The distress signal on the island

Caught on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, you have limited space. Escape from the island is possible only by sea on a makeshift raft. To make such an escape is difficult both technically and psychologically. On this, as long as you are getting ready to sail, should be prepared to ensure that to signal distress, If you see a ship or aircraft. Since you can not get off the island, or at least until you can – it should be calculated for salvation from the outside. So it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the signal means. Firstly, the vast beach is necessary to lay out a Read more [...]
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The distress signal at sea

Having distress on the high seas, man is facing a number of serious problems. We humans, as a species, too many branches of evolution back out of the water. Now, our element - land. AND survival on the high seas for a man is much more severe test than if it occurred on land. Many of the techniques of survival at sea are specific and very different from similar practices on land. Today we'll talk about how to feed distress at sea. On land one of the most effective ways to signal a distress signal fire. However, the high seas, light a fire is only possible if you are on a ship. In 9 cases out of Read more [...]
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International distress signals

Exist system of international, conventional signals and codes disaster, which are the same for all countries, languages, the armed forces and emergency services. Knowing these signals, lifeguards never confuse: a tourist is drunk and hamming vytantsovyvaetsya, waving his arms, or do you actually need help. Signal S.O.S. – translated to English «Save our Souls» - Means «save our souls». Such a signal can be laid directly letters from stones and twigs on the beach sand, paint or draw on the deck of the ship. You can signal S.O.S. and transmit Morse code using the radio Read more [...]
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Basic alarm package

If you are in an extreme situation, and the signal is not set – no. :) But if you're just going on a dangerous journey, it is necessary to know what should be in a special bag and take it with you. After all, who is warned – he is protected! Thus, standard Travel alarm kit this: - The signal buoy. - Signal rocket launcher and 3 missiles to it (preferably more). - Whistle. - Mirror. - Plastic stick flashlight. Bend the stick and through a chemical reaction, it glows steadily for about 10 hours. By the way, an irreplaceable thing for climbers, cavers, speleologists. But a simple hike Read more [...]
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During autonomous survival in the wild, not always the victim is set to signal distress. If salvation is near, it is necessary to draw attention to themselves by all possible means – It is obvious. In such circumstances, the most effective way to signal distress – this dissolve signal fire. If the court of the night, or twilight, the fire is visible from afar. If the court of the day – Rescuers should draw smoke. That is why, should be a lot of smoke, and the fire most noticeable. This signal is allocated and against other types of fires. But talk of signal fires Read more. Classical Read more [...]
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The set signal of the hunter along with the missile launcher is designed for use by rescue workers, fishermen, hunters, lost tourists and other persons, for the signal which will be visible from a great distance. It can also be used to deter brutal feral animals in the forest.( Shoot next , and not the animal)The firing is carried out using a special launcher. To do this :Mostwith the lever on the fuse2. wrap the rocketTit starting device with arm's length.The principle acts: the missile with carving and color coded screwed on the threads on the trigger device. The firing pin hits the primer, a Read more [...]
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The vessel in distress. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Put it on all the warm clothing, including wool socks and a hat. 2. After that, pull a wet suit or overalls made of waterproof material. 3. Bring money and documents, putting them in impermeable package. 4. Grab the supply of potable water, food, medicines and equipment. 5. Wear a life jacket and submit on the radio the distress signal, indicating their position. DISTRESS SIGNALS SUPPLIED TO THE SEA There are a number of internationally recognized signals having any one of which the captain of any ship must come to the aid of a vessel in distress. Read more [...]
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Signal vest — as a means of unmasking.

Hi friends! Suggest that everyone who walks in the woods (especially alone) buy yourself this device.Called "Warning vest" is widely used in railway and other transport workers.Folded compact enough. Here are mine:The principle of operation is as follows: Carry it in your backpack, and if lost, get lost, and there is a need to attract the attention of search engines, just put on top of the basic clothing (including warm winter). Yes, and most importantly - the cost of the vest 250 - 500 rubles. Read more [...]
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Signal mirror

Signal mirror or as it is called in the literature - heliograph, which literally means "sun writing", explains its purpose. There are many types of signal mirrors that in a large variety of representations in the Online Catalog tourist destinations.It is estimated that the brightness of the light signal bunny at an angle of the sun at 90 ° C is nearly 7 million candles. Flash signal mirror on a cloudless, sunny day shows up with aircraft flying at a height of 1 - 2 km, at a distance of 20 - 25 km, and in some cases - up to 60 km. Signal mirror can give a signal not only by day, but at night Read more [...]
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Signals in the wood and water

Good day!In talking with friends, the question arose, what people enjoy to communicate with members of the group in the forest and fishing, if mobile phones are not at all, or they are out of network? Radios, none of us do not. There were options: 1. In the woods - voice and whistle (whistle) 2. On the water - the same, plus a mirror and a signal of the hunter. And from coast to being on the water and still smoke fire (signal collection) Once there was a tourist camp for a month. There's all the signals fed so - hammering on the suspended piece rails - 3 times in 2 hits - the rise and rebound, Read more [...]
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A few words about SHT

