The girl and the knife. Part 2 (cutting fish)

I want to show you the second series of clips about how familiar Severyanka skillfully wielding a utility knife. In the first series it, if you remember, deer on the joints disorganized one knife in this series, look, how much fun they decided to carve fish.As for pike and burbot women touching faith commands, I was able to shoot a process filErovki whitefish.But the assembled record for multiple years. So do not be surprised that the heroine of the roller and the surrounding kids younger eyes. It so happens :-).Implementing Read more [...]
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It found no visual power of African cichlids

 For the first time researchers have demonstrated a fish « no visual power» for African cichlids.   When searching for food, many fish rely on their eyesight, but the Icelandic biologists from the University of Rhode Island, and colleagues were able to show that a group of African cichlids feeds by using the touch line. Because of this sense organ, they can catch the minute vibrations which are prey, hiding in the depths of lakes.   The structure of the lateral line is composed of the channel, which is included in scales  along the side surface of the entire Read more [...]
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Goose quirks

Sensitivity and caution geese all have long known. Many hunters experienced the care of geese during the autumn hunting. The animals were frightening sound of engines, but according to the laws of hunting shooting with moving means swimming is prohibited. AT this time they are not admit to currently close to the hunters, and advance and take off sit in uninhabited areas or on lake, where the hunter be able to him get close undetected. If the geese are trying to obtain, then they swim in side of the boat, and then fly, Read more [...]
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Powdered rabbit Malik just guessed on the white canvas of the forest. If it was not until white stubby branches of aspen may not caught the eye and have a place for it. We just have passed without paying proper attention. But for some inexplicable reason, we seized on the utilities bills, sensing that this is our chance! Photo Dzhus / FLICKR.COM Thrill of the Hunt embraced us father and we began to unravel barely visible trace. Hare dvoil, went trodden path, did everything to confuse their tracks. However, increasing the circles, we still found a single chain, which has Read more [...]
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For a goose in Ivanovo

Lipetsk goose try we could not, therefore, rested a few days, set off towards the Ivanovo luck and loyal friendsauthor photo Before Ivanov road passed quickly. On Monday, April 19, we were not given the permit, citing sanitary day. Calm, the weather was bad and the goose was not visible. On Tuesday, April 20, defended a half hours in the bank and paid 400 rubles, came with a receipt back to society, and finally received the long-awaited tour.In the evening, we decided to go for traction, although the weather was, to say the least, inappropriate. But Woodcock drew surprisingly good. Read more [...]
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Persian patterns

Overweight man with big, fat cheeks guilty in position stood silently in front of me. His nervousness betrayed fast running small narrow eyes. And he is nervous for good reason.Photo by the author This klutz who identified himself as a representative of the airline, has just announced to me that he own stupidity not allowed to unload my gun.You see, they waited for someone to come out of the airport, and It takes away from the plane case with carabiner. But because, of course, no one came, they decided not weapons upload and We sent him to Read more [...]
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Hunting with Estonian Hound

At the exit from the forest Gonchakov voice again started to get someone's trail, but quickly fell silent and skololsyaPhoto: Georgy Marchenkov With Andrei Gorelov I I met by chance three years ago. Reading in Once again, the local newspaper, drew attention to the Ads with the telephone number of the loss vyzhletsa Estonian hound.I myself Hunter and Russian hound owner, and when I saw close to their work clearly strayed bow «Estonians»Then I decided to call. Gonchakov to unfortunately, it turned out to strangers, Read more [...]
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Hill over hopra

Photo Anatoly Mailkova This large, High on the hill Chopra left side is clearly visible from afar. They opened it with us a friend, a passionate spinning, long ago, when he returned from Once a fishing empty backpacks, almost by chance stopped at He and there, wandering through banks of the river, managed by apt expression friend markedly «improve health». FROM Since then he has regularly played the role of the stove, on which, as they say in people begin dancing.On the flat top of the hill housed a tiny hamlet Read more [...]
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Large kudu

"For ten days we hunted large kudu antelope, and I have never seen an adult male. There were only three days, because from the south, from Rhodesia, the rains were coming, and not to get stuck here, we had to drive at least until Handeni before they begin. "Ernest Hemingway. "Green Hills of Africa"Over the past decade, a growing number of Russian hunters come to Africa to hunt African game. Shaking in the climb up the broken serpentine "cruiser" I overcame the same thoughts ... Short hunting is already drawing to a close. Unlike the olden Ham I left I had a day less, Read more [...]
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Duck silhouettes

The first signs of an incipient August morning began humbly remind myself. Stars in the sky, dimming, the cost of the daily peace. With every minute they became smaller and smaller, and the vigilant east zapasshis desired colors, prepared for a meeting of dawn. Our group of three people, which included me, Vasily and his son Sasha, with flashlights in hand sneaks into the depths of the swamp, there to meet the first Zorka opening of duck hunting. Ahead follow our dogs: my kurtshaar Romulus and drathaar Kim. Alexander will soon be fifteen years old, he is still not a hunter, but like his father, Read more [...]
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Hunting cabal

