I still do not amicably with a comma, and the point

*** Pregnant sky clouds swim where matures word it still ripen, and while poet lonely and worthless. Divorced-raskrescheny way but has completed itself in flight, he only appear in the flesh, when it does not have to be flesh. Such deadly farcical trick. What do the same for you, Volodya, Sasha, Bob? Furiously rubbing sound on sound create music and the music of the second. Words ... what words? Powerless to rock, when someone warmed, but then grin god serpentine grin Salieri. And that's when we Coy then internalize and Coy as seriously regret, zapem later, left with his own, we do not fly, times Read more [...]
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Indonesian volcano erupts after 400 years of silence

January 2, 2011. Indonesian volcano, mount Sinabung, located in the North of the island of Sumatra, was thrown in the air column of ash and lava monster on Sunday morning, followed by another explosion on Monday morning. This is the first eruption of the volcano after 400 years of silence, and it caused panic in the nearby villages. [...] 21 thousand people were evakuirovannym and live in temporary housing. [...] It is not known when the volcano stops erupting, but it is unlikely that volcanic dust will drift into neighbouring countries. Translation: Ko Source: All Voices.com Read more [...]
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CD recording of church silence hits record sales

CD with the sounds of silence recorded in the village church, has become an absolute hit among the faithful. Orders for the 30-minute recording come from all over the world. 30-minute recording was created to help raise additional funds for the repair of the church of St. Peter in Seyforde. Church members felt that the atmosphere in the little church of the 12th century was so unique that its calm and peaceful silence like a wide audience. They installed recording equipment inside the building on a half-hour. The only sounds that can be heard on the CD, it is rare creaking wooden benches, steps Read more [...]
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Apocalypse Now

First, a quote from "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", consistently and fervently supports Putin and the military operation in Chechnya "Slaughterhouse in Komsomolsk lasted three weeks. The village, blows conceivable weapon. Worked all caliber artillery, tank guns and multiple rocket launchers were not aware of respite, used rocket "surface-to-earth", helicopters and bombers dropped his deadly cargo around the clock ... In the basement, there were some solid mash of human bodies. Sometimes we had to collect the corpses in parts. Many ears cut off. Over the cemetery Read more [...]
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Reflections on the taiga

One day in early autumn, three of Muscovites, flying for about four hours on a plane, arrived in Krasnoyarsk went to the river station, where they boarded the "Rocket" and went down the Yenisei. Four hours later, they came out on the right bank of the river, made the transition dvadtsatikilometrovaya on the highway, and then turned sharply to the taiga. They walked quite aimlessly, not adhering to any precise directions, and more and more deeply into the taiga. Gradually subsided, all sounds, they were surrounded by silence, it was dark, and they were pleased to note that at last lost. Read more [...]
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