cooperation met. z-ing D & Kuzbass coal companies. For the first time the problem of a prom. these regions was set large Russian. scientists and engineers in the late XIX early. XX century. Mendeleev believed possible p. W. large domain and pig iron using imported Kuznetsk or ekibastuz (Kazakh) of coking coal. Engineer I.K.Kurako designed page. Large met. s da american in Kuzbass. Practically the idea of ​​co-operation early. Read more [...]
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TOBOLSK of p-tion n. Tyumen region., Is located in a bend of the river. Irtysh at the confluence of the river. Tobol, 247 km north-east of from Tyumen. T. DOS. Cossacks in 1587 and has long been p. In Tobolsk. Siberia. On the lips. reform of Peter I 1708-1710 was T. c. Siberian province., Which included nearly all of Siberia and W. (1708), then q. Governorship of Tobolsk (1782) and, finally, c. Tobolsk Province. (1796). Originally us. T. were service people, but with the development of industry and trade and increased Posadskoe us. In the XVII-XVIII centuries. in were plentiful. tanning workshops, Read more [...]
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Siberian Department

Siberian Department c. government agency in the XVII-XVIII. with the region. competence. In 1637, SP stood out from the Order of the Kazan Palace to control Siberia and h. Urals. His conduct included forensic adm., Financial and tax paying, customs, military and, in the Math. power, diplomatic issues. SP was in charge of the appointment of the governor in Siberia and moving ranks in the service. Apparatus SP consisted of a judge (chief) of the order, clerks and Podyachikh. In SP Regular. paperwork management Siberia conducted by ter. principle, and the prosecution of the implementation of the Read more [...]
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Siberian Tatars

Siberian Tatars Turkic us. residing west of the river. Obi in the steppe and forest-steppe zones in DOS. in the villages. p-tries Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk region., as well as in Tyumen, Tobolsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Tara Barabinsk et al., the Zap. Siberia. According to the All-Russia. the 1897 census, the total number. was binding. 46 thousand. Pers., And on the 1926 census of St.. 70 thousand. Pers. In subsequent censuses 1939-1989 ST were not specifically highlighted, among them. is shown together with the newcomers and the Volga region priur. Tatars. Regular. kernel ST came out Read more [...]
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SIBERIAN Bukhartsev

SIBERIAN Bukhartsev Turkic us. resettled in districts of Zap. Siberia from Wed Asia in the XV-XVII centuries. Bukhara is a generalization of the name of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Uighurs and of certain others. Peoples. In the early period of his stay in Siberia SB tsarist pr-tion were considered as foreigners who voluntarily accepted Russian citizenship. Therefore, they enjoyed certain privileges (eg., In region. Commerce, movement), granted to them in Russian decrees. kings. Beg. resettlement SB Siberia is associated with the arrival back at the end of the XIV century. Central Asian Islam preachers of Read more [...]
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Siberian province

Siberian province formed in 1708 in the region. reform which divided Russia into 8 lips. Covers a huge ter. Siberia and h. Priuralja of Vyatka in the west to Kamchatka in the east Ts lips. became Tobolsk. The reform of 1708 did not affect the previously existing at. division of Siberia. Headed at. was commandant appointed governor of Siberia and around him accountable. In 1719, as part of SG was established 5 prov .: Vyatka, which included Kungur; Solikamskaya with Salt-Kama, Great Perm and Cherdyn and Tobolsk, Yenisei and Irkutsk. In 1727 and Solikamskaya Vyatka province. transferred to the Kazan Read more [...]
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The Terrain Of Siberia

The relief, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere in Western Siberia, while in constant motion and interaction give rise to complex dynamics of geometry under the influence of the variables of the gravitational forces. As a result, in Quaternary processes in glacial, influenced the development of the Turan lowland, and in postglacial of the Russian plain. Consider the influence of Western Siberia on the Aral-Caspian pool. Caspian basin over the last glaciation experienced two powerful transgression of the early and pozdnevaldaiskoi. Age renewalists corresponds renesansa glaciation (70 40 thousand years Read more [...]
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Patrons and sponsors

When Peter began to form a semi-official system of favoritism, which flourished under the reign of Catherine II. Patronized no secret (except for secret affairs, of course), but openly. Nourish «strong» begging even in official letters. Lucky Tabor is one of the reasons for success of the iron case Demidovs. Patrons Nikita Demidov were many and various. And those who sincerely «ill» for copper and iron plants, and such who patronized the personal benefit for themselves, for their help extorting bribes. The costs of bribes were certainly a considerable share in the cost Read more [...]
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Pepelyan Viktor