We gathered one evening experienced hunters at the big table and talking by grassy, ​​"prescription" of gulls. Interestingly, this conversation was that it was not an outstanding success and trophies, but the annoying errors and mistakes curiosities. Getting laid «Happy Prapor», Telling about its recent history. AT early October, he bypassed his team assigned to hunting grounds, once again the first to determine the presence of a shelter animal in and reap cut down, think about where to put the numbers from which in which direction to send Read more [...]
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Kaban — Cyborg

A huge cleaver dark brown suit settled in after the rut Krehaevskom swamp overgrown with impassable chapyzhnikom. In addition to the impressive size, saber fangs, the beast surprised and gamekeepers, hunters and their outstanding abilities. Photo I_am_Allan / Key? Borg (short for English. Cybernetic organism — cybernetic organism) in Medicine — biological organism containing a mechanical or electronic components, computer-human hybrid (in SF, hypothetical, and so on. n.), in science fiction and in some cases also used as a term for androids.It was like creeping Read more [...]
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Raccoon Thieves

Raccoon hard lugging a backpack to her and I, full of sympathy for the brave little animal, mentally told himPhoto: Vitaliy Koshkin Behind during many years of service bodies of hunting and fishing surveillance, I had to visit most distant, deaf and wild corners of the immense Soviet Union not untouched by man. Animals and birds there are so gullible that it seems as if they are tame.Especially a lot of corners in south-eastern part of the Volga delta. Here, nature created in thick, hard jungle of reeds and shrubs trees, countless islands, Read more [...]
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March day was sunny with a slight frost, and plastic racing skis seemed slid themselves. As in the Russian fairy tale - "by magic." The hunting season is over, but I love when the snow is in March, check out what animal left for divorce.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev I was walking lightly in a thin sweater and jackets over which wore white camouflage suit with a half-empty backpack. Lay it liter pot of sugar, tea leaves and a few sandwiches, binoculars so easy hatchet on a long handle — that's all the luggage.Sweeping pushing sticks ohotku I ran across the fields a good five kilometers, Read more [...]
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If i knew…

At the end of September this year was twenty-five years of hunting, still beredyaschey my soul. At the mention of it, I begin to experience genuine embarrassment, bitterness, and guilt before the person dear to me - my father. I hasten to say, that's okay then do not It occurred, and Hunt was productive. Everything went well then, only then, remembering the day, head always pops up and one the same idea — «If I I knew…».That year I was staying parents in village. The weather was wonderful, not September skimp Read more [...]
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Gloomy morning

With the release of that year something happened, but do not worry. I was just fifteen years, or twenty younger and have time to hunt at night and dawn, and at weekends. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova In the yard last day of August. Yellowing in antonovka gardens, flushed shtrifel almost dried branches potato leaves, reddening tomatoes greenhouse, Rowan bonfires, light birch gilding…Only here then with in the morning, half the sky was covered, pressed down to and darkening the land seemingly uncomfortable veil. For the average person the morning seemed Read more [...]
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The center of the world

Once I went on the hunt for Goose Lake. In the other side, as I said, a hunter, is "the navel of the earth." I decided to try to find out what this place is. End of September. The weather is beautiful: in the morning sun. The forest is very dry - the rains were, but rarely.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna Lake had to walk about five kilometers along the old logging roads, yet not too overgrown. Forest were taken only in the winter, because of the way were two marshes. One of them was almost entirely lined with decking from roundwood. Before I went hunting down this road, and I must Read more [...]
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The second half of August stood out the cool, foggyPhoto: Vitaliy Koshkin The water in the river and lakes cools rapidly. Bleached grass we are talking about the imminent start of the golden autumn woods but still carried a summer color.Past rains have not been able to wet the soil, so that the third hunting pleased flashed mushrooms and boletus stagnate.Earth on the banks of the Oka from Serpukhov to Beloomut long been poorer beast than the north-western districts of the Moscow region. But even thirty years ago in our area can be if you do not see the elk, the traces of his winter Read more [...]
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Memorial Dawn

What is the charm of this hunt? So the question is probably asked everyPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev We woke up late in the afternoon. It was a warm sunny day. The body ached pleasantly from physical overload. Things backpacks piled in a heap, geese hanging bundles in the dressing room, dirty-gray monster standing in a clearing in which the product is difficult to discern the domestic auto industry, – all this should be put in order.My partner urgently for a couple of days had to go home. He will join me later. Despite the fatigue, the soul happy and a little sad feeling because Read more [...]
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Double trophy

Or a raccoon with seven spikesPhoto: Alexander Azarov I want to share with readers the amazing story that can happen is not every hunter.At every existing staff have their favorite hunting area where hunters meet in the house of overheated hot tea and a kind word.Favorite team Our farm is located in the Yaroslavl region, which is famous for its abundance of elk. For us it was very unusual – leave the snowy Moscow and get to the complete lack of snow in the north. But this beast chance to escape from the hunters, and increased hunting becomes more interesting.Leaving in the Read more [...]
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