SHT - chemical alarm signal Great thing in the campaign, is sold without permission and others, is not a weapon. Meanwhile, may well help his master in a difficult moment. Can be used as a weapon (pre unscrew the lid to aim at the enemy and pull the cord) with the 5-meters to get real and energy - mad (almost 1000Dzh) easily scare wild beast (yes, all in the circle). Can also be used for signaling (unlike conventional rocket grenades she gives three light zvezdki and fourth sound) details below tabular data and devices: Chemical alarm signal SHT-40 Technical characteristicsind. 6933 p / h 5222 Read more [...]
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My NAZ (portable emergency)

1. Disc from Hardy disassembled. Mirror, signal flow, hygiene, samooperatsii, psychological correction. Just - metal parts for auxiliary tool for reflector lamp or heater is not beating, can be heated and used as a stand, sinker, shiny lure two perfect circle - mold, ring block system, guard 2. Celebratory packing tape from the flowers or gift. Red. Ligation, warning tape, rope, giving signals. 3. Liquid Chinese compass. The orientation of the terrain, magnifier is used to increase light lantern staring at small parts, removing ticks, splinters, chips. Extraction of fire - in our latitudes is Read more [...]
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survival in the town personal security

COLOURED SMOKE.. For what purpose you need it?Many will say - for games suitable for either spec. operations of the military. And Ah, so you may need coloured smoke in order to survive? let's say you are trapped in a disastrous situation, and you need to signal that you saw from the top or you are able to find companions on earth?Skeptics say will fit any smoke, 'll build a fire in the Fig we color? Yes. The smoke from the fire is also a reliable tool for the signal. In cloudy weather perfectly noticeable black smoke that comes out, if you add in the fire, pieces of rubber, tires, plastic, green Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

INTERNATIONAL DISTRESS SIGNALS.If you have failed or you just need to give a signal,then you need . what would you have thought do this, in such special cases, you need to use a so-called code table ( Fig.1). The signals are from scrap materials, in the open, perfectly visible from the air. The recommended size is 10 meters in length, 3 meters wide and 3 meters between the characters.Figure 2 depicts the international table of distress signals used for transmitting signals using the native gestures, pilots of aircraft in the disaster zone.Transcript (figure 2):1. Please take on Board2. Required Read more [...]
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Public action in preparation for the dispersal and evacuation

Good all day!Survive on the site and other sites on this topic a wealth of information, what to do if the power supply, but it's a theory that for the unprepared person, in essence nothing. I've been searching online materials, what to do in such a "dummies" as I (and most of the members of the forum) in which case, I do not believe that the Internet is no calculations, and what to do about the points, looking at MOE Russia, forums, etc., but all to no avail, the calculations of the Soviet period books on this topic I have not found, even though in my memory, we have kept some home tutorials Read more [...]
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Treatment O.V. Martynov, dated 6 December 2010

All 9 channels of our system has passed a signal at the level of deep electric fields about the imbalance in the system structures of the planet. Comparing these data with the data of 2009 and received confirmation from the Italian experts, we believe that the planet is ahead of a whole cycle of catastrophic situations. In more detail, indicating the coordinates and the content of the event we will ask tomorrow at the end of the day. doctor of technical Sciences, Professor O.V. Martynov Addition: Data WBG-2 for 05.12.2010 (time GMT+1) The above-mentioned signal shown in the graph systems WBG-2. Read more [...]
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Autonomous clock

We have two new Casio watches solar powered series of G-SHOCK. Perhaps they deserve attention survivalist, as they are offline! Solar cell and resistant design is something that should be in a difficult situation far from civilization. The only thing, in my opinion they are a little big, if you compare, for example, with other models of the series. Ie a small hand they will not look. Inside is quite a standard set, but it is enough!Technical characteristics1. Fully automatic electro-luminescent backlight By activating this function, you can simply tilt the wrist clock to highlight the face. Read more [...]
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Geologists scratching their heads over the causes of the mysterious hum

23 February 2008. Researchers have found another constant low-frequency signal propagating in the Earth. The nature of it is unknown. For about ten years is aware of the very weak permanent vertical oscillations of the earth's surface, caused, probably, by continuous exposure to the deep waves on the ocean bottom. And now, a team of scientists from Germany found the second note of this buzz, this time horizontal, but to explain its occurrence, they could not. For 11 years Dieter Kurrle and Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig, employees of the University of Stuttgart, studied data seismometers of the four Read more [...]
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In the retina of the eye found yet another encoding cell

In the company of ganglion cells of the retina, which can pre-digitization of visual information, the researchers added another and some bipolar cells, which are found in the same capacity for the initial encoding of visual stimuli.Retina - this is not just a mediator between the environment and the brain, not just a set of photosensitive elements, which transmits the analysis center everything feels. Retina also deals with some "creative work": it analyzes the intensity of light, its direction, determines where the edge of the picture. For information about these options, you want Read more [...]
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Scientists have counted in our galaxy and 400 thousand civilizations

In our Galaxy, there may be about 400 thousand civilizations whose signals could be seen in the future of humanity. This is the conclusion to U.S. researchers.The basis for such a statement was an experiment that had a group of astrophysicists from the University of California, under the direction of Andrew Berskli Seeds. In its course, scientists have searched in space signals of artificial origin.The experiment lasted from February to April 2011. During this time, astrophysicists with a 100-meter radio telescope in Grinbeke "heard" 86 stars, next to which according to the telescope Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).