Pepelyan Viktor (27 (12) .1884 (08.01.1885) 07.02.1920 Tomsk, Irkutsk, Russia), in Russian. desks. (Cadet) and state. figure. Of the officer's family. He graduated from Tomsk Univ. He taught at the Biisk gymnasium. Dep. 1st State. Duma. Outcast. first world. War officer. Since 1917, pers. CC PNS (Cadets), the Provisional Committee. Prospect Island in Kronstadt. Volunteered in the arm. Outcast. Kornilov revolt. After October. roar. pers. Mosk. Dep. The National Center on behalf of-cerned in August. 1918 went to Siberia. Pers. created in October. Omsk Eastern. Bureau of the Party Central Committee Read more [...]
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Pepelyan Anatoly

Pepelyan Anatoly (03 (15) .08.1891, Tomsk 14.01. 1938), in Russian. military leader, General al-Lieutenant (1919). From the officers' families. He graduated from Pavlovsk Military School (1910). Outcast. first world. War. Since 1917 was close to the avenue. SRs. In the beginning. 1918, together with the 42nd Siberian ri arrived in Siberia. 31/05/1918 led recovery in Tomsk. against owls. authorities, supported by the Czechoslovak Corps. Since Aug. 1918 com. Wed-Siberian Corps; in the hands of the end of 1918. taking Perm; the second floor. 1919 com. 1st Siberian arm. whites. In December. 1919, Read more [...]
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Moshinskii Stanislaus Wanda losifovna

Moshinskii Stanislaus Wanda losifovna (14 (27) .03.1917, Cherkasy, Kyiv region. 17.10.1980, Moscow), Inst. Prehistory of D & Rec. Siberia, archaeologist, PhD. ist. Sciences (1943). She graduated from the east. MSU majoring Ancient History (1939), followed by post graduate courses (1942). Ph.D. diss. defended on Asian Bosporus VI-IV centuries. BC .. Lea. activity associated with M. In-fact of Archaeology of the USSR, where it early. work with January. 1944 and has grown from a laboratory assistant to the senior scientific. employee. From 1946 until the middle. 1960 systematically participated in Read more [...]
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MILLER Gerhard Friedrich

MILLER Gerhard Friedrich (18.10.1705, Germany 10.10. 1783, St. Petersburg.), Historian, archaeographer Acad. St. Petersburg. Academy of Sciences (1731). In Russia, since 1725, adopted in 1746 in Russian. citizenship. Outcast. first Acad. expedition to explore Siberia, while a swarm of 1741-1742 visited Irbit, ECAT., Dalmatov Mon., Miasskoe, Chelyaba., Etkulsky fortress Turinsk, Verkhoturie Solikamsk. Amassed a large collection ist. dock-ing. Prepared for printing the history of the Russian VNTatishchev. Compiled lists of ore affairs in 1739, representing a stat. information and descriptions of Read more [...]
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Colonization of the Urals in the early XVII century XVI. Hike Ermak and beginning of the development of the eastern slope of the Urals

Until the middle of the XVI century. population Prikamye lived in an atmosphere of military threat from the south and east, subjected to devastation, destruction, and the hijacking of a prisoner. This hindered the migration of the Russian people to the Urals, although in these troubling conditions gradually grew the city, there were new rural settlements. In 1506, a new foray into the Upper Kama committed Siberian Tatars headed by Kuluk Saltan. He besieged Cherdyn «lower ground and fought all Usolye Kama Varentsov pozhegl, tsyrny ruined, and lane­Myakov and hares brought up and flogged» Read more [...]
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Kimaks nomadic alliance, formed by the end of the beginning VIII. The IX. initially on ter. Average Priirtyshja on regular. Turkic-speaking tribes. Several. later (IX-X centuries.) Arab-Persian sources (Gardizi, Hudad al-Alam, Ibn Hardadbeh et al.) mention that VK Kyrgyz border (probably by river valley), S. and C. .-B. (On Wed latitude steppe) with the country-Yajuji Majuj (the country is often referred to in dec. Sources are likely to be rubbed. Settlement yuzh.-Zaur. Zap. and Siberian Ugric (Magyar) us.), Z. and southwest K. bordered on the Pechenegs (from South. Zauralye to the Aral steppes) Read more [...]
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Zavertkin Timothy B.

Zavertkin Timothy B. (1727 after 1769), hud.-painter, writer and publicist Old Believers. Rod. and lived all his life at the Nizhny Tagil s de, where his parents moved in the beginning. 30s of the XVIII century. Zavertkin runaway cross. landowner V.A.Homutova native of Yaroslavl have. entrepreneurs: their bargaining. operation during the XVIII century. ter covered. from Novgorod to Zap. Siberia, large sums of money they lent N.A.Demidova. From 1764 Zavertkin not to become serfs Demidova, pleaded cross. Sheremetiev, were attributed to the famous prom. s. Ivanov received from the passport, but continued Read more [...]